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Most of us probably don't want to travel alone, especially going with public transport. So if you want to find a travel buddy, it's probably best to put date/time of travel, travel method, where you're starting from, your stops? I don't know, I'm just starting this thread, because someone has to I guess and I also need a travel buddy.

Going on the 19th by train from Slovenia (probably Ljubljana) - Villach (Austria) - Rosenheim (Germany) - Hamburg (Germany) - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Hyllie (Sweden)


Thank you for the thread!

I'll take an airplane on the 20th from Munich to Kopenhagen at 10:10 PM, and try to take the train over the Öresund bridge shortly after midnight!
I thought there might be someone also traveling that late 🙂

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I plan to take the train from Växjö to Hyllie on the 19th around 10 AM.
I am very flexible exactly when I go if it suits someone else better.


I'm planning on getting the train from Hamburg to Copenhagen and then on to Malmö on the 20th. Would be great to travel with others!


Remember up there where I said "Going on the 19th by train from Slovenia (probably Ljubljana) - Villach (Austria) - Rosenheim (Germany) - Hamburg (Germany) - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Hyllie (Sweden)"? Yeah, I miscalculated. I'm going on the 20th to arrive on the 21st and as it currently stands I'm going by train from Graz (Austria) - Prague (CZ) - Berlin (Germany) - Malmö (SWE). Though I still need to figure out why I can't "reserve a seat" on the DB website for the Berlin - Malmö train.


With Yajiji and Baffan we are taking a late flight from Paris and arrive at like midnight in Cophenaguen, so we will spend the night at the airport waiting for the train to Malmo. We will probably hang out in the BK during the night if anyone wants to meet up and arrive super late as well.


I arrive in Copenhagen on the 19th at like 9am, Flying out from Gatwick. Flexible on meeting up and going places anytime after i arrive, more or less, whether from Copenhagen airport or the train station at the other end.


Ill be in Copenhagen on the 20th around 19:10 if anyone wants to meet up there at that time. Im flying from Zurich if some is there aswell


Guess who changed his route again due to some complications? ME, MYSELF AND I!
My trip starts on 20 Jul 2018
Changes: 3x; Duration: 26 h 38 min

1) EC 218
Dep 05:36 GRAZ HBF (Austria)
Arr 11:38 MUENCHEN HBF (Germany)

2) ICE 1728
-> ROSTOCK HBF (Germany)
Dep 13:00 MUENCHEN HBF (Germany)
Arr 17:58 BERLIN HBF (TIEF) (Germany)

3) NT 300
-> MALMO C (Sweden)
Dep 18:55 BERLIN HBF (TIEF) (Germany)
Arr 07:25 MALMO C (Sweden)

4) SUB 1261
-> SIMRISHAMN (Sweden)
Dep 08:07 MALMO C (Sweden)

If anyone joins in on any of these trains, please tell me. ^^ I'll be happy to have company.