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ESA 2017 is a speedrunning centred community meetup and marathon. The December round table will be streamed on starting Wednesday the 21st of December at 9 pm CET.

December round table:
For this iteration of the (now) monthly ESA round table we're going to do go over the following topics:

ESA: Winter Highlights
Recap of the feedback from ESA 2016
Game and schedule changes and announcements
Viewer questions and topics

Questions from you guys!:
We'd like to you give, the viewers and attendees, the opportunity to ask any question you might have before the round table right now. That will give us greater possibilities to give you a full answer during the round table.

Please post any questions or topic you want us to tackle in this thread! Thank you!

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Sticking with 1 stream?

Any solution for being able to watch the stream from anywhere in the main venue? I imagine most of the wifi bandwidth was used on watching the stream so hopefully a solution here can solve more than 1 issue

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I plan on volunteering for tech (and hosting) again next year, so my question is this; What will you be doing to help us non-senior tech more knowledgable about the job?

I want there to be less reliance upon the senior techs, because I felt like they were pretty run down a lot of the time, with Edenal even setting up a bed in the shower room behind the tech area. I know this was his choice, but man did I ever feel guilty that he had to be woken up because of the PAL Super Nintendo incident.

(also Cereth, I don't think bandwidth was the problem, more that the WiFi router ran out of IP address to give out. Oasiz pointed that out.)

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You're right I remember now.

In that case, are there any measures being taken to improve the wifi situation?

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Aw, too bad, I will busy with my memes.

I still have some questions and some points that could be debated in the round table. The first one being the very first thing asked here, and what I very often hear because even if we didn't do it last year, it became a signature of ESA and something appreciated overall: a second stream. We all know that, indeed, it's something difficult to deal with. I may have an idea or two about that, that would fix another "problem": accepting long runs. Why don't we do 1, or maybe 2, long runs (counting something like 8 or more hours) on the second stream, and only that? We already did a second stream that was not non-stop in 2015, and doing only 1 or 2 long runs on this second stream could be a thing. We could easily setup it calmly, without pressure, and having delays on this stream wouldn't be a disaster because people are waiting for THIS long game anyway. Just being sure that everything will remain stable once it starts, and here is an easy way to make a lot of people happy: fans of a 2nd stream, and people that would like to submit long runs but can't because it's hard to accept a lot of long runs.

Very nice to see this is going to be monthly, by the way! Have fun with this first round table! ❤️

Edit: oh also, about last year feedback. If people complain about the unused giant screen, remind them that despite it being big, its resolution was only 600x200 and proprietary, that's why it couldn't be used. That is something that has not been reminded enough imo.

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- will the event be at fortnox again or another venue
- are there any plans to improve the shower situation for people at mass housing
- details about games selection process (deadlines, number of rounds ...)
- charity choice, staying with Save the Children/Gaming4Good (G2APay ?) ?

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-As per master thread: Venue again fortnox (

-As per feedback reply from 2016: Showers
We were happy for you to lock yourself in to shower and change, but many people were unaware that they had to latch the door after they left, leaving rooms out of order for hours until someone told the kiosk. We will put a warning up on every door next year to make sure people don’t do this again. (

-Good question

-I think G4G will not be used again as Pac's donation tracker was succesfully tested during ESAWH.

Also my own question:
Will trackerlinks be used again? (the, I liked it as it was easy to make links for things with it and to remember for linking in chat)


I only really have one question: Why Växjö and Fortnox again?

Everyone that attended previous ESAs had a negative opinion about it, I can't think of a single favorable reaction. Why is such an overwhelmingly negative feedback ignored?


Andy, I'm sure we can discuss it again in more detail but the reasons are pretty well explained in

Aaanyway.. I'll try to keep it short: Edenal lives in Växjö, which means saving big time on logistics. Storage and transportation
It's a local venue to the main orga, meaning that negotiating stuff / last minute stuff is much easier to handle. Towns are generally more open to supporting local events and any such deals are much easier to make.
Venue is big and affordable with a decent infrastructure, this is not an easy point once you reach more attendees.
Gotta keep in mind that this is still non-profit and requires a lot of personal investment.. This combo allowed ESA16 to be organised with a more relaxed mind due to less stressing about the budget & venue.

Personally as a visitor, I highly disagree with it being a negative location.
A huge mall was really close, hotel was close, fast food crap was close, Bus stopped in front of the venue, downtown was around ~15 min walk away. The only real downside to me was the heat and handling of B hall.

Then again, I'm coming from Finland where towns like these are more common. 🙂

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I know that Växjö is much more convenient for the people organizing it, I can understand that. But given how people reacted to the change (it seems that the main problem for most people was the venue itself), I'm wondering if those benefits are really worth the trouble.

I really hope this topic will be discussed again in the stream.

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It's not just that it's more convenient, but this directly impacts the affordability and quality of the entire event.

"Everyone that attended previous ESAs had a negative opinion about it, [...]"
is also quite frankly false. The majority of people I talked to, me included, liked Fortnox Arena as a venue. A lot of the issues and problems we had within the venue were not necessarily connected to Fortnox and can be solved next year.

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What Fatzke said, there are improvements being planned to make the venue better, If there is some point that wasn't addressed in the feedback reply then I'd like to hear it because I believe that we did (or at least did our best to) address all points that were brought up.

While I could hear some "more" negative feedback, still need to remember that there are now way more attendees and any opinion is going to likely be multiplied. A random thing 4 guys might have disagreed about two years ago might amplify to 10+. Of course it doesn't scale in a linear fashion like that but I'm just saying that it might help to make it appear like it.
This is definitely not the first year that I've heard venue critique overall.

I still stand by what I said before, it is REALLY hard to get a proper venue for this amount of people. You'd have to spend a lot of time looking for one, maybe score a hotel conference room and they'd expect you to fully book the hotel to get any sort of decent deals. Stressing about stuff like that with near zero extra overhead on budget is not fun stuff 🙂

Change can always be difficult, especially for organizers but this was done to aim for more longer term. ESA15 had multiple "paper cut" issues that took a lot of time resolve, the distant mass housing was just one of them. Being able to resolve these kind of issues locally and even visit / do agreements face to face after work have a huge impact on the end result.

Anyway, table is closing in.. Any last minute questions ? 🙂

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Did you get any shit from anyone important (Save the children etc) regarding what I did during my ts2 run, and what's your stance on such things in general for this coming event?