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Anybody looking for roommates, can you post here and/or on Popeter's doc?:

I personally need to share a room for the full event in order to afford it. ? I am a male and looking for a room for the 19-30th July period.


I did send an e-mail trying to book a room but haven't heard back yet, though I'd gladly share a room with some nice people. Preferably quad, for economical reasons, but anything is actually fine. Just, given that I can have some problems falling asleep especially when I'm away, I want to mitigate that as much as possible by making sure I get one of the regular beds in whatever room I end up having rather than the pull-out couch or such.


Might as well give this a shot, hi I am looking for a roomate from the 24,25 to the 27 th

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I'm male and am staying from the 20th to the 30th. Looking for a roomate because all triples and quads are full. Even at events like this I go to bed at reasonable times usually, if that helps.

EDIT: Not looking for roomates anymore

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Got a double booked from the 20th to the 29th, so I need a roommate for that.

Edit: Spot filled!


I need a room for 24th - 27th.
Contact, discord: KalarMar #7032

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I'm looking for a room for 26th-29th, Kotti#4747 on Discord.

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A bit on short notice but I'm also looking for (a) roommate(s) for the 20th - 29th. Duo/Triple/Quad doesn't matter to me. Neviutz#3128 on discord or @Neviutz on Twitter.

edit: No longer in need of a roommate.

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I just lost my room due to changes in plans from my room mate and would need a bed to sleep in between July 20th to 29th. Room size doesn't matter.

Pottoww#7387 on Discord, @ForsaFors on Twitter.


Might as well post here: "Need" a room mate for 27th-29th, but can go a day or two earlier if I find a room mate.

Discord: JkL#1359