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I'm back again with my own side event plans. You might remember me as the one putting together team bowling, bumperballs and many other things for the last 3-4 years at ESA.

Why do I do this?
Because from my point of view since I'm not a runner myself I always try to find things to do when I don't have anything to do at the venue for different kinds of reasons.

I would say that my side events have so far been a success considering that we usually bring together maybe 60-70 people that feel just the same. That it's nice too have something extra at the event for social bonding that you can enjoy.

This year will be no difference, this year I will bring you, paintball activity.

If you want to join in to this event, If you would like to shoot down you enemies with a colorful rainbow. Post your name below and I will add you to our army for ESA 2017.

The prices are in 3 different package deals:
package 1
300 SEK
100 balls
Mechanical marker
Air systems
Mask with double glass
neck Protector
camouflage Coverall

package 2
500 SEK
500 balls
Mechanical marker
Air systems
Mask with double glass
neck Protector
camouflage Coverall

package 3
700 SEK
1000 balls
Air systems
Mask with double glass
neck Protector
camouflage Coverall
1 smoke grenade

They also have different plus sides on having more people signed and joining.
These are only accepted if EVERYONE pays for at least package 2 or 3.
Basically if we are 40+ people we will get 4000 extra balls, I don't know how these are splitt though.

15+ individuals
500 free balls.

20+ individuals
1000 free balls.

25+ individuals
1500 free balls.

30+ individuals
2000 free balls.

40+ individuals
4000 free balls.

Package 1: 200 SEK / person
Package 2: 400 SEK / person
Package 3: 600 SEK / person

I am aiming for 50+ people this years side event. So sign up as many as possible so we can get those extra signup offers. Since these are very special bundles i would like you to ONLY sign up if you REALLY are going please. Not just an "interest check". Sign ups can still be done at the event but that's the same deal. Only if you are actually going.

We are also going to travel there by bus most likely so take that into an account when joining for the cost.

Signed people :
- Curseddolls.

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Stealing first post for updates and info...


Haha shounds really good. Not signing up yet because i dont know if I will make it but hopefully i can do it


Paintballing is expensive.

I don't know if it's gonna be the same in Sweden, but what they often do here [UK] at least, is tell you a really good price that includes X number of free paintballs. However, that X number is always significantly less than what you would actually use, and the price for more is very high.

It's going to be tricky trying to book if you don't have confirmed numbers, but I'd be cautious about signing up until I know how much it is AND how much extra painballs are.

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Paintball PogChamp I'll try to make myself available


Yeah i would also really like to join but i have to know how expensive it would be


This is the one im looking into at the moment. Page is in swedish but you find the prices for everything here.

There's one more company that I'm also looking into and prices is roughly the same.


Ah, curseddolls with our Side Event, like every year! c:

I won't participate because it's not my kind of thing at all. But I fully support you ❤️

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Put me down for whatever is going on 😛


Sign me up. I've only done a paintball once and it was loads of fun.


sign me up as well

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I will have to pre excusme that i have been off from this page for a while.. I will update every information so everything is up to date. For now sign up if interested. we will have a minimum requerment of people. And every person who signs up over that and the extra money over will go for extra amunition during the whole paintball event. So the more that sign up the more amunition basically.

I'm at the mddle of creating a big thing even for dreamhack so I will try be focused here as much as possible as well but I pre excuse myself if I'm a bit off.

Thanks in advance for any signups



When is it and also sign me up for package 1!


Im totally up as well!!!


paintball was sadly canceled since i got ain injuri in my hands/arms so i was unable to plan and book everything in time.. thats why we instead created team bowling that we have had since before 🙂