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ESA 2017 is a speedrunning centred community meetup and marathon. The doors are open from Friday the 21st of July until Sunday the 30th of July at 11:59pm The stream is planned to run from the evening of the 22nd of July the evening of the 29th of July. Mass Housing with cover this entire period and close on Monday the 31st at 10am.



SETUP Games: These are basically buffer blocks in case something goes horribly wrong. The games will only be played in their specified timeslot if the marathon is not too far behind schedule at that point. However, all SETUP games that don't get shown will be played at the end of the 2nd stream.

As usual things are likely to move about a little due to people not being available and with small tweaks but the schedule is pretty much set. Games that were cut may get called up to replace drop-outs, but are otherwise did not make the marathon.


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I got a question right away: Turok 1 got in, but with the estimate of Turok 2. Which one is it?


I eagerly look forward to this event! Can't thank you guys enough for the unanimous acceptance here, I would have been happy with just one run in.

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i am baffled but pleased by the fact I have somehow snuck Shuriken into two major marathons this year lmao

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Really excited to run Tekken 5! I'm a little gutted about T7 not making it, but I can understand the reasons. T5 will be a great run, while T7 might not have been.

Either way, hope you guys don't mind if I spend at least some time on T7 when it comes out 😛

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Oh heck yeah, both my games survived.

So I will now formally ask if I might change the category for Ninja Smasher! from glitchless any% (which as of about yesterday is actually called Any% No KG (KG is for key glitch) because not all glitches are created equal) to All Items No KG. Since it's been entered in the schedule with the 32 minute estimate, the estimate kind of doesn't need to change as I'm below that in All Items now (and my current goal is sub-30, but I must stress that the any% estimate I gave was based on what was known about the game at the time and a longer category now being shorter than that is for a lot of reasons), but I would just ask for an additional 3 minutes, making it 35, to be marathon safe. Mostly it's about how any% in the PC version has gotten so many skips that I don't really find it much fun anymore, so I've switched to All Items as my primary running category (and it's a much better watch, too).

But it's fine with if the answer is no - any% is what I submitted and even with all the stuff that's happened to the category (I think I updated my submission like three times in the span of a week), I am ready and willing to run it at ESA.


Edit: Let it also be known that I quite approve of Ketsui getting to be in the marathon, thumbs up for that.


Oh nice, both of my games made it through. Schedule's looking pretty damn good! I also approve of kicking off the marathon this year 😃


After looking at the schedule, I can't be more thankful. Not only did my run get in, almost all the hispanic people got their run in, and that's nice, finally 1 ESA where it's not only 2 spanish people going.
Tbh though, I was thinking my run was gonna be so early, and even though I didn't want it that early, I'll work with it. I'll have time to practice at least, so I'll try to do a really good run 🙂

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Kinda supprised Dark Souls Any% made it but All Bosses didn't, especially since it was submitted by Kahmul. Still very excited to be part of the event obviously and I'll try to do my best!

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I'm sorry, I asked to have my run before the 25th of july if I were to be accepted as I won't be able to stay for the entire event. Yet it says on the schedule that my run is scheduled for the 28th of july.


Good list! Kinda happy to be a part of the second stream again (for the third time in a row :^] )

Just wondering if it was intentional to not include Order of Ecclesia in the Castlevania block.

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I'm very glad that Ratchet & Clank 2 got through as that was a game I really wanted to get through and while I'm currently indifferent about if I wanna run Ratchet 3 or not, I'm very happy that it got in mainly because of the other runners.
I wasn't really expecting Tak 3 to make it through and I can definitely see why it didn't get through which is a shame but it's all ok.
I am interested to know why The Incredibles was ultimately cut which was a game I really wanted to get in a lot and I definitely put the most effort into practicing it before now but I'm not gonna get mad or upset over the fact that it didn't because that would be stupid on my part.
Overall, I'm very happy that I made it in and thanks for considering those two games which didn't make it past the final cuts. I didn't know what to expect but I definitely got something out of it.
Congrats to everyone else who got in as well. GL with all of your runs and GL with the event as a whole. 🙂


Schedule is in Sweden time, right? I need to know if I need to request a day off work to see my man Sanju run Infamous (which I absolutely will if typical work time conflicts with it)


Without much of hate and too much text..

Can I have a word or 2 of the ppl that did the second cuts, as of why both my runs were scrapped without even considering the new content I created and announced a week prior to the 2nd cut ?

At this point the only thing I'm thinking of is that my submissions only made the first cut for some kind of "quota" and were never really considered to be shown at the actual event.

If that is the case, you could have saved me a month of grinding consistent times in RNG heavy games.

And no, I don't wanna start drama here, I was actually surprised the first cut commentary videos I did actually made it, I just wanna know what the reasoning behind this is.


I see I got to change category, my thanks to the ESA team for that! I have just today submitted a run of said category to the leaderboard here on the site since I finally nailed that sub-30 run, so any progress of mine will be visible there. It should be verified within the day.

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@emeraldaly Times are/should all be in Sweden time aka central Europe summer timezone (cest)


One of my runs, L.A. Noire, is listed as 'setup game' so I was just wondering what exactly what this entails so I know what to expect. I also noticed the estimate for said run is set to include my submitted donation incentive. Does this mean you want me to do the incentive regardless, or are you just leaving room for it?


"SETUP Games: These are basically puffer blocks. The games will only be played if the marathon is not too far behind schedule at that point."


Oh, and since the game has multiple characters and I'm not playing the default one, the Ninja Smasher! category should to properly reflect this be something along the lines of "All Items No KG - Chain Sickle" (which is the way it shows up on the site here), or "All Items No KG (Chain Sickle)" or somesuch.