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I will hopefully be making a Documentary on ESA/speedrunning in general, and it would be great to get some interviews during this year's event with runners and other attendees about what drew them to speedrunning and their experiences at ESA.

If anyone is interested please drop a post here.

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Hello there!

Making a Documentary is a great idea!
I usually walk around the place taking pictures/videos, so if you need assistance in that regard I can help you out if you want 🙂

I think drawing in Interviewees wont be a problem as soon as you are at the venue.

See you there man!


Hey I'd be happy to be interviewed if you want to Dante 🙂


It didn't work out for us last year, but I'm open for it this year! 🙂 Just ping me on Discord, I'll be on the venue from 21st through 29th.


I'm down for an interview if you can handle my bad accent.


Feel free to hit me up at ESA for it. Only got one run this year so I imagine I’ll have plenty of time on my hands ?


I guess I can make myself available for some memes.


I'll be available throughout the event so if you need another person just give me a shout.


if you want someone to give some insigiht into the GTA community, let me know and I can round up some people

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Still not sure to make it all the way here, but if I do, I'd be happy to be taken on an interview 😛


If you can deal with a bad accent, i'd be interested


I'm sure I'll have time to rant incoherently ending up in no actually useful footage.


I could be in too if you need more people!


Yeah grab me if you need a hand!