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I'm going to have to cancel Wario Land 3 this year sadly, as I will not be able to make it to the event unfortunately. Thanks for including it again this year, and sorry for the troubles! I wish you all a great event 🙂


Sanju's Infamous run is at 7:45 pm my time FeelsGoodMan Definitely gonna request that day off work, even though it's a day I typically get off anyway. Gotta make sure.


Quick question, I noticed the FF1 estimate was set to 1:47, where that should be 1:40. Any reason this is different? Or is it just a small error in the schedule?

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We felt like in order to showcase these kinds of games properly an exceptionally high skill level is required. We let them pass the 1st cuts in order to give you a chance to reach that. With dropouts already happening there is always a chance that a game can make it's way back into the schedule though.

We decided to go for a bit of an advanced approach this year regarding SETUP™ times. The 1-hour blocks on every day except the last two are designed to get the schedule back on track should something go horribly wrong. In this case the SETUP™ games would not be played during that timeslot on the 1st stream. However, we will show all the SETUP™ games that got cut because of delays at the end of the 2nd stream. That way people with SETUP™ games can be sure their game will be part of the marathon.


The schedule is still going to change. There will be a number of dropouts happening and some people who are not at the event for the whole duration probably require their timeslots to be changed.

That's just due to the current workaround on the horaro version. The additional seven minutes are an additional SETUP™ time for races. In the next version those will be hidden and the normal estimates will be shown again.

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I'm going to withdraw my Virtual Hydlide run, decided to not go to event, sorry...


Fatzke: I have to say, I stand very positive to the setup games being a solution for possible delays in the schedule. Great initiative, good job!

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If possible, i'd request my run to be rescheduled to the 26th or before,
cause a certain person would really like to be on the couch for my run, but leaves at the 27th.

If it's not possible, no biggy, but that would be awesome, thanks!


Yeah, seems doable. We'll make a list of changes we want/need to make and then release a bigger update as opposed to making small changes all the time. So don't worry if nothing changes for a while.

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Nice to see New 'n' Tasty in the second stream!

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I'm not a runner at all but I look forward to see this event. Eitherway, I'd like to know how the two schedules work. I mean, you won't be doing both at the same time, right? Which one is the one that is going to be run?


We will in fact be running two streams!

The first one will be on for the entire week continuously from 6pm on July 22nd until the late evening of the 29th (fingers crossed). This will be happening at .

The second stream on will start one day later, end one day earlier and also won't be running for 24 hours each day.


I think that I may want to drop out of the Ratchet 3 race. I've not 100% decided yet but I will say that it's definitely something I'm consdidering. I've had no motivation to play the game anymore and I don't really care about the game anymore just due to how much I've played and watched people run the game. I've just seen way too much of the game and I've had enough. I may change my mind closer to the event and I know that people close to me will be upset if I drop out but that is just how I feel. I'm still down to do the Ratchet 2 run and either way, I'll still be there during the Ratchet 3 run and if I don't run, I'll definitely focus on my commentary during the run.
Also, I would be delighted to do a backup run if needed although I know that it probably would be extremely unlikely for that to happen considering what my other runs are.
Hopefully all of this is ok with you guys.

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Sure thing. I will keep you as part of the race for now. Just get back to me when you made a decision. 🙂

With just about two months left until the start of the marathon I'd like to remind every runner to sign up (in a friendly way). Included is a list of people who are part of the schedule but haven't yet done so. It's perfectly fine if you're still unsure about attending and there's no reason to hurry or worry just yet, but if you haven't bought a ticket by this time next month, I'll come after you personally. 🙃

If you do find your name on that list even though you already bought a ticket, please message me so we can get that sorted. Thanks!


It's not unlikely if you're on that list that you registered under a different nickname than your name, that's totally fine, just clear it up with Fatzke.


Really doubtful that I will actually go at this point and I won't have time in June/July to practise my game either so it will be best to replace my run in the schedule. Thanks.


Sadly I have to pull out as I cant get the time off work 🙁


Succeeded my goal to get 16:30 in Valley. Got a 16:18 today, i will keep grinding the time down for Degen Dash. When i feel im at a decent place with it i will start the grind on NecroVision: Lost Company

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Sadly also I have to withdraw my runs.

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I've decided that I do want to drop out of the Ratchet 3 NG+ race for the reasons I mentioned in my previous post. There's also the case that I probably won't play as well since I will have no time to practice after my Ratchet 2 run and the race would pressure me and probably weaken my overall skill if I did do the run so I have ultimately decided that I don't want to do the run.
Also, why exactly did you guys ultimately cut out Incredibles? I never got an answer for it before and I was just wondering.


Hello, unfortunately I come with bad news from Zin. (He's not much of an active speedrunner, hence I am doing this post.) The THOTH Standard Coop run we were REALLY looking forward to can in the end no take place. 🙁 We appreciate the consideration and hope to eventually be able to run it together at a live event. As opposed to ESA Germany, I don't think it's a good idea to run Standard Solo instead and thus run will have to be canceled without a replacement.

Sorry for any inconvenience, unfortunately IRL didn't agree with the run.