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If Barney is ever at an event it will only ever be a pale imitation of what it could be, as I am the original world record holder of any% and do not intend to submit it.


Teddy Floppy Ear for sure


I'm thinking about submitting my run for Abe's Exoddus any% this year. Abe is 20 years old this year and it'll be a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Abe and Oddworld and also there's a storm coming..


There were alot of good games that didn't make the cut last year, seeing some of them this year would be nice. Also seeing new games from 2016 could be pretty neat. That said, the game selection last year was pretty stellar. Highlight of the marathon was still "Arabian Nights" for me, really glad we got to see insane games like that. Although them being small communities or obscure games. Last year was really good though, so there was alot of games i really enjoyed watching in the audience.
If i were to wish for anything personally it would be KungKobra doing New Vegas, if he submits it. If anyone submits Doom that would be pretty sick aswell.


Cheetahmen Genesis. Or anything else from the Genesis Action 52!

(Shameless self-plug, I know)

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Anything fromsoft. I would love to see a Dark Souls block, I know it's bit of taboo considering it's not super friendly for marathons but it's super exciting to watch. Had alot of souls-people at ESA last year and if there is a big turnout of souls people this year perhaps a race in one of the games? That would be really fun imo. I'll also echo havrd - it would be really cool with Doom aswell.

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Love the PS2 games. RAC has amazing movement, Sly Cooper has some good skips, the Jaks are interesting runs, Spyros are really fluid and fun... a really underrated era of speedrunnable games imo.


I'm gonna take some inspiration from S and say; my games.


None of MizterConfuzing or S's games. Not this year, not ever.

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Disney games (I'm gonna submit Mickey Mania for Megadrive), Sonic games, more Harry Potter PC, RPGs.

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