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As most of you know, I'll be setting up the floor layout for future ESA events, and I want it to be as accommodating to everyone as I can make it.

We'll be returning to Fortnox Arena again this year, and we'll have access to the same areas as last year. Both streams will be in Hall A, while Hall B will mainly be for casual gaming, fighting games and board games.,14.7750242,3a,75y,85.81h,68.55t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s-JdoVW7AIUB9sbiiCk3QzQ!2e0!3e2!7i13312!8i6656

So, I want your input! I want your ideas, suggestions, wishes and/or needs for this ESA. Anything goes, and I'll try to make it happen to the best of my ability. If you and your group of friends have your eyes set on a part of the venue, or if you want to have a dedicated area for Mafia, let me know!

I’ll post the drafts as they’re done, and I’ll try to make one draft per month untill ESA comes around.

Feel free to DM me on discord, if that suits you better.

Edit: Here's a link to a very early suggestion for Hall A, let's just call it draft 1:

Edit 2: Link for the layout as of July 7th:

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Please leave the box in the upper corner free for attendee use

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A couple ideas:

Sticky tags at the counter for attendees to take or buy so they can label their equipment.

I know the TV at the top has a tiny resolution so it can't really be used, but maybe it'd be possible to at least have it displaying the ESA logo? If nothing else it looks better than having it off completely!

It'd be great to have some kind of board or panel/calendar near the reception that's showing the other stuff that's going on, e.g. what tournaments or events are taking place.

Will hall B still have equipment in it to run side-streams, e.g. for tournament preliminaries?


I believe someone is looking into using the big pixelated screen, so we'll see what happens there.

I don't think there will be streaming equipment in Hall B, but there's nothing wrong with people bringing their own stuff, to run side-streams.


As I mentioned on Discord, Mafia doesn't need a dedicated room per se, we just need a fair amount of space and some chairs or things to sit on. We were mostly using the back corner of Hall B and the couch area in front of it last year and it worked very well for us.
Something to note though is that loud noises are very distracting.

Concerning the chill room upstairs, after we bought the kettle last year it was a very comfortable and practical room to get tea and I assume coffee as well. It would be great if we still could do that this year.

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Hall B should be good for Mafia, yeah.

By chill room upstairs, I assume you mean the kitchen? If so, we're thinking about having the second stream in there, but I'll try to make the layout so that you can use the counters there without being in the way of anything/anyone.


Yeah it we can access the counters without getting in the way of anything that'd be perfect. That's pretty much what we did with the stream setup that was there last year.


Might be a good idea to divide up hall B with the middle wall thing. I think a large part of the reason it wasn't used that much last year was because of Rock band being quite loud

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An Idea would be to have a Screen at the Tech or at the entrance which shows the Schedule and possible delays.
Last year a run I was commentating was like 2-3h behind schedule and we waited that entire time because we didn't know if it is gonna start soon. And in general I think it's quite useful to see which runs are coming up without having to use the phone every 10min.

Based on the current Layout you posted, there's not a lot of tables/usage compared to last year where everything was full. I gotta say I like that you get more space, but it just seems really hollow somehow. Especially since it was rather hard to get some place yourself sometimes (Which is kind of impossible to solve with what now? 400+ Attendees, but I guess you get the Idea).

About the extra room or place for mafia - I don't really think we gotta change anything. I saw a lot of people play mafia outside, in the lobby and the B-Hall so that should be sufficient.


Hall B was barely used last year, since there wasn't any tables set up, plus the lack of chairs. It will be way better utilized this year, and it'll have more tables/TVs than Hall A. And yes, I'm planning on dividing Hall B.


I think I read somewhere else that we will have, or try to have, projectors to show the stream in the hall. I think that is very much needed. And obviously, there should be a (small) area close to the screen(s) so that people can sit down and watch and cheer. So basically - we need a crowd. Maybe even with microphones and cameras on them, but that's optional.
I know that a lot of people attend to meet other people and don't actually care for the stream too much, but as a viewer of the stream, there's nothing more important than a crowd imo. The crowd creates hype, noise, and in general makes the event more exciting. Last year was very disappointing because apart from very few seats, I feel like there was no actual crowd as there were no seats and no screens. That was definitely better in the years before I think.

Apart from that, we need a lot more chairs in general for the practice and gaming areas. We had to search for chairs every day last year.

Other than that, maybe an info board somewhere with a lost and found section and info about local restaurants and shops. Not everyone checks the forums here and that way, people could easily put up information, maybe even just for gatherings, and a central info board for that would be nice.

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I seem to recall putting up notices about lost and found all around the venue about a day in or so.
But a central board for information might not be a bad idea if communicated to all attendees in a proper way.


Make it comfy. Comfier than you can imagine... it's all in your hands now.


Don't lock up the room with the fridges the day before the event is over. All the food I had prepared to eat that evening was spoiled because we had to clean out the fridges, so I had to eat shitty Max anyway.

It should be the very last room to be cleared/cleaned/locked, even after the main hall/streaming area (with the exception of maybe the toilets).


Here's a little update on some of what we already have ready for the event:

We've acquired a projector (Panasonic PT-DZ6700 DLP) and a 188" projector screen that will be placed in the main hall. The second stream room already has a projector and screen in it.

We have ordered 500 chairs on top of the 200 already in the building, so there won't be a neverending chair hunt this year.

The LED panels will be utilized in some fashion, the big one will probably have the schedule and a clock.

And finally, we'll have (atleast) 9 arcade cabinets.

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Last year you had a tetris setup, which I believe was one of the tetris exhibition guys that set up.

Any chance for similar setup this year?
I really liked playing TGM, but I'm also sure those boards are pretty expensive/rare so I can understand if it doesn't happen.


If Qlex goes to ESA again this year, I'm sure he'll setup the tetris station. However, I'll investigate the possibility of acquiring one of those, in case he doesn't go.

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Will we be able to cook our own food this year? Been requested a lot in the past few years since we moved from the old place in Skövde.


The facilities will be the same as last year, where there will be a couple of microwaves that I think you'll be able to use.

We'll have food trucks, however, and I'm told that Stars 'n Stripes will be selling affordable meals in the lobby.

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