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After Sony announcing the release date of the long awaited "Emoji Movie" we can gladly tell you that it matches the European Speedrunner Assembly 2017!

We are planning to gather in the cinema in Växjö to watch the Emoji Movie all together at the SF Filmstaden on it's release date, 28th July 2017!

We are expecting many people to join this event, so the early bird is going to catch the worm 🙂

See you all there!

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I have waited my whole life for this movie.

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I assume it will be in English with English subtitles as well?

I mean I'm not going to ESA but I guess people would like this kind of information. Because I would would have come it if I was going to ESA.


Probably english with swedish subs. Or swedish with no subs.

Probably both.


Movies for children (I assume this is one of those) are usually shown in Swedish (dubbed) and English (or source language) with Swedish subtitles. For some movies, some smaller cinemas might only show one version due to scheduling and market reasons.

Unfortunately, the market för English voiced and English subbed movies is not terribly big in Sweden.


Well i recently watch this Emoji Movie Trailer and have observed that was just an amazing but i think its suitable for kids & i google it most of the people's discussing there this movie has been cancelled to release. Anyways i would recommend if anybody is interested to watch Star Wars: Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 movie or already did ?