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Update for Tekken 5 All Endings:
I'm pushing the time down further and getting more consistent, so I think I can push the estimate down to 2:07:00. I don't wanna push it much lower than that cus regardless of which Tekken gets in, I'm gonna be playing tons of T7 when it comes out so I might be a little out of practice on T5 when the marathon arrives.

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Thought I might as well give an update on my submissions.

Mitsume Ga Tooru - spent a lot of time and managed to find some completely new strats and optimize previous ones further which resulted in an improvement over the previous world record with 11 seconds. Some strats are not Marathon-safe but I'm confident I can go sub 18 minutes in more or less every attempt. I'll probably keep the current estimate as it is though, in the case Marathon-nerves would completely kill me and everything goes wrong 🙂

Moon Crystal - My current PB is 25 seconds from WR and I'm going to spend more time on this. From a Marathon-perspective the strats needed for me to PB are more or less all not safe for a Marathon so a new PB would not really affect the run from a Marathon-perspective. The current marathon-strats are already risky as they are since I'm going for Quick-kills on each boss which means 1 hit and you die. The only ones who notice a difference in the strats are people who have Deep knowledge of the game so the run itself would not look any less impressive as it is right now. I'll keep myself in shape in this one but I consider my skill in the game at this level to be sufficient.

Ninja Gaiden II - Need to derust this one still. My PB is pretty optimized as it is and similar to Moon Crystal an improvement in PB requires several new strats which would not be viable to do in a Marathon-setting since they're basically WR attempt strats with a 90% risk of dying. I'll be focusing on derusting the game with as hard strats as possible suitable for a marathon.

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Little update on Infamous - It's gonna be hard to PB, but I can feel a new PB happening soon, unfortunately I think it won't be sub 3 since my SoB is just barely sub 3. The run is really optimized, but I've been testing to find some new strats, and who knows maybe I can find some big timesaves, but I doubt it. I'm averaging sub 3:15 runs, unfortunately a little mistake can turn into a 2/3 minute time loss, but at least I'm happy I can get consistent runs. Sub 3:20 at ESA should be easy, but I'll try to get consistent sub 3:10 runs. This game will be my main focus for the next few months, even if it doesn't make it into ESA.

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For Titanfall 2 i've managed to shave about 4 minutes+ off of my pb and am now sat at 1:39:59 (real time.) Despite that I've done numerous runs since all landing in the range of between a 1:40-1:43 leading me to lower my time estimate from a 1:55 to a 1:50. I'm still looking to improve, but I will probably hold at a 1:50 estimate for the attempt of an RNG jump or two.

A small thing for Attack on Titan - kirkq updated our leaderboard name to be the English name and not just the Japanese one so it can now be easily found on the site. Estimate remains the same and will probably stay the same despite finding that some conversations during levels can be skipped and figuring out a method to pull off a late game damage glitch.

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Updated Mega Man 1 - Zipless submission to reflect the time is now down to 21:51 for me (was 23:56). I'm switching efforts to Ninja Gaiden II derust for now, but will get back to Mega Man in case of it making final cuts or right before the cuts to improve.

Also seems like I will be doing zipless races weekly to keep any rust from building up.

As for the goal for Ninja Gaiden II, I can possibly shave off a few seconds on the PB. But the runs will be more focused on getting consistency than insane speed for these first weeks of derust especially since some strats required for a PB probably isn't suited for a marathon at all. In the end I feel I have plenty of time to focus on the games that potentially makes the cuts, I have little to no intention to run anything besides ESA games up to ESA.

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NecroVision and NecroVision: Lost Company finally got their pages. NecroVision: Lost Company has gotten routed for single-segment runs and has updated estimate.

Update for Valley and Nikita, derusting has started.

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Got first sub 3:20 run of Assasssin's Creed: Brotherhood at 3:18 - and I will try to get consistent sub 3:15 as my sum of best is sub 3:10 already - so I'm lowering my estimate from 3:35 to 3:30 - can not make it lower in case there is no PC with SSD on event.

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Update on Valley: Because of a recently discovered way to retrieve old patches of steam games, we were able to obtain a fabled old patch for Valley. I would like to add a donation incentive to my run if it gets accepted, the donation incentive would either be playing through the game on that patch, or showing off what makes the patch so hilarious. Small taste:

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Since everyone else is giving game updates, suppose I'll chime in even though I don't really know what to say other than:

Sparkster: I still hold WR, and regularly am on 19 pace almost every run.

SA2B: Sub 40 is fucking free.

Undertale: Haven't played Genocide THAT much lately, but you don't forget how to execute the route and difficult fights. Sub 1:10 is free, where 1:15 is estimate.


Just got a new pb in tsfp, 1:19:17
Also got a new pb in Eggomania a few days ago, 17:44. Regularly getting 18-19 minute runs.


Pbing in Infamous should be free. SoB is down to 2:58:46, and yesterday I got a 3:07, and I just got a 3:05, just 50s off my PB. Getting more and more consistent.

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Estimate for Forced can be taken down to 50 minutes. We're consistently getting runs quite nicely below that and it gives us a bit of safety incase it isn't very stable at the event
Our current PB is 39:59:

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I would like to cancel my submissions.
It is not financially possible for me to go to both SGDQ and ESA, and since I got a run in the cut for SGDQ, my choice is made for this year, sorry.


I have pulled all my submissions for this year. I want to thank you for letting them both pass the first cuts, and I'm sorry for cancelling it. But I will not be going to ESA this year because I have to put all my money towards trying to buy my own place to live. I will try to donate a little, and probably sign up for chat moderator or something just to feel like I'm helping.

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As an update for Resident Evil: Survivor -

PBs have been fairly frequent lately, I have shaved over 30 seconds on my any% time and have been mastering the handgun only category (less item pick ups, slightly longer boss battles). Enemy RNG plays quite a large role in this speedrun and I know I could easily PB by another 30+ seconds with some luck, though I can consistently finish the game in under 40 minutes (real time) regardless of RNG. Strats to counter some of the enemies have become faster and more consistent also.

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As everyone is posting updates:
1) Circumstances changed, and I will only be at ESA from the 25th. Wrote that into all submissions now as well.
2) Constantly updating Turok 2, as it wasn't out in time for submisions (meaning no video etc. at that time), and also new strats are found every now and then. It has a new video now that may be updated again if necessary.

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Update: I have updated my Incredibles estimate because I felt that it was quite low before considering how difficult the game can be at times and the punishment for failing certain things. I also PBed in that game by 2 seconds but since the PB was so small and I felt that the run was worse, I won't update the submission run until I get a more significant PB which I am aiming to achieve soon.


Update on Bulletstorm :

Full clip Edition has been released today and after a small time of gameplay, i can say that the game is pretty much the same.
The game overall looks prettier and the big thing is that every loading screen between chapters isway shorter than before, which looks like a overall 1 minutes of time gained. The in-game cutscenes can also be skipper earlier than the orignal version (though tha may be my PC who is the cause of this)

That means I'd prefer to run the Ful Clip Edition since It's exactly the same as the original one but it gets rid of loading times and that pesky GFWL feature.

You can also reduce the estimate to 3:20:00 for now. You probably should expect another decrease in the estimate before May 1st.
A potential incentive would be to use Duke Nukem instead of Grayson Hunt (it's just the player model and voice that changes)



Solar Jetman; I improved a lot on planet 7, where I can save a goof 35 seconds now thanks to new strats. I unfortunately had a poverty WR with -0.6 seconds saved. For the marathon I will probably go for this hard new strat, because it looks cool, and it saves a lot and it's quite safe.

The Smurfs: Derust has been done, tomorrow I will be trying to get a new WR, probably can only save like 3 seconds since the run is already very optimized.

Codename Viper; Need to derust this asap and take the wr back !


I would like to withdraw the Castle of Illusion race between myself and Tenebrae. I've not been feeling it during practice, and would quite like to attend ESA without the pressure of having a run.

I'm not 100% sure if Tenebrae would want to continue with it as a solo run, but we've discussed it in the past and think it's not as entertaining a run as a solo effort. You'll want to confirm that with him though.