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Hey Speedrunning community!

What games would you like to see at ESA 2017? New and Old, Go Wild


Timesplitters: Future Perfect and Carol Vorderman's Sudoku

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Guilty Gear and Secret Hitler

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Less obscure and unknown games, more popular games.

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I would like to see Addams Family again the two runs from last year were awesome Keepo

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Rayman! 😉 it has never been into an ESA so why not?


Paris-Dakar Rally Special!

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As a brit, I too would like to see an increase in Carol Vorderman in all forms of media Kreygasm

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SMS Fantasy Zone race
Game Gear Streets of Rage 2 co-op
Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 race between Ajarmar & Coolkid which got declined, then accepted during the start of the event and then declined again due to capture card related tech issues.


I want to speedrun Paper Mario (n64) Any% on ESA 2017. So yeah I totally want to see some Paper Mario this year.


Some games that haven't been in the previous events would be nice no matter how weird they may seem.

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