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Food Trucks? PogChamp


Takeaway from last year was that the PC area was rather small / too small for the amount of PC runners. And I think this year we will be a lot more just alone from the people I know are confirmed going. It would be great if we could get a dedicated area with more than 6 desks so people can setup their laptops etc.

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F-Zero GX station, previously I've done the Chapter 5 Very Hard Challenge, but now that people are getting used to it, I'm thinking of making it Chapter 7 or 8 Very Hard. With Chapter 7 VH, the reward would be a steak, or something around 100 SEK, Chapter 8 would be cheeseburger meal from mcdonalds or something around 40 SEK since it is not as difficult.

We will also be requiring a Chess 3 station, I will be bringing one Chess 3 board, and if Dave is going he probably will too, so having space for those and several sheets of large paper to write down Chess 3 armies and addons would be ideal. This should be situated near the mafia area since there is a big overlap between fans of Chess 3 and fans of mafia.

Bicycles were really handy for going to get food (most notably chicken nuggets en mass for last years GX Challenge), so more of those would be cool.

Last year there was a box that would light up and say "donation comment" or something similar to let runners know there was a comment ready. Having a much larger sign (perhaps projector or batman style light) but for mafia that reads "mafia starting soon" would let people know to head to the mafia room.

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Naeg: Bike hire reservations going online Monday via the main ticket page


I'm sure Guilty Gear/other AFGC games will take up at least a couple of stations again this year, but having a space definitely set out would make it easier on us especially when it comes to running the Xrd tournament (since finals are on stream it has to happen at some point)
Probably would only need 3/4 setups (Table + 2 chairs, monitor, power for console/laptop/pc), but extra chairs for spectating would be nice so we don't have to steal chairs from the stations around us again


Backing up Monojira for more space for laptops in the PC area. Having those places close to the network switch so we can bring some ethernet cables for coop/multiplayer play with the PCs would be great.

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It's been a while since my last update, and I apologize for that, IRL stuff is hard to predict. But I have worked more on the layout, and it's still not completely done, but I think I got the gist of it ready.

Open for feedback, and let me know if there's anything you're missing from the layout.


- Am i seeing this correctly that audience is between runners and tech? Does that work with the amount of cables that have to go from the runner station to tech?
- Those two tables to the left of the projector screen, are those for the PC runs?
- What's the idea with the softwalls and the area above that?
- I'm probably missing the obvious but what is MKDD?
- Is the bring your own computer area for our laptops and stuff? If so i would prefer having atleast a part of that closer to the Dreamhack PCs and not that separated, see my previous post
- I love the idea of the stairs connecting the inner area directly to the outer ring
- What's the right part of Hall B for (especially that specific setup with the black square)?


We'll have cable trays between tech and stage, so that's no issue. It's on request from the tech crew, that I've placed them where they are.

Yes, the two tables placed in a V shape is where the PC runs will be had.

The area behind the soft walls will be a volunteer only area, mainly for the tech crew, where they can store all of their boxes and whatnot. The wall will also serve to make the room feel somewhat smaller.

MKDD = Mario Kart Double Dash. I was contacted by HiddenPower, asking if I could allocate some space for them to set up MKDD, so that they could do a 16 player LAN thingy. As of now I think it'll be a "free area" with CRTs, but that they'll have priority whenever they decide to organize races.

BYOC are for laptops and stuff yes. I'm fairly sure that the tables will be larger than what they appear on the layout (eventhough the scale is correct), so I'm sure there will be more room at the DH PC areas than what I've allocated.

The right part of Hall B, is mainly a temp setup right now, for the Smash event happening at the start of ESA. The black square is intended as a stage, but I've yet to come in contact with the organizers of the event, so it's still work in progress.

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Since last year Hall B was used almost exclusively for Mafia and Rock Band, I can't help but notice there's no intended location for them this year. Ideally Rock Band is located somewhere a little isolated to mitigate the noise issues, perhaps the small conference room outside of hall B (room 1212) that was almost unused last year.


Yeah, Rock Band is something I've yet to decide on where to put. The small conference room with fit well for it, definitely.

As for Mafia, I've talked briefly with some of the guys about it, and they've basicly said that during the day time, they would most likely prefer to do it outside. While during night time we'll find some place for them. I have some ideas, but it'll probably end up being a "we'll decide once we get there" kind of thing.

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I am worried about the sofas right in front of the corridor between Hall A and Hall B (1196 on the map).
Is there no better way to place them? It looks like the could easily start sliding back or chairs be put up behind them by attendees and suddenly the corridor is blocked.

I am not sure how I would do it done differently, but something should change to make sure this does not happen.


What's the idea of having the CRT/Monitor/PC Mix in each hall instead of say, having Hall A contain most/all CRTs and let Hall B be the more modern area with PCs/HDs.

Also I would probably line tables with their shortsides against each other, more a standard U shape than a curve. Having that gap at the end of every table might be a little inconvenient, the ability to place stuff so it perhaps overlaps a little onto another table if necessary sounds better. But the curves perhaps making viewing multiple screens at once easier to get a better overlook. So perhaps both layouts has benefits.


Zephyyrr: I will consider it, and probably make a decision once we get there. I'm do not think that the corridor is going to be used much, so I wouldn't really worry too much about it. Either way, I'll have my little helpers make sure it doesn't happen.

CC: Possibly. It's something that will be up for discussion. I think it'll be good to have a mix, but maybe a 70/30 split between the halls for each type of TV/Monitor.
The table gaps will probably be closed, but I'd prefer it if they weren't. The tables are pretty big, 180x70cm, so I don't think it'll be an issue.

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Thx for the explanations, that cleared up a lot of things. How about switching the BYOC area with the 4xHD 4xMonitors 2xCRTs stuff in the center to have BYOC and Dreamhack less separated?


Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

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Is it acceptable to just move TVs or in some cases entire tables in order to play games in a group?

I assume because of power, moving tables might be somewhat limiting, but I hope it's ok to move TVs at least


Of course, though ultimately I'm hoping that won't be necessary. Either way, I'd like to know it when/if that happens.