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Hi everyone.

Like last year i'll be bringing some board games for the event.

I'll take with me :

- Cards against Humanity
- Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards ( )
- Love Letter

If you want to borrow me one of the games during the event just ask me and i'll get them.

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Ah, I was wondering if someone would make this thread this year again! c:

I only have the French version of Shadow Hunters. If someone could bring the English version, that would be fantastic! ❤️


I have a big enough english deck for some cool games of Star Realms, very good 2P deckbuilding. Main issue obv is the 2 player part.


I guess I can bring Burgle Bros again.
Co-op game to steal stuff from a randomly generated building, where you have to avoid the guards, find the passcode to the vaults and escape in the helicopter on the roof.


I can bring the bloodborne the Card game, it's a co op game that turns competitive in the end, work together to defeat bosses and the people who do more damage at the end wins 🙂

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I'll bring a few games as well. Probably Abyss. If there is interest in anything heavier i might bring Through the Ages as well. I have recently moved away from the area where the convention is so i still have a bunch of boardgames at my parents place not too far away from there 🙂