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Update on the previous Valley update, new strats have been found that make the run faster and more consistant. Im running the game at Degen Dash soon, so while doing no reset runs today i got a 14:59.99 which absolutely dwarfs what i thought i would be able to do with mostly marathon friendly strats. (16:30) was my original goal for this submission. Just thought you would like to hear about the developement, im going to look more closely at it if this means the estimate can get reduced.

Still waiting on fully dusting off NecroVision, but i have done single no reset runs here and there that have been within the estimate, so it's looking real good for ESA, can't wait.


I'm not going to be able to run Takeshi's Challenge

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Just bought my tickets and junk. I was waiting on payday and to clear time off work. It all checks out, so I'm down!


now remove me off your damn list I will fight you

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Bought my ticket now too.

Edit: Train ticket Gothenburg -> Växjö purchased as well, let's do this


Hi, I will not be able to make it to the event. My only run (The Swapper) was a race with Zet who will be there and hopefully will still be allowed to run the game alone so it doesn't affect the schedule.


An update happened!
We added Luigi's Mansion and The Incredibles to the 1st stream and Eggomania to the 2nd stream to account for dropouts. It's not unlikely that because of all the changes a timeslot that was previously fine isn't anymore. Contact me if you spot your run during a time when you're not even at the event yet/anymore and we'll work on a fix asap. Cheers!

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Hey so I assume this has happened just because of random drifts in the schedule or whatever, but it currently seems like the Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 finals on the second stream (Friday 22:28->23:53), and the Forced run on the first stream (Friday 23:20->00:20) are going to collide.
Since I'm involved in both this is probably going to end up being an issue. Is it going to be possible to shift one of them one way or the other?

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We'll fix that!

/e: Moved Forced two games back. New timeslot: 1:45am

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So, not about the things that are on the schedule, but about the schedule itself - on the main site, there's a schedule tab, but it only shows the schedule for stream #1. The schedule for stream #2 doesn't seem to be found anywhere on the site. That should probably be taken care of.

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Please remove me from the Serious Sam 3 race. Tezuro is currently better at the game than I am and I think it's better for the viewers to have a better commentated solo run than a race.

Also there doesn't seem to be any links to the stream pages on the esamarathon site, those should probably be there somewhere.

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Did the two Golden Sun runners both PB by over 10 minutes? The board here shows them each having lesser runs than even the estimate for that race.

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No, emeraldaly. The rules for the run state "Runs without intro start from a savefile after you leave Vale. 39 minutes are added to this time, as that is slightly longer than a good run takes to leave Vale."


I see, appreciate that info. I was really confused for a bit