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Not much to say from my point of view

We had a really successful and fun event!

Let me know your thoughts on....

Donation reading
Intermission hosting
Runner experience
Venue quality

At home:
Stream layouts
Sound and video quality
Games played

And anything else you an think of?

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Had a lovely time at ESA Winter as an attendee and volunteer. It truly felt like a throwback to 15 (my first event) where I felt that everything was super cozy and that it was easy to get to know and hang out with people. This event totally blew my mind because I wasn't expecting much but it turns out it was actually really, really great.

This year we didnt have a schedule for hosts or donation readers as we were quite understaffed on volunteers but I wanted to give a big thanks to all volunteers who did step up and say that they did a great job in rotating and being able to take initiative to help out. Many donationreaders and hosts were doing this for their first time ever or with very little experience and I think they all did the best they could to help the event and im thankful for their efforts.

I loved the stream layouts and thought that sound and video quality was good for the majority of the marathon. Tech did a great job even them being understaffed at times.

The event had a decent schedule but I understand the reason for it not being totally top notch is simply the fact that this is the first ESA Winter and it's also hard for people to get time off of work and that not many people knew what to expect of this event and as a result might have chosen to not go or submit. Which is understandable but hopefully more people will submit next year!

I hope everyone at home sincerely enjoyed watching the event and could feel the welcoming and relaxed vibe we had at the event. ^^

On a personal note I'm looking forward to the next Winter event more than the next Summer one, haha. (Although ofcourse im super hype for summer :D)

I'm gonna miss everyone I made friends with. It was so fun!

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I think it was a great event! As being a first time attendee, runner and volunteer I think it went amazing. I really loved the cozy feel and from day one I immediately felt home and welcomed by basicly everyone. As being mildly introverted and a bit shy, that really helps to be my actual self during this time.

That was more on a personal level. Then more speaking objectively, as far as I could tell, donation reading and hosting went well mostly, with some interesting moments here and there. But to be fair, those have been the most funny moments of the marathon and in my opinion, entertainment and having fun > trying to be overly professional, so I think it worked out nicely.

The venue was just good, there's not really a lot to say about that. Quality was just good. Good, good, good. I really can't say anything more about that.

The overall experience was just great in general. As being a volunteer and had to "work" with several people, I think I can't name a single person that decreased the quality of the event. Everybody was so helpful and it just felt like we were one big family, not only the staff and volunteers, but all the runners and other attendees as well. I think the strong power of this specific marathon was just the solidarity. I met loads of new people whom I'll definitely stay in contact with and can't wait to see them again soon, hopefully at ESA summer #Pogchamp.

Can I go back to Sweden now?

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Well to start with, I just want to thank everyone for putting together such an amazing event, I felt so at home and comfy, everyone was super nice and friendly I am actually sad it's over I want to go back! 🙁

When it comes to hosting and donation reading personally I don't think I did to good lot's of fails and what not could have definitely been better xD, but the more I did it the more comfortable I felt with it, ofc hoping that in the summer one there will be a set schedule and things will go more smoothly, All things aside it was a great experience and I think all the volunteers did a great work considering it was understaffed and a very small event!

Some of the runs were a bit long for my taste but overall was very enjoyable.

The stream layout and quality looked great, the tech staff really did well on updating and doing last minutes changes you guys were 10/10 when it comes to that , so big shoutout to you!

It was great and I made so many new friends and memories, I hope to see everyone back for the summer one!

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I had a great time during setup and the event. My only complaints would be the way everyone seemed to be gone for the later half of tear down. I can understand that people needs to leave on a Sunday to be back home for work/school on Monday, but this could have been handled better scheduling-wise to have the ending on Friday night instead.

While I has tech I did not get to see many runs due to generally having too much else to do so I can not say too much about it, but there was several runs during the night that I have to go back and watch afterwards. Maybe not put all the runs I want to see after midnight?

Venue was great, or at least Royal 1 & 2 where the stream was held. It was just the right size for this event, even if it was a bit crowded from time to time in the Tech area.

7.8/10 Too much Red Bull

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