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I am not interested in running Castle of Illusion solo since I have some other games I'm looking forward to run. Maybe more #MickeyMickeyMickey some other year.


Some updates regarding my run and schedule:

I do a couple of runs here and there and I managed to cut off 30s off my PB, which is kinda surprising, considering I don't have the time to play the game that much. Hopefully you won't mind that much.

Schedule: I'm going to be at ESA from 23rd to 27th due to "commitment towards my wife" a.k.a. honeymoon. 😛

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Another update: Updated my Incredibles submission again since I got a pretty large PB. My new PB was a fairly good run which shows the run off pretty well. I also lowered my estimate again since I believe that I can get a good enough time with enough practice before the marathon despite the run's overall difficulty. My new PB also has quite a bit of frame drops at the beginning which doesn't usaually happen to me but I hope that it's not too major.
Further update: I'm gonna post some individual levels to show some strats which are not done in my any% run just to show a few more things you can do in this game. It is super unlikely that I'll do these in a run since all of these strats are pretty difficult except for one thing which I did do in my any% run and it is something which I will go for except that it was executed perfectly in my IL (around a minute and a half faster than my PB).

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PB'ed in Infamous by 1:50, my time is now 3:02:21. The video doesn't have audio delay anymore, which is great. I'll keep going, try to get the ultimate goal - Sub 3. My Sum of Best is 2:58:07. Seems easy, but it really isn't.

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Small update:

PB for Bulletstorm is now 3:00:30 with a sum of best below 3 hours. There is a NG+ mode as well so I could put it as an incentive as well. The estimate can be set at 3:10:00.

The NG+ gives you access to all weapons at the start and has the option to grant you infinite ammo for a weapon once you complete every skillshot for this weapon.

EDIT : You don't have access to NG+ if you play on a PC that hasn't unlocked it yet. So NG+ incentive isn't possibe unless I find a way to transfer the save from a PC to another one.



Got a new PB in FF8 Any% at 8:44:32. Lost 3.5minutes to Final boss because not obtaining Irvine in final party.
Lost 3minutes to the 2x Minigames in the game which was just pure stupid.

As for the Estimate i set for FF8. Due to the nature of the run if it could be set at 8:50:00 instead.
I am confident i will have a Sub 8:37 run in the next week or so though.

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Some small update - changed the estimate for Infamous to 3:15:00. I'm sure I could sub 3:10, but you never know what could happen. I found a new strat, should easily save at least ~1 minute / 1:10, will probably make sub 3 easier.

[EDIT: I got sub 3 - Sum of Best: 2:55:48]

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The Yooka-Laylee speedrun turns out to be a lot shorter than expected because of a huge skip that was found.
The any% run is about 50 minutes now.
It features a lot of fast movement and plenty of little movement skips.
Additionally there is a skip to talking to trowzer and him opening the gate, a cutscene skip to skip the hivory tower entrance cutscene, world 3 skip, which allows us to skip an entire world, and the final door skip, which requires you to get out of bounds and fly into the elevator from underneath.
A lot of runners are working on optimizing strats and finding new glitches, so it will improve a lot in the near future aswell.

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Derusting and grinding for Valley pb's have really gotten into gear. I will aim to get sub 17 minutes before second cuts, if not 16:30. Because of the possible timeloss due to the hard strats the estimate stays the same. When i feel confident with Valley, ill go over to Nikita. Already have some strats to incorporate for that game, so getting a pb should not be too hard.

Edit: Incorporated new strats to the Nikita run, got some good luck aswell. Managed to get a quite solid run together.

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Updated the submission with my latest PB (I just got it, the run was good but things happened)
I also lowered the estimate to 3:10:00. That should be more than enough.

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Update: Am still awesome at El Matador, Country Justice and Postal 2. Feels Good Man.

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Small updates regarding my runs:

I ran both of my submitted games in ESA Germany (Runs here: and here: Both of them went really well and I hope to do even better at this ESA.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - This is the run I was dreading more due to my performance in previous marathons (ESA 15 and the Prince of Persia marathon), but this time I feel I've managed to pull off a good run. Still some improvements could be made (WR is still 5 minutes ahead of my current PB).

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - So somehow during practice in ESA Germany I managed to beat my WR by around 13 seconds. Unfortunately I didn't record that, so I don't expect anyone to take my word for it (evidence in this tweet for anyone interested: ). I've been consistently beating my estimate during practice (including the marathon run itself) so it can stay as is.

I've not had a chance to stream much due to having shoddy internet (moving house is fun), but I have been practicing a lot offline.


I sadly really dont have much time to stream atm but i managed to get at least one full run on stream

Obviously really improvable, practice is continuing offline until work related stuff has calmed down. Would be awesome if the race would be in the final schedule 🙂


Update on Sticker Star:
I did a lot of runs in the last two weeks and I have always been able to beat my estimate.
I also managed to improve the world record by a minute.
The new route and all the safe strategies make the run way faster and 100% safe which means I could show off a lot of entertaining and interesting things in this game at ESA17 while doing the run.

Here is my new record:

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Updates: IRL stuff and reviewing Wonder Boy Dragon's Trap 2017 has caught up to me, fortunately, 3 out of my 4 games are very easy to derust.

Game Gear Streets of Rage 2, since the actual run is going to be done in co-op I have been testing out higher difficulties for the actual run at ESA. Me and Btrim will need to do some practice and discover some co-op strategies for the first few days so ideally, the actual run should happen on Tuesday at the earliest..

Game Gear Shinobi 2: Memorised the route pretty well, the actual run will have a minor adjustment for marathon safety because at one point in the run you can execute a risky time saver but messing it up will drop my current ninpo count from 5/6 to 1 which will make me lose time on factory. There is an alternate route which makes the run less stressful.

Edenal recently messaged me that he has been modifying my Game Gear to support both video output and wired controllers. This is vital for Shinobi 2 because the actual run will not be done on an emulator's keyboard which will be interesting to see how easy it is to pull off grapple swing storage on a controller.

3DS Fantasy Zone:
Going to do some practice before the weekend as it's under 10 minutes long and playing it on the handheld means I am not restricted to the living room.

GBA: A Link to the Past:
This is the game that would require a lot more time to derust and I personally don't mind if this game gets cut. Moldorm sucks to fight against in the GBA version for dealing with smaller resolution/vision range and falling into the pit is pretty humiliating.

I may do a run of this for the upcoming Handheld Heroes marathon which is happening on the week before ESA but it allows me to have more free time with friends, Switch, Arcades, Fantasy Zone, Beethoven 2nd, etc.

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Update for Kingdom Hearts II:

I just haven't felt like playing it as of late. Had lots of university work that doesn't subside until May and a bit of depression thrown in there. I'd still REALLY like to represent kingdom hearts with this run at ESA, and I can promise you 100% that if i'm accepted into the marathon I will practice and grind the hell out of the game (Given that there are several months between game selection and the marathon itself, I know that i'll be better than i've ever been at the game by the time the marathon rolls around).

But I realise that you cannot make decisions based off uncertainties, therefore I completely understand not accepting this game even if you planned to previously.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.


My progress i made for Donkey Kong Country Returns and Venetica since Round 1 Cuts were made:
I did both runs at ESA Germany and trained alot beforehand.

DKCR: My consistency improved alot and i managed to pull of a new Personal Best (1h 34m 29s, 4th place on the leaderboard). I Also might soon bust that run again, in theory i could pull of a 2nd place run. Estimates won't change though since i prefer having the buffer time.

Venetica: I did some major route changes for the mid-section of the game, saving about 10 minutes and making a sub 2 hours theoretically possible (i didn't manage to pull of a sub2-run yet). I adjusted the Estimate from a 2h30min to a 2h15min. ESA Germany showed that i can easily finish a run in this time.

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Update: I've been streaming a quite a lot the passed few days and I've been on PB pace for half of the runs I do. Today however I got really amazing early game and I nail the late game tricks - I can do numerous frame-perfect jumps in a row no sweat. I bust Jr T. skip in 1-2 tries and got Laki Early frame perfect jumps 1st try. And I keep it consistent!
I am often on sub 1:50 pace in almost all my runs but I did some stupid late game mistake because I wanted to save a frame or two and I lost the run. But I keep nailing the hard tricks that really matters, with one or two exceptions that can easily be grinded away.

I also plan to make a more thoroughly and informative commentary once I PB (won't be long). And I will show you all my skill on the mic to give the casual player an enjoying experience. I hope to deliver soon.

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Well, had to say it at some point just in case my run gets in, or Lagpu's, since he's going to ESA with me. We'll be arriving there pretty late the first day of the event, so if you guys consider our runs, well, have that in mind, we couldn't get better flights so we're arriving kinda late.

Also, I wanted to say that I probably won't be very active from now until the first or the second week of May. Anyway I think I did very good with my grinding until now, and I feel very consistent (today I did a run, not a PB, but it ended up being a 3:00:51, and I made some really bad mistakes, so the estimate I set is really good). I'll try to PB, but I won't have as much time to stream anymore because of college work.

Thanks for your attention 🙂

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Status report on Youyou Kengeki Musou:
In terms of execution, there's really not much to improve on. The only way to get a better time is to get lucky with a rare, random glitch on one specific boss.

Scarlet Curiosity:
There's room for small improvements in terms of executing some tricks, but saving any meaningful amount of time depends entirely on lucky item drops.