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I've been pretty absent playing SMW since i got a 1:22:57 3 weeks ago. i did a run 2 days ago a 1:24:26 without touching or practicing the game for those 3 weeks and i'm playing it at Retrospelsmässan on saturday. Don't need to much practice to be in shape


I've been practicing Mort the Chicken over the last couple of weeks to stay in shape. I am consistently finishing runs under my set estimate and feel really confident in being able to show of a good and fun run.

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I lowered my Legend of Korra estimate from 1 hour to 58 min.

Concerning Momodora : Reverie Under the moonlight, it's just a matter of time before getting new pb, but for the moment, I'm just taking time to get used to my keyboard (my actual pb was made on controller, and I had to change for keyb).


You can retract my Prison Architect submission because I will not be able to at ESA this year.


Progress report:

Khimera got an update that made the game faster and also introduces a lot of new strategies.
Been grinding runs these last couple of days and I've improved the time in all of the categories that I've included as suggestions to donation incentives. All the runs are within similar RTA timing (2 min difference between the slowest and fastest category).

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Yo okay so out of nowhere, Namco's announced that Tekken 7 now has a 'special battle' out of nowhere at about 3 minutes into this video -

Special Battles are part of a Treasure Battle mode which you play to unlock items, I have no idea what it's for but it looks cool, so there's a small potential for something in the marathon. Story Mode is looking better and better as well!

However I'm getting less and less certain about the possibility of individual character endings, which would make a traditional Arcade Mode All Endings category less likely. There's still a definite chance since every previous Tekken games has had them, but there's been still no news at all.


There have been more optimization and new skips being found in the Yooka Laylee Speedrun, i will write a summary of the tricks below.
My time is currently a 36:04 in any%
The load removal isn't working smoothly yet, so i'm actually losing a bit of time to loads to other runners, but the time is still fairly close to the Record.
Yooka Laylee is currently the only game i focus on, so there will be further improvements coming up.
There is a lot of minor movement tricks and skips, so i will just list the most important ones:

First we found a way to skip the tutorial by doing a series of jumps on the ship and trees to get over the cliff and skipping talking to Trowzer and him opening the gate.
After that there is a cutscene skip before entering Hivory Towers by jumping over the trigger, so there door opens itself without having to watch the cutscene.
After that we skip some platforming with some precise jumps.
The next trick is the most technical one. We position YL behind a bush while activating the cutscene preventing him from walking towards the cutscene and therefore clipping out of bounds. We stay in the OoB area while making our way to a certain shortcut, which enables us to skip another cutscene and the first quiz of the game.
Then that we skip the book maze in the archive with a precise jump to clip through the final book and get the pagie instantly.
After that we get to a ramp on which you are supposed to be covered in honey to be able to make it up there, but with some precise jumps and air attacks, we can manage to get up there without it.
The next movement skip is the bridge guarded by windblowers. You are supposed to be in metal state to get past it, but with a good setup you can take the wind into account and make it to the other side with precise roll jumps.
After that we skip world 3 and make our world to the next hub area, where we use the acid to clip out of bounds and skip learning camouflage, which would be needed to get into the casino.
In the Casino we can skip the entry door, which would also require camo with some precise jumps.
In the casino itself we do some more platform skipping and activate a textbox before exiting the level to skip it the next time we talk to the same NPC.
After that we use the same acid clip and fly into the final door, which requires 100 pagies to open. But since we clip in there we get to the final boss with 12 pagies (which is currently required to learn flight)
There are no glitches on the final boss, but there are a lot of optimizations to speed up the fight in spite of having a limited moveset and health.

The game has been broken down and optimized incredibly fast already and there are tons of runners putting work in, so i expect movement and tricks to be more refined by the time ESA takes place.
If there is any more questions you can always write me on discord, twitter or in my stream.


Update: Haven't been able to do a lot of Infamous lately, but the last few weeks, the runs that weren't PBs were sub 3:05. I won't be able to do runs until next week, so right after the cuts. But well, I plan on getting a new PB, and then go for 2:55 or even sub 2:55.

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Small Titanfall 2 update: Despite what I said last time the community has actually found a load of new skips/optimisations that has lead to people being able to shave huge chunks of time, including a new really impressive set of skips on the longest level in the game (As shown here ). My real time PB has gone down to a 1:37:01 and I should easily be able to make that a 1:36, if not a bit shorter. Multiple runs since have ended at +2 seconds, +20 seconds and even a flat 0.0, so the new skips and tricks are consistant and reasonable to pull off.


Sorry that we haven't been updating on I wanna be the co-op but a lot of new techniques and skips were found so we spent a lot of time researching and glitch finding, all of this resulted in massive improvement in the game. We couldn't get a huge PB but me and Sheep got 47:51 and were on 42-43 minutes pace runs lately. One of the things that have been discovered is pausing/pause abuse which isn't a feature in the game but the game can be forced to do so if you minimize it, which allows co-op partners to desync in some useful places, especially bosses. The run with most of the new strats and skips can be looked up here, after that we found one more use for pausing in Stage 2, also we missed doing new Dimentio skip with pause abuse:


Unfortunately, I will not be going to ESA this year. However, the good news is this shouldn't affect the schedule at all, since Dragonfangs and Eagle will still race. It'll be much easier for tech this way!


FINALLY got a Breath of the Wild run I can be relatively happy with: a 55:36.

Basically, during the entire month of April, I got A BUNCH of real life issues, impacting my capacity to stream, play, or even concentrate. And before this 55:36, I had a 1:12:09 that could have been a sub 55 without the stupid mistakes, which made me rather mad. I still didn't get sub 55, but this is a matter of hours. Should happen tomorrow. And sub 50 is a matter of days, it should be done next week, or even tomorrow if I am lucky by some miracle.

I lowered the estimate from 1:20:00 to 1:10:00. Even with major deaths, no runs should be sub 1:05:00 by the end of July, considering none of my future runs should be under 1:10:00 already. I even think a 1 hour estimate could be possible, but I am waiting for the opinion of the other 2 runners.

Sorry for making you wait for this update, I know it's rather late but really this month got worse and worse. I even decided to not eat, drink and sleep before I could get a sub hour run because it was infuriating to have karma on the way to my sub 50 run. But now that I broke the sub hour barrier, it should not be as mentally exhausting as before.

Anyway, here is the run:


Hey there!

So despite not being very active in streaming I have PB'ed in both Overcast and Woolfe. I lowered my times for woolfe based on "derust" runs. I will adjust for Overcast tomorrow if I find my estimate is too high (failing the last level loses you 4min so I am trying to keep that in mind). At any rate, you can find the times/runs on my profile.

❤️ RPB

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Final update from me:
I've spent most of my time inbetween the first cuts and now practicing the Incredibles as my PB in that game was the weakest and it was easily the most improvable although I have recently also practiced Tak and Ratchet 2 so I'll give a quick update on those.
I got a PB in a category I didn't submit in Tak which is pretty similar to any% in a lot of ways so I'm happy about that.
I haven't been able to practice Ratchet 2 as much as I would have liked although I've definitely been getting back into it very recently and I'm hoping to improve my PB in the future but it's a super hard run and I'm rusty so yea. There's also a couple of small optimisations that have been found since my PB but that's about it.


First and final update on Rockin' Kats: I haven't managed to get anywhere in my practice with the route change after the recently discovered skips. 3 more months of practice would probably sort that out, but at this point in time I can honestly say I'm not up to par.

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Battleblock Theater - Challenge Levels Co-op:
Haos and I have tightened the run up quite a bit and we've gotten it down to a 12:45. There's still room for improvement but the nature of certain levels can make things somewhat unpredictable, making shooting for the top times kind of difficult. That said the potential time loss is not all that significant and we have consistently been finishing runs well wihtin our estimate for ESA.

Vessel - Any%:
I have found some new optimizations as well as eliminated a couple major elements of randomness that were previously really frustrating to deal with. PB is down to a 1:12:20 and the run is at this point very consistent.

L.A. Noire - Traffic Desk:
The run is incredibly consistent and has been for the past year or so. I've primarily spent time practicing the donation incentive (No Skips) just in case, and I am confident I can do that well. Estimate might seem a bit excessive, but loads in this game fluctuate a lot and I'm assuming I won't be on an SSD which really adds up. RTA PB is 34:10 for the regular run and 45:49 for No Skips.


For Unreal Gold you can lower estimate to 1:20, I'm pretty consistant with this time.

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Your decisions has probably already been set but I just felt like writing here. I did a few offline runs to confirm I could still run the game (smiling face) and I got sub 33 on all my three runs today (with one even being 32:27) and nothing brutal besides stupid RNG boss fights happened. So I am still fit to run.


Hello, Quick update:

got a new pb in FF8 at 8:43:34 ( Run is not highlighted as it was only a 54sec improvement.)

The run can however still save 5 minutes on Final Boss alone with just having better luck with Final party. 6 runs at final boss and only Irvine first in 1 of them.

Been learning the manipulation for party though and getting it consistent enough to do in a run now. ^^


Just though i'd post a quick update as well, since others have done that too.

The setup for Boktai on console has been done for some time now. It's not perfect but it works.
So on the game's side, the only thing to do is practice a bit more.

As for going to ESA, that's still an issue.