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Mario allstars - all games in any%
Super Widget
Resident Evil Zero
Silent Hill Homecoming
Turok PS3
Marvel Super Heroes War of the Gems
Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain
Bloodrayne 2
Duke Nukem MP or Forever
Rock n Roll Racing
Any Wipeout game
Any Twisted Metal Game


Any Star Fox game and Breath of the Wild.


problem with BotW, noone submitted it yet with a guesstimate


one of my games and a neptunia game as well 😛

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As Pottoww and Trollbear said just above, many people are actually wishing to have BotW to ESA. I made a poll to see how it really is, and it seems to be 55/45 in favor of it. Not too bad! So, if Yes wins the poll, Slask and I will submit it as a race, with an initial estimate of 2 hours.

The poll:


Most 3D platformers make the most enjoyable runs to watch for me personally.

That goes from well known older games and speedruns like Super Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie to non-collectathons like the Star Wars Jedi Knight games or 3D zelda games towards Mirror's Edge or Dishonored.

I usually enjoy watching everything close to that (and I might be biased since my only submission is a 3D platformer).

Theres a lot of other examples on the current submission list I really want to see that go towards the same genres: Ape Escape, Prince of Persia: WW, Spyro 2 and Ice Age 3