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I have been thinking about arranging races and/or potentially a tournament for Pokémon Crystal Randomizer Bingos at ESA!

They're not as bad as they may seem to be at first glance, especially since we're using a customized rom that gives us instant text and a lot of other neat adjustments that make it a lot more bearable.

So far WiredWicky, ÆtienneTV and I are the only ones participating, but we would love to welcome anyone into this! We're doing a few practice races these days, so if you wanna learn more about them, you can reach out to me on Discord if you wanna try it out with us before ESA.

All you need is a computer, as it's played on an emulator (Gambatte speedrun emulator)

You can watch a good example of how a Pokémon Crystal Randomizer bingo works here:

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Hey, I'd be up for this too. I used to play randomised Red/Blue back when nobody wanted to do Randomised Bingo so very keen to join In!