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I'm sorry, I totally forgot:

In case THOTH Standard Coop gets in, this can only happen on the weekend, not during the week. Sorry for being so late on this. 🙁

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So this is kind of last minute, but there's been stuff going on with Ninja Smasher! and any% is now... weird. The estimate has been lowered further to 25 minutes (and the video link updated), and I am committed to doing the run if it makes it to the final schedule, but - and feel free to ignore this if it was added too late - I've also thrown in an incentive to make it an All Items run instead, which is the category I'll mostly be running myself now, and it would add 10 minutes to the estimate. I assumed I absolutely wouldn't be allowed to switch categories entirely at this point of the process (even though the estimate for the new category is less than the initial estimate for the old category when I did my submission - and I will mention that after all the latest developments, All Items is currently actually more like what I initially submitted than what any% has become), but if that actually is acceptable, then I would definitely prefer to do All Items at the marathon instead.

But if any% is what you'll put on the schedule, then any% is what you'll get, no problem, but All Items definitely is a better showing of both the game and the run now. It's definitely not just playing the game the intended way fast - the category-titular items are in no way collected in the intended order, and half of an entire dungeon is completely skipped which is good because it's the long and boring half of it.

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This is super late but whatever its better than nothing.
I have been practicing a fair amount for Ketsui recently and playing as well Touhou to touch up more on my dodging skills. I got this run about a week ago, and I'm inching ever so closely to a 1CC.

Need to work on my early game consistency, maybe score a bit less, learn to use bombs better, and practice stage 6 a lot.

Also I forgot to ask, why did my Quake run not make it through first phase?


Hey someone late again for updates about my runs!

So if you are worrried that I didn't play Pandora's Tower since round 1 cut you don't have to worry; the game is really easy to relearn, as iit won't take more than 4 hours to finish relearning and be able to do good runs. I'm really not worried about that for any of the categories of the game.

I had a shot a few weeks ago to get a 2:42 no intro for Golden Sun 1, which would have been WR by 3 minutes, but sadly I failed miserably on the final boss... And because of how the game works, as any mistakes, even the smaller one can means minutes of timeloss, keeping estimate at 3:15 is definitly good. BloodDuster managed also to get a sub 2:55 no intro, and just didn't have that much time to do runs, but I believe he can go for sub 2:50. Anyway, even if our times are far away from each other, the race can be very tight, as I feel like he is way more consistent to everything, but do everything slowly for that matter, while I go as fast as possible for all my menus, which sometimes lead to mistakes.

Now finally, for Xenoblade, I got to finish relearning the route and do runs this week and got a 5:40:30 as my first run. I didn't get any time to do many attempts yet but I know I can go for sub 5:30, even 5:20 right now, or even lower if I get to run more. Therefore I lowered the estimate to 5:45, which I know I can get 90% of the time. I got the worst possible run right after the first run and ended with a 5:50, but I still don't know how I played so badly back then, so no reason to go above 5:45 with proper practice for ESA.

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