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Since there is no thread for this yet i might aswell make the start. Post all your love for the people you met at ESA 🙂

Koston: It was a pleasure spending time with you, really a nice guy sad that you're not streaming 🙁

Einea: Ma brother from another mother, I'm glad i met you and we became friends 😊

Jinny: Always a fun time with you, thanks for teaching me some melee senpai :3

Salad: The lad i probably spend most time with out of the KH, pretty rad dude, have fun playing Durak 😃

The KH crew: All of you guys and girl were amazing company i dont regret a single second spending with you!

The Mafia gang: Sadly didnt play as much mafia as i wanted to but nonetheless it was an awesome expirience. Shoutouts to Kotti and Pottow being Mafia 😛

Flicky: Thanks for staying the awesome mate the you always have been, sad that you will take a break.

Legrand: The honorary baguette knight, our race was absolutely brilliant hopefully we can get a relay in next year!

Amateseru: The other french brother was awesome meeting you and doing some BQ 🙂

Fuzzy: the memelord himself who forgot meeting me back in 2014 😛

Ladaur: thanks for rating my booty xD

Grukk and Maja: Thanks for letting me borrow your tech stuff and thanks for being a good friend 😊 and maja maybe we should have talked more hahaha

Fatzke: Thanks for making Golden Sun possible and for letting me sleep in your room the last day!

Dante: Superb DJ of the last ESA hours, keep it up yo!

Etholon: Thanks for animating me for the Quick & Crash game, way too addicting^^

Frozer: The chocolate mafia always supports its friends^^

Moro: Thanks for switching from RGs BQ stream to mine now hahaha

Zephyyr: We had some pretty nice talks and good ideas, lets work on that 😃

Tompa: thanks for the massage, i really needed that^^

Spatula and Bunny: Was really cool finally meeting you too hopefully we dont have to wait too long for the next time!

I'm really sorry if i forgot to mention people I'm really tired hahaha
Love you all ❤️

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In some kind of halfway chronological order mixed with the order I remember things in:

MLSTRM who I met at the train station in Gothenburg, though I shouldn't have listened to him when he suggested walking to teh venue.

City Gross for the breakfast of champions, consisting of three paninis and one Monster energy drink.

ZodaNOR, for making me play Hebereke/Ufouria again (no, I haven't started running it again yet).

Greenalink, for, well, stuff. For almost lending me his 3DS for my Mighty Gunvolt run before I decided I'd just do it on the PC version.

Pull, whose PS2 controller I borrowed for all my practice runs and live stream runs.

IrregularJinny, for Mighty Gunvolt commentary.

SuccinctAndPunchy, mostly for finally getting to actually meet him.

Herreteman, for all the stuff surrounding that ALBW run.

And last but not least Tompa, who drove me to the train station the day I left.

I probably forgot a whole bunch of people so I'll add them later. Maybe.


This is in no particular order and I'll probably forget some people.

Riekelt: Thanks for being an all-round great guy and especially thanks for the Stroopwafel, they were as amazing as ever.

Grukk: For being the best old man I know, it's always a pleasure seeing you, even if you do go to bed at like 8PM.

Maja: For putting up with both Grukk as a partner and Joka as a brother. I'm not sure how you do it 😛

Joka: For inspiring me to finally play Ori, which I'll start in a few days. That game looks amazing and beautiful and your run made it look even better than I'd thought it was.

btrim: For coming all the way from the States to a small town in Sweden to see our little group for a week or so. I hope we made it worth the trip.

Rasmus: For being the best damn flürganüser we could have hoped for, and the nights in the Bishop's

Alowishus: For actually following through when saying you have a loaf of bread in your spare bed, and for letting me store my luggage after checking out.

Pinggas: For somehow making a McDonald's game look somewhat entertaining, and for some great craic over the the few days you were in town.

Zoda: For having me playtest one of your Mega Maker levels. It made me realise how annoyingly tight some of the platforming in the MM games can be.

Maxie: For being a great roomie again, and for picking a better hotel than Scandic.

Zoton: For all the work you've put into the layouts and speedcontrol, and for not breaking it all too much by messing with production. Sorry for telling you not to touch stuff so much 😛

Edenal: For both listening to the issues of past ESAs and doing something about them, and for buying me drinks even if I ended up not being very sensible after drinking them! Also, for having me on as a senior tech this year.

Planks: For trusting me enough to have me as a senior tech, showing me how to use the mixer and inserting a dose of sense when I lacked it while drunk.

SoeZee: I don't know how you have the amount of energy you do, but it was certainly infectious!

Flicky: For instantly realising upon seeing me that I'd been exercising and had lost weight. Your presence at ESA will be sadly missed and I'm sad I only got to speak to you that one time.

I'm sure there are others, but that's all I can think of from the top of my head. Until next year!

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Marvelgirl186: Thanks for joining me on this trip and being an awesome roommate and travelmate ????

Cerberusguns: Thanks for the Happy Socks and being funny and chill at all times!

GlitchesAndStuff: Thanks for the story of how gainer was found and being cool as always ????

VPP: Thanks for the train ride to Copenhagen and the fun Mario Party and MM Bingo runs! Also the Salmiaki ????

Raggen71 and Kristina_gh: I hope I got your usernames right but aside from that, thanks for spending more times with me this year, made me appreciate you guys more and being right behind the couch for the MM run was awesome ????

Amateseru: You're awesome and it was nice making a new friend! Thanks for the Mario Party and MM Bingo and Randomizer runs, was big fun!

Greenalink: Thanks for playing that arcade racing game with me. It was fun and helped me open up and get into the ESA spirit ????

BloodDuster: Great Golden Sun run, great company during the 70-star relay, and great time having you play MM Randomizer with us, going to Grand Samarkand with us and talking to you.

Fuzzyness and 360Chrism: Thanks for the awesome 70-star relay! Even though Chrism gave me the "wrong" star by explaining it poorly and having me switch my star to a harder one as a result (LLL Lava Boost), I enjoyed it a lot and am happy I could show off the Lava Boost in the end!

And of course I want to thank everyone for making the event what it was, be it for organizing, volunteering or just attending ????????


In no particular order...

DanteDoes - For being a good host partner and just being someone to talk to when I'm bored.

Pinggas - The other host partner, and an excellent one too. Thanks for also allowing me to host your McDonald's run. It was a lot of fun.

EpicDudeGuy - For agreeing to co-commentate my first run. Despite my run being disastrous, he managed to explain a lot of the tricks I didn't as well as some of the ins and outs of the game. Also thanks for your entertaining Warrior Within run.

The PoP Community - Not many of them were at this year's ESA, but thanks to their support it felt like they were in spirit #CheesiestSpeechEver

The Mafia Crew - For allowing me to take part in the many games of Mafia despite me being so bad at it.

Fuzzyness and 360Chrism - That Super Mario 64 relay was amazing. Thanks for hosting this and for guiding the many runners during the relay. That was the most fun I've had in a long time.

Liva - For the 2nd stream, which ran really smoothly from what I could see, as well as being helpful with setup for my Metal Gear 2 run.

Shrimp and Tyriounet - For the amazing My Summer Car run. That was incredibly entertaining and I feel I might have to buy the game now 😃

The Skeletor Crew - For allowing me to chat to you despite me not being active in your discord for about a year (sorry)

The Mario Kart: Double Dash Crew - For bringing your Gamecubes and your copies of Mario Kart. 16 player Mario Kart was amazing and we definitely need to do it again!!! Special shoutouts to whoever brought the network adapters (sorry, I forgot your name)

RoboSparkle - For lending me your UK to Euro power adapter when I needed it for Metal Gear 2. I really appreciate that 😃

Mash, Eidgod, Ladaur and Maral - For being there during my biggest goof as a host (Game breaking bugs, anyone?). Special thanks to Ladaur and Maral for being amazing host leaders who helped us out throughout the event.

The crowd at the finale - For supporting me as I (as Kyogre) took down the Elite 4 and entered the Pokemon Hall of Fame during EpicDudeGuy's run of Pokemon Sapphire. Also thanks to the donors for making that possible.

Matse007 - For hosting my Metal Gear 2 run and reading out the many Metal Gear related donations.

The ESA organisers - For putting together an amazing event. The stream was hugely improved from last year (more on the feedback thread when that appears) and the lineup was brilliant this year. I'm gonna be spending the next few weeks watching the runs I didn't catch.

And finally.....

All attendees - YOU made this possible! Whether you ran a game, helped out as a volunteer, put a mini-event together or just simply lurked, you helped shape ESA 17 to be the best it could be (and a huge improvement over ESA 16)

Special thanks also go to anyone I missed out. You guys are awesome too, and I can edit this post to include you too!


Shoutouts to my Polish boys for keeping all of mass housing entertained for a week. I don't know who you are, but god bless.

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Shoutouts to weeb corner, Team Animu @ Bowling, animu nights and all your weebiness.

Shoutouts to Curseddolls for organising bowling again and for being the great person you are.

Shoutouts to Acid, DhrGR, Moro, Milk and the Dutchies on my final night barbecue and drinking. Milk: let somebody else do the barbecue next year; preferably an Aussie. DhrGR: don’t eat the chicken if it’s not done D=. Acid: thanks for letting me get my ‘revenge’ 8D

Shoutouts to team Mafia and team Hanabi. Great stuffs right there. Especially to those people who thought up roles when they had none and to Mash and Tyr for claiming cop in practically every game.

Shoutouts to Maral and Ladaur for making hosting great! Do continue that way next year!

Shoutouts to all hosts, tech and runners who kept the stream going. There’s got to be a reason other than mafia and drinking why I go to Växjö, right?

Shoutouts to the bad movies team. Was great fun as always!

Shoutouts to all the people I’ll miss from the other side of the world :'(

Shoutouts to all the people that deserve mentions but who I forgot here.


As many people as I can remember because I left it a week;

RyeDawg - for being constantly ready to party, doxxing people, pushing the limits of everything and being a great hosting partner.

Noz - for allowing the good times in his hotel room (because it was his name/card on the reservation)

Stabby - for his brilliant impressions (seriously, it was like Pac was in the room)

Gael - for his company at the end of the event when rolling up the floor and walking to the train station

MizterConfuzing - for actually showing up.

Tezur0 - and his lovely girlfriend for their insights into Russian culture and the group photo.

English_Ben - for sorting out THAT problem so noone else had to.

KZ_Frew - for making the first reason he ever leaves the United Stated to be to come and see us.

Joshimuz - for installing some totally legal and above board software on his laptop so what we could watch the Grand Prix and being another great hosting partner.

mhmd_fvc - for his company at breakfast early on in the week

Omega - for losing his keycap and getting it sent back to him by me.

Etem - for being on the same flight as me on the way to the venue.

IrishBlondie - for literally breaking her foot.

(anyone else from the GTA group I forgot)

Edenal - for giving me a tour of the city when we took some stuff to the storage area.

Planks - for figuring out a way to play Ryedawg "Never Gonna Give You Up" on his co-commentary headset without anyone else hearing it during GTA IV.

Liva - For running the second stream. No witty comment, but i think 6-7 days of 14+ hours streams is a big enough task to undertake to be considered a joke.

The Mafia Crew - who I played two games with this year (double the number of last year) but they were both great games. Four next year, maybe?

All the Leaders and Organisers for all the hours they put into this. The number of combined hours between everyone who has given their time for free is probably enough to make your eyes water.

Anyone who gave their time in some way to the event. Setting up, tearing down, hosting, tech or scheduling. Donating to charity is one thing, giving your physical time and energy is quite another.

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Alright, I really should write something here.

Biggest thanks and shout outs goes to Noz, Stabby and Ryedawg for opening up their hotel room and letting me stay with them for free. Without them I would not be able to go this year, and miss out on all the fun times. Finding more generous and fun people to be around is hard, and I'm lucky to have friends like them.

Other shout outs:
And everyone else from #GTA that showed up. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

Thank you all for the good times, the sub tier memes and the good drinks.
Hopefully I get to see you all next year.