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I got a small PB in Pokémon X. I'm hoping to shave a few minutes off over the coming weeks/months, which is definitely possible with the right luck. I also found a strat that saves around 6 seconds on average while adding consistency. I'm answering as many questions as I can from chat, but I'm not commentating everything extensively because that would be exhausting to do every run! Marathon commentary is definitely at the back of my mind, though, and I know that unlike the audience for the PSR Marathon, there will be viewers who aren't that familiar with Pokémon (or perhaps even speedrunning!) at ESA, so I'd need to tailor my commentary to suit a wider audience.

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Little update on my progress; I've had a new personal best a few weeks ago, had a pretty alright marathon run at ESA Germany with it. While not playing it much on stream, I'm still playing it to keep derusted for once my second copy gets in. For some reason, my new PS3 isn't reading my JP disc, so I'm getting another one to see what the issue really is.

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Streets of Rage 2 GG solo in ~23:31 (actual run will be done in Co-op mode)

Marathon friendly route GG Shinobi 2 in ~22:31

Fantasy Zone is going ok.
Going to learn plan B strategies just in case of possible unintentional deaths during the run.


So, progress report, I guess.

Well, Mighty Gunvolt is still at the point where boss RNG is the only big thing that can improve times by any significant margin, so there's not much more I can do with that aside from making sure I'm still consistent on the stage executions and a bunch of practice runs have made sure that's no issue, found some (very minor, but still) improvements in that area even. Even the runs I consider absolutely horrid, mostly because a bunch of bosses decided to waste a ton of time, are within a minute of my PB.

Ninja Smasher is pretty solid as it is, I have some additional derusting to do but today I got a run that would have been a PB by at least a minute if I hadn't died on the final form of the final boss. This is the one I'll keep working on the most, there's a few parts of the game I believe I can polish further. I know that sub-40 is within my reach.

Outside of finding something new major in Ninja Smasher I can't see the estimates for either of the runs changing. No progress videos since both are on 3DS. Working on my graduation project for my master's degree also means not having an abundance of gaming time, so fulltime hardcore practice can't really commence until June.


Won't be attending can my runs be removed from submissions? thanks

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Ninja Smasher even further update: Okay yeah got the sub-40 run, actually. ~39:16 realtime, had a death and some dumb stuff went on with the splits (managed to hit the "go back one split" instead of the actual split button at the end) and I had to pause the timer and connect the charger partway through. Sub-38 is def doable, can probably go even lower, and I've managed to smooth out the movement even more in some places, including long rooms where I don't touch the ground once after attacking the first enemy. I love the movement in this game, it looks super fluid and impressive.

It should be mentioned that as it is currently, for both this and Mighty Gunvolt I need a 3DS with capture mod to be on site, preferably XL since I really don't like using the d-pad on the regular. If the owner of said 3DS doesn't have the games I'll pay for buying them on the eShop. EDIT: And, what the hell, for some inexplicable reason Ninja Smasher is actually no longer available on the eShop. This is... troubling. I'm going to have to figure this out somehow.

Edit: And the proper categories and systems were added to the leaderboard today, so I have updated my submission to use those.

Also edit: Okay, I got a 38:49. On a trash run, because I'm good at this game, apparently.

Okay, yeah, the final verdict is that I'm going to have to play the PC version. The good news is that that'll make the run even shorter since it can skip one additional dungeon. The bad news are just for me. I'll get back to you once I've figured everything out.


I'm in the process of rerouting Sacred Cards (with the help of GCAH2006) that should save quite some time.
The estimate should be kept at 53min though, just for safety, you never know.


Progress Report:

I got a PB in NSMB2 with still a lot of time save. Runs of LM had also a lot of potential PB's (I am reaching on the green to the last segment before the final fight like 3 times already). Should I submit the PB??


Wanted to quickly say I'm going to have three more opportunities to play Tekken 7 before its official release: At Birmingham in the Electronic Dojo tournament, at another tournament in London, and at MCM London. Hopefully will get a chance to try some new characters and figure out a few strats!

Also if anyone has a PSVR might be able to do some fun T7 stuff


Update on Ink:
Did a lot of practice both streamed and offline. Managed to improve my PB from 12:10 to 11:42, finally breaking the 12 minute wall. Overall I've gotten a lot more consistent and my no reset runs all end up between 12 and 13 minutes, so I lowered my estimate from 18:00 to 15:00 (and updated the video link to my new PB).

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Update on both of my Puzzle League Series submissions:

Updated both videos with a newer version with much better commentary, more of the flashy, (near) frameperfect stuff, so you can actually see what the games are capable of. As well as myself, of course.

Pokemon Puzzle League now with a video of a full run instead of the last 3 stages.

Incentive stuff updated as well.

Status reports:

Tetris Attack:
No problem to get the timeframe, perhaps gonna get that down to sub 13 minutes with 100% consistency.
All difficulties timeframe no problem but no subject to change.

Pokemon Puzzle League:
Still struggling a bit on consistency for the given timeframes. But looking at the progress, I got this in a month as well.

PB's and PB progression as always on my profile, as well as the links to my current PB runs.

EDIT. For the schedule, I'll be around for the whole event anyway, so place the runs wherever you want. Nearly forgot about that <.<


Okay, I've switched to the PC version of Ninja Smasher! and things are getting more interesting. The route has been overhauled, skips an additional dungeon and does them in a different order. The estimate has been cut by 5 minutes down to 0:40:00 for now, and might go down a bit more. I'll record an actual good video to update the submission with soon.


The next cuts are due soon and I'm afraid I cannot get the goals I hope I'd have by April 28th. I think about my progress of The Swapper and Inside the team is informed enough through the leaderboards. Otherwise, there's a few things I want to get rid off:

As much as a letdown it was that Zin had to opt out of ESA Germany, we have since met and he told me, he does not want to withdraw his THOTH Standard Coop (the category names changed since we submitted, former "any% coop") from ESA17 and would be committed doing this run, should we get in. We might not meet each other as often anymore, but just after a bit of training being rusty, we got in shape quickly again. 🙂 That being said, what such a run might look like is pretty much like this:

As for the Swapper, you might want to take a look at my ESA Germany run to get an idea what a marathon run of this game can look like.

And last but not least, even though I don't run 140 actively right now, I got to do it as a bonus game at ESA Germany and the run went quite well. I hadn't touched it for one and a half months, so consider me being oiled up, the run would go way smoother even. 🙂

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Alright. One last Ninja Smasher! update. It's been a few turbulent days for this game, both for me personally and here on the leaderboard, but now I've finally gotten my submission proper, with a real video, and all that.

The estimate has been dropped to 0:32:00, which is 5 minutes more than my current PB, and covers some marathon safe strats and potential fuckups. It's got an actual full game video with the correct character from me now. As soon as my run gets verified, I'll be on the actual leaderboard too! Most likely won't have any more time to put into running before the next round of cuts, either way.

The new video is in the submission, but I'll post it here too:

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PB'd in SoTN by 20 seconds. Should be able to consistently get below 34 minutes by ESA.

Got a 9:17 marathon run of FF9 last week. Pretty terrible encounters, but average run.

Also, I will only be attending ESA from Tuesday 25 - Sunday 30. I will be arriving late afternoon on Tuesday if travel goes to plan, so if I have any runs, would it be possible to have them Wednesday onward, please?

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Update: (¤¤¤edit I got a new PB by 1min)
I got a good run last night that almost was a mid 1:49. The reason I lost this run was due to a menu mistake, most likely because I had used two strats for Final Bowser before and I mixed up my muscle memory while doing commentary at the same time. I forgot that I didn't switch to Lakilester on Phase 1 so my cloud counter was a bit off, this lead me to believe I was one turn behind while focusing to do decent commentary. Since I put a lot effort into the commentary in the run I thought it would be of waste if I didn't at least show it. So here are a few highlights showing some part of it. Mic was a bit low (night time, sorry) and my setup isn't good yet, so it can be hard to hear every word.
I consistently get around 1:50 pace on almost every run I make until late game. I've been improving my skill a lot the past month and I've been doing runs/practice everyday since 10 days ago.

Jr T skip:
Black Toad Skip:
Staircase Skip:
Block Puzzle Skip:
Laki Early:

¤edit update: New PB in Paper Mario Any% - 1:50:53 (PB by 1min)
PB video:


Update: I have submitted all these games to other marathons that will happen before ESA aswell, so if they survive second cuts i will have more experience delivering good commentary. Already planned for good couches for all my games aswell.

NecroVision Lost Company
I totally forgot to add the newest pb from NecroVision Lost Company here, got that about a week ago. I'm more than consistant enough to do this run at a marathon now, its just one stage that can lose me alot of time due to it being quite special. New PB - 28:30

I wanted to get below 17 minute run before second cuts, but real life, school has gotten in the way. Will work really hard to improve the time in the game before ESA if it gets in. That said, i will be practicing with marathon strats, and going for PBs with marathon strats. This game loses minutes upon minutes if something goes wrong, so going for the WR strats is not worth it at a marathon. New PB - 17:19

I am done developing marathon strats for the game, got the WR back with those strats, i can still improve this time by about 1 minute if i grind out runs with a inconsistent glitch which i might do before ESA if it get's past second cuts. New WR - 15:37


I feel comfortable enough with my consistency in going below 23 minutes in SUPERHOT, so I lowered my estimate accordingly. With enough practice I should be able to consistently go below 21 minutes, but there's a lot of things that can go sideways so having some safety buffer is good.

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I'm going to have to cancel my Wario Land 4 submission, as I won't be able to put in enough time to do the game justice.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dropped my Evoland estimate from 45 to 42. Been getting pretty consistent sub 40's in my offline practice runs. Might drop it further down to 40, but dont wanna overdo it either.