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ESA 2017 is a speedrunning centred community meetup and marathon. The doors are open from Friday the 21st of July until Sunday the 30th of July at 11:59pm The stream is planned to run from the evening of the 22nd of July the evening of the 29th of July. Mass Housing with cover this entire period and close on Monday the 31st at 10am.

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! You can buy them at

The new pricing structure will allow us a good early working fund to make capital purchases like a projector and screen, and to grow our off stream activity areas


This is what most people will buy, admission to Fortnox Arena from Fri 21 July to Sun 30 July

First 150 - 600 SEK now sold out
Thereafter, until 22 June (1 month before ESA) - 800SEK
Last minute / at event - 1000SEK

Up until 1 month before the event, if you buy a wristband you will get a custom-printed lanyard with your name on it. Please write your name in the box on the ticket page before adding to basket. If you’re buying for two people, change the name in the box and click ‘add to basket’ a second time.

Those who buy a ‘last minute’ ticket will be given the option at check-in of a blank lanyard that can be written on with a sharpie.

Valid from Fri 28 July to Sun 30 July, for people who only want to come for a few days

ALWAYS 350 SEK, purchase in advance or at the venue from Fri 28 July onwards.

Up until 1 month before the event, just like the full week, we will print your name on a lanyard (see above)

Open from Fri 21 July to Monday the 31st at 10am. This is an unheated gym hall in the building opposite Fortnox Arena. You should bring an air mat, camping mattress or camping bed. You should also bring a sleeping bag suitable for indoor camping.

First 150 - 400SEK
Thereafter - 650SEK

Like before, we can buy an air bed for you for collection at ESA. This is yours to keep if you would like.

ALWAYS 150SEK - available until 1 month before the event.

This year the teeshirt has been designed by Dr Miawoo and will be unbranded (no sponsors) on the rear

ALWAYS 100SEK - available until end of day, June 11

The one, the only, we’re doing a reprint of the deluxe limited edition hoodie from last year

ALWAYS 500SEK - available until end of day, June 11


How will I check in?
Bring your paypal payment receipt(s) to the event. These are your proof of purchase that we will cross-check against a list.

Is my ticket refundable?
No, please don’t book a ticket until you know you can come

Can I still get mass housing if I've already purchased a ticket?
Yes. Just add mass housing and/or an airbed to the paypal basket and complete the checkout again. Please remember to bring all receipts with you!

Can I get still a T-shirt if I miss the deadline?
Unfortunately not, we will not be ordering extra hoodies or teeshirts for sale during the event.

What's on a personalised lanyard?
This year we will have an exclusive art piece and your name on the lanyard.

Can I get still a personalised lanyard if I miss the deadline?
No, but we’ll have blanks that you can write your name on at check in

What is a personalised lanyard?
It’s an A6 custom made identification tag to wear during the event

Can I still get an air mattress for mass housing if I miss the deadline?
Unfortunately, no. We need at least one week to order all the air mattresses from our supplier. However, we can point you to a store within walking distance where you can purchase one if you miss the deadline.
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Do runners also have to pay the resgistration fee?
runners, orga, pets, chairs, everyone. literally everyone has to pay
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We should have a lower entrance fee for chairs to have more of them this time. I think the cost scared away most chairs from attending ESA16.
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When will the venue open to those with a final weekend ticket -- at 00:00 on Friday, or at a certain time later in the morning?
  Super ModPlanks
We're opening collections to anyone arriving after 8pm on Thursday night (as we realise people will want to travel after work)
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