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I like the way that the only one of my games got through was a) SMS and 😎 the one that requires the least work for me 🙂 thanks for letting us do more Master Mondays games! I'll be sure to get a better run up.

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I added some comments and answers to your questions in the 2nd post. Keep them coming!

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Hey, would like to know why the Mirror's Edge segmented run got cut, also Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs by Floubz, second year that game that actually has a multitude of neat skips gets cut.
Speaking of which Mirror's Edge Segmented coming soon, it's fucking nuts.

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Just fine about Ethan Carter, I knew it was that reason but it would be nice to know why - So thanks! 🙂


Oh my God! We need to get to the bottom of this! I would like to know why Star Fox Command was cut?? I mean, I guess it is because it is a bad game, with luck everywhere and it honestly isn't that interesting but... Oh wait nvm I understand completely why that game was cut. 🙂

Although Taz Express I would like to give a shot sometime, but I will try again next year!

About Star Fox 64, you know I am good at the game and as I wrote I will be able to bring high class commentary this year due to my research. Although you won't see the time get improved until the marathon because a) my capture card is broken and 😎 the time is actually quite good as it is.


I'm very happy that Kingdom Hearts II made it past first cut instead of 0.2, because i have much more love and talent for the game, BUT

I thought if one game were to make it, it would be the 25 minute, newer game rather than the 4 hour long older game. Could I get some input as to why the decision was made to include this KH game over any others?

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lol at a breath of the wild race where none of the people who submitted have a time getting past first cuts and the game was submitted before it even released

remember kids, you don't even need a run as long as you're zeldo.

Seriously though, I find it impossible to not be irked by that in light of like, literally any other game that actually has runs by the person being cut.

like i know there's a second cut phase and stuff and it probably won't get past that but still lol at that

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SuccinctAndPunchy I already replied to message like yours here

Now please do the same message for Nier and Yooka-Laylee. I'm waiting.

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Also did you read the first post @succinctandpunchy?

"A few games (Breath of the Wild, Yooka-Laylee and NieR: Automata etc.) were submitted before the games were released. We will need to see a lot of hard work going into these games and good times being posted by the runners. We understand that they may be large draws to the marathon, but we will hold these runs to the same quality standard as any other. At the moment they are through on the chance that they make great runs. "

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"Now please do the same message for Nier and Yooka-Laylee. I'm waiting."


don't submit games that aren't released lol it's really fucking dumb

furthermore the explanation for it not getting cut is still bad and still a slap in the face that runs that literally don't exist got past first cuts and other games with runs that actually do exist, didn't. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

(for the record, this is not bitterness on my part, I got literally every game I submitted bar the meme past first cuts, but even so it completely rubs me the wrong way)

Why even have first cuts if it's so meaningless that runs that straight up haven't materialized can get a yes?

but again yeah why put effort when you're zeldo/near/youkahlahlah

Is that satisfactory? You seem to be acting like "these other idiots also did the dumb thing HAH GOTEM" when yes they are also dumb, thanks for pointing that out.

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I'd like to know why Lemma was cut

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Disclaimer: I run old games and I typically don’t care much for new games.

I’m totally fine with people submitting runs for games that haven’t been released yet.
There are five months from submission to the actual marathon for a reason. I don’t see much of a difference between submitting a new game that’s bound to be out soon, that will attract thousands of gamers and hundreds of competitive runners and whose route is bound to materialise and get set in stone within a month after release or submitting an old obscure game where you’re the only runner and have to do all the optimisation for yourself. My submissions are always basically to throw out a half-arsed run, see if it gets in and then practise the hell out of it; the new game situation is the same imho.

I see no reason whatsoever to believe that the game selection and scheduling committee exercise any less scrutiny when deciding what should stay and what should go just because the title of a game is Zelda/Mario/Metroid/Mega Man/YourBigNameHere™. If anything, these highly competitive games will be measured at a higher standard than obscure Japanese game 5, simply because there are tons of runs out there. I suggest more trust in the scheduling committee.

Disclaimer 2: I know the selection/scheduling people from previous marathons and think that they are cool dudes.

Finally, first round cuts are obviously meaningful even if you discount the meme games. For example if there are multiple games of a series (P4/P5 or all the Zeldas) it gives clarity on what should be practised intensely. And some runs (including mine; for the record: I’m absolutely fine with that) were cut because the committee believes they won’t be up to par by the marathon.

Finally, I request that the BotW/NieR/Yooka-Laylee discussion be closed asap. In my opinion, it’s pointless.

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" I suggest more trust in the scheduling committee"

I trust them, I just think first cuts are completely pointless to show people if you're going to do things like this. It mixes the signal and doesn't scan well.

"I don’t see much of a difference between"

The difference is that one run doesn't exist and the other does and may have already had the work put in to be a good speedrun, whereas the run that doesn't exist is a random shot in the dark. Again, why bother with first cuts at all if you're going to scattershot like that?

"Finally, I request that the BotW/NieR/Yooka-Laylee discussion be closed asap. In my opinion, it’s pointless."

It's nice that's your opinion, but last I checked you can't close a discussion because you don't like it.

My main point here, besides throwing shade at people who half-ass their submissions, is that this is like one of many reasons why having multiple cut phases is kind of bad and pointless and there's a reason like every other marathon stopped doing it like this ages ago. You may as well just hold the phone until final cuts if they're so meaningless that runs that don't exist get past the first round.

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Sorry to flood this thread but I find it extremely weird that all my submissions were kicked out (especially one of them, since it has been required by a lot of people that were really hype about it. Removing it seems odd to me) and also really suprising since there are all quite short (less than an hour). I'd like some good explanations because I feel a bit disapointed to be honnest 😕

Thanks in advance !

Edit: After thinking about it, you may have considered the lack of stream on my channel of the categories I submited, but it's also because I'm streaming a lot on another channel.


Being able to submit runs you haven't yet mastered or even learned has always been part of ESA's philosophy. It has worked well in the past and there's no reason so far to change that. To my knowledge last year was the first one where we had the occurrence of games being submitted that were not released at the time. We decided to give them a shot and were not disappointed. If the games/runners in question don't meet the standards by the time we do the final cut, they won't be in the marathon. I don't see a problem with this.

The first round of cuts has quite a few reasons:
1) Getting rid of games or runs which are just not interesting and we don't have to discuss anymore later
2) Showing runners which of their submissions they should focus on
3) Giving a more precise preview of what the final marathon might look like

You could argue that it would be enough to do those internally, but is publishing them inherently bad? I don't think so.

I do appreciate all the feedback, it means people are passionate, keep it up!

We'll post more comments/answers to your submissions questions later or tomorrow.

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"You could argue that it would be enough to do those internally, but is publishing them inherently bad? I don't think so. "

That's more or less exactly what I'm arguing and I do kinda think it is bad, it's inspiring a fair bit of not exactly stellar reactions from some runners from what I can survey who take a bad impression away from it. It does also kind of initially rub me the wrong way but I don't think it /actually/ hurts other games chances or anything, it's not like there's limited slots, it's more about the perception and presentation and the fact I think it subtly encourages people to kinda half-ass their submissions.

But yeah, I kinda said my piece about this on the discord and flicky saw it so I'm content to have at least, said the thing to the relevant people and it has been heard.

now if you'll excuse me I need to go cry about the fact I didn't submit RE7 and definitely should have

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Some day I will do TSFP 100%

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I'm glad InFAMOUS got past 1st cuts, gave me a reason to try and push the run down a little bit more. I think I could show a nice run at ESA.
I'd like to know why BioShock 2 Minerva's Den / BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea were cut, though, just out of curiosity.

Thanks 😎

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did you know it's possible to have a cogent argument against something without having hurt feelings over it? Apparently not, according to your dumb ass.