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I wasn't aware raising any point whatsoever about stuff related to the way ESA handles the submission process was "disrespectful". Pretty much exactly the opposite, I think ESA staff are capable of making good improvements in response to feedback which is why I even bothered saying my piece in the first place, if I thought they were dumb and I didn't respect them, I wouldn't even bother.

also lol at "I'm going to say something really stupid and then say he's triggered and has hurt feelings when he tells me I'm stupid XD".

Fuck off, mate. This kind of trolling is boring and has no place when trying to make a legit point. Either make a counter-argument, or shut up.


I would really prefer if you would be quiet

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it's ok guys forum user "alowishus" has decided that it is disrespectful to level any form of critique, no matter how politely you do it for the consideration of ESA staff members.

I'm so glad this visionary has enlightened me that I clearly should just never speak about anything I think is a problem.

what a completely useless opinion to have, why don't you roll over so I can stamp on the other side of your face?

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This comment has been redacted by the moderator team because it contained offensive slurs.

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yep we have just descended into outright racism

That's a new one. Well done?

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Yeah, let's get this back on track. My original point is kinda being drowned out by this pointless, petty debate I'm having with an apparent racist so I may as well just ignore it.

Sorry for shitting up this thread by arguing with a retard for as long as I have. I should really know better.

I already made my point to organisers in this thread and on the ESA discord, so I'll just drop it, my voice has been heard and now I'm just thread-shitting. Mods, feel free to delete this retarded excursion if you like for actual questions about cuts to happen.


family guy back to the multiverse hype!


Can we leave muh opression out of a speedrun marathon 1st cuts discussion thread please

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Yeah, you can make a seperate thread for lengthy discussions like that or just accept the answers the commitee already given.

If it's okay to ask why a run was in, I would like to know the thought process on allowing the Mega Man 1 All Stages Solo run together with the zipless race. I have theories, but it's just a curiosity. If you don't wanna comment on runs that are still in, that's fine by me.


I'd also very much like to know why Lemma was cut?

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More stuff answered in 2nd post.


Hum... I didn't know you had to be famous to submit at ESA 🙁
Considering you removed all the runs of OoT, I'm even more surprised by the answer given in the post. Any advices to increase my popularity for the next ESA ? c:
I can understand about SM64 though. But I wouldn't like to bring my wii to show a run of 20 minutes and that's all.


Not really sure where to post this, so I'll throw it here. Two days of being back to running Wario Land 3, and I just got a sweet new PB of 46:16 (old was 47:49). WR currently is 45:51, so I'm only +25 sec. 🙂

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I'm very happy that the runs I wanted to get in the most made it past the first cuts and I'm not upset over the couple of runs that didn't make it through. I won't be able to run until the afternoon of the 23rd at the earliest and I'm fully available between the 24th-29th.
Update: I have also changed my Incredibles submission video since I got a new PB which is a much stronger run in most areas and it shows a few skips that I didn't do in my old run.


Ok, I updated my Virtual Hydlide submission, replacing placeholder all dungeons random seed run with actual any% set seed run. Estimate might go down a bit in future. Also, only right seed for this event I figured was ESA (if you could use numbers it would've been ESA17) and it's surprisingly good seed for this run


Since submitting SUPERHOT Any%, I reached my goal of sub-20 minutes which is considered a fantastic time and one which pushed me up into top 3. I'll keep working on it to try and become more consistent, intermixed with other categories to see if I can't wreck those PBs as well. :3



When it comes to very famous games like the ones you've submitted, you've just gotta be absolutely on top of your game if you 'expect' to get in. I was confident that all 3 of my runs would have a great chance to get through first cuts, but only because I'm the highest-rated submitter for all of them (SA2B race notwithstanding).

If I had average ranks for the runs I submitted and the WR holder submitted the same games, I would fully expect my runs to be rejected across the board.



I guess tha makes sense. But I'm 1st in the category I submitted and 8th in Any% (no one better than me is coming at ESA unfortunately and there is not even a minute of difference between Torje and I, how short is a minute in your life ?) that's why I find it a bit (just a tiny bit, it's not the end of the world) disapointing.

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I think we are supposed to post our progress on our games here so I'll just do that, now:
Thanks to getting past the first cuts, I got motivated to completely reroute Sticker Star.
The new route is finally done after 2 weeks of hard work and can be found here:
We found a lot of faster and safer strats to deal with enemies and bosses.
If you are interested, here is a video of the new final boss strat (we already changed it again):
As you can see in the video I even wasted time on purpose to show how much faster the strategy is, now.
Of course, this is only the theoretical part. Now, I need to do some runs to practice the new route and to improve my personal best.

If this is the wrong place to post this kinda stuff, just tell me and I'll gladly remove this post.

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New update :

My PB is now 3:14 (instead of 3:21) but a sub 3:10 is really possible since i finished the game in 3:11 but took additional time to do the last skillshot i missed.

A better understanding of where and when I can skip fights will help me lower my time again and i'd say with really good execution the run can be around 3h.

Also about the difficulty, i don't plan to try other runs in higher difficulties. Main reason of this is that the weapons, ammo and upgrades are more expensive and you can (in the highest difficulty) die to scripted events and that'd make the marathon.

I'm still waiting to see of the remastered edition adds something new or not.

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