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I'm down, however i'll say this on behalf of the fellow GTA bois here (Charlie, Mhmd, Brat and Rye) we won't be able to do it on Wednesday at those times as our boi Omega is running GTA IV.

Also Stabbymagoo signs up, he cant access his account atm.

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@Noz I know I saw that as well but sadly those are the only times with the biggest windows at that time area cause you don't want dinner too early or too late. So for now i wont add you but once date is set just re write if you are going.


Adding Cieran who signed up trough discord


I'd be down, but again, Wednesday won't be possible for me, because of GTAIV being on


Just had my Thursday slot moved to 8pm so sign me up.

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I think I missed out on the last bowling thing, so sign me up for this 😃

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I'm in. And btw, how much is it gonna cost?
and yeah, if schedule is going without delay or anything on wednesday there is GTA4 so then it won't be an option.


I say this the one and only time.. I'm not going to add people to the sign up list if you are a maybe when you write here.. ONLY when you are sure I will sign you up.. So you will have to re-write to me when you are sure.. I'm not going to keep asking people if they are coming or not.. Want to join.. Then tell me when you know. 😉 it's only if you change your mind in the last second or decide later on that you don't want to go and don't inform me before last day that you will have to pay for your bowling slot.


The thing is, we kinda need a final word on the date.


Team Bowling Update:
Date and time has been set, thursday at 14 the bowling starts. Price per person is 80 sek for the bowling to join. Price for the food dep on what you order at the restaurant ofc.
The bowling will serve us both their 10 lanes and their shuffleboard so you have stuff to do the entire time.

They also open up before their own opening ours cause its a special event for us and them. They will open their doors already at 13.45 so we will try to be there around 13.45 which means we change out meeting time till around 13.15 so we can get to the buss and everythingin time.

At the restaurant we will have the quiz first and then the food after, they will help us out with everything from sound and tv monitors if needed.

Welcome to team bowling!

Sign up trough the forum or pm me on dicsord.
Signups at the event is also possible, just remember that if you sign up and then decide not to show you have to pay for your bowling slow since the group discount etc.


Good to see a quick update, count me in

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My run is Wednesday evening currently according to the schedule so good to see bowling is now Thursday.

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