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tl;dr Fireside Gathering Mon-Fri during event. Pauper tournament again whenever is best for everyone (probably Friday).

Hey all again! Third year running a Fireside gathering now. As simplicity seems the best approach for these things this year we're just doing a good ol' Pauper tournament (Basic and Common cards only). This lets all the casual HS players still have the cards, but still allows clever deck building and play shine, and it was a lot of fun last year (hopefully some good anti-aggro decks will be brought this time though :P)! The bracket should be here when it's finished. We'll probably try to do this on Friday (as most will probably be there then, and it's hopefully a quiet day for me) however this can obliviously be changed.

Unfortunately due to limitations on how long and how many Firesides you're allowed to create (max 5, 8 hours each) the Fireside gathering will only be available 23-27, 12:00-20:00, so if you want Nemsy make sure to log into Hearthstone with whatever Wi-fi is at the venue during those times. Blizzard haven't announced what Fireside Brawl will be available during that month, but this month's Brawl doesnt seem too great. If it does turn out to be a good one then maybe we can try to organise a time to play that too.

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