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Update: The sealed is happening on friday at 13:00

Last year (and the years before since 2014) I've taught people MTG and held a beginner friendly tournament.
This year I'll pass most of that responsibility to the local game store Legend who will be returning this year to demo/sell board games and MTG products.
I'll be helping them out a bit with MTG stuff, especially the Sealed Deck tourney which will return this year.

For anyone who wants to learn or play at the event I know there are quite a few people who are going who are interested in learning the game or know the game who would love to play.
I'll also be up for teaching the game with legends demo decks and I'm pretty sure they'll be handing out some beginners starter deck things.
I myself pretty much only play competitive magic and so will bring a couple of modern decks and maybe a legacy deck (which will most likely only leave my hotel room if someone really wants to play.)
I'll try to find time to put together a commander(/edh) deck if someone wants to play that.

The sealed tourney doesn't have a date set as I'm not sure when the legend people will be there and what times are good for the most ammount of people but I'll try to tell as many people as possible about it during the event and the legend people told me we can host it any time really as long as they're there go sell us the packs.

Sealed Deck is a tournament format that's very suited for beginner because you don't have to own any cards beforehand and it's a good way to start your collection.
You need to know the basics of the game but as that can be taught on site it shouldn't be a problem if you're interested.
To play in the tourney will cost 160 sek which is the sale price for the packs you'll be given.
You get 6 unopened packs of 15 cards which you'll open and build a 40 card deck with.
Deck construction will probably take somewhere between 30-60 minutes and I and the other more experienced players will be glad to help you out if you're not sure how to do it.
When deck construction is done we'll be playing 4 rounds against different opponents with each round taking about an hour.
After all the rounds are played the player with the most wins will take home everlasting glory and possibly some other random thing.
Here's last years winner, Fatzke, with his foiled Need for Speed which was signed by all the tournament entrants
After the tournament you keep all the cards you opened and can trade with other people or build more decks to play with.
The tourney will take about 5 hours but you are free to drop out at any time if you've had enough.

If you have any questions or suggestions please post here or message me anywhere I'm available (I'm etholon in most places on the internet)

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I learned Magic from eTholon at ESA14 and only actually played the game in the subsequent years at the event, yet still somehow managed to win. Sealed really is a very beginner friendly format and you should totally join even if you only know the basics, which are easily picked up (there will be people playing Magic a lot who are always willing to help).

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I'll probably bring my deckboxes, but since I'll only be there for about half the event - leaving Wednesday morning - I likely won't be able to play in any tournament.


Super sad to not be able to play last year so I am up for anything!

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The sealed deck thing is happening on friday at 13:00