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Hello everyone,

This year at ESA, DanteDoes and me wanted to show a nice game to everyone : Pingu Sekai de Ichiban Genki Na Penguin.

This game is easy to learn and to speedrun, and quite funny in itself. It even has gained a little following on SRC, with a dozen runners on the leaderboards. The little thing in that is that this game is quite rare since it didn't come out of japan (and wasn't even sold a lot there), hence runs made on official hardware are quite rare (3 as of now, by DanteDoes, another US runner and me).

This is why this year at ESA we thought of teaming up to provide you with 2 consoles available during the event with the game on it, the whole being streamed (if it's technically possible, else it'll be at least recorded), allowing you to try yourself at running this game and beat times on the leaderboards while filling it with non-emu runs, as well as doing races on it. I may even give a reward for good times 🙂

Here's the link to the leaderboards as of now :

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