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Hey Guys!
Just like last year i'm trying to get people together for a Forbidden Memories race, you know, the one speedgame with the final six dudes that are impossible. OpieOP

We are currently 6-7 People and the race will most likely be held in a dedicated room that is still in the planning phase.

If you want to participate, post in this thread when you are available, have a run and/or applied for hosting/donation reading/tech/something and have/need a console or emulator setup!

I'll work out a day and time where everyone should be able to join 🙂

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I'm glad to announce ESA will sponsor this race with one 2018 Supporter's Shirt being awarded to the winner

May Seto 3 bless your run with ez-mode

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Someone better make a fusion explanation thingy cuz I never touched that game in my life.

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I'm in, I have a PAL PS2 (without game) and a possible emu setup. I don't have anything official scheduled to interfere with the race.


I'm down, i did one run once upon a time in 2015, and was awful, and still will be. I'd likely need an entire setup, more or less. I'm available almost all event, Other than three runs (Tales of Berseria, Xenoblade chronicles X, and Rabi Ribi) on stream two that i want to be there for (and any other events that i decide to take part in after this point).


I'm up for it, any day before 27th should be okay for me.Bringing two setups(One PAL and one NTSC-J)


I can do it any day, but I most likely won't have a setup.


I'm in. This time I will finish.... (Kappa)
Just let me know when we will do it and go
I might need a Monitor because i wanna play it on my PC then because my Laptop is dying slowly


Date for the race is the 22nd. Starting time will be around 11am CEST.
We should have enough setups for everyone! Be ready. The Final 6 await.