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Hi all, just sent this to the GDQ guys but figured why not ESA as well. I'm assuming this isn't already a thing...


I'm writing on behalf of Speed Demos Archive. It seems that an unfortunate side effect of the live events is overshadowing other kinds of speedrunning: there's a tendency for a much greater percentage of runs, at least of those submitted to us, to be done in single-segment compared to segmented or ILs these days. This is probably a direct influence of marathons. Thus I was wondering whether there was a chance to give generic speedrun sites like SDA, but of course also at least and, shout-outs here and there, with a concise but informative breakdown of what each of them are all about so people at least know they're out there and which site is most likely going to serve their interests.

As a random thought, if you agree that there is no particular reason why segmented runs need to be cast aside, could there be a showcase of new and previously unpublished major segmented speedruns with time allotted to allow someone to pause or slow it down in places to give it a live commentary? I'm sure there are many people out there only interested in this kind of running who currently have no such opportunities.


So obviously the latter would require rescheduling so something to think about in the future maybe?

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I think we have given at least indirect shout-outs to in previous years thanks to using their tracker and forums.
To me, it would seem like the segmented runs was doomed as soon as people started watching live. I think the segmented run category has sort of fallen between the proverbial chairs of live single-segment and TAS.

There can only be a showcase if someone is willing to submit it to the scheduling team.
Maybe do a campaing to raise awareness on Speed Demos Archive and here on to promote submitting such a showcase to events such as GDQ and ESA. Asking to include it without submitting it is kind of backwards.

We have had showcases in the past with a TAS tutorial in ESA14 coming to mind, so there is precedence.
You could also argue that our Super Mario 64 70 star with 70 players is an mix of IL and single segment that works fine in a live environment.

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While the marathons do play their part, I would also believe that the prevalence of single-segment runs these days also has a lot to do with the rise of livestreaming in general. So many people like to stream while they record, and watching segmented attempts live isn't really as interesting.

And... I might be wrong about this, but I can't remember ever seeing a segmented run featured on any kind of leaderboard on this page. There's IL tables, but all the "main" leaderboard times I can remember seeing are purely single-segment runs. I haven't studied all the leaderboards, but even the 10-hour Final Fantasy leaderboards I just checked are 100% single-segment. A lot of people sadly do find SDA obsolete nowadays, and is very much considered the main site for speedrunning - and it's practically only showing you single-segment runs.

I absolutely understand where you're coming from and I do agree with your main point, but it's not -solely- the fault of the marathons. Streaming in general, and the by far and wide most popular leaderboard site really only concerning itself with single-segments, ILs and a variety of community-invented arbitrary categories (as if speedrunning categories aren't all arbitrary) definitely plays very big parts in the dominance of single-segment runs as well.


Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Run Invalid -routing competition are segmented runs that are in the schedule.


Thanks, guys! KennyMan, you pointed out some stuff I should have realized and that seems very reasonable to assume plays a big part in this. I'm going to write a little piece on segmented running on SDA and I'll mention those for sure.