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I'm bringing with some games to ESA.

If anyone is interested in playing just poke me during the event.

And if anyone is also bringing games with him, feel free to post them here. ^^

- Cards Against Humanity :
One player ask a question from a black card, and the otehr try to answer it with theit funniest white card. Sensitive people beware.

- Epic Spell Wars : Duel at Mt.Skullzfyre + Rumble at Castle Tentakill:
In this game each player is a wizard in a battle to the death. Each player create a spell with the cards in their hands and unleash them to their opponent. there are tons of different spells and effect and the more people playing, the shorter the games are.
Both extensions are standalone.

Love Letter (Adventure Time Themed) -
layers attempt to deliver their love letter into the Princess’s hands while keeping other players’ letters away. Powerful cards lead to early gains, but make you a target. Rely on weaker cards for too long and your letter may be tossed in the fire!


I'm not sure what I'm bringing yet but I'll update later if I remember to.

Like last year the local game store Legend will be there demoing board games and teaching people magic: the gathering so that's cool.

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I'm bringing Carcassonne with the first 4 expansions, and a copy of Tsuro of the Seas.

Also I might be able to buy a copy of Pandemic before the event (yeah I'm all about those family friendly beginner games :D)
Hell, if we wanted to get really crazy we could get a copy of Pandemic Legacy (which is apparently AMAZING) and try to play that before the end of the event.

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All legacy games are pretty much 30 hours of gameplay which would be a crazy undertaking (but not undoable). I might be down for that actually.

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We played Pandemic Legacy on Tabletop Simulator earlier this year. We thought about playing through Season 2 at ESA which was supposed to come out close to the event but decided not to.
The main reason is that it's just a really big commitment putting a lot of pressure on the group. You need to play on average more than one game per day. And if you're trying hard (like we did) that can take up to three hours. Every defeat adds another game to the list, and when games go bad you might not be in the mood to play more.
At the event there's always more things going on than you could ever participate in anyways and I feel like having this thought in the back of your mind that you absolutely have to play and try to finish this game as well is pretty daunting.
However the game is pretty fucking amazing and I do suggest checking it out. I think there was a case where all the assets had to be deleted from the Tabletop Sim Workshop. If you google it though there are ways and means around that. 🙃

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I should bring my copy of Trygg-Torkel, basically a parody of role-playing games and tropes. It's really mostly a single player game, though we usually play it with a player, a narrator and a protocol keeper. I prefer narrating it than actually playing, so I am very up for that for anyone who wants to play. It's in Swedish, so I'd have to translate on the fly for any non-Swedish player, but I've translated some bits in advance.

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Fuck Montreal they had it coming.

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Alright thanks Fatzke, I knew it was amazing but I didn't know how long it would take. But yeah screw trying to do that during an event with other stuff happening.

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I will have my selection ready to bring if requested.
- Exploding Kittens (Kickstarter version with NSFW deck)
Do I even need to explain this? Draw cards from the deck until you get an exploding kitten. Unless you have a disarming card on hand. Unless it gets denied by another player. Unless you deny the deny...
About 10-30 min depending on how fast you can be assholes to each other.

- Dungeon Time (Kickstarter edition)
Fast-paced cooperative 5-min game about completing quests for loot. Party places items and quests in adventure pile during questing phase. Afterwards, the pile is turned upside down and walked through. Any item goes into the bag (limited slots) and quests turn items into loot (more items that go into bag). If bag ruptures or not enough quests was cleared you lose. If whole pile goes through and enough quests was won, you win and can move on to harder campaigns. Pretty easily done in 10min once everyone knows the rules.

- Burgle Bros (Kickstarter edition)
Anyone played Monaco on Steam or Xbox360? This is a cooperative heist game for 2-4 players. Build a 3-floor stage and unlock the vault on each floor to steal the loots. Escape before anyone is caught or the whole gig is up and you all go to jail.
Everyone plays a different character with special abilities to help them and the team through tricky situations (which will happen and requires cooperation from the team). Takes about 1h-1.5h.

I also have a copy of Trygg-Torkel the barbarian together with the beta-version of Trygg-Torkel 2 the pirate.

I should have some more but I have to get home from work and look in the shelf.


I'll just bring my box of about 1000 Munchkin cards.


Would be amazing to finally get down to play some poker at ESA. Small cash-in would be nice but I'd be up for playing just for the heck of it as well. I know Planks has a poker set (if I am not mistaking) so unless it is a trouble for him and people would be down for it, maybe we should set up a poker night?


I am bringing all of my games and might buy more while at the event, hope I get my copy of Bears vs Babies but doubt it.


@Zephyrr never are you able to nope a defuse card.

I'll bring Pirate Fluxx, which is a variation of the popular Fluxx series, where the game starts simple and ends up having a whole lot of rules for more fun!

Same as munchkin, light RPG game entirely card based.


@Riekelt I guess it is time for me to read the rules again then. Was such a long time since I last played.


Here's what I'm bringing to ESA. I might bring more if I feel another one I own would fit well and there's room left in the car 😛


Haven't played Flash Point but heard it is really good! Speaking of buying games in Växjö, I was thinking of Sushi-Go and Betrayal at House on the Hill.


Betrayal at the House on the Hill is amazing for all the wrong reasons, especially if you have the version that has the Underground Lake on the top floor.


Got a couple of Cards Against Humanity packs that i can bring.


I am absolutely always up for CaH.


Perhaps the newest version of Betrayal at the House on the Hill is better 😃