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Pretty much the same thread as last year, it was pretty popular, so why not?

Who's bringing what? I am going to bring my guitar again and maybe my games (most GH and RB main games),

Don't think I'll bring my 360 again unless no one else is going to bring one. My DLC library is kinda small and very focused on Metal.

Something we were desperately lacking last year were Drums and a RB3 Keyboard, so if anyone has either of those or knows somebody that has them...maybe we can figure something out.

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I can bring my Xbox 360 again this year. My dlc library is still massive. Hopefully I won't have to stay awake for 30 hours just to download the songs again ResidentSleeper

I can bring the three microphones as well and I have a midi adaptor if anyone brings a midi keyboard/drum kit

EDIT: if possible we should look for a different room this time. Rock Band gets noisy and some Mafia players complained about it. (they were probably all mafia)


The second hall will be divided by a wall in the middle this year (at least according to the Floor Layout thread), so we should be fine. Might still be a good idea to look into getting a seperate smallish room just for RB.


You might want to ask ukogmonkey if he brings anything you can use, I don't know if he reads these forums.


They only complained because they were Jelly of my beautiful voice.


I'm bringing my laptop and one guitar for GH3 customs.

Might bring a second guitar, but it overstrums sometimes..


I am bring streaming stuff for the ESA Dank Meme Stream 😛

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If FingersTehHand has his stuff that's cool then, you won't get anime and other stupid stuff but if people are fine with it I'll just settle with bringing my other rhythm game stuff and setting up a rhythm game corner somewhere in the venue (my desktop and laptop computers, 144 hz monitor, keyboards, tablets, KSM controller...) the Xbox is kinda heavy. Wonder if I should also bring speakers 🤔


Just out of interest, what're the specs on your KSM/SDVX controller? I'm bringing one as well and it's mostly free for setup in some rhythm game corner (except for when I play it on stream obviously).


We have recieved an offer for some Rock Band instruments for PS3 is that is of any use. I think there where some games included as well. Don't know how well they work, but they are free.

There where two or three guitars, microphone(s) and drum set.


Sounds good, but I'm bringing the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 3.

I guess that gives us two options: more songs or all instruments?