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Gaming PCs at ESA 2017

This is the first year we are going fully in-house regarding practice/stream gaming PCs.
Based on feedback, we don’t want to rely on third party systems for gaming.
However, as much as we’d love to.. we can’t just go and buy off 20 brand new gaming PCs to distribute among runners so we’re planning a 3 tier system for PCs.
EDIT: That was a lie, we ended up getting 10+ gaming systems in the end for this year.
Did a major overhaul to the list here and removed outdated information, posts after this one are related to the old information.
Also DH PCs are to be considered separate from these, about 17 of those will be provided as-is.

All of these systems should run pretty much anything 60fps



4 is the most powerful one. and should satisfy all those dirty FPS exploiters

3x #1
Intel Core i3-7100 CPU
nVidia GTX 1060 6 GB
240 GB SSD
Windows 10

2x #2
Intel Core i7 6700HQ ¤laptop¤
nVidia GTX 960M
240 GB SSD
Windows 7 & Windows 10 dualboot

4x #3
Intel core i5-2400
nVidia GTX 1060
Samsung 850 Evo SSD
Win 7/10 dualboot

2x #4
Intel core i7-4770s
nVidia GTX 1070
Samsung 850 Evo SSD (likely, SSD regardless))
Win 7/10 dualboot

FYI, 2nd stream will have a fixed #1 PC

Bunch of youtube benchmarks exist for i3-6100/7100 & GTX1060 and other systems if you want to get a better idea on what to expect.

Feel free to ask questions!

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Valley is a game from 2016, it looks good even on the lower settings. But it would be hard to imagine it running well on the 960M, although i will attempt it if necessary.

NecroVision: Lost Company has tricks that rely on really high framerates, but this might be doable on the laptop aswell the 960M one.


Edited the post, clarified 2nd stream situation, totally forgot to write about it!

TL;DR -- 2nd stream players will default to #1, lowend is preferred when possible.. This is to allow less clutter in practice as there will be only one #1 machine in the practice area.

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Does this mean there won't be a dedicated PC area like there has been in previous years? Yeah, the Dreamhack PCs with GTX 650s weren't great or even an option for some games, but they were still a really nice thing to have. I don't exactly miss them as a marathon/practice thing, but as a meetup thing. If there is going to be a bunch of speedrunners hanging around at the venue, it would be good if there were some PCs that could be used for general speedrunny things.

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This post only concerns streaming / speedrun PCs. Like every year, I don't really know much about DH stuff until the very end.. I'll poke Edenal about this 🙂

EDIT Good ne-- good news: There will be a batch of PCs from DH this year as well. However these are to be considered as a separate pool from these.

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Really cool Stuff!

One thing which was not mentioned exactly... you mentioned that you don't want to rely on 3rd Party Systems. Does that include runner's own notebooks or is it still accepted to bring an own notebook for the run?

For my PC run, Venetica, there is a bug in the game installer itself which can cause some odd glitches that can lead to me not being able to complete the run. To make sure that I have a correctly installed version of the game i would bring my own notebook where i can make sure that everything is running fine.


3rd party systems in this case mean systems that are provided by a 3rd party, not a runner or by ESA.
From last year we had our share of unreliable / untested systems with a nice suite of bloat pre-installed.
I won't name things here but it shouldn't be hard to guess if you attended ESA2016 🙂

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Sounds great! Just Cause 3 can be a bit intensive even at low settings. I don't have a laptop that can run it and can't bring my desktop from the states, so hopefully I can get some practice time in on some of the higher end machines.

The only weird thing about JC3 Any% is that there is a point in the run where I exit the game and restart it to warp somewhere faster. Hopefully this isn't a problem :v

Thanks ❤️

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You should be fine, these machines are only for practice & running.
Before we really haven't provided any dedicated machines but this year we really prioritised on having some... that work 🙂

Main idea with these tiers is to avoid everybody taking the "best" system just for the sake of having it. Amount of systems is limited, so any spread that can be done will help.


This is definitely appreciated. I'm sure just having reliable systems for streaming is a huge step-up. And by the sound of it this also means a lot more free-use PCs from DH for practice/casual races.


Mirror's Edge is kinda sketchy with how it performs, but I think the gaming laptops should do fine if need be.


Thanks for the dual boot on Stream #2, Windows 7 works better for my runs for sure!


I haven't tried Bulletstorm on my laptop yet but the game might need to be played on one of the higher end machines.


will it be possible to rotate the monitors for the mainstream #1 PCs

my game plays best in portrait


Ninja Smasher! has pretty low system reqs so it should run well on any of those. Will need to set things up before my run since the character I'm going to run is an unlockable, but bringing my save files should work. If not I'll just have to do a regular playthrough at some point before my run to unlock it. And make sure the controls are what they should be.


AC:Brotherhood needs 60 fps cap in one place or there is a big chance to softlock the game with higher fps but it's not a good idea to cap fps overall - as it affects loading times. Also riding horses is faster on SSD. So the fast configuration will be PC with SSD and with ability to cap fps in certain part of the run with some software - for example Dxtory. As for older PCs - Assassin's Creed games are generally very badly optimized - they don't run on weak PCs very well.


Chfou: I'll quote myself "2nd stream players will default to #1, lowend is preferred when possible.. This is to allow less clutter in practice as there will be only one #1 machine in the practice area." That is i3 & GTX1060.

Therio: Good thing to point out! Gotta think of something for the layouts then.. This needs to be tested since it might end up sending capture something silly like 1080x1920 instead, which might throw capturing equipment off. While we do have a scaler in between for all sort of input formats,it still might end up with a letterboxed image in a 1920x1080 frame.. being something stupid like 608x1080. I think rotation COULD be possible tho.
Question: Does the game allow doing a true 1920x1080 resolution and simply flipping assets 90 degrees ?

KennyMan666: OK! Let's double check this at the venue, but for now, prepare to play with the lower end system.

DrTChops: Should be no problem!

Ectortutu: Laptop might be easier here due to pre-installed programs.. We can probably lug the practice laptop to the streaming area and use it temporarily. Doesn't need booting, just need to plug in some cables. This would be #2 system in this case.

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SUPERHOT is a bit weird with performance, but the 2nd tier ought to be fine. The graphic settings do not make a huge difference, especially considering the speed with which it moves when you speedrun it.

EDIT: One small thing to note since somebody else mentioned it for their game, you quit out of the game and load it back up partway through the game. This is part of the actual game and cannot be skipped in Any%, but it hasn't caused me any issues for a very long time.


Jedi Outcast is an old ass game, but it's ran at 125fps. Dell laptops might be good enough, but I'd need to test it first.


Oasiz: I ¤think¤ the game just flips the assets 90 degrees. Can't confirm for sure though as I don't have my hands on it at the moment (I think the alpha test was closed and I'm waiting for the beta/full release).