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Hey guys, I wonder if we can set this up again like we did last year? The reception from all players and contributors was overwhelmingly positive and so I'd love to try again.

If you're new to this, here's the deal (also last year's thread )

Mario Kart Double Dash can be played with far more than 4 players (up to 16 in fact if every kart gets controlled by 2 players). The setup is seriously complicated and intricate though, so most of the time it can't really be done.
Usually, one of the main reasons these LAN events can't take place is because no one has enough (or any) Broadband Adapters. But I've got more of them than anyone should ever see in one lifetime, so that's a big hurdle out of the way from the get-go.

Here's the list of all the things we'd need:

Up to 8 Broadband Adapters (I've got em all so no need to worry about this one)
Up to 16 Gamecube Controllers (so ANY controller you can contribute greatly helps)
Up to 8 Gamecubes (we don't need the maximum 8 but we should aim for it like last time)
Up to 8 Double Dash Discs (see above)
Up to 8 Ethernet Cables (we got them on-site really easily last time and I assume this time will be the same)
One switch with 8 Ethernet ports (you plug the ethernet cables in there and the consoles get linked)

I myself plan to bring along the adapters, 4 controllers, 1 Gamecube and 4 game discs.

If you can contribute anything, even just one console or just one controller, it would really help out a lot. Thanks!

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I"m in. Bringing at least 2 GC controllers and 1 ethernet cable.


I can bring 1 controller, console and disk.


I can bring, at least one game, console and controller. Maybe two of each.
I also have the 8 port ethernet switch that we used to success last year, so I'll bring that.

It was such a blast last year. If we could stream it in some capacity that would be great. Maybe just a webcam or something.

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I can bring enough for a complete station (cube, game, four controllers, BB adapter & network cable)

We might be able to stream something using the Elgato crowd-stream-station.


Hey guys, thought it would make sense to make a post after a week. Thanks so much to everyone who has already offered their support. Most people actually contacted me on Discord without leaving a post in here, so you can't see that. But they absolutely exist that's for sure.

I was expecting for things to really only get rolling much closer to ESA, but I already received a bunch of replies on the first day. We already have more than half of what's needed for the best 8 Gamecube setup. Really the only thing we can't get enough of now are backup Gamecubes in case people forget/can't fit them inside their luggage anymore and controllers. There really isn't a "too many controllers" for this.

So don't think it'd be pointless to bring stuff if you haven't already. Any help is much appreciated!

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I am Pleased to announce that this year 8-GameCube Mario kart DD will be streamed on twitch
4 of the 8 GameCubes will be streamed with 4 not captured so if you dont want to be the center of attention that perfectly fine 🙂
steam will likely not be 24/7 due to need for me to sleep and avoid being woken up when it breaks

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Ok guys, not long until most of us depart for ESA. Make sure to bring the things you said you would either in this thread or on Discord!
Feel free to use this thread during the event too. I'll keep an eye out for it.

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I'm even bringing 2 extra GC c:


I'm also bringing my GC along with a DD disc and 2 controllers. If you still need anything you can let me know on Discord! I only need my GC and one controller on the 24th from 19:30 to 1:00 (am) 🙂