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JangBangJangBang TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Any% 1:25:00 GCN EUR Link The classic, but now I'm better at it than ever before 5 Could demonstrate a selection of challenges/leagues
JangBangJangBang EggoMania Hard boiled hard 0:25:00 GCN EUR Link Sort of tetris but the other way around and with eggs. Blocks fall from the sky and you gotta use them cleverly to build towers as fast as possible. When you complete a line you get extra blocks depending on how many blocks you complete a line with, which stacks upon every consecutively clear line. So if you get one bonus block and then clear another you get 1+1, and then 2+1 etc. Lots of ways to keep your combo going, and there's no one better than me at it. Let me show you how to become an Eggomaniac 5
jokajoka Rockman & Forte Forte 0:40:00 SNES JPN Link Forte goes fast! Dash + dash jump + double jump (+ zips!). You still have to be pretty much one hit from death all the time too, in order to deal more damage. While Rockman is the more technical run, Forte is the more visually impressive run. The last time this was in a major marathon was SGDQ 2012, by Romscout. A lot has happened since then ;) 2 Could possibly offer Rockman% as a bid-war, same estimate.
LosvikeNLosvikeN LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Freeplay 1:15:00 PC Link This game has gotten a whole new category which is called Freeplay, it's basically a NG+ mode where we play through all the different missions. Recently we found a trick that allows us to skip HUGE parts of stages, almost every single one has a skip in some way or another. We call this trick SpiderFang. Because we use the character Fang to climb walls. It would be a great showcase of a cool run with cool glitches. 5
ShirdelShirdel Tekken 7 Story Mode/Arcade Mode 2:00:00 PS4 EUR Link Welcome to The King of Iron Fist Tournament 7! Following the incredible success story of last year's Tekken 3 run, having Tekken 7 at ESA17 is perfect timing. T7 is going to be released on June 2nd after years of anxious waiting, and its Story Mode is set to be the 'End of the Mishima Saga' with Street Fighter's Akuma playing a critical part in the intense conclusion. Although the game is not yet out, I have the privilege of playing the game at several events, including the King of Iron Fist Tournament UK Qualifier, a restricted tournament held by Namco Bandai at their London HQ for elite fans only. I was able to learn a lot about the game's mechanics there, including the new Rage Art/Drive systems, as well as try out the new characters. Tekken 7 feels new and exciting while still retaining the same core 'Tekken' feel (and fortunately, a lot of strats from previous Tekken games are going to carry over!) Due to this experience as well as plenty of knowledge from watching hours of gameplay videos from Asian arcades and Worldwide tournaments that have attracted tens of thousands of viewers; I feel confident in saying that despite the short length of time between Tekken 7's release and ESA, I will be ready by that point to showcase Tekken 7 to the highest standard, developing the run so that it is as technically sound, well-optimised, informative and entertaining as Tekken 3 was last year, if not even more so! Please read the following pastebin for more details: 3 There is the potential for donation incentives, but we don't know enough yet to state anything definite. Check the pastebin for more details.
geurgegeurge Crusader of Centy All Bosses 1:00:00 Genesis JPN Link It's a pretty cool run, and get to see the whole game unlike Any% 5 Character name (5 characters)
GreenalinkGreenalink The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) 100% 2:30:00 GBA EUR Link A Link to the Past has been a staple for a long time but all of the runs were done on the Super Famicom version. This run will be done on the GBA version and will be dubbed as True 100% because the run itself will be donating a whopping 1,400 rupees to increase the cap to both bombs & arrows and it will take on 2 exclusive side quests, one requires solving 10 riddles to unlock a new hurricane spin technique and the other is completing a new GBA exclusive palace by taking out 4 enhanced Dark World bosses and then lastly 4 doppelgangers. There are loads of minor changes in this version too which will make the playthrough unique, I did create a 1 hour version difference video so commentary is going to be very informative. Run will be done on JP cart once it gets through to the final schedule. Note: Run will be done on DS Phat because the video output looks lovely and the file will have Four Sword content done to unlock the 2 new sidequests. This means the filename is locked to Link because making a brand new file before starting a run means no extra Four Swords related bonuses. 2h 30m estimate is a safe one especially if I get really bad heart piece luck for both Digging and Treasure mini-games. 6 Corruption glitch. After the run, I can show off one of the most corrupted bugs in ALTTP history. Estimate: 10 minutes at the most (depends on frame perfect mirror jump and then showing off some features)
geurgegeurge Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse 1:00:00 PC USA Link The best co-op speedrun based on a cartoon Henneko 5
SuperSqankSuperSqank The Incredibles Any% 1:12:00 Xbox EUR Link Despite being a movie licensed game, the game is full of cool movement, a ton of hard and impressive skips and overall it's a very enjoyable run to watch and play. It's also made by the same people behind Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom so it's got a good development team. 5
KungkobraKungkobra Fallout: New Vegas Main Quest 0:20:00 PC Link It's a fast and interesting run of a popular FPS/RPG. I have been running this game for years and would really like to show it off. Video is my pb. 5 File name.
jackyRitejackyRite Hotline Miami NG+ All Levels 0:30:00 PC EUR Link Hotline NG+ All Levels is, while pretty short, an entertaining and faced paced run throughout. Time is saved not by using a plethora of skips, but by using careful screen routing and good gameplay, showing off nearly all of the game in the process (some small skips do exist too). This coupled with a fantastic techno/synth soundtrack makes the game a captivating watch for the audience. I have also done runs of this game at other marathons in the past such as Shots Fired and Hayai Kawaii and they have gone down quite well with both the organizers and the viewers. 1
NaegleriaNaegleria Pen Pen TriIcelon All Courses (Easy) 0:13:00 Dreamcast USA Link its short and hilarious 5 hard mode which adds a gimmick to each level and an additional segment, would add 5 minutes
NaegleriaNaegleria Bangai-O (Dreamcast) Any% 1:10:00 Dreamcast EUR Link 1 hour of blowing shit up in cool levels 5
NaegleriaNaegleria Illbleed Bad Ending 1:50:00 Dreamcast USA Link this game is WEIRD. like 10/10 weird even for the dreamcast. you basically go through 6 sleazy B-movie horror flicks, with you as the protagonist, and you have to predict what the traps and scares are. it has HILARIOUS cutscenes too. 5 donations for cutscenes, theres atleast 15 i can think of off the top of my head that are worth watching, all in all they would add 10 minutes for the good ones.
GreenalinkGreenalink Streets of Rage 2 (Game Gear) Game Gear Co-op 0:30:00 GameGear USA Link Without a doubt, the best 8-bit entry of the franchise, a version with some ridiculous power level spikes to the point Skate can die after taking 3 punches from a biker enemy. This particular version also uses an element called Supers which deals massive damage and is useful against bosses. Due to the nature of no online co-op through Game Gear emulation (does not get the same love as VBALink), I've sent Btrim some tutorial videos and tips on how to play as certain characters and how to fight against certain bosses. Note: The stream only needs to display one console as it shows both players on the same screen. YT video is single player with a PB of over 24 minutes. Btrim 8
SuperSqankSuperSqank Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando / Locked & Loaded All Platinum Bolts 1:40:00 PS2 USA Link All Platinum Bolts is the most diverse and fun category in Ratchet 2. You not only visit all the planets but the run is also filled with a ton of cool skips which are not seen in any other categories. A very fun yet difficult run. 5
jackyRitejackyRite Hotline Miami Any% 0:25:00 PC EUR Link Hotline is, while short, a fast paced and entertaining run throughout. Similarly to All Levels, time is saved in any% due to careful screen routing and good gameplay. Naturally however any% is an even faster run which incorporates much more menuing, cutscene skips and even some level skips. Tony (killing fists) is used in this run as opposed to Brandon (faster movement) due to Brandon being a NG+ only mask. Coupled with a fantastic techno/synth soundtrack, the run is sure to captivate viewers. I have also done several runs of this game at other marathons in the past such as Shots Fired and Hayai Kawaii and they have went down very well with both the organizers and audience. 1
KZ_FREWKZ_FREW Grand Theft Auto: Vice City All Missions 2:40:00 PC JPN Link Vice City All Missions is an exciting run that has not had marathon representation in quite some time. Engaging, glitchy and always on the move. Vice City bleeds neon soul and nostalgia, and as a speedgame it is always sure to captivate. 5 Incentive for what kind of Tommy skin to use. Default, Batman, Sonic, etc.
jackyRitejackyRite Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number NG+ Any% 0:40:00 PC Link Like it's predecessor, Hotline Miami 2 never ceases to slow down in pace. While more gun-centric than the first game, the same amount of careful routing and reactive gameplay is needed. This game is longer than the first, however since this is NG+, we have all the masks/weapons to our disposal and as such, we can use the fastest routes and tricks on each level. Once again boasting an intense techno/synth soundtrack even better than the first game's OST, Hotline Miami 2 does a good job of entertaining an audience. 1
AkistoAkisto Super Mario World 96 Exit 1:30:00 SNES JPN Link 96 Exits is the maincategory of Super Mario World and is considered one of the hardest category of the game. It shows of a lot of cool glitches like making yoshi wings appear out of nowhere and we get to kill alot of yoshis because we hate yoshi. Abusing the cape mechanics to the max not just flying over stages but flying into objects flying vertically without losing p-speed are other few cool things shown off. New improvements to the route has been made with a really cool glitch and yellow yoshi being shown.. for the first time ever in a marathon(?) 5 At the end of the run i could show of some cool glitches in the game which won't take much time. some of them are extremly hard to perform so i might use Nakitek Gamesaver for this. Gltiches would take about 10 minutes to show.
5mon5mon Where's Waldo? Any% (Easy) 0:06:00 NES USA Link A game based off the popular book series gives you the challenge of finding Waldo (Wally in the UK) on different types of levels within the quickest time possible. Each location of Waldo is random at every attempt which means you have to use your eyes and react quickly to ensure the game is beaten as fast as possible with the game also throwing tricks at you. A short run that is very deserving of a show at a marathon as the crowd and viewers at home can attempt to locate Waldo themselves. 3 Audience run: Audience can take part in a bonus run after the original run to try to find Waldo as quick as possible on each level by shouting out locations
UselessBritUselessBrit Jazzpunk Any% 0:18:00 PC Link Jazzpunk is a very humorous game to watch and play, the run has been changing a lot over the last view weeks and is getting a lot shorter and is gaining more really cool tricks and time saves, the community has been growing a lot, we've seen a lot of people enjoying watching the game and wanting to learn how to run it. It's a great game to have in between longer games and it's always a good run to watch. 5 Save or leave the secretary, Cart color (Pink, Blue, Red)
SerSanjuSerSanju inFAMOUS Any% 3:10:00 PS3 EUR Link This run was shown at ESA 2015, but I feel it deserves another chance. The run has gone through many changes - making it 50 minutes faster than when it was shown at ESA15. The run's a lot of fun, and can be really challenging at times. The amount of new strats / routes makes it a really nice run to watch aswell. It uses a skip that can hardlock the console, unfortunately I got the hardlock in my PB, but I usually don't get it. [I apologise for the audio in the video, it got desynced because of that console hardlock I mentioned, and I didn't realise until the end.] 5
Oh_DeeROh_DeeR Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Any% Glitchless 0:29:00 GB JPN Link SML2 is a fun game that pretty much everyone knows. The most common sentence in any SML2 stream chat is along the lines of "Hey, I've played this game as a kid!" And on top of being quite popular, it is also a very well-made game - especially considering its release date and the limitations of the platform it was released for. It has quirky enemies, a memorable soundtrack and a few interesting and unique mechanics. The speedrun-relevant aspects include super jumps, corner boosts, quick drops, precise jump sequences, accurately managing the enemy kill count throughout the run, lag reduction, etc. It's obviously not the most technical game, but it's also defintely not just holding run and right. Another aspect why I think this run should be shown at ESA is that Game Boy games tend to be underrepresented, in live marathons as well as on Twitch in general. Most of the time, the viewer response is very positive - there just aren't that many runners who pick up and stick to Game Boy games. The small GB speedrun community is a very welcoming and supportive one and totally deserves its place it a bigger live event. Just a few words about myself and why I think running this game at ESA is a good idea. I've been running this game for over 2 years now without any bigger breaks. I have A LOT of experience with running under pressure with nearly 200 SRL races of just this game (the current world record was achieved in a race). I have also performed SML2 speedruns of various categories at several online marathons over the last 1.5 years, including Speedruns to change the world, the California wildfire relief marathon and several iterations of the Scrubathon (here's a marathon run from the latter, e.g.: ). Last but not least, I'm the current world record holder of this category and would be really happy to showcase this fun speedrun to a bigger audience and rekindle fond childhood memories in 1 or 2 spectators. 5 Glitched any% run. It's the category that was featured in he TASbot segment at SGDQ 2016. It is some crazy category for sure - and since 1 year ago it's also 100% marathon-safe. 5 or 6 minutes is plenty of time for it, 7 minutes if one wants to be suuuuper safe.
DeathBasketDeathBasket Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Any% 1:10:00 GCN USA Link A speedrun based mostly on skill. The goal of the any% category is to trigger the credits, which is done by unlocking and winning all six tournaments. The major time saves are in getting high enough scores to forfeit as many holes as possible while still making the cutoff for first place. This means it's essential to play the ball as quickly and accurately as possible. The difficulty level increases significantly after the first three courses while the cutoff also becomes a lower score and harder to make. All characters available at the start of the game are "non-star" which means they only have very basic stats and power. Because of this, there is not too much benefit overall in only going for the hardest hitter from the start. However, if the player is able to gain 50 "best badges" (+1 for finishing any hole under par) then a new character is unlocked - Boo. In this game, all unlockable characters come with their "star" form already available, giving them a much longer drive, so this is a potentially significant time save. The aim is usually to unlock Boo before finishing the fourth course, saving time on the final two courses and allowing more room for making the scores necessary for forfeits. 5 Primary character: Waluigi/Mario/Peach/Luigi Diddy Kong/DK/Yoshi/Wario Bowser/Birdo/Daisy/Koopa Troopa There are twelve playable characters from the start of the game. The current popular strategy is to use Waluigi but there is not a huge difference in drive between all characters, so the choice does not have such a significant effect on the run time. The main difference for speedrunning is just that more research has been done into specific strategies with Waluigi/Mario than the other characters. I've sorted the list by preference into groups of four. As a selection from all 12 may be a bit much, the incentive being characters within the first group would be fine.
MokaygeeMokaygee Pikmin All parts 1:15:00 GCN USA Link Pikmin has evolved really quickly this past year. At agdq, the route used was an 8 day, 85 minute run, now the world record is sub 60! I am currently 2nd (wii can skip cutscenes so i appear 3rd) and I use this incredibly difficult and very fascinating route. If something goes wrong in this rng heavy game, there is a great deal of improv. The biggest point is, at the time of writing, nobody has ever gotten a 6 or 7 day run at a marathon. I'd like to change this. 1
pr0tepr0te Wario Land 3 Any% 1:05:00 GBC JPN Link I was fortunate enough to get this game in the marathon last year, which was definitely one of the greatest times in my life, so thanks for that first of all! Since this game really is such a hidden gem within not only 2D platformers but especially speedrunning, I'd like to come back and showcase the amazing any% run once again, and the (unbelievable enough) new strats in this already very optimized run. To summarize this run again, it features strats and mario-like planned movement in each and every level, lots of 1-frame tricks, huge glitches and OoB, many sequence breaks and small nifty things as well as the obligatory exciting RNG. It also lands at a highly comfortable, packed-with-greatness, 50 minutes (hopefully - ESA 2016 landed at 50:04) When you first pick this game up, this is a run that literally takes weeks to practice and prepare for before you can do anything remotely close to an hour. My PB currently is 47:49, my plan is to soon reach sub 47, and before ESA I'd like a low 46 or sub 46. For the couch, I'm not sure about esgpuppetmaster yet, but other than that, the same people will be there supporting me, and I will happily provide an even better run than last year. 5
RhyderrrRhyderrr Final Fantasy X-2 HD 2:51:00 PC EUR Link The run is super fast paced and very marathon friendly. You can skip most FMV's which cuts the game time a by a large chunk.There are some neat tricks and way's we cheese the game which people more often than not do not know about the HD version. The run gives time to be interavtive as well as having lots to commentate on because its so fast paced and is just a relaxing and fun run overall 5 Incentives include naming the creatures that we use during the run - a total of 5 creatures are captured throughout this run that we use in the party. Not skipping the Real Emotion FMV at the beginning - Additional time was added for this incentive
Linkus7Linkus7 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Any% 4:00:00 WiiU EUR Link Last time this game was shown at an ESA event was ESA15. That was on the original version on the Gamecube, which is a very different speed run from the HD version. Since then, a huge glitch was found, Item Sliding. This has allowed us to push the time down to a sub 4. Wind Waker HD is a great speed run, showing off both a lot of glitches, cool movement and speedrun tech that isn't often seen in other games. 5 Filename donation war
DtchowDtchow Final Fantasy VIII PSX Disc 8:45:00 PS2 USA Link FF8 have been updated routewise in so many different ways since its last appearance in a marathon setting and makes for a interesting run. Where as the WR have been improved by just about 30minutes with all the new changes and such. The video included shows the run and theres been a couple more updates to it since. 5 Possibly have a set up save for Omega weapon and to beat him. GF names can draw and obtain GF's as the run goes on besides the mandatory we already obtain. Renaming Squall. Rinoa could possibly be renamed if we opted to not do the Rinoa skip but i figure it would be better to show off the skip itself.
HarpaHarpa The Jungle Book (SNES) any% 0:25:00 SNES USA Link It's a game that many people know but few have seen a speedrun of. There are actually quite a few glitches that make this a pretty fun speedrun, huge chunks of levels can be skipped. Unfortunately there's a pretty long sidescroller. My PB (which is WR) is on emulator but I have a cart by now. 5
HarpaHarpa The Lion King (SNES) Any% Difficult 0:25:00 SNES USA Link It's a popular game with a small community, so it's not seen at marathons all that much. Also, there was a TAS by Tompa which changed the run pretty significantly and as far as I know it hasn't been featured at a big marathon since then. I've included Akiteru's WR instead of my PB as my PB was before the route changes, so Akiteru's run shows off the current route much better. 5
Yzanas Bujingai: The Forsaken City / Swordmaster NG+ Any% 1:00:00 PS2 EUR Link This game is incredibly new to src, with me being the only runner of it. So it would be great to get the game some exposure so it can attract some people to come help optimize and glitchhunt the game, since currently the only run thats up is extremely unoptimized. 5
uhTranceuhTrance SAW: The Game Any% 1:12:00 PC Link Never been shown before Very popular on YouTube 2
uhTranceuhTrance Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X Any% 1:45:00 PS3 JPN Link This game is fast paced throughout and one of the most popular Resident Evil runs to watch. 2
pmcTRILOGYpmcTRILOGY Just Cause 3 Any% 3:20:00 PC USA Link Just Cause 3 is a modern (late 2015) action-adventure sandbox game that combines effective movement and efficient routing along with clever tricks and a few skips. Of particular note are strategies where the game's tethering mechanics are used to tow a jeep during an escort mission or tie down a missile launcher while blowing up a military base. While 3 hours long, there is a diverse variety of objectives and the routing to accomplish these is accordingly varied. 5 Any% w/ Sky Fortress jetpack: Instead of doing a normal Any% run, I would do the first Sky Fortress DLC mission to acquire the jetpack and then do the rest of the Any% run. This would probably add about ten minutes to the run. The jetpack provides more movement and weapons options throughout the run. Glitch demonstration: It is possible to clip under the map using a reliable setup, but this isn't useful for the speedrun. This would take about five minutes to demonstrate.
a_moustachea_moustache Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Hero Story 0:40:00 PC Link It's a very fast paced run with lots of huge skips. It involves 3 different gameplay styles that are vastly different from each other, including some stages that include some RNG as a luck factor. I think this run is very entertaining to anyone watching especially with added commentary. Could be a race with Drakodan and Nim Drakodan, Nim 5 10 minute glitch exhibition of any out of bound tricks or skips that were not used in the run, or are in the other two main categories.
EdenalEdenal Chakan: The Forever Man (Game Gear) Any% - Wicked 0:10:00 GameGear Link Super short game about a man who's so amazing that he defeats death himself. It's also #TheYearOfChakan 10 Increased difficulty level for true ending. This requires a different alchemy route and is slightly slower, but adds a final boss.
HarpaHarpa Lisa: The painful RPG 1:50:00 PC Link It hasn't been featured at a big marathon, and it's a great game and a fun run that the community has put a lot of work into to make the route really tight. The story is pretty dark and unique, so I think it's an interesting watch, and the planning that went into the current route is pretty extensive, mainly consisting of choosing your party (which you have to assemble, so you have to factor in the time spent to get them etc.) and damage item management for the fights. There are also a few risky parts, which make the run exciting (but it's very marathon-safe). Unfortunately there's almost no commentary in my WR (due to a lack of viewers), but I can explain the route and the story in detail (there are threads about the route in the forums if you are interested). 5 Pain Mode: A higher difficulty that doesn't significantly change the length of the run but increases the risk by quite a bit, as there are many more enemies with perma-kill moves (but it's still marathon-safe). I have a pain mode run on my profile (WR). Hug Brad vs don't hug him: At the very end, you choose to either hug Brad (which loses about a second) or not, which is pretty heartbreaking (but saves a second!) Kill Rick vs leave him alone: To kill or not to kill a former friend?
miklmikl Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Any% 1:05:00 PS3 USA Link This game is an amazing display of colorful platforming and neat tricks that allows us to advance quicker. A PlayStation 2 exclusive, the Sly Cooper series is a stable in the platformer scene on the best selling console of all time. This run was at ESA 15, and it has changed drastically. I'm the current record holder, and this game means a lot to me, and it would be a pleasure showing it off once more. (Played on a backwards compatable PS3 with the PS2 disc.) 5 "Wrong warp" to 100% finish using memory manipulation. Only takes like 2 mins.
miklmikl Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus All Keys 1:30:00 PS3 USA Link All Keys is a relatively "new" category in the sense that it only recently got into the leaderboards due to sudden interest. The category is essentially any%, but without any of the hub skips shown in the any% category. In this category we get to explore all the levels and obtain all the keys that are awarded for beating a level. While we skip a lot of these levels in any%, we still have a lot of interesting level exploits. (Played on a backwards compatable PS3 with the PS2 disc) 5 "Wrong warp" to 100% finish using memory manipulation. Only takes like 2 mins.
miklmikl Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PS1) Any% 2:00:00 PS USA Link This run has never been showcased at a major marathon, but it has massive nostalgic value to a lot of people, and the run itself showcases clever level routing and even a wrong warp, which cuts a good 30 minutes of gameplay out of the run. Its a run that is easy to follow and understand for casual viewers, and I mean, who doesn't love these amazing PS1 graphics? (The run will be played on emulator. Playing it on the original console is possible, albeit risky, since the game likes to crash on loadingscreens. This is prevented by emulating.) 5
KahmulKahmul Dark Souls All Bosses 1:30:00 PC EUR Link Souls runs are one of the most popular speedruns to watch on Twitch and draw a lot of viewers in at marathons. The first part of the series is probably the most loved one among its players and has yet to get a showing at a big marathon that makes it justice. A lot of major discoveries have been made recently in this game that heavily changed the All Bosses category in particular, showing off the best techniques, tricks and skips this game has to offer. 5 - Character name - "Dark Lord" Ending or "Link the Fire" Ending
raggenraggen The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Glitchless 2:55:00 WiiVC JPN Link Majora's mask glitchless has never been showcased at a marathon before and it's really unique from all the other categories with alot of finicky movement and interesting techniques. 5
IzzyThePenguinIzzyThePenguin Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (Genesis) Normal 0:23:00 Genesis USA Link This is the only version of Castle of Illusion to not yet be shown off at an ESA. Also, Mickey does lots of butt stuff. Tenebrae and I have some race experience in this game so we should be able to make it a good one. Tenebrae 5
ThexteraThextera Rayman Any% PS1 1:30:00 PS2 USA Link Rayman has never been on an ESA before except for this year's ESA Germany. Casually this game is very hard, so watching a speedrun of it looks quite impressive. This game is also very optimized, Many small timesavers that are hard to do and only save a few seconds. The run starts off slow (you get the running ability 40 minutes into the run) but there is alot of tricks and skips to make up for it like zips, speed storage and speedlocking. 1
CapitaineToinonCapitaineToinon Dark Souls Any% No Wrong Warp 1:00:00 PC Link Dark Souls Any% has changed drastically the past few months. The discovery of a new skip back in December 2016 entirely changed the route and now the famous Black Knight Halberd (BKH) is not the viable route anymore. The Black Knight Greatsword is now the main focus of the run, new skips are used and even boss order changed. But yet again, not that many people know about it since All Bosses is the main focus of the majority of people. ------------- Dark Souls leaderboards : 5
PunchyPunchy Silent Hill NG (Easy) 1:00:00 PS3 USA Link There's a lot more going on in this run than first appears, there's a lot of minor movement optimizations and subtle tricks to shave off seconds and the good commentary I can provide would really allow this game to shine in a marathon setting. also has a hilarious skip that corrupts cutscenes and makes everyone fly around the scene which is always good for a giggle 5
DivisionXDivisionX FAST Racing League All Leagues 0:18:00 Wii Link Last year I ran FAST Racing NEO. Fast Racing NEO is unfortunatly patched so I decided to put some effort in the game's predecessor: FAST Racing League. It turned out (from the feedback I got from other marathons) to be a very enjoyable quick run which showcases alot of glitches and WR level driving. I haven't been able to get a vid of new times because my streaming/recording laptop broke down but I plan on recording new times again soon. Hope it will get accepted and see you at the venue! 0
PunchyPunchy The Metronomicon ZIPTUNE Enabled Speedrun Mode 0:40:00 PC Link It's a unique kind of run, being an RPG/rhythm game hybrid where you attack by casting spells to the beat. There's a lot of thought put into the routing of what team, what items to use and level manipulation to increase damage output to carry the commentary along with the actual execution component of the run being impressive since the game runs at 1.5x it's normal speed in this category. 0
jokajoka Mega Man 3 Any% (1p2c) 0:40:00 NES JPN Link 1p2c is a fun category I did a test-run of a few years ago. The second controller allows you to jump super high, slow down certain animations and not die when you fall down pits. It's pretty funny looking and results in a different route and strats, while also including some of the normal tricks like the Yellow Devil quick kill. Also, because there is lower risk in general (since you can't die by falling into pits), I would compensate by shoving all the tricks we can think of into the run :) This is not supposed to be a serious speedrun. 1
PunchyPunchy Shuriken Normal 0:10:00 PC Link You're a bird, you throw stars at things, you only have 3 stars and 3 hits and the speedrun rushes through the game carefully managing these resources resulting in some spicy fast strats for rooms and bosses. A short, fun run that doesn't outstay its welcome for the viewer. 0
S.S. Prison Architect Campaign Any% 0:32:00 PC Link Fish and I had a tied first place for a long time, until the devs patched in a new feature which cuts waiting time on the final map in half, and replaces half of the remaining half of it with having to do something. The campaign of this game has 5 levels, each touching on a different subject from prisons, like death row, permanent solitary confinement, mass riots, etc. Naturally, in the speedrun, all of that is avoided. This run is all about memorizing what to do and clicking fast, especially on the first map and doubly so on the second map, where lots of things have to be built in a very short timespan. Building is done by recycling existing rooms by the way. That holding cell? It's a kitchen now! The third level, while it doesn't involve any quick building, throws an entirely new spin on "stopping a riot" and it's not what you think! The last level exploits a feature of the game where prisoners who are handcuffed cannot escape. It's also the only map that doesn't give me buttloads of money, so money routing is interesting. I won't spoil you any further. Watch this run at ESA17 if you want to know more! 5 There's a short waiting section left at the end. It is long enough to draw some sick (pixel) art using the ingame tools. Donators could suggest a subject to be drawn. A similar incentive worked well in my ESA 2013 Half-Life 2 run. I'm fine with drawing anything as long as it isn't offensive and all that. No additional time needed.
FamarokFamarok Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Any% 0:50:00 GBP EUR Link GBA remake of the NES classic Kirby's Adventure. Essentially the same game but with improved graphics and a different power-up route. The run is fast paced without any obscure tricks, and features lovable characters most people recognize. Side note: EDIT: Race with Mr_Shasta 3 Donation incentive for 100% also as a race with Mr_Shasta
KanriKanri Final Fantasy XV 6:00:00 PS4 EUR Link A fairly new game but with an already fairly advanced route due to it's dedicated run community at launch. The run has a lot of interesting tidbits to show about the game and while most glitches that were available have been patched out they make an interesting topic for discussion. While the route has changed quite a bit from what I used I should be able to adapt to the new strategies fairly easily. 5 Same as for the other games, I would contact the schedule organizers for viable options if the game passes the first round of cuts.
[Deleted user] Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Any% Copen 0:55:00 3DS JPN Link It's basically a rebirth of the Mega Man X franchise. Deserve a ton of love and more exposure and it's a cool run. 5 Special Missions as Copen. 5 Bonus Stages added to the game and the last being a a Boss rush of every boss in the game. Estimate is about 30 minutes for that. Might add the DLC stages thats 4 stages newly made with Bosses from the First Gunvolt Game.
MrWalrusMrWalrus Mirror's Edge Any% 0:40:00 PC Link Mirror's Edge is a super intense movement based speed run with a ton of skips and out of bounds. Bunch of new things have been found since the run at ESA 2015. 2 3rd Person Ending (Takes 1min and is pretty funny)
TheMexicanRunnerTheMexicanRunner Battletoads (NES) Warpless 0:30:00 NES USA Link Battletoads is considered one of the hardest games on the NES and the speedrun is really impresive. 3 Blindfolded Turbo Tunnel Bikes Section ($1,000) It might take some additional 5 minutes to the run. I have succeed to beat offline a few times but online with nerves and crowd can be tough.
DrakodanDrakodan Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Hero Story 0:40:00 PC Link Sonic Adventure 2 is one of the biggest staple speedgames around, with a considerable following and a very entertaining, varied run. Everything is shown, from tight execution to glitches and skips, to AI manipulation, to improvisation skills during RNG segments. Perfectly happy to make it a race between other submitters (Nim, Moustache) Nim, a_moustache 5
DrakodanDrakodan Sparkster (SNES) Normal 0:25:00 SNES JPN Link Sparkster is an incredibly fast-paced run showcasing the height of execution in a platformer. There are absolutely no glitches or bugs to be found in this game, speed is entirely determined by how well the player understands the mechanics, which can be pushed very far. Boss fights are a hair-raising affair due to damage-racing, but are vastly more consistent than they have been in the past. A fantastic spectator game, if the viewers are able to keep up with what's happening. 5
DrakodanDrakodan Undertale Genocide 1:15:00 PC Link Undertale was a resounding success at AGDQ2017, but many still have not seen the Genocide route of the game. True Pacifist did little to showcase the game's combat, which Genocide has a very heavy emphasis on. It also features the two most well-known fights in the game, and is a constant RNG-fest the whole way through, though this is not enough to derail a run by a solid runner. Various factors are taken into account to mitigate timeloss due to RNG, and the nature of strats constantly changing to accommodate this makes for a very interesting race. Race with Firepaw 5 Character filename: 6-character limit, letters only.
TheMexicanRunnerTheMexicanRunner Contra Any% 0:12:00 NES USA Link Since the legend Frezyman ran this game in 2014 no one of the top players has run this game and it is one of the most popular games for NES. 3 There could be a bid war between weapons, but the best way to enjoy this game is any% imo. 2 minutes to add in case a weapon category has to be done.
TheMexicanRunnerTheMexicanRunner The Lion King (SNES) Any% Difficult 0:18:00 SNES USA Link I think this game has not been run in any of the previous years so it will be refreshing and the games shines for it's difficulty and because is based in one of the best Disney movies. 3 It can have a bidwar between Easy% and Hard%. Also there could be a donation incentive for Hakuna Matata sang by me in Spanish ($500)
TheMexicanRunnerTheMexicanRunner Super Castlevania IV Any% 0:38:00 SNES JPN Link This game is awesome and worth watching, great music, and continues the legacy of Castlevania series. I currently have one of the top times and has not been shown previously on ESA. 2 I have no suggestions for this one.
MonojiraMonojira Jazzpunk Any% 0:17:00 PC Link Edit: Due to new skips, the run time is now down to about 15:30 - 16:00 so I lowered the estimate to 17:00 as this is absolutely save even if the first skips is missed. Besides the fact that Jazzpunk is a fast-paced, funny, unique action adventure game, there have been several new skips been found in the past weeks that improved the old route by over a minute. The run features out of bounds, wrong warps, save/load abuse, glitchy screens among other neat tricks. It's a wild mix of glitches, execution, minigame strats among other things. I want to apply for a race with UselessBrit who promised to improve his time over the next few weeks. We are both using the same route with slight variations in execution and strats. Our average runs are a few seconds apart. Important, the game needs about 2 minutes of setup time for the wrong warp that isnt in the actually timed run but there isn't much else to the run that would off-set the time. UselessBrit 5 I would do my always proposed easter egg exhibition. The game is filled with easter eggs and bonus minigames and I would like to showcase the two most notorious ones, Wedding Qake and the Street Fighter easter egg. You can see both in last years submission: (Timestamped). Time for this would be 5 extra minutes.
MonojiraMonojira Traverser Any% (NoLag) 0:35:00 PC Link Edited: New video (not wr but commentated) I've submitted this last year and it was rejected in the final cuts due to "too much traversing" (good one). Incited by that comment, I have since found several improvements to the route, more glitches, no longer a long boss fight in the end and an overall improvement of almost 5 minutes RTA. To promote this game further, it's an unknown indie top-down adventure that I have routed and run over two years now. It had several showings at smaller marathons, BeneluxSpeedrunGathering for example, and various online marathons but has never been accepted to the big stage so far. I hope that with the new improvements and an updated commentary I can convince you guys to give this another shot. There are two sections that involve a bit of walking (the first two minutes until the gravity glove is reached which is ideal to introduce the game and the sewer section which is interrupted by a couple of really clever tricks) and two longer ingame cutscenes (both about a minute or so of story but I use these to make fun of the amazingly humorous characters). Besides the looks, the tricks are actually pretty hard and rewarding but a death (although ideally not expected) wouldnt set me back too far. The estimate of 35 minutes is save and allows for one death that so far has always happened at any marathon showing. It's all good fun though since deaths in the game are mostly silly mistakes and not crucial errors. 3 Possibly a bid war for saving the professor or not (costs only 2 secs)
FeralFeral Super Metroid Rotation 0:46:00 SNES USA Link Rotation was well received at GDQ and it would be nice to optimise the run some more and show it off to a European audience. 5 Save/Kill animals.
HerretemanHerreteman The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Any% 1:32:00 3DS EUR Link One of the most recent Zelda games, in 3 years it has been broken in many different ways. The run has a good balance of ridiculous skips and execution based parts, with very little downtime between them. Recently new tricks were discovered that eliminated every frame perfect trick from the route, as well as new skips for Swamp Palace. Also there's two Ravios. 5 Filename
BaalNocturnoBaalNocturno Golden Sun Any% No intro 3:20:00 GBP EUR Link Golden Sun was at ESA back in 2014 with the All Djinn category, nowadays strats have been insanely optimized and the Any% category is fantastic. It shows off cool rng manips, movement and leaves room for good commentary and dnonations. The No Intro version has been accepted by the community since the first 39 minutes of the game is basically just cutscenes with maybe 2 or 3 mins of movement in total cutting the ResidentSleeper time down by a lot Legrandgrand 6 Character names for the 4 heroes Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia (so 8 in total bc of the race); must be done quite a bit before the run so that the No intro file can be created
btfmbtfm Mega Man 9 Any% 0:36:00 PS3 EUR Link There has never been a Mega Man 9 run at ESA simply because this game has been dominated by speedrunners from USA, Canada and Japan. But after 7 months of grinding I got the record from Japanese player Nero and I'm ready to show off this game at European event. Mega Man community is huge and there will be plenty of MM speedrunners at the event ready to support me during this run. Thanks to work which I have put in this game over last year I can show off strats which have never been shown in any live marathon, such as: frame manipulation of the first boss in the last stage, battery jumps at the start of Tornado stage, impressive (and extremely hard) my Concrete buster fight or crazy Machine 2 fight at the end of the speedrun (plus an extra number of small improvements). With adding few safe strats in some places I can guarantee good and consistent speedrun, which containts amazing 8 bit music (probably the best in the series), my skills coming from 7 months of work / practice / emulator testing and commentary from one of the greatest and biggest speedrunning community. The video which I added to this form comes from my WR highlight from mid December 2016. The video has no mic on, but if you're interested in how I sound like, you can watch my 31:58 pb, which had mic on (and you can hear there the reaction when I got my first 31:XX, big milestone in this game, 4 people have done it so far). Currently I'm keeping my muscle memory fresh due to upcoming Mega Man relay and after 7 months of no-stop playing it's very easy for me to make my gameplay very clean just after one week of practice. P.S. I am also a part of Mega Man 10 Race submitted by Ajarmar, which again, should be amazing, since there hasn't been any MM10 race in the live event ever, and only two people in the Europe are playing MM10 on WR level and both of them are ready to race at ESA. And I would love to get both solo MM9 and MM10 race into ESA since it would be first time for both of those, but if that would be the case, I am ready to give up on my solo MM9 run in favor of the MM10 race with Ajarmar. 2
360Chrism360Chrism Super Mario Galaxy 120 Stars 6:20:00 Wii EUR Link This category has never been shown in any marathon due to its lenght but it has some amazing skips and tricks in the late game that you never get to see in the any% runs. Could fill a big time slot on second stream maybe? 5
ZodaNORZodaNOR Hebereke Any% 0:30:00 NES JPN Link Game has not been done at a big live event sins KennyMan666 did the PAL version ufouria back at ESA13. Sins then the speedrun has evolved a lot. From allowing death warps to major sequence breaks in this metroidvania style game. And it will be the cutest game in the schedule. Sprites and animations will be a chat success (ツ)b 5
MrTauMrTau Tomb Raider (2013) Any% no DLCs 1:15:00 PC Link Tomb Raider 2013 is a Fast Paced and well thought out run which i am confident to be able to show off a really good run off. Compared to the already shown run at ESA in 2014 I would be able to present an overall faster run and also feature an addition of several skips that didn’t get shown in that run. For the commentary although ill plan out a description for shown skips what exactly to say about it will be made up in the moment to ensure it stays natural and not forced. I will also start derusting and get back into the game to improve my time furthermore. 5 Incentive 1000$ Lara Croft Cosplay 10 Minutes of prep
ZodaNORZodaNOR Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult) 0:35:00 NES JPN Link It's the classic of classic mega man. Easy to follow, looks impressive when played well, and with mind blowing zips that most viewers have seen by now but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 5
iiSaladiiSalad Kingdom Hearts II Any% 4:05:00 PS2 USA Link This is a J-RPG, but not a terrible turn-based one where every fight's kinda boring. There are three gazillion strats that can be used for three gazillion bosses and it's just super fun and exciting. Kingdom Hearts has done really well in previous marathons and is likely to make some good money. Include this run if you want a good time and lots of happy memories. I've been playing the game a lot recently and shouldn't be awful at it either which is always a plus. 5 Donation Goal - Fight Sephiroth after the run. he's a cool super boss that people in chats always ask about. will get money$$$
ricyosmaricyosma The Wonderful 101 NG Normal 4:50:00 WiiU EUR Link Released in 2013, The Wonderful 101 is Platinum's first Wii U game. In this action-packed game, you control a group of 100 people that have access to 7 main morphs. In some places, you have access to extra temporary morphs that bring the total counter of morphs to 12. The fight's are fast paced and are varied in the form of different combinations of enemies and new enemies that need to be brought down with a certain unite morph or a combination of them. While there are not many glitches that are used in the categorie, we can abuse game mechanics to make the run faster. For example, claw hover is used to skip certain fights, unite bomb can deal massive damage if used correctly and using skills for a certain class can also save a little time. yay optimization. 5
NimputsNimputs Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Hero Story 0:42:00 PC Link Fast paced run with with lots of gameplay variety. Huge emphasis on movement tech, but also fancy level skips and RNG elements that require improvisation skills. I've been running the game since 2 years, and been racing it as well at an online marathon before. Possible race with a_moustache and Drakodan a_moustache, Drakodan 1
CrroolCrrool Kwirk 0:20:00 GB EUR Link Kwirk is a short, easy and simple to follow puzzle game. The game consists out of 99 puzzles each about 6-9 seconds long. Every puzzle is selected from a random pool of puzzles. Interestingly enough however the game only has a pool of about 30 different ones, alowing for a fast and fun speedrun. 3
TheMotherBrain86TheMotherBrain86 Solar Jetman Any% 0:40:00 NES USA Link Because this game has never been shown on ANY live event ever, and it's a real fun technical speedrun with a lot of different movement and a very clutch final stage. Next to that, more people should see/learn/wanting to play this game, because it's a real good NES game with very cool physics and not enough people running it. and it's made by Rare ! 5
TheMotherBrain86TheMotherBrain86 The Smurfs (NES) Any% 0:15:00 NES EUR Link This is yet another great late release for the NES, The Smurfs for the NES. It has great music, real fun gamplay, some autoscrollers for the donations, and cool bosses. This game is never shown on events, probably because it's quite unknown (It's a PAL only game). So let's give it a chance to shine ! 5
TheMotherBrain86TheMotherBrain86 Codename: Viper easy% 0:18:00 NES USA Link A heavy RNG, but really fun fast paced run n gun game. Unknown to most. And you walk around without any pants on. 5
CrroolCrrool Evoland Any% 0:42:00 PC EUR Link Evoland is a game where instead of upgrading equipment with picking up chests, you unlock bits of the game around you, evolving the game as you go. During any% we use several pretty gamebreaking glitches to get to zephyros (not to be confused with sephiroth) as quickly as we can yet still showing most areas in the game. 5 Possible to do an incentive for 100% at 2:05, will submit as a seperate submission as well.
KrazyRasmusKrazyRasmus Psycho Fox Warpless 0:30:00 SMS USA Link It's a great game with great level design, and horrible controls, so anything can and will happen btrim 5 Any% can be added, it's 3-4 minute run if done correctly.
KrazyRasmusKrazyRasmus Alex Kidd in Shinobi World Any% 0:10:00 SMS USA Link A lot of time has come off this game since Berlindude1 picked it up, so it'll be a solid race between me and him, aswell as anyone else who'd want to join the race. berlindude1 5
SmartkinSmartkin I Wanna Be The Co-op Two Player - 100% 1:00:00 PC Link The run itself contains a lot of entertaining value due to this being a co-op game. Not only that, but it may be a race 2 v 2! Game consists of 4 Stages which all have some interesting skips and gimmicks to show off. aferalsheep, bbf_, Mrzwanzig 5 Show off secret Mario area which can be accessed after completing the game 100% and getting a special item. Goal: 20$.
CrroolCrrool Final Fantasy Any% (PSP) 1:40:00 PSP EUR Link Final Fantasy 1 is the first game in the final fantasy series and probably one of the hardest. The PSP version of the game however is unique to an equipment glitch alowing the player to get stronger equipment very early on in the game. As such the speedrun of FF1 PSP is a very fast-paced run with minimal grinding yet still showing the entirety of the game. Due to the glitch deaths in the game are very rare and due to it being a mobile port it is possible to save the game on the more dangerous locations. During a race of final fantasy 1 the RNG in the encounters causes the run to switch back and forth between runners basically making it anyones game untill the very end. IndDragPack, Boxmeister 5 - 4 Character names, 6 characters max. Names are for thief, warrior, black mage and white mage. Top 3 names for each class can be used. - Hellfire Chasm (add 10 minutes), once met a bidwar between Scarmiglione and Cagnazzo and between Rubicante and Barbariccia (race between me and IndDragPack)
BoxmeisterBoxmeister Final Fantasy Any% (PSP) 1:40:00 PSP EUR Link Final Fantasy 1 is the first game in the final fantasy series and probably one of the hardest. The PSP version of the game however is unique to an equipment glitch alowing the player to get stronger equipment very early on in the game. As such the speedrun of FF1 PSP is a very fast-paced run with minimal grinding yet still showing the entirety of the game. Due to the glitch deaths in the game are very rare and due to it being a mobile port it is possible to save the game on the more dangerous locations. During a race of final fantasy 1 the RNG in the encounters causes the run to switch back and forth between runners basically making it anyones game untill the very end. Crrool, IndDragpack 5 - 4 Character names, 6 characters max. Names are for thief, warrior, black mage and white mage. Top 3 names for each class can be used. - Hellfire Chasm (add 10 minutes), once met a bidwar between Scarmiglione and Cagnazzo and between Rubicante and Barbariccia (race between Crrool and IndDragPack), I'm available for commentary during that incentive
IndiIndi Final Fantasy Any% (PSP) 1:40:00 PSP EUR Link Final Fantasy 1 is the first game in the final fantasy series and probably one of the hardest. The PSP version of the game however is unique to an equipment glitch alowing the player to get stronger equipment very early on in the game. As such the speedrun of FF1 PSP is a very fast-paced run with minimal grinding yet still showing the entirety of the game. Due to the glitch deaths in the game are very rare and due to it being a mobile port it is possible to save the game on the more dangerous locations. During a race of final fantasy 1 the RNG in the encounters causes the run to switch back and forth between runners basically making it anyones game untill the very end. Crrool, Boxmeister 5 - 4 Character names, 6 characters max. Names are for thief, warrior, black mage and white mage. Top 3 names for each class can be used. - Hellfire Chasm (add 10 minutes), once met a bidwar between Scarmiglione and Cagnazzo and between Rubicante and Barbariccia (race between me and Crrool)
GreenalinkGreenalink The G.G. Shinobi II: The Silent Fury 100% 0:25:00 GameGear EUR Link The game's structure works similar to the first entry but you also need to find 4 crystals in order to unlock the final stage. One big trick was found recently: Grapple Swing storage, it allows the ninja to use a swing animation much later and go to places no player thought it was possible. 5
EidgodEidgod Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Any% 1:25:00 PC Link TR3 as part of the "classic" TRs shines with a high density of tricks and fast paced gameplay. No cut scenes or autoscrollers in this speedrunning madness! To get an idea of the general gameplay watch from here and the following 2-3 levels ( To see some of the fancy big skips and how a very long level gets reduced to merely 2-3 minutes ( To see how everything boring, like climbing ladders and getting around instakilling vents, gets skipped watch here ( And last but not least. If you want to see Lara plunge herself to certain death just to be saved by a damage aura watch here ( (the video link is my newest pb from just today, because of easy save/loading the run is very marathon save) 2 Small glitch exhibition at Lara's Mansion and others (5 min) Run the game with mystery skin (unsure if this can/will happen, no real extra time required)
pinggas_pinggas_ McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Beginner (NTSC) 0:23:00 Genesis USA Link The first game from legendary devs Treasure - McDs treasure land. Don't think it's been ran at a marathon before and would make an interesting race with my arch enemy alowishus. I plan to grind out a sub 21 in this in the coming weeks. alowishus 5 I will do the run dressed as Ronald McDonald.
PullPull Crash Team Racing Any% (Warpless) 0:53:00 PS2 EUR Link CTR is a timeless classic and whatever but in all of reality it's probably the deepest kart racing game I've played. It heavily utilizes game physics and especially terrain, giving you huge insane speed more or less everywhere. On top of that it does the classic speedgame thing of having massive skips that save multiple minutes and look visually impressive. also im good at gam 0 Filename, 8 characters You'll never see it again after the run starts so it's sure to be a blast for everyone involved in throwing cash at it
MuttskiMuttski The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Any%, No Exploration Glitch 0:35:00 SNES JPN Link "A Link to the Past" has been a staple for console gaming and has been a huge run in several marathons in years past. The most recent ESA and GDQs have both featured the No Major Glitches Any% run, and the run I've submitted is the most competitive glitched run--which will make for a nice way to keep LttP hype alive but with a new run for viewers to enjoy. Pros: -Several frame/pixel perfect clips throughout the run offer the run commentators time enough to explain interesting game mechanics. -Defeats Ganon's Tower (and Ganon) with only 5 heart containers, which requires a high level of skill and execution to showcase -Requires the ever-popular "hovering" technique to complete the run (which involves 25-30 frame perfect inputs in a row across a gap in GTower--VoD Time 26:05 if you are unfamiliar with the glitch) - ~Half hour run makes for an easy way to work a popular Zelda staple into the marathon Cons: -There IS one point at which the game can be softlocked. Although this rarely happens, it is easily prevented by saving the game file before attempting the trick and will in no way make the run less marathon safe--it will just lose ~30s. 5 Filename bid war is always an easy money maker. I think last year's LttP run got over $500 for filenames. True Any% Follow-Up Run (Lasts only 2.5 mins if you want to see the true any% glitched run showcased on console/controller for a bid incentive after the run).
PullPull New Super Hook Girl Extra 0:07:00 PC Link NSHG is a physics-based mouse-only anime girl wooshing across the screen kinda game that sorta reminds you of Umihara Kawase 'cept this time the hook allows you to brute force speed everywhere. Also I'm PLL on the boards I linked, go figure 0
dxtrdxtr Snake Rattle 'n' Roll Any% 0:10:00 NES USA Link A game that hasnt been given that much love the past marathons. Funny gameplay and shows some neat tricks. 5 No incentives
[Deleted user] Resident Evil 2 0:55:00 PC JPN Link This category is the most optimized category on the PC version, which makes the knowledge of everything to strategies, routes, enemy patterns and game mechanics very high. Therefore I believe we can give the viewers a very high quality of commentary, and enjoyment of the game. Leon A is also a fairly marathon safe category. I will have the 2nd place runner for Leon A with me as a co-host to uppen the quality of the commentary. 5 100$ for Yolo Horde dodge. This dodge is one of the hardest dodges in the game.
SuperSqankSuperSqank Tak: The Great Juju Challenge Any% Single Player 1:15:00 Xbox EUR Link The game is a heavily underrated speedgame which is full of a ton of cool skips and exploits. The game's pace is reasonably fast and combined with the exploits within the game, it makes a run which is a ton of fun to do and hopefully to watch to. 5 To watch a specific cutscene in the game where the main characters make fart noises a lot and rap. It's super cheesy but it's also quite interesting.
Megami_infiniMegami_infini Ys I Chronicles/Complete/Eternal Any% 0:50:00 PC EUR Link Remake of one of the oldest action-RPG games. Featurs fast paced gameplay, flashy bossfights and fantastic musical score 5
GameduckGameduck Dustforce DX 16 Red Keys 0:55:00 PC Link It's a great and underrated speedgame with tons of mechanics and tricks to gain momentum and to keep it. The gorgeous visuals combined with the tight and intense gameplay makes for fun speedruns to watch. Moreover there are many ways to play the game while still being fast meaning that the speedruns differs a lot from runner to runner. 5 We have recently started doing TASes of the game's induvidual levels. Showing off some in particular intresting ones could be a fun incentive.
JaviJavi Luigi's Mansion Any% No Oob 1:05:00 GCN JPN Link Because it is an amazing game, it is funny, interesting and because this game and category deserves more exposure than it has. 5 Do a 100% run as an extra.
DaniPlayerOneDaniPlayerOne Rise & Shine Any% 0:45:00 PC EUR Link This is a really beautiful game to watch. Excelent art, great mechanics and challenging gameplay make up for a really entertaining speedrun. Also, this has not been featured ever in ESA. I am the current WR holder and I estimate that by the time ESA takes place, I will be able to lower the time even more. 10 I have been in touch with the developers of this game and they agree to be on a call with us while the game is running, before or after!
JaviJavi New Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% 0:30:00 3DS EUR Link The game has the appeal of being a real Mario game with real strats. This game is new, has never been run in ESA and it is really interesting. It is fast and sweet. A run that is not too long and that has very interesting strats. Besides seeing a run with a 3ds capture card it is always a delight :). By the time ESA will be live I will probably be back in the top 5. 5 Do a warpless run.
Tezur0Tezur0 BloodRayne any% hard 1:10:00 PC Link Bloody and Violent but in a fun way game with hot protagonist who kicks ass and drinks blood while tearing apart zombies, bugs, nazis, vampires, robots and ancient god with fashion and style. Even though it is kind of a chill speedrun, game itself is very fastpaced and fun to watch at least once. Lots of fun guaranteed to chat and viewers cause many screaming funny people in a run, sick slicing of minibosses, few oob skips and so on. Run I submit as a video was done on Shots Fired marathon and has decent enough commentary, though definetely not my best ever, but knowing my past ESA runs be sure that I'll prepare for that ride. 3
Tezur0Tezur0 Serious Sam 3: BFE Any% 0:45:00 PC Link Run changed in last years cause amasing rocketlaunching glitch was found that allowes you to boost yourself with a rocket (not rocketjump) and made skipping most of stages possible. Fun fast and glitchy run, with some AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA level of action. Submission video is my current pb, aiming to get way closer to wr by the time esa will come. Also I was doing other serious sam last year and this run is very different and will likely get some attention. Can race if Kotti actually decides to submit game. Kotti 5 I put additional time for credits, cause they have amasing song, make it incentive.
Tezur0Tezur0 Unreal Gold any% 1:30:00 PC Link What I'm submitting here is not just Unreal (which btw was done by Fatzke 2 years ago and was done as a race between me and Fatzke at preESA last year), but Unreal + Expansion (Return to Na Pali). To be honest I've never done them as one run to have a videoproof, but in fact I did. Anyway Unreal is very skill-dependent game where your movement, knowledge of enviroment and ability to react (sometimes) are tested. With ultimate back-up strat in form of savehovering it is a pretty fast and nice run where you rarely get stuck on some spot for long. Lots of boosts, jumps and saves. Included video is only normal Unreal, though you can find my rtnp time in its own LBs. 0
Tezur0Tezur0 Blood any% 0:30:00 PC Link Blood is fastpaced oldschool FPS where you fight cult to make them pay for your friends who died. 4 episodes of nonstop shooting and screaming with zombies ghosts and other weird creatures. At the moment I'm learning run and I haven't done any attempts myself, so if I don't get anything done by first cuts - just cut this off the list I guess. Provided video is run by Cubeface21 from AGDQ2015. 0
GarfieldTheLightningGarfieldTheLightning Pokémon X/Y Any% 4:10:00 3DS EUR Link Pokémon as a whole has made a resurgence with Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sun/Moon. This run is unique in the series in that it showcases four different main Pokémon. Interesting strats include a bunch of intentional losses, the use of niche moves such as Fling and Encore and one solitary use of Mega Evolution. I have done a lot of routing for this game, and have run it at two online marathons. I would love to represent the Pokémon community at ESA 2017! 1 Character name, Chespin name, Hawlucha name, Lucario name, Lapras name. If you really wanted to meme it up you could add a donation incentive for singing KISEKI (the end credits song, about 7.5 minutes extra) - some people have asked for it in chat before, though they may have been just memeing.
MartinForSlundMartinForSlund Rayman Any% 1:30:00 PS2 USA Link Check Thexteras description :) Also I hope this can actually get into an ESA (finally)! Thextera 5 Beat Mr Sax. Show off the breakout minigame (PC)
ShirdelShirdel Tekken 7 Character Auction Tournament (Exhibition) 1:30:00 Link This is an inventive way to raise money for charity! Character Auction tournaments are where entrants have to bid in order to actually enter the tournament; every character is placed in a draw and are selected at random. When a character is drawn, potential entrants bid for the right to use that character in the tournament, and the money every entrant bids will be donated to charity! This can work perfectly with Tekken 7, and if it gets enough interest it could be done for other fighting games such as SSB Melee/Wii U or Street Fighter V at future events. The format would be 16 entrants, single elimination, first to 1 game progresses. I would be on commentary rather than competing. The tournament would have to be well-organised; anyone interested in entering would have to be made clear of the rules. It might also be tricky to convince runners to part with their money! However if the tournament has enough preparations and hype, it would be a fun, entertaining event. If you like the idea, we can sort out the details in PMs! 5
ShirdelShirdel Tekken 5 Story Mode: Unlock All Endings (1 Round) 2:07:00 PS2 EUR Link While Tekken 5 isn't as new as Tekken 7 or as iconic as Tekken 3, it is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the series (at least for now) in terms of pure gameplay and content. It's a fan favourite, as it boasts a massive character roster while being one of the most well-rounded and enjoyable games to play at either a casual or competitive level in the entire series. This category requires the runner to play with every character in the game, which gives the opportunity to showcase a massive variety of different strategies that take advantage of the game's deceptively complex mechanics, while using unintended AI manipulation tactics to defeat the computer opponents as quickly as possible. All of this makes Tekken 5 an incredibly elaborate and enjoyable game to run, as rather than simply memorising a flowchart for each character, the runner must adapt their tactics on the fly depending on the opposing character, stage and 'AI RNG'. The purpose of the run is to unlock every character's ending. There are three repeated characters; Kuma/Panda, Christie/Eddy, and Jin twice to GO on Jinpachi and unlock his ending. (This run will be played in Easy Mode) 2 A playthrough of Starblade, an extra retro game that is unlockable in Tekken 5. This would add twenty minutes to the run. Unfortunately there are no speedrunning strats for it as it's an on-rails shooter. Link to a Starblade Playthrough:
DrastDrast Portal 2 Cooperative Game 0:45:00 PC CHN Link This speedrun has some of the best puzzle/platform movement there is on pc, combined with glitches and top notch level design (hint hint) we blast through this run at a alarming rate. Sirstendec (online) 5
FingersTehHandFingersTehHand Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake 0:55:00 PS2 EUR Link The sequel to the original Metal Gear (shown at last year's ESA), this game adds in new features that became standard for future Metal Gear games. The speedrun mainly relies on movement, manipulating the AI and a small amount of RNG manipulation, and there are also a few tricks that help defeat bosses quickly. I'm running this on a PAL PS2 because that is (surprisingly) the fastest version. 5
brainfluidbrainfluid Quake II (PC) Any% Easy Coop 0:24:00 PC Link Coop with Sphere. (updated with new PB) Coop is a hilarious category, Sphere and I had loads of fun with it when we routed it. It's not the most marathon safe category, but it should be a blast to watch and there are loads of backup strats if stuff goes south. There are new strats since the linked video. We are practicing over the internet with 80 ping and it works just fine. The difference is that you can skip parts of maps and boost eachother. Lots of communication is needed. Sphere 5
FingersTehHandFingersTehHand Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands 1:45:00 PC Link I ran this game at ESA 2015 and have improved on it since then. A couple of new skips were found an a couple others optimized. The speedrun of this game is entertaining thanks to some weird glitches, such as clipping through doors and walls, and using the power of time travel to climb walls a bit higher than intended. 5 Ezio Costume - Would you like The Prince to dress up as an Italian Assassin? For a small fee (read: donations) you can dress him up as Ezio from the Assassin's Creed series. Purely cosmetic, so it has no effect on the run. Glitch Exhibition - Would take roughly 5-10 minutes. There's a bunch of funny glitches that I'd love to show off, including some OoB areas, some weird physics and one that makes the game unwatchable, as well as the leg% glitch I already showed off last time.
FroobFroob Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Any% (Female Titan) 1:50:00 PC EUR Link Attack on Titan is a dynamic game focused on mobility and traversal in environments swarming with enemies. Runners must take into account optimal movement whilst also having knowledge of proper positioning for upcoming triggers and enemy spawns. Runners must take into account optimal movement whilst also having knowledge of proper positioning for upcoming triggers. Resource management is one of the main focuses of the route, some supplies such as blades and gas being vital in order to dispose of Titans and navigate the levels in an adequate manner. Numerous speed strategies include skipping triggers or tutorials to advance missions faster as well as having movement focused on clearing main objectives as quickly as possible. The run uses enemy and NPC manipulation to skip numerous checkpoints, some of them normally mandatory. 1 This is a set of all the costumes in the game which I own. We can use these as a donation incentive (probably as a pack, rather than each individual character?) as some of them are amusing. Mikasa's solo one counts as Summer Festival ingame. Costumes have to be re-equipped in about 4 places and only 2 missions don't allow costumes to be re-equiped, but doesn't lose much time
FroobFroob Titanfall 2 Any% 1:50:00 PC EUR Link Titanfall 2, unlike its prequel, includes a fully fleshed out campaign story mode that was universally well-received by critics and gamers alike. It utilises a heavily modified Source engine allowing for interesting traversal mechanics in double jumping, wallrunning, bunnyhopping as a pilot and various different forms as a Titan. The game features numerous skips to optimise level routes making the run entertaining to watch when the correct movement is pulled off Edit: New Video submitted, this is the old submission commentary vod - 2
jokajoka Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition 100% 1:25:00 PC EUR Link 100% in this game means all collectables (xp, cells, key stones, map fragments), all world event completed and 100% map completion. It literally shows all of the game... but maybe not in the right order :) All glitches allowed. 5 Cheat-code to activate rainbow dash! (only cosmetic)
FrozerFrozer Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Albus Any% 0:35:00 DS Link This is the second character you can play in Order of Ecclesia. He's broken in terms of everything, but survivability, meaning that you die in 2-3 hits on most bosses in the game. 5
RabiniRabini Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Any% (No Item Glitch) 0:50:00 PS2 USA Link Sub-hour, quick PS 3D platformer with interesting movement. Fairly popular game from the era. It's been done once(?) previously at ESA, but there's newer strats and more optimised movement to showcase. 5
berlindude1berlindude1 Alex Kidd in Shinobi World Any% 0:10:00 SMS USA Link We improved the WR into sub 7:20 and getting more near to the 7:15 and lower. It would be fun to have a race with KrazyRasmus in ESA 2017 (Nr. 1 and Nr. 2 in Leaderboards). KrazyRasmus 5 A race between KrazyRasmus and Berlindude1 would be good to watch. We grinded the game down to sub 7:20
berlindude1berlindude1 Wonder Boy in Monster Land Any% SMS 0:20:00 SMS USA Link I improved the actual WR by over a minute, managing to use damage boosts and new strats to bring it down to a 15:xx 5 Donation Goal would be if I have to go for triple attack in the robot dragon until using the potion (more risky) or not. Another goal could be if the people want to see 100% or Any% run of WB 2
berlindude1berlindude1 Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Any% 0:25:00 Genesis JPN Link I brought the WR into the low 20:xx with a SoB in the 19:xx It is a fun speedrun to watch and brings a smile to everyone watching it. The port for the genesis has additional 20 floors to the Arcade version. 5 Donation Goal would be if I have to continue hitting the Endbosses or let them "live."
SirRouvenSirRouven Paper Mario: Sticker Star Any% 4:05:00 3DS KOR Link Sticker Star has never had the chance to shine at a big speedrunning marathon before which is kind of sad since it definetily is a pretty interesting speedgame that also provides wonderful music. The community behind this game put a lot of work into routing and I am sure that the viewers would be fascinated by the strategies we came up with. We found ways to beat bosses way faster than intended and on top of that we can even make it rain shoes. Here is a video of my world record: 2 Bid War: Save or ignore Luigi You can "save" Luigi once in every world of the game to make him lead the credits parade at the end. It takes about 4 minutes to do this. You could make this a bid war that ends just before I reach the first Luigi.
mrtiger92mrtiger92 Donkey Kong Country Returns Any% 1:45:00 WiiUVC EUR Link This game is a very good 2D platformer for the Wii.This is the first Donkey Kong Country which was made by Retro Studios, and they did a good job. Nice graphics, a very unique level Design (not 2 level use he same features), unconventional controls (WiiMote+Nunchuck) and the possibility to go fast in each level make this run a good option for events. Sadly, because the sequel of this game, "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze", has become alot more popular, DKCR didn't get shown on a big marathon since SGDQ2013. That's why i'd like to bring it back to the marathons. 5
SlaskPraskSlaskPrask Takeshi's Challenge Any% 0:07:00 NES JPN Link This game just sucks. 5 Possibility to acually sing the karaoke
JoelnirJoelnir Mort the Chicken Any% 0:15:00 PS2 EUR Link Mort the Chicken is a silly, but interesting little game. Few people have played this game, but the ones that have seem to remember it for its absurd story and overall being pretty ridiculous. The speedrun of Mort gives more depth to a normally straightforward game. Funny movement techniques and strategies such as camera manipulation makes for an interesting speedrun. The combination of the silliness of the game and the cool strats and routing makes Mort the Chicken a very entertaining experience. I have speedran this game on and off for multiple years. The route has changed many times and is today very refined, making this the perfect time to showcase this fun little game. 3 Donation incentive: any% w/ Cutscenes (+10 min). In a normal run most cutscenes are skipped, missing out on some of the absurdness of the game's story. Doing a run with cutscenes raises the estimate by 10 minutes. Here's a video of the cutscenes in the game: Donation incentive: Peacock costume. There is a cheat code that makes Mort wear a colorful peacock costume throughout the entire game.
CartinaCowCartinaCow Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos Any% 0:12:00 NES JPN Link Ninja Gaiden games has always been a good speedrun, with fluid motions, almost non-stop, quick kills and low amount of glitches, its a good show. Submitting as race vs EndySWE. Due to no RNG, it makes for a true skill race. EndySWE 0
RiekeltRiekelt Ape Escape 2 Any% 1:03:00 PS2 JPN Link Catching monkeys is fun, especially in a game as whacky as Ape Escape (2), where every monkey has it's own funny personality. The run itself has a fine mix of glitches, skips, skill, unfortunately RNG and optimizations. 5 I could show off Monkey Football, which is basically the monkeys playing soccer. This'll take 12 minutes or so, without setting up time. I can play this with anyone else on the couch.
EnsgMasterEnsgMaster Rayman Origins 130 Electoons 2:05:00 PC USA Link Rayman Origins has never had a good showing at a big marathon. The game has some very good movement and is very well optimized, and is also very good looking. Thextra, one of the best Rayman games runner will be here as well and be able to provide good comments with me. If the category is too long then Any% is also possible, but shows a lot less levels: 5 Incentives for showing Land of The Living Dead, last level of the game that isn't done in 130 electoons and that has some very hard chases and platforming and some cool music.
BBFBBF I Wanna Run the Marathon Any% 0:40:00 PC Link Run the Marathon is a Fangame of I wanna be the Guy, specifically created for our very own Fangame Marathon 2016. The length and overall pacing is pretty similar to Boshy, with almost no boring parts. The game consists of 9 Stage and 8 Bosses with varying gimmick and references (stages and bosses are based on Megaman/Sonic/Mario etc.) I think this would be a good show at ESA, as the game has a lot of production value and is impressive to watch because of the difficulty. 5
SSBMstuffSSBMstuff Ape Escape 100% 2:05:00 PS2 USA Link At a past ESA (forgot if it was '13,'14, or even '15) MarkHest tried to run AE 100%, but his game crashed (extremely uncommon) and instead just did an impromptu any% to keep the show rolling. 5 Loop through a level by jumping infinitely upward?
SSBMstuffSSBMstuff Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Any% (No Item Glitch) 0:50:00 PS2 USA Link Fun, cool, well-known game. It's been done I think last year(?) or 2 years ago as a run; this should only be considered as a race. Someone cued me to the fact that SolarBowler could be there, so I'm jumping the gun without even talking to him, presuming there could be some possibility of a race - maybe if he submits it too? Otherwise just disregard this, I suppose, and I hate to be obnoxious with this submission but eh. SolarBowler ? 5 show off fake crash? (pre-save with 105%)
SSBMstuffSSBMstuff Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! 14 Talisman 0:30:00 PS2 USA Link Cuz purple dragon. 5 it's been done before - but possible bid war for color of Spyro? (cheat codes enable color swapping)
EtsunaEtsuna Tales of Graces F New Game 5:00:00 PS3 JPN Link I think it's a good compromise between time and RPG. The run does not last more than 5 hours in a bad days, it's probably the tales of the fastest to finish. I think that with the release of Berseria lately, it could be favorable to the curiosity of the spectators and to make discover the old Tales of. 0 Pascal/Cheria/Sophie with IdolM@ster costume Sophie may have Hatsune Miku Costume (with greenblue or velvet hair color) For Sophie, only one costume can be chosen.
linkbosslinkboss Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Any% Genesis 0:22:00 Genesis USA Link This game has never been shown on Genesis at ESA, and goes along nicely with Disney games that are usually submitted, being a quite short run which doesn't require over-explanation. It's a pure execution run, and a linear game with no RNG (everything has predetermined paths in this game), I think it's great to show how you do a speedrun with mainly movement optimization, along with some damage taking planning, opposed to a glitch-oriented run. The game, being animation-oriented (opposed to gameplay oriented), has a lot of different hitboxes, and it is interesting to see how the runner has to play along with that. Also, considering that (apparently) the game is quite hard, it's cool to see such a game with a lot of ennemies done in a smooth way, and has a handful of tricks to show. Also, it's a Mickey game, and a very beautiful one with that, showing off all the extent of the Genesis power. 3
XeoXeo RAGE Any% 2:05:00 PC EUR Link RAGE is a cool RPG/FPS and a really cool speedgame : First of all it use an evolution of the Quake 3 engine, meaning you can strafe jump, making moving really fast. The route also use a lot of different trick/skips that looks really sick. You might want to look at the description of the linked video, it's features highlight of a lot of tricks. We also made the route a lot better since the WR and it's just a matter of days before either me or Takyon improve it. It's also worth noting that it never got run in either GDQ or ESA before, making it a new run to show ! 5
EllieceraptorEllieceraptor SUPERHOT Any% 0:23:00 PC EUR Link SUPERHOT is an exciting, fast paced and subversive game for speedrunning with a lot of tight execution and demand for improvisation on the runner's end. Any% is straight forward, includes story skips and shows off all the levels. EDIT: Updated with link to my new PB, wherein I got a sub-20 minute time which is considered a fantastic run. It also pushed me up to 3rd place. 5 Denial Mode Ending, which is a silly glitch that makes the game act weird at the very end of the game. It adds no extra time to the run.
Niss3Niss3 Maniac Mansion Any% 0:10:00 NES USA Link It's the best kind of nostalgic speedrun. Many people remembers this game and would love to watch someone play it, but to their supprise it's going be played way faster than usual! 5
praskOopraskOo Star Wars - Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Any% 0:48:00 PC Link Prequel to Jedi Academy, fast paced star wars game with a lot of intense movement tech and insane skips, a must watch 5
ryedawgryedawg PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist Any% 0:45:00 PC USA Link Great run 48min long with two of the best people in the world to race it, this will be a super hype race. if we are lucky pewdiepie him self will be in town ( i doubt that tho unless you can pull some strings) :) Mizterconfuzing 5 to play as pewdiepie or his girl friend. there is other characters you can play as like jack septic eye, cinnamon toast ken, and cryotic but these people require a completed save file and that skips alot of stuff so its not the best to do his GF is unlocked after the first level
ratchetjaksorafan666ratchetjaksorafan666 Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal NG+ No QE 0:40:00 PS2 USA Link Ratchet and Clank games are very known in the speedrunning community for being jam packed with glitches and exploits. Inthe new game plus category (challenge mode) you need to finish the game as fast as possible (kill the last boss) and you get all the weapons, armor and some gadgets from the previous playthrough. The item called chargeboots is the most exploitable item in the game and allows the player to make some insane jumps and makes the run insanely fast paced. The in-game option of selecting skins in the game allows us to make some donation incentives like a bid war between the tuxedo skin or the snowman skin. 5 skin bidwars , showing off extra glitches
EidgodEidgod Grand Theft Auto Vice City History of Vice City Speedrunning (Exhibition) 1:00:00 Link An in depth exhibition of the the evolution of the Vice City any% route through the years. From nearly 2 hour long "speed" run to a 10 min wrong warp glitch fest. With detailed description of major glitches and a break down of route changes. Will be done with live commentary/gameplay and the help of recordings (obv no video yet or anything will update fatzke on progress) LotsOfS, maybe someone else 5
uhTranceuhTrance Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Any% 1:35:00 PC Link Most active game on Entertaining run once it gets past the first 10 minutes. 2 Bad/Good Ending. Save Mia Save Zoe
ArcticeArctice ActRaiser 2 Hard 1:10:00 SNES USA Link guaranteed, unmitigated disaster 5 Glitched difficulty levels showcase ~10-20 minutes
LukeRF44LukeRF44 MediEvil 100% 1:40:00 PS2 USA Link MediEvil is a game that has yet to be seen in a major speedrunning marathon & I feel the game needs to gain a bit more attention from the main stream audience & I'm hoping to do a great job showing off the game, which could get people keen on trying out MediEvil speedrunning as well. 5 There's currently no donation goals/bidwars I have in mind.
NepumukNepumuk Ink Any% 0:15:00 PC Link Ink is a precision platformer in which the stage is mostly invisible and gets uncovered bit by bit through playing, requiring the runner to play with few visual cues. The run has several cool skips, time saves and some boss manipulation. 5
GoldGold Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights Any% (No GGS) 0:50:00 GCN EUR Link Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights is a collectathon platformer released in 2002 by Heavy Iron Studios. The speedrun of this game utilizes many game breaking glitches that skip very LARGE portions of the game. This particular speedrun "Any% No GGS" is the regular Any% run without the infamous "Green Ghost Skip" which is a very inconsistent trick. This category is the most popular run in our community and is the best showcase for this game. Video submission is commentated just for this submission :) 5
SirRouvenSirRouven Pokémon Ranger Any% 3:00:00 3DS JPN Link Pokémon Ranger is a really unique game in which you draw circles to capture pokémon. Even something as simple as that can become very technical and difficult if you speedrun it. The game heavily relies on fast execution and quick adaptation to the current circumstances. The further you get in this game the more you need to play safe while still trying to be fast. It is very easy to game over at later bosses but because of smart AI manipulation and skillful plays we can deal with these problems. The submitted video shows my friend Diamond running the game for a pokémon speedrunning marathon. You can hear me talking, too because I helped out with co-commentary. Here is my current personal best: 2 Bid War: Lunick & Minun or Solana & Plusle At the beginning of the game you have to choose your character. Lunick's partner pokémon is minun and Solana's partner pokémon is plusle. Since this doesn't change anything about the game it also doesn't add time.
EctortutuEctortutu Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Any% 3:30:00 PC Link One of the most well-known and popular main game of the series and at the same time one of the shortest to speedrun - from the time when AC was still considered good. Has Ezio Auditore in it. Plenty of tricks and skips - very well researched and routed game overall. Unique gameplay - not for the series of course but comparing to other games of similar genre. 0 Donation goal - glitch exhibition: if I can get framerate higher than 60 for game - Cesare softlock - can be seen at the end of submission video Levitation/Flying Glitch - can be seen here - Estimated extra time is 5-10 minutes - should be more than enough to fly up to the ceiling of the main map skybox to show all of Rome from bird's eye view Bid war - outfit to use for outfit warps: Florentine Noble (aka young Ezio) Armor of Altair (aka outfit from the end of AC2) Altair Robes (aka look like Altair) Donation goal: play without HUD - kinda analogue of Hard difficulty for AC games - add 10 minutes to main estimate
epicdudeguyepicdudeguy Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire Any% 2:15:00 GBP EUR Link Pokémon Sapphire has become quite the speedgame over the years. With recent route changes, the run is now more consistent and a lot faster. This includes interesting strategies in certain fights. Very fast paced movement. And new movement techniques. I would love to show all of this off this year. 5 Bidwars: Player Character name, Mudkip name, Bird name. Goals: Show off a glitch
epicdudeguyepicdudeguy Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Any% Zipless 0:35:00 PC EUR Link With the discovery of a lot of new glitches this year, this run is now almost 2 hours faster than it was last year. This run really shows off how broken this game is, in a way that is fast paced and entertaining to watch. 2 Goal: Show off supersonic glitch
LuchoDreamerLuchoDreamer Final Fantasy XIII Any% 5:10:00 PC EUR Link It's a fast pace run with no down time because you can skip the cutscenes in this game. Everything during the run is interesting, being the battles, which are really fast paced and showcase a lot of skill and strategy from the runner; the dodges, which some of them can get pretty intense; and the menus, which have really fast inputs. So overall this is a really fun run to watch even if you don't know that much about the game. 5 Beat ProudClad 1 Blindfolded, one of the tightest battle during the run (5 minutes). Long Gui, the hardest enemy on the game, available after post-game (7 minutes). Vercingetorix, the last mission on the game, available after completing the post-game. (10 minutes)
epicdudeguyepicdudeguy Prince of Persia: Warrior Within True Ending Zipless 1:30:00 PC EUR Link This run is an addition to the Any% Zipless run, because you have to collect life upgrades to get the different ending. This run shows off even more glitches than Any% Zipless. And it also shows how to truly break the game, using a phenomenon we're now starting to understand called Story Gates. 2 Goal: Show off supersonic glitch
CongruenceCongruence Super Hexagon 100% 0:12:00 PC Link Fast-paced, edge of your seat kind of twitch game with fun, catchy chiptune music! A sub 10 minute run (if everything goes smoothly!) 5 On the final level I plan on intentionally dying if I reach 120 seconds but I could continue indefinitely if enough was raised during the run. There is a >99% chance that I would crash before the 500 second mark, so this would almost certainly not take any more than 10 extra minutes, and probably not even 5.
CimpCimp Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Normal, Current Patch 1:10:00 PC EUR Link Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams should be shown at ESA2017 because it is a hidden gem of a speedgame. It is fast paced with tons of tech-glitches and outofbounds-sections. 5
ZetZet 140 Any% 0:20:00 PC Link I'm glad to hear, the second stream with a planned music block is coming back which is where a game like 140 would shine. The speedrun is super technical and optimized but no matter if you understand what's going on or not, the awesome music will make viewers - on stage and on stream -go dance and feel amazing. What more could you ask for? 5
ZetZet Inside Any % 1:15:00 PC Link The spiritual successor to Limbo with a similar dark theme, more story hints and a twist ending is a speedrun which exists of optimized jumps, saving cycles by frames and excellent atmosphere. The game caught much attention after its release last year and gained many awards, people might wonder where there's actually time to save in comparison to a casual playthrough - once you see the skips however, your mind feels enlightened and you'll never see the game the same way again. Lots of " WutFace " in the end of the game in chat guaranteed. I might not have mastered the run yet (video not by me) but I'm a veteran Limbo runner in close contact with the Inside community and learning the game until I have a decent pace should not take too much time and effort. 5 Possible incentive for different categoris (see other submissions) All Orbs (Normal ending) and All Orb (secret ending).
ZetZet The Swapper Any% 0:33:00 PC Link The Swapper is a 2D Metroidvania Puzzle game with a unique mechanic not used in any other game so far. Additionally the story bears deep philosophical thoughts - not that you grasp any of it in a run. The "swapper" mechanic makes a new form of movement possible that makes an optimized run hypnotic and breath taking to watch. Puzzles will be solved without the audience even realizing they exist. To showcase the required precision in a run, a race with Tovargent is possible. Tovargent 5 Bid war possible for going for one of the two endings - "Suicide Ending" or "Moonwalk Ending" (also called "Swapper Ending").
HiipFireHiipFire Halo 3 Easy 1:25:00 X360 EUR Link Halo 3 is the final installment of the original Halo trilogy and is a very popular game due to its interesting story and high quality multiplayer. The speedrun of the campaign utilizes a lot of interesting exploits and movement techniques including hammer launches and grenade jumping. 5 Enable the "Grunt Birthday" and "IWHBYD" Skulls
ZetZet THOTH Standard Coop 0:10:00 PC Link This category is by far the most exciting to watch. The time can be shortened down even more with a coop partner - the weapons might be weaker but the enemies' movements can be manipulated in numerous ways to get an advantage from. Each of the 64 stages is carefully routed and optimized by Zin and me and in less than 10 minutes we blast through the stages while occasionally communicating and confirming movement and position. Pure focus and concentration the whole run. Zin 5
venomynousvenomynous Stardew Valley Bundles 2:00:00 PC USA Link The goal of this run is the acquisition of the Bulletin Board bundles. Despite its popularity with casual gamers, Stardew Valley has never been shown at a marathon before, but contains a number of interesting glitches including out-of-bounds, swim-in-ground, money glitches and manipulation of item IDs. 5 Farmer name, Farm name, Favourite thing, Choice between cat and dog
ChfouChfou Bulletstorm NG All Skillshots 3:10:00 PC EUR Link Because shooting people is more fun when you do it with style. Despite the harsh language and the lack of Oob for a FPS game, this category use everthing the game offers to the players. Note : A remaster version will come out on April, if there is not differene between the two, the remaster version would be preferable since it gets rid of GFWL. 2 Bid War between playing as Grayson Hunt or Duke Nukem. Bid War between NG and NG+
TheGreatPumpkinTheGreatPumpkin McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Beginner (NTSC) 0:34:00 Genesis USA Link Race with Pinggas which should be pretty hype. We live quite close to each other so should be able to get a lot of practice done. Game has sweet music and has some interesting strats in terms of balloon conservation, boss quick kills and general platforming tricks (damage boosts etc.). I have only just learned the game so will need to practice to get the time down. Pinggas 2 I know Pinggas as offered to dress up. I may be willing to do the same.
tyriounettyriounet My Summer Car Pass the Inspection (Prev. versions) 0:30:00 PC Link Well, you guys know about this. We decided to go with the simple inspection category as it's the one we both enjoy more than a full assembly. It also requires a bit of juggling with unattached parts during the actual inspection, increasing the risk and making it more fun for a race. Besides this and the towing of the car to the inspection site, there isn't much risk. It's all about precision and just going fast, which should be quite interesting for people that are familiar with the game despite us skipping the engine assembly. For people not familiar with the game that should be quite fun to see by itself, but the run is also very intense for the first 15 minutes which combined with the curious nature of the game itself should make for a good watch. Shrimp intends to bring his Finnish cover playlist for the ~FULL EXPERIENCE~ Shrimp 5 We can make full assembly an incentive, complete with "car on fire" inspection. It would require an additional 15 minutes.
randompinkbunnyrandompinkbunny Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Any% 0:22:00 PC USA Link Woolfe is a 3D platformer that, since the run featured at AGDQ, has incorporated some amazing OOB and new skips. Watch Red maneuver through the levels on invisible walls and unintended shortcuts on her way to vengence. (New skips are not shown in my commentated AGDQ run but is in my pb on the leaderboards) 3
randompinkbunnyrandompinkbunny Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf New Game 0:25:00 PC USA Link Overcast is an indie horror game where you seek vengeance on a werewolf armed only with a shotgun that takes an amazing 7 seconds to reload. Discover how unscary it is to hunt a werewolf by clipping and skipping triggers, using "prop hovering" to fly through levels, and waiting for me to inevitably freak out anyway. 2 Select which body part to hump in Momentum 3 (Level 4): torso, arm, leg, head
FuzzynessFuzzyness The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Any% 3:55:00 WiiU EUR Link I've been playing this as my main game for around 3 months now and going for world record, right now I'm only 3 mins from world record. I've been optimizing the game a lot more and discovering new things for the community. Wind Waker brings a very chill game to a marathon and very nostalgic It was a huge success at agdq and me + linkus has some good synergy with commentary. - Edit: Recently I got the WR and have improved it, to 3:36:04 woot! =D Hard work pays off 5 Get the day/night song and audience dance like the guy who teaches you ....POW!!! Get the swift sail (could take a while) RNG Hype
YumeTsubasaCHYumeTsubasaCH Tetris Attack VS. V-Hard 0:15:00 SNES EUR Link Puzzle games are widely underrated in the speedrunning community, even though they show 2 very essential things: Skill and (near) frameperfect stuff. 5 Easy - V-Hard, meaning all difficulty levels, is like the only thing I can offer here. Estimated time for that fun would be 40 minutes (Total, not additional as the main thing V-Hard will be in there anyways). Incentive goal: 500 Euro / Dollar, whatever you take as measure. Subject to be changed by Marathon Organization if it's too high / low.
YumeTsubasaCHYumeTsubasaCH Pokémon Puzzle League 1P Stadium V-Hard 0:20:00 N64 EUR Link Same as Tetris Attack, Puzzle games are widely underrated. And it's time to have some change in the pokemon block ;) 5 S-Hard difficulty. Would take 40 minutes for S-Hard alone. I can offer at least the game now, a friend that is going to ESA takes it for me, still have no N64. Your decision if you wanna make a substitute if the incentive is getting met or if you wanna see me play both difficulties. Donation goal: 1000 Euro / Dollar, whatever you take as measure. Subject to be changed by Marathon Organization if it's too high / low.
takojakitakojaki QuackShot Starring Donald Duck Any% 0:28:00 Genesis USA Link Undoubtedly the best Donald game ever made has never been run at an ESA before. See Donald run, belly-slide and shoot plungers in a fast-paced Sega Genesis platformer. Since sliding is the fastest form of intended movement, the difficulty comes from trying to apply the mechanic on even the tiniest platforms. Plungers are obviously used for shooting enemies but are also used for quickly climbing up walls. You have to master both of these mechanics in order to speedrun the game at a high level. This is one of the games I've been running the longest, so the run is starting to get extremely optimized. 5
takojakitakojaki Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis / Mega Drive) Beat The Game 0:23:00 Genesis USA Link Not seen at ESA before. Sonic flies through the walls in one of the glitchier games in a series known for its glitchiness. Great precision is required throughout the whole run, as errors often lead to death. 5
takojakitakojaki Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (Genesis) Normal 0:23:00 Genesis USA Link The only Castle of Illusion game that hasn't yet been shown at a major speedrun event. Me and JohnUK Have raced this in an online marathon before. JohnUK89 5
AjarmarAjarmar Mega Man 10 Any% 0:40:00 Wii EUR Link Mega Man 10. Its quick weapon switching almost entirely removes menuing from the game, making each stage flow beautifully. Boss fights are lightning fast. Deep knowledge about the game's RNG makes several boss manipulations possible. Truly, this is the greatest game ever created. This is being submitted as a race against btfm, which at the time of writing would mean 2nd place on the leaderboards vs 3rd place on the leaderboards. This game has never been raced at a live event before. Leaderboards: btfm 5
btfmbtfm Mega Man 10 0:40:00 PS3 EUR Link Its quick weapon switching almost entirely removes menuing from the game, making each stage flow beautifully. Boss fights are lightning fast. Deep knowledge about the game's RNG makes several boss manipulations possible. Truly, this is the greatest game ever created. This is being submitted as a race against Ajarmar, which at the time of writing would mean 2nd place on the leaderboards vs 3rd place on the leaderboards. This game has never been raced at a live event before. Leaderboards: Ajarmar 5
ParadoxKarlParadoxKarl Super Mario 64 DS 50 Star 0:55:00 WiiUVC EUR Link A fun alternative to the massively popular sm64 speedrun. This category is defined as any% no rabbit clips, which allows it to be marathon safe (unlike 1 or 8 star), however still has some interesting major skips. A number of broken physics, variety of characters and additional stars and levels make this game an interesting watch whether you know a lot about the N64 version or not. Over 50 star (which I am also submitting), this category has a good mix between content (collecting stars) and major skips. I also used to be WR holder for this (currently 2nd place) and have plans to get it back before ESA comes around. 5
NaroNaro Youyou Kengeki Musou Any% 0:21:00 PC JPN Link This is a Touhou action-platformer fangame made in the style of a modern Ys game. It's a short little speedrun with clips, skips, acting during cutscenes, minimal story and going fast in general. 2 Incentive for running any% 1.0 instead. Version 1.0 has a glitch that completely breaks the game's AI. This run is a little faster than the one submitted. Would cut estimate by three minutes as there's no risk of dying to most bosses. - Bidwar for post-credits score screen name entry, 8 alphanumerical characters max. Note: Version 1.0 has no score screen. It would have to be one or the other.
NeviutzNeviutz Persona 5 Hard, True Ending 20:00:00 PS4 USA Link Persona 5 is the latest installment of the Persona series which will be released outside of Japan a few months before ESA'17. The game features a huge amount of great features from across all of the previous Persona, as well a fast paced and action heavy dungeons. The ability to change difficulty on the flight also allows for a great amount of different strategies to be used, which will most likely end up in the finalized route. Note: Currently the route is not finished but it will be until the release of the NA/EU version on the 4th of April. The estimate is based on extrapolation upon the parts of the route which are already done while keeping the general length of remaining parts of the game in mind. The video attached to this submission is from a very early draft of an early dungeon route and sadly doesn't involve a lot of battles but it was the only video I had available at this point. 5 Character name bid war. Group's name bid war. Playable character costume bid war.
NeviutzNeviutz Resonance of Fate Any% 3:00:00 PS3 USA Link RoF has already made its appearace at ESA'13. Compared to 4 years ago, a lot of new strategies have been found to improve the run's time by about 1 hour. The game is a little less known than most of the popular RPGs but it has a very unique combat system, very nice art style, and a lot of flashy fights throughout the run. Note: the run at a marathon would exclude 11 minutes of the times shown on the leaderboards due to not counting the credits in the case of a marathon run. 0 Text/voice language bid war choice. (ENG/JP)
btrimbtrim Psycho Fox Any% 0:30:00 SMS USA Link Bad ideas tend to result in fun races. KrazyRasmus 5
DaggyboiDaggyboi SSX 3 All Peak Race 0:21:00 PS2 EUR Link This run is a very fast-paced run. There is always some action going on and always something to talk about/explain to the crowd. The run has been very well optimized and is now a highly competitive category. The run has an assortment of tech and tricks to show off/explain. Moreover, the run is relatively short, standing at just 17 minutes IGT if played correctly, but it still allows for a lot of action in those 17 minutes. The game itself was childhood-defining for many, and not only did almost everyone love this game, but the game and run will be recognized by many attendees at ESA 2017. The run has no loading screens as you travel through a majority of the race tracks in the game seamlessly, from the summit of the mountain to the very bottom. In addition to that, no mistake in the run is particularly awful - the biggest mistakes possible will still cost less than 20 seconds each. Towards the end, the run makes use of phone booths, which are in-game warps that many people probably didn't know of when they played this game as kids. The game has a seriously bumping and memorable soundtrack which I would set up custom-made to make the viewing experience even more intense. I have easily sunk over 1,250 hours into this speedrun over the course of 5 years, and I very much hope you'd like to see this wonderful run at your event! 5 I'm not sure I quite understand this, but I figure there can be a bidwar over which character I'd use for the run. All characters are equal aside from a few minor things, but if people have a particular favorite character, they might be passionate about making me play as them. I have a save file where all the characters are completed, so that would not be a problem, regardless of which character wins the bidwar. The 10 characters I'd have to choose from are: Zoe, Moby, Psymon, Griff, Viggo, Elise, Nate, Mac, Allegra, Kaori
MLSTRMMLSTRM Strider (2014) Any% 0:40:00 PC EUR Link Strider is a fast-paced metroidvania game with hack-n-slash combat elements. Any% Follows the mission of the Strider Hiryu, as he runs his way through the city of Kazakh, climbing through corners and clipping through doors to get to the end of the game as fast as possible. Movement is overall very fast paced and varied, and every boss fight has the possibility of a tight quick kill when executed well. 5 Hand/Controller cam - would add no time outside of setup, and since I play the game on fight stick + keyboard, there are some pretty neat things used that you don't see otherwise.
MLSTRMMLSTRM Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 Tournament Finals (Top 4) (Exhibition) 1:15:00 Link Guilty Gear XRD has been a staple part of the last couple of ESA's, with quite a few people playing the game a decent amount at the event. Holding a tournament is almost guaranteed at the event, and so the opportunity to hold the finals on stream would be a great way to close it out. People involved would be the top-4 players of the tournament and 2 commentators (tbd) 5
MLSTRMMLSTRM Forced Any% 4 players 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Forced is an Arena-type team ARPG for 1-4 players. The game consists of various courses in which goals must be performed to proceed, varying from defeating enemies, to solving puzzles, to just making it to the end. Each of the 4 players has a different skillset and visual style, and every player is crucial to the run. With a combination of good tactics and hilarious voice lines, the run is entertaining from start to finish with plenty of (intentional or not) intense sections. Cereth, Dragonfangs, eTholon 10 Steam pictures/names for lobby screen and in-game name display.
CerethCereth Forced Any% 4 players 1:00:00 PC Link Forced is an Arena-type team ARPG for 1-4 players. The game consists of various courses in which goals must be performed to proceed, varying from defeating enemies, to solving puzzles, to just making it to the end. Each of the 4 players has a different skillset and visual style, and every player is crucial to the run. With a combination of good tactics and hilarious voice lines, the run is entertaining from start to finish with plenty of (intentional or not) intense sections. MLSTRM, Dragonfangs, eTholon 5
PurjoPurjo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project Any% (2 Player) 0:45:00 NES JPN Link its a co-op... how often do you see that! and its a fun game with lots of optimization. Frippen87 5
ZinZin Thoth Any% Coop 0:10:00 PC Link Read Zet's overwhelming explanation ;) Zet 2
dxtrdxtr Ninja Gaiden Pacifist 0:20:00 NES USA Link When it comes to Pacifist and Ninja Gaiden. It really shows that you need to be prepaired for whatever the games throws at you, and that makes for a good show. 5 5000$ for a low% run instead!
dxtrdxtr Mega Man Any% 0:25:00 NES USA Link Mega Man is a classic and always a good game to watch. Shows some cool zips and glitches. 5
ZooKetraZooKetra Mirror's Edge Glitchless 0:50:00 PC Link Mirror's Edge is a very engaging speedrun with many exciting glitches, many people on youtube or r/mirrorsedge are very fond of calling these glitches 'cheating' this would be a perfect opportunity to show off a 'cheat free' run. Joking aside, glitchless has it's own unique tricks and routes and goes through multiple areas of the game completely skipped over in any%. 2
lagpu1lagpu1 Rayman 2: The Great Escape 2:15:00 PC Link As one of the most iconic european 3d platformers Rayman 2 surely deserves a spot in this years ESA marathon. The run itself has been optimized alot during the last year mainly by the runner Darnok who focused on finding the fastest strats to reach the required lum goal and continue through the levels.A certain number of lums is necessary to progress through multiple sections of the game. The games routing is therefore centered around these lum requirements. But worry not, the run is also quite marathon safe. Over the years runners have found multiple ways to overcome certain sections of the game by doing quickdrops to clip through walls and plains performing swimming clips or getting out of bounds by performing so called wrong grabs. All in all the game has easy explainable strats mixed with movement optimized gameplay which make for a pleasant viewing experience even for viewers unfamiliar to speedrunning. The Rayman series so far has been rarely represented at great speedrunning marathons so it would be a huge chance for our community to bring this beloved speedrun to a greater audience of viewers. 2 Take the treasure: cutscene of +1 minute. It's a fake ending but funny after all. It will come back to the selection again, so the time loss is only the cutscene itself Glitch Showcase: 20 minutes
BBFBBF I Wanna Be The Co-op Two Players - 100% 1:00:00 PC Link The run itself contains a lot of entertaining value due to this being a co-op game. Not only that, but it may be a race 2 v 2! Game consists of 4 Stages which all have some interesting skips and gimmicks to show off. MrZwanzig, Aferalsheep, SmartKin 5 Show off secret Mario area which can be accessed after completing the game 100% and getting a special item.
MrzwanzigMrzwanzig I Wanna Be The Co-op Two player - 100% 1:00:00 PC Link The run itself contains a lot of entertaining value due to this being a co-op game. Not only that, but it may be a race 2 v 2! Game consists of 4 Stages which all have some interesting skips and gimmicks to show off. BBF_, Smartkin, aferalsheep 5
MetakoMetako Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Alucard 0:40:00 X360 EUR Link (Category is All Bosses) Castlevania: SoTN is a hugely loved game from the PS era. In the All Bosses speedrun we exploit insane movement tech compared to Any%, exploring more of Dracula's castle, and cheesing even more bosses. The run is thrilling from beginning to end and has been improved significantly since it's last showing at a marathon. 5 File name bid war (8 character max)
Ya-GGYa-GG Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Any% 0:35:00 PC Link The game is a cute 2D metroidvania, with technical parts that we have to do properly if we want to go fast, especially on insane difficulty (being hit once = death). Because of the difficulty, the game itself is interesting and spectacular to watch, even for people who don't know the game. Game very short : estimate ~35 min, so easy to put on the ESA schedule, and released on pc, which probably means the setup to stream it should be easy too. Race more than possible with Urinstein. Urinstein 5
MetakoMetako Final Fantasy IX PSX Disc 9:30:00 PS2 USA Link Final Fantasy IX has gained notoriety as a speedgame in the JRPG community. Unlike other PS FFs, there are few glitches and mechanic abuse to cheese through the game, so execution needs to be on point to succeed. The fast paced action and stellar soundtrack make this a run not to be missed. 5 Character names (7 characters max)
havrdhavrd Nikita: The Mystery of The Hidden Treasure Any% 0:25:00 PC Link Nikita: Tajemnica Skarbu Piratow is a Polish kids game where a female fox pirate goes on a epic wallclimbing quest to gather treasure. The run has alot of action and pretty hard skips, the video included has marathon strats (Which are still hard). The game is short, sweet and pretty entertaining to laugh at. 1
Ya-GGYa-GG The Legend of Korra Any% 0:58:00 PC Link Category : any% normal The Legend of Korra is a beatthemall game based on the TV animated serie. The game itself doesn't have big skips like ng+, but any% is equally technical, where RNG can matter a little more. Fights are smooth, and the game has some time of breaks between fights, which can be easily used for donations. The game was surprisingly appreciated a lot at both Bourg la run (french marathon) and AGDQ 2017. I'll play the game on pc, which means the setup to stream won't probably be complicated. 0
EagleEagle Metroid: Zero Mission 100% 1:15:00 GBA EUR Link Submitting as a race between myself, Dragonfangs and Mobiusman. (+ possibly more runners) Metroid: Zero Mission 100% race between some of the best runners in the world - what a treat! I'm sure you know what you're getting at this point - a fast paced run and some insightful commentary by very knowledgeable runners. Since ESA 2014, the route's changed a little bit, including a neat warping glitch in an otherwise glitch-less run, but really, we've just gotten better and more consistent. Dragonfangs, Mobiusman 5
CropaxCropax Trine NG+ Coop Any% 0:35:00 PC EUR Link There are several interesting tricks throughout the run and because it's coop there will also be precise communication and coordination between the runners. Cooperation between the runners is key to having a good run since both runners will be relying on their partner throughout the run. The two runners are also very charismatic so the commentary between the two runners will both be informative about the run but also entertaining. MrWalrus 0
CropaxCropax Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Any% 0:30:00 PC EUR Link This run requires a lot of skill and precise movement which makes for a very exciting speedrun to watch. The game runs on the source engine which means there are several forms of bunnyhoping, boosting and clipping throughout the run. The run was shown at AGDQ 2017 and since then many new strats have been found which makes the run ever faster than ever before. 0
CropaxCropax Battlefield 1 Any% 2:05:00 PC EUR Link This game is very interesting as it features not only normal infantry gun play, but also tank driving and aerial combat. The run itself requires accurate movement and aim but also a slight bit of AI manipulation. 0
AlkoAlko Action 52 (Genesis) Cheetahmen Any-% 0:06:00 Genesis USA Link Last year, we took you on an enchanted journey through Ooze-Land. This winter, you witnessed a magnificent display of the NES version. Now, stay tuned for the Genesis’ version of Action 52’s Cheetahmen! Three dazzling levels of incredible depth, Action (52)-packed gameplay, one hitpoint wonder characters and more. Don’t miss this great game, coming soon to your ESA marathon. To keep posted on my practice times, check my PBTracker page: Estimate is ‘in case hell freezes over’-safe. Should be Genesis, not NES. Will edit once Genesis is added to the game’s platforms. Note: Because I still don’t know how to do it, the submission video is unfortunately without sound. Game will have sound, though. 0
Mr_ShastaMr_Shasta Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Any% 0:45:00 GBA USA Link Remake of Kirby's Adventure for the NES. The movement in this game is very very fluid because of many cool movement techniques like sliding off ledges, Hi Jump and the ability to cancel it in midair, and all the Wheel tech like Wheel Jumping and animation cancelling when getting out of Wheel. Avoiding enemies in this game is harder than it looks and I make it look easy. Submitting 100% as well as a donation incentive should it get accepted Famarok for potential Any% race 41 Donation incentive for 100% if taken as a solo run. If taken as a race, we could both do a Boss Endurance race (5 minute estimate) to fill the extra time
Mr_ShastaMr_Shasta Star Fox: Assault Any% 0:50:00 GCN USA Link Third person shooter/shmup with a lot of cool movement and a few skips here and there as well. During the Shmup sections I'll be going for the highest scores I can get, and of course on everything else i'll be going as fast as I can and going for the lowest possible IGT. The run has a few death warps which skips whole sections of missions, plus a cool clip in Mission 4. I can also do good and concise commentary while during the shmup sections 3
MergyMergy Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards Any% 0:53:00 GBA JPN Link Yu-Gi-Oh! Games often get the reputation of being slow card games and this is where Sacred Cards shines. It's probably the most fast paced YGO speedrun and needs precised movement. RNG Manipulation is possible and very hard to execute. 3 Donation Incentive for a Konami Code run of Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005 (Estimate: 30 Seconds)
Mr_ShastaMr_Shasta Metroid Prime Hunters All Items 1:25:00 3DS JPN Link This game uses the touch screen for aiming, selecting weapons, and going into the Morph Ball. The run is extremely broken, from clipping through walls many times, sequence breaking the game a lot, to simple cutscene skips and cutscene stacking. It's a game that's difficult to control well and especially fast, so just watching this game alone looks impressive knowing the controls. There's a new route not recorded yet that I'll be doing in the run that's a few minutes faster should it get accepted. Also involves a new skip that allows me to do Vesper Defense Outpost in one visit. 0
Mr_ShastaMr_Shasta 007: Agent Under Fire Any% 0:47:00 GCN USA Link The first 007 game on the Gamecube. Most of the run is execution heavy, with a few cool optimizations like boosting yourself onto invisible walls using explosives, moving diagonally against walls to go super fast, and many cutscene skips.The plot of this game and everything going on in it is a lot more silly than the run lets on and I will make sure you know this. 0
DrTChopsDrTChops Dishonored All Collectibles 0:50:00 PC Link This category is the fastest paced main category of this game. It shows off a ton speedtech any% doesn't show. When everything goes well it looks smooth as HECK 0 Incentive to show off saving the empress at the start of the game, preventing the game's events from unfolding. Adds 5min after the run.
whit_sendwhit_send Croc 2 (GBC) Any% 0:27:00 GBP USA Link While Croc is normally known for his PS1 games, this GBC port is a faster, more exciting version to watch as a speedgame. Not only can Croc actually run, but he abuses tight, frame-perfect jumps and precise movement to beat Dante once and for all! In a fight for frames and seconds, every subpixel matters to save the Gobbos. 0 If Any% is accepted, 100% can be a donation incentive (the run would be 1h26m but would replace this one).
MartinForSlundMartinForSlund Crazy Taxi 2 Crazy Pyramid 0:25:00 Dreamcast USA Link A really entertaining game, that haven't been shown at ESA before. Also, using 2dos GDQ run as a reference for the submission, as he goes though most of the important things in the video. 0
DragonfangsDragonfangs Forced Any% 4 players 1:00:00 PC Link We're hilarious MLSTRM, Cereth, eTholon 10
DragonfangsDragonfangs Metroid: Zero Mission 100% 1:15:00 GBA EUR Link We've had ZM before, it's just a really solid speedgame with a strong european showing. This race would include 3 of the best runners in the world for the game, with some new advances in both routing and tricks since last time it was shown. Eagle, Mobiusman 5 Incentive to do a bonus run through the stealth section after the race without triggering the alarm at all. Known as "Perfect stealth" in the community. 5-10 minutes of extra time.
Megami_infiniMegami_infini Virtual Hydlide any% 0:55:00 Saturn JPN Link This run would be set seed. Any% skips 2 dungeons, which saves time, but makes me underleveled and set seed makes me know exactly where which dungeon will be and where will be items I need within them, making run pretty short and straightforward 5
ThexteraThextera Blitz Breaker Any% 0:30:00 PC Link This game is a precision platformer that has simple mechanics. You can press left/right/up/down and will go in that direction until you either hit spikes and die or hit a wall. Then you can also jump which is only useful on moving platforms. The game looks easier than it is. Also got shown off at AGDQ 2017. 1
KottiKotti Serious Sam 3: BFE Any% 0:48:00 PC Link It's a good run and I'm good at it and I had a dream where I was at ESA and wanted to run this but hadn't submitted. Can race. Tezur0 3
ukogmonkeyukogmonkey Guitar Hero 3 Guitar Hero Exhibition (Exhibition) 0:30:00 Link Although there has been a new GH released recently, there is still a large following for this game. It was the biggest game of it's time and I think people would love to see some of the Hardest songs be beaten/100% FC'd. I am the current record holder for a guitar hero 3 speedrun, but as that can take a large amount of time to complete I think an exhibition would be very entertaining for people to watch. 5
havrdhavrd Valley Any% 0:25:00 PC Link Valley came out in 2016 and was generally pretty drowned by other games. Even still there are quite a few runners for the game, this is because of the very good movement techniques in the game that makes you go really fast. We skip almost everything in the game, have some hilarious strats and some ridiculously hard ones. The game has GREAT music, pretty good visuals, its new and it has cool skips and speedtech. Also it has hippie jokes. 2
havrdhavrd NecroVision: Lost Company Any% 0:37:00 PC Link This is the current game we picked up for Run Invalid. The game is set in World War One with hilarious voice acting, vampires, zombies, werewolves and much more. The game is also really broken which helps the comedy factor out alot. Unfortunately i cannot disclose how long a marathon run might be, we will have access to information like that in about a month or so. This time instead of doing the showcase like last year, we will submit it as one run with a single runner. This way we still get the stellar commentary from the couch with many people participating in the routing of the game. But also consolidated strats from each of the competing teams. 4
xDrHellxxDrHellx Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Any% 1:50:00 GBA JPN Link Boktai is an Action-RPG game made by Konami (and Kojima, kinda). The game uses a solar sensor, wich affects the game in general (water, weapon ammo, boss purifications). In runs, we use UV flashlights or patches (emu) for this. While playing, we have to manage our inventory (items to walk faster, push blocks faster, heal...), while also managing the amount of sunlight the sensor receives to avoid "OverHeating". Overheating makes you unable to use your weapon, because of this, overheat is a reset in runs. Still, with the route we have, getting an Overheat shouldn't happen. We turn off the UVs during dialogs, or parts where we simply don't need sunlight. Anyway, besides the solar sensor feature, the run mostly focuses on item / inventory management. For example, we grab just the amount of items we need to go fast (Bananas to push blocks faster, for puzzles, Lemons to run faster, Grenades for bosses, etc). That's about it, there currently aren't any glitches. It's all about knowing the game, the route, and being good. PS: While the video is about a run done on emulator with the sunlight patch, the run at ESA, if it happens, will be done with an UV flashlight and a cartridge, on GB Player (NGC)). PS2: While i'm not sure if i'll be able to get to ESA, i wanted to give this game a chance, i've started speedrunning mostly to show this game to others, because i like the serie, and because it deserves to known by more people. I am currently trying to get money to buy a cartridge, and to get to ESA when it'll happen. 5 Good or Bad ending (AKA Save Otenko or not). While the timer ends before that choice, we still show it, mostly because IGT happens after the credits, wich starts after that choice. Anyway, incentive should end at the final hit on Hel (phase 2), just like the timer.
SajikiSajiki Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Human Campaign 0:52:00 PC Link Warcraft III was the game of my childhood and the game that got me into playing video games on the internet. I have played the multiplayer for years and the campaigns are just wonderful, as many people probably know. Sadly, all of them have a 30-45 minutes autoscroller. Fortunately, we have found ways to speed that up considerably with some pretty crazy gameplay :) That being said, this speedrun is probably most interesting to fans of the RTS genre. It features a lot of rapid clicks and it mostly uses very well planned out strategies and execution to speed up the levels. Apart from the very beginning it is very action-packed and the showcased tricks are quite innovative (especially the tile-perfect mortar shot in mission 3). Even though it does not feature lots of crazy glitches, the utilized ways to complete levels are quite unique and probably different from what the casual player would do. 0
snapcasesnapcase Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls Any% 0:25:00 PC Link Khimera has never been shown at a marathon before and I think it would make a great addition to the schedule. It's a fast paced platformer that plays like a mix between Shovel Knight and Mega Man. After each boss you get an upgrade that helps you in traversing the levels. It's a fairly short game that has some interesting strategies and glitches that I think would make it exciting to watch and hopefully bring some new players to our community! Edit 2017-03-08: WR hype, updated video link. 5 Even though I'm submitting this as Any% I have an idea to let the viewers decide what category I play. All the categories are within less than 5 min of each other so hopefully that's not a problem when it comes to scheduling if the incentive would be allowed. The main categories are Any%, Race Mode and Berserk Race and they have slight differences. Any% - You start the game fresh, no upgrades. This category has an actual route that you need to follow but fewer levels. Race Mode - You start with all the upgrades, route does not matter much but you have a few extra levels so you get to show off more of the game. You also start with the maximum amount of heart containers which doesn't really put the player at much risk. Berserk Race - Again, all upgrades but you only have 4 heart containers. You inflict a lot more damage to enemies but you also take double damage. This makes for a high risk, high reward kind of gameplay that should be very entertaining to watch. Video from the latest community race can be found here: edit: WR hype edit 2017-03-10: Alternative incentive instead of category could be choice of costume. They are obtained either through a DLC or a few seconds detour. would like to combine both incentives but unfortunately it's not possible when playing Berserk.
GyooGyoo FEZ All Golden Cubes 1:05:00 PC EUR Link Last time FEZ was shown at ESA was in 2014. Since then, the game has still evolved, with a new update last year that added a proper integrated speedrun mode. Also, All Golden Cubes is a new category that was routed in 2016 and I'm the only one who has ever run this category. Contrary to any% where you gather mostly anticubes, in this category you can only collect golden cubes that you get by exploring the world. Therefore, you get to visit a lot more places that remain unseen in any%, with lots of optimizations and small glitches everywhere as well as new tricks. 5 Donation goal : Bonus room - The Bitrate Hell (takes ~1 minute, can be done after the run)
GyooGyoo Splasher Selfish 0:58:00 PC EUR Link Splasher is a nervous 2D platformer that was released in February 2017. The gameplay consists of spraying paint of several colours on walls to get through the levels that become obviously more and more demanding. You can spray water to clean surfaces or destroy ennemies, red paint to stick to walls, and yellow paint to bounce everywhere. Game is clearly aimed at speedrunners thanks to a speedrun mode that has been developed by french runners. The difference between IGT (what we use on boards) and RTA is around 5 minutes. 5
TheGonsTheGons Where is my heart ? Any% 0:17:00 PC Link This is a fairly interesting run to watch because the game has a fairly unique aproach to puzzlegames. In addition to that there are some levels that are basically played with no or barely any vision which makes the run look very interesting. Gikkman 0 Beat the bonus levels.
SemmlbroeselSemmlbroesel Unbox any% 0:45:00 PC Link Unbox is a modern 3D collectathon platformer about alive boxes having to deliver stuff, but for some reason they basically never actually deliver anything. Since it has had a very recent release (September 2016), the community is still very small and the run got improved heavily in the recent weeks. That also means that the run has a lot of potential and is likely to see even further improvement by the time ESA rolls around, so the estimate might go down a little (maybe like 5 minutes). I would really like the chance to present the game to a lot more people and grow the community. 1
GikkmanGikkman Where is my heart ? Any% 0:17:00 PC Link This is a fairly interesting run to watch because the game has a fairly unique approach to puzzle games. In addition to that there are some levels that are basically played with no or barely any vision which makes the run look very interesting. While it might be a bit confusing, with all the different view ports, but it is quite impressive if you haven't seen it before. And, I know my time is not the best at the time of submission, but I'm working on improving my time. But the Mystery Tournament kinda got in my way at the moment, but I am working on beating TheGons, and I probably will soon :-) TheGons 3 A donation incentive could be put to play the 3 bonus levels, which shows of some pretty dumb applications of the games mechanics. Additional time might be 3-4 minutes?
aferalsheepaferalsheep I Wanna Be The Co-op Two Player 1:00:00 PC Link (Smartkin did the main entry for this.) Fun co-op oriented game with a chance to race 2v2, interesting in itself but also interesting gimmicks and skips to show on top of that. Smartkin, BBF, Mrzwanzig 5
bangerrabangerra birdsong Any% 0:07:00 PC Link Really fast paced platformer with an interesting fish-eye effect. It just looks cool I guess. Super fun to play too with amazingly tight controls and interesting, checkpoint abuse. 0
legrandgrandlegrandgrand Xenoblade Chronicles NG Any% 5:45:00 WiiUVC EUR Link Xenoblade is a very popular JRPG released on the Wii, and probably the best JRPG on the console. The game is incredibly huge, to the point it usually takes a good 70 hours to anyone playing the game for the first time to get through it. In a speedrun setting, however, the game only requires ~6hours to be done, mainly because of a clever abuse of the game mechanics to farm levels way faster than you are supposed to: therefore, about 4hours in, it just takes a good 40 minutes of farming with 2 really cool and very different strats to get to get a good enough set up to finish the game. It used to be way longer than that, but I glitch allows you from the very beggining of the game to get from lvl 8 to lvl 50 in only 5 minutes, which allow to save about 3 hours of very boring farming and painful strats that we had to go through. The fighting system is really intense, and a lot of fights gives a very fun and entertaining challenge. As for movement, even if we are kinda slow for all the kilometres we need to go through, the atmosphere and the musics makes this game a very good game to chill in, even while speedrunning. Oh, did I mention we could skip all of the game cutscene? There is no pauses in the game because of that, which is a big plus. My PB is pretty low compared to the estimate and the leaderboard, but a new route that saves about 30 minutes and a different game setting that saves another 30 minutes, I'm very confident with this estimate, and it could probably go lower if I get to play and practice the game more. EDIT: dropped estimate by 15 minutes considering how went my first run of this. Video is processing. 5 Voice Acting bidwar (English, Japanese) Cutscenes incentives (~3minutes/CS). Cutscenes still to be determined.
legrandgrandlegrandgrand Pandora's Tower NG C ending 2:35:00 Wii EUR Link Pandora's Tower was released at the same time as Xenoblade and marketed as the Rainfall Trilogy, with The Last Story. This game, compared to the two others, is way too obscure for its qualities: It has a lot of references from our Western history (namely classic musics, greek tragedy, and medieval science), a very well written story and characters, has some incredible dungeons, excellent boss design, and a very interesting gameplay. The run is completly glitchless but it's a very entertaining dungeon crawler and very cool strats. C ending gets through all the dungeons and fight a weaker form of the final boss and is the default category for this game. 0 CS Show off (5-10 minutes)
ethoetho Forced Any% 4 players 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Good 4p coop game that only requires one of the screens to be captured. Good memes. (Also see MLSTRM's submission) Cereth, MLSTRM, Dragonfangs 10
legrandgrandlegrandgrand Pandora's Tower NG D ending 2:00:00 Wii EUR Link D ending only gets through 9 dungeons out of the 11 available and features no final boss: it really is just a Bad Ending, and is only more interesting than C ending if you don't want the extra 30 minutes. 0 CS show off (5 minutes)
legrandgrandlegrandgrand Pandora's Tower NG+ S ending 2:00:00 Wii EUR Link NG+ just destroys every bosses in pretty much one hit and feaatures the true final boss (that is still going to take merely 1-2 minutes). However you still have to go through everything in the game and is still a very fun and enjoyable category, as it show off most of the game and removing all the annoying RNG of the run. 10
JoeeJoee Small Soldiers Any% 0:30:00 PS Link This is a fun little run, with two new skips that were just found as well, it's shorter than ever. The variety of skips in this run makes it pretty interesting and it's a fun little romp on the playstation 1, which is always nice. Also the soundtrack is insanely good. 0
wilzowilzo The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Any% 2:10:00 GBA JPN Link It's a great speedrun with some fairly entertaining glitches to those who haven't seen them before (such as Ocarina Glitch and the Fortress of Winds boss key skip). It's also a highly under-represented game at marathons despite its fairly large community, so it would be great to see it get more exposure. I am currently 7th in the category, however there have been some new timesaves discovered since my PB and so I could likely get a better time before the marathon. 10
PottowwPottoww Star Fox 64 Red Line 0:35:00 N64 CHN Link After TASing the game (no I am far from finished) I have learnt a lot about the different aspects of the game mechanics. I have been running this game and this category at previous ESA's (2015) but the biggest boost for this year would most definitely be an analyzing and interesting commentary. The things to consider to go fast in the on-rail sections has been teared down by myself to the smallest details and with awesome voice acting and a foreign console this would build up to an interesting and fun watch for all the Star Fox fans (yes, there still are Star Fox fans alive). 2 Kill All% - This is a category made up by the Japanese community, and was created after the internal "Kill Slippy%" joke category. This category has also found its competitive runs but is silly and funny due to it actually becoming a thing. Donation goal: 500$ Estimated extra time: 3 minutes
HaosEdgeHaosEdge Bastion Any% No MS 0:20:00 PC Link It's a very quick, fast-paced run of this popular indie game. Bastion has a rather big speedrun following as well and a new route that hasn't been showcased in a big event yet is being used since last month. Also we (Kazzadan and I) are submitting this as a race, and we are 2 of the top (european) runners of this game and category, which should make this one really exciting to watch. Also a couple more Bastion runners will be at ESA, who can help improving commentary and give the viewers their insight as well. Kazzadan 5
WilkoWilko Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1:22:00 GCN JPN Link Super Mario Sunshine is the third most popular speedgame and has tons of very fast-paced movement, a good amount of interesting glitches and is easy to follow even for somebody who has never played the game. It didn't make it into last year's ESA and i would be happy if it would be shown in this year's marathon. I would be of course up to race the game with other Sunshine Speedrunners. Dutchj,Rimato,Danieru_Itachi,Bloodwhale 2 Glitch Exhibition
FloubzFloubz Psychonauts Any% 0:45:00 PC Link You know what it is, Psychonaut. Same old game it was last year. Right? Oh wait, since last time it was ran at AGDQ a small skip was found. LSD(Load Save Displacement). Skips 3 levels, saves around 12 minutes, no big deal. Other than that all the other stuff is still in there. You got buttonmash-flying, bunny hops, palm bomb launching, and get stuck in your dad skip. Psychonauts. Guaranteed to psych you up and blow your mind 1
WilkoWilko Yooka-Laylee Any% 3:00:00 PC EUR Link Highly anticipated 3D Platformer, which will release on April 11th. Going to speedrun the game full-time immediately when it releases. Can't give an estimate on how long the run would be yet, but there will be 3 1/2 months until ESA is taking place and i think it would be great if the game would be shown in the marathon. 5
Flippy_oFlippy_o Super Mario 64 120 Star 1:55:00 N64 JPN Link Super Mario 64 is the well-known 3D platformer that introduced a generation to the next dimension in gaming. Beyond that aspect, however, it's become one of the most heavily grinded speedruns with an immense depth, and impressive visuals that stun the audience alongside the skills of the runner. We (cheese05, dwhatever, flippy_o, taggo3435) are submitting this game with the intention of doing a race of the 120 star category, which collects all the stars in the game. If the committee prefers a single run by the best attending runner, then we're also up for that idea. cheese05, taggo3435, dwhatever 10 Donation incentive for 2p1c run of 16 star with two of the runners. Would likely add about 20 minutes extra time.
DwhateverDwhatever Super Mario 64 120 Star 1:55:00 N64 JPN Link Super Mario 64 is the well-known 3D platformer that introduced a generation to the next dimension in gaming. Beyond that aspect, however, it's become one of the most heavily grinded speedruns with an immense depth, and impressive visuals that stun the audience alongside the skills of the runner. We (cheese05, flippy_o, taggo3435, dwhatever) are submitting this game with the intention of doing a race of the 120 star category, which collects all the stars in the game. If the committee prefers a single run by the best attending runner, then we're also up for that idea. cheese05, taggo3435, flippy_o 10 Donation incentive for 2p1c run of 16 star with two of the runners. Would likely add about 20 minutes extra time.
DutchjDutchj Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1:22:00 Wii JPN Link SMS is one of the most popular speedruns, with a large international community and a ton of active players. The Any% run showcases impressive movement as well as hard to perform glitches and skips. The past years have seen a lot of optimization throughout the entire run. This can potentially be a race. Wilko,Rimato,Danieru_Itachi, Bloodwhale 0 Glitch Exhibition
mobiusmanmobiusman Metroid: Zero Mission 100% 1:15:00 GBA EUR Link Europe's favourite 2D metroid returns for another ESA. Arguably the most successful example ever of a game designed to be speedrun, MZM is a game of fluid physics, open-ended routing, resource management, and tight execution all the way through. It WAS unbroken last time around, but a few adjustments have been made and one of them involves teleporting through a floor. MZM is by now a well-established speedgame, but with many of the old top players semi-retired, this could be the last chance for a while for a race of this quality. Eagle, Dragonfangs 5
TherioTherio Sound Voltex Sound Voltex (Exhibition) 0:20:00 Link its everyone's least favourite anime rhythm game with whoosh whoosh bang bang game changed to sound voltex instead of kshoot as it is getting an official PC release sometime in the future 5
DiendaDienda Monster Truck Madness 64 Circuit - Beginner 0:35:00 N64 USA Link A speedrun that includes flying, nitro-using Monster Trucks - does it need any more reasons to be shown to a large audience? In addition to that you get cool skips and shortcuts, clever item-abuses, demanding car control and FLYING MONSTER TRUCKS, I don't think I can stress this point enough. 1 There are 20 different Trucks, who all behave the same, so It would be a cool donation incentive to choose the Truck I would have to use. All of the Trucks are famous Monster Trucks that exist IRL too, for example the Hollywood Holgan Truck, BigFoot or Grave Digger.
UltiUlti Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Panzer Jäger, 1CC (Exhibition) 0:23:00 Link Ketsui is a fast-paced vertical bullet-hell with advanced scoring and simple mechanics. Compared to most shmups, Ketsui encourages the player with its enemy patterns and scoring mechanics to get aggressive and often leave the bottom of the screen, where players would usually stay for the majority of the game. This, on top of the large amount of bullets and the high-risk scoring makes for a very hype game to watch. In spite of the game's extreme amount of complexity, it still manages to be fairly easily presentable to the uninitiated as the bright visuals (especially the bullets) communicate easily to the viewer/player what's going on. I aim to clear the game with a single credit, possibly scoring above 100-120mil points. My current PB is at 100.6mil, and considering that I will only improve this goal seems very attainable. As an extra goal, I would also like to attempt to loop the game if possible (which would extend the run by a good 1-5 minutes extra in my case), but I am currently not at a sufficient enough level to loop yet. If the possibility of me bypassing the time I would usually take is a problem, don't hesitate to notify me about it. The additional 3 minutes are for getting through the ending cutscene and the high score leaderboard, along with goodbyes/thanks. The game will be emulated in ShmupMAME 4.2 on PC, and a partner (most likely Pull) will help me with the commentary in the times where I'm focusing. If you are reading this shortly after me sending it, the vid I have linked may still be uploading. In the case that the video I linked doesn't work, check here to see a full, 2-loop high-level run. 3
NaroNaro Touhou Koukishin - Adventure Of Scarlet Curiosity Remilia Any% 0:30:00 PC USA Link A Touhou fangame. The sequel to Youyou Kengeki Musou, featuring a bunch of new RPG elements like equipment and changing between abilities, a more open world with optional stages, and just more content overall. This game carries over a lot of the same tricks, like sequence breaking by clipping out of bounds, but even more is possible with a character that can glide in the air. And faceplant to go fast. 2
SeductiveSpatulaSeductiveSpatula Vessel Any% 1:20:00 PC Link Vessel is a 2D puzzle platformer focused on fluid physics and AI. The run has one primary glitch that allows us spray fluid indefinitely, which is used to speed up puzzles or skip some entirely, and even allows us to do an oob that skips almost an entire chapter of the game. Outside of that it's all about optimizing and brute forcing puzzles to get through it rather speedy. 0
SeductiveSpatulaSeductiveSpatula L.A. Noire Traffic Desk 0:40:00 PC Link See Any% submission. Traffic is the first, and shortest, desk of the run and shows off really well what running this game is all about while being a bit more bite-sized than a full Any% run 0 No Skips (+20:00): No action skips and no partner driving
SeductiveSpatulaSeductiveSpatula BattleBlock Theater Challenge Co-Op 0:15:00 PC Link The challenge levels of Battleblock Theater is a set of 15 short levels. As usual for speedruns of this game, we'll be using the game's different weapons whenever we have the chance, to skip annoying or slow parts of levels. It's fast paced, pretty silly, and even has a couple strats unique to this category. HaosEdge 0
KZ_FREWKZ_FREW Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any% (No AJS) 5:00:00 PC USA Link Very popular speedgame, unlikely to be showcased at many marathons due to length and how demanding it is to perform. (Note: PB video is outdated, new strats will be shown should this run be accepted to ESA) 5 What kind of clothes to buy during the run, or "fat CJ" incentive.
PessimismPessimism Resident Evil HD Remaster New Game Best Ending 1:29:00 PC USA Link This game is often regarded as the best Survival Horror game ever and one of the most recognizable games in the franchise. 100% (Best ending) refers to saving both characters and fighting the super tyrant making this much more exciting at the end of the game. 5 Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield
BubblesDelFuegoBubblesDelFuego Sniper Elite V2 Any% 0:50:00 PC USA Link Most of the run is just pure non-stop action with sweet sniping skillz. There are a gentle amount of glitches to remind you that it's a speedrun, such as warping and OoB, but I must remind you that this is a shooter at heart. Quick kills, good enemy knowledge, tactical movement, and thinking on your feet. That's what you'll see here. I am also the former record holder, so I know what I'm doing. 0
cheesecheese Super Mario 64 120 Star 1:55:00 N64 USA Link Super Mario 64 is the well-known 3D platformer that introduced a generation to the next dimension in gaming. Beyond that aspect, however, it's become one of the most heavily grinded speedruns with an immense depth, and impressive visuals that stun the audience alongside the skills of the runner. We (cheese05, dwhatever, flippy_o, taggo3435) are submitting this game with the intention of doing a race of the 120 star category, which collects all the stars in the game. If the committee prefers a single run by the best attending runner, then we're also up for that idea. Flippy_o, Taggo3435, Dwhatever 10 Donation incentive for 2p1c run of 16 star with two of the runners. Would likely add about 20 minutes extra time.
PessimismPessimism Resident Evil HD Remaster Knife Only 1:34:00 PC USA Link This game is often regarded as the best Survival Horror game ever and one of the most recognizable games in the franchise. Knife only runs in this game show good understanding of the boss mechanics and great inventory management for necessary heals that aren't in other categories. This category is definitely an intense run which will have the viewers at the edge of their seats on the dangerous parts. 5 Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield
PessimismPessimism Resident Evil HD Remaster Invisible Enemy Any% 1:27:00 PC USA Link This game is often regarded as the best Survival Horror game ever and one of the most recognizable games in the franchise. Invisible enemies! Viewers will definitely be intrigued watching a madman dodge dozens of invisible enemies through out the run! This run is definitely marathon safe when having a lot of experience with the game and the help of defense items! 5 Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield
PjoxtPjoxt Arx Fatalis Any% 0:43:00 PC EUR Link Arx Fatalis is a comfy little action rpg made by the developers of Dishonored. It features a unique spellcasting system where you draw magical runes with your mouse, so expect to see some wizard shenanigans. It's also never been shown at a marathon before. 1 none, sry
FrippenFrippen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project Any% (2 Player) 0:45:00 NES JPN Link Co op run why not :) Purjo83 0
linkbosslinkboss Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis / Mega Drive) Sonic 0:25:00 Genesis USA Link Sonic 2 is a classic game for many gamers, seeing a speedrun of it is a great way to show how different you play the game casually vs in a speedrun, and shows a great deal of execution along with some great glitch usages. it's a quite short run but with a lot of packed action, and time after each level end to explain how things work. And it's one of the greatest games of the Genesis too. 5
GrukkGrukk World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Co-op 0:30:00 Genesis USA Link Since ESA2015 Edenal and I have improved our PB and have some new strats that we want to show off. Edenal 0
UltimaOmega07UltimaOmega07 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any% (No AJS) 4:45:00 PC Link Undeniably one of the most popular GTA games. This run was last at ESA14 and it has changed considerably with new strategies that save over 30 minutes compared to runs from 2 years ago. After 2 hours the run starts getting quite broken with mission duping which lets us skip entire missions due to the way the game works. Duping also causes some side effects which are quite amusing at times. (Selected that particular video because it explains the glitches and route) 1 Will Smith haircut, what clothes to buy. Would add ~1min to estimate.
uhTranceuhTrance Sniper Elite V2 Any% 0:50:00 PC Link Fast paced run with plenty of action. Got a couple of glitches in there as well. faitly consistent run. 0
UltimaOmega07UltimaOmega07 Grand Theft Auto IV Any% 4:30:00 PC Link Never before featured during an on-site marathon before. GTAIV is a relatively glitch-free run with a heavy focus on phonecalls and text messages that you receive (some of them can be fairly random). In any% a lot of the strategy revolves around cabs and using them as much as possible for missions and there is a ton of micro-optimization going on throughout the entire run. 2 ending choice possibly, would add a few minutes to estimate
UltimaOmega07UltimaOmega07 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Any% 4:10:00 PSP EUR Link Never before been on an on-site marathon. Even though this game practically breaks itself we saw the need to break it even more so we found mission duping which lets us skip a couple long and boring missions. We also recently found a new way to set it up which most likely requires a reroute. It's so bad it's good. 2
MrTauMrTau Rise of the Tomb Raider Any% 1:15:00 PC Link Rise of the Tomb Raider is the newest addition to the Tomb Raider Franchise. The run has gotten far since the very beginning in 2015 and got optimised a lot with the communities revival in 2017. It features a high amount of different skips with gamebreaking out of bounds and tricks. The vast majority these are purely skill based and the run has very little rng wich makes it perfect for a race. Leemyy 7 500$ Skip / glitch Showcase (unused skips) extra 15 minutes if met
UltimaOmega07UltimaOmega07 Deus Ex Any% (Realistic) 0:45:00 PC Link Very broken and entertaining run to watch. Lots of skips, tricks and glitches packed in a 40 minute run. 1
HaosEdgeHaosEdge The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom Any% 0:35:00 PC Link Very fun indie puzzle game that not many people have heard of but it definitely deserves more attention. Collecting pies as main objective to solve those puzzle levels, who can say no to that :P Also people usually really like the artstyle of this game. 5
SpamSpam TrackMania² Stadium All Flags 1:20:00 PC EUR Link The game Trackmania has been around for many years as one of the most active online multiplayer racing games out there. With a wide variety of mapstyles, tricks and shortcuts the All flags speedrun will leave everyone stunned! Not only is it fun to watch but also a real challenge to complete the full campaign in a clean manner. 5 Donation goal for which country car will be used. I will donate 1€ for every mistake/bug i get during the run.
HaosEdgeHaosEdge Out There Somewhere Any% IGT 0:10:00 PC Link Very fast paced 2D portal-esque indie game which uses really cool speed tech. Defintely fun to watch, as there is always something going on but not too much so you could get confused as a viewer. Most of this game comes down to precise jumps, damageboosts and clever portal gun usage. 5
NordNord Postal 2 Enhanced mode 0:35:00 PC Link The timeless classic that is Postal 2 but played in a new way with the recent patches, this mode allows one to "run" the game faster by flying in what the devs intended to be a legit way. 5 Postal 2:Paradise Lost Any% (Enhanced Mode) - 1:30:00 RTA
MatteMatte Super Meat Boy 106% 1:30:00 PC Link One of the most popular speed games with a very skill intensive category. 0
NordNord Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks Any% 0:15:00 PC Link Certainly one of the many gems people have missed, overshadowed by other such "good" games like Unreal or Half-Life. In this game, you play as a Redneck trying to save your beloved goat from a crazy scientist. Complete with crazy stunts and OOBs. 2 Donation war for the name of the save file and character.
NordNord El Matador Any% 0:45:00 PC Link Mexican Max Payne with sweet skips and OOBs, what else do you need? 2
RickyRicky Jak 3 The Journey Back Gold Edition Any% 0:30:00 PC Link Nintendo Nightmare was a great success last ESA, and this game is very similar to that. The cutscenes are hilarious, with terrible voice acting, stolen segments from other games, and actual speedtech, despite it being a flash game. I would like this run to feature all of the cutscenes because it would give a good laugh to the audience for sure, this makes the gameplay about 16 minutes, and the cutscenes about 8 minutes. I myself am a long time veteran to ESA, i don't feel as if i need an introduction. Many people have loved the games i have done and submitted to ESA and GDQ. I'd be a fun and enthusiastic runner for your event. You have to trust me when i tell you this will be really fun to show off. 0
RickyRicky Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal NG+ No QE 0:45:00 PS2 USA Link This run had great success at ESA 2015, and at AGDQ 2016, i would like to race Tarnawina and SuperSqank as a 3-man race preferably. However if neither of them submit, i can run alone. Incredibly technical run, everyone likes ratchet and clank. This is by far the best category to show the audience. I myself am a long time veteran to ESA, i don't feel as if i need an introduction. Many people have loved the games i have done and submitted to ESA and GDQ. I'd be a fun and enthusiastic runner for your event. Tarnawina & SuperSqank 0 Costume/Skin war for the runners. Robo Buginoid Brainius Robo Rooster Trooper Snowman Tuxedo SuperSqank has the korean version which can do Santa Ratchet Sumo Ratchet Ape from Ape Escape. If one of the Korean costumes win, Tarna and i can run with the most picked english skin
SuperSqankSuperSqank Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal NG+ No QE 0:40:00 PS2 KOR Link With this game's success in the past, it would be wonderful to shoe this game off preferably a 3 man race between Me, Tarnawina and ThaRixer. I'd rather not run the game by my self since I'd much rather run one of my other games alone over this but If a 2 or 3 man race for this game gets in, I'll be so pumped to run since it'll be a completely new experience racing against other people in a marathon for me. This is the game I put the most time into through my live speedrunning and seeing a race happen would be wonderful. Tarnawina, ThaRixer 0 Choose from one of the 4 Japan/Korean exclusive costumes for me to play in which my competetors will be lacking: Ninja Sumo Santa Ape Escape monkey
UselessBritUselessBrit Fallout Any% 0:10:00 PC Link Fallout 1 is a very quick run, It's enjoyable to watch and it's great to have in between the longer games. The run has pretty much stayed the same but it has become more optimized and has gotten a lot shorter. There's a lot to explain during the run since there is a lot happening that people might not be able to see right away and people liked to see classic fallout games 5 Character name - 12 letters
LeemyyLeemyy Rise of the Tomb Raider Any% 1:15:00 PC Link Rise of the Tomb Raider is the newest addition to the Tomb Raider Franchise. The run has gotten far since the very beginning in 2015 and got optimised a lot with the communities revival in 2017. It features a high amount of different skips with gamebreaking out of bounds and tricks. The vast majority these are purely skill based and the run has very little rng wich makes it perfect for a race. MrTau 7 Glitch showcase/ unused skips +15min if met.
MiltentMiltent Dark Souls II All Bosses 2:50:00 PC EUR Link It`s a really good run and people would love to see it again. I`m the current record holder. 1
NoobestNoobest Dark Souls II Reverse Boss Order 2:50:00 PC Link While the boss order isn't perfectly reversed, it's pretty damn close. Features tons of crazy and sometimes silly skips. Video is quite old, and not really using a proper route, also not including all of the skips currently in the run. 0 Demonstration of the skeleton lords glitch that lets you break most boss fights in the game. ~15 minutes
Oh_DeeROh_DeeR Super Mario Land Any% 0:15:00 GB JPN Link Edit: If you have to decide between this one and SML2, please choose SML2! ^_^ Super Mario Land was one of the 4 launch titles for the Game Boy. There are very few people who don't know this game and feel at least some nostalgia for it. It is usually known for its clunky controls and questionable physics, but if you spend some time with the game you discover that it almosts seems to be made for speedrunning. As a kid you might have encountered enemies that always seemed to be in the wrong spots for you to progress safely, however, the game is designed in a way that makes it possible to play most levels almost without any slowing down at all. There are so many jumps that are just barely possible, flying platform cycles that JUST SO work out and mechanics that make you think that the creators wanted the game to be played fast by those who accept the challenge. (Gunpei Yokoi *wink* *wink*) One of the greatest assets of the game certainly is its music. It's one of those soundtracks that gets played at ANY marathon during the intermissions between runs so it would be even greater to have the game itself being showcased. Runner information: I picked up this game for the 12HourChallenge #3 and have since improved my gameplay quite a bit. I'm currently competing for the world record and am confident to give this game a very good showing at the event. 5
NoobestNoobest Dark Souls II All Bosses No DLC 1:35:00 PC Link Done on the same patch as any% run since it has all the fun glitches. DLCs require you to play on later patches that make the game mostly a running simulator. This run features a lot of running as well but you do it much faster. 0 Demonstration of the skeleton lords glitch that lets you break most boss fights in the game. ~15 minutes
Beckski93Beckski93 Resident Evil: Survivor New Game Normal 0:45:00 PS JPN Link If obscure, cheesy survival horror games are your thing, Resident Evil: Survivor is one of the best. Whilst certainly not the most technically challenging of speed runs, this game has plentiful rng which keeps it interesting and some amazingly cheesy cutscenes and voice-acting. It's a fun little speed run to complete. Can be played on either JPN or USA PS version as there isn't a great difference - JPN is just a little faster, as is emulator. (Run will be completed on console.) 2
Oh_DeeROh_DeeR The Rescue of Princess Blobette Any% 0:04:00 GBC USA Link David Crane invented modern platforming video games. What could be better than breaking the games of such a man beyond recognition? Most people might be familiar with the trippy Any% speedrun of the NES Boy and his Blob game. Its sequel on the Game Boy is not any less broken and several glitches allow for an extremely fast completion of the game. I hold the current world record in this game and estimate that about 2 more seconds can be shaved off of it with better execution and one minor strategy change. I'd try to go for the record and for the first sub 2 minutes run at the marathon. 3
ScopiiScopii Dishonored 2 Any% 0:37:00 PC EUR Link With Dishonored being everyone's favorite stealth game whose speedrun actually isn't exactly stealthy its successor was highly anticipated by the community. By now Dishonored 2 definitely became an interesting speedgame that takes aspects from the first installment and throws them together with a variety of new speedtech. Thanks to the two fundamentally different protagonists there are also two seperate Any% runs that both have their unique characteristics and would make for an interesting bid war. When choosing Corvo you get a fast-paced, classically movement based run where accuracy with the infamous blink ability is key and teleport jump cancelling necessary to maintain a short mana cooldown. Emily on the other side is the leap queen whose run is a lot more glitchy. She clips through walls and ground, goes out of bounds and uses bunny hops to gain a lot of speed. Besides that the leaping ability is the backbone of the run as it allows her to climb walls to pass levels in a breeze. Additionally both categories feature a bunch of different gimmicks plus environments so in combination with the mentioned tricks and almost no downtime Dishonored 2 should be very appealing to viewers. I am proposing this as a race with heny. heny 5 Bid war between Any% Corvo & Any% Emily with heny No donation goals, i could show many tricks and glitches or funny things or i could just do the run .. depending on the time i get. Im up for everything and my run is really outdated. I worked together with bjurnie (current wr hoder for this category) and thats why my time is that "bad" and only on the 3th place
EndySWEEndySWE Mitsume ga Tooru Any% Easy 0:22:00 NES JPN Link The game is widely unknown due to the fact of being a Famicom only release. I came in contact with the game when I started practicing it for the big20#6 event and instantly decided that I will start running it "for real" after big20. The game has awesome speedmechanics skipping large sections with your "spear" and also a lot of precise boss quick-kills. Graphics and music also very memorable for a NES/Famicom game. My current time is not -great- but rest assured I will put work into this. edit 15/3: Improved PB to 17:30 which is a really good time, edited video-link in submission edit 20/3: I now hold the WR with 17:08. Updated video in submission 1
EndySWEEndySWE Moon Crystal Any% 0:13:00 NES JPN Link A widely unknown game due to being Famicom only which deserves a lot more attention. The graphics, animations and music are simply astounding for being a NES/Famicom game. Fast movement, interesting speedtech and nailbiting bossfights which require you to have 1 health to perform quick-kills since you do multiple damage when close to death. I started running this for big20#6 and it was one of those games I instantly felt I'd start running for real afterwards. Will improve my time significantly during the cuts. edit 15/3: recently improved my time to 9:30 which is a really good time, edited videolink in submission 1
turothkingturothking Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PC) 1:20:00 PC USA Link This is a very solid speedrun, full of glitches and skips. It has intense parts, as well as calmer parts. The run was ran at ESA last year, but has been higly optimized and improved after that, both with new glitches, and small optimizations using old ones. It is a crowd pleaser. pretty much everyone knows, and loves harry potter. 0
PinkAndOrangeAndGoldPinkAndOrangeAndGold Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc GCN 1:30:00 GCN USA Link The game is pretty broken, but still has to be played through all levels in order. To reach the end of the levels several routes can be used involving interesting looking glitches. The game itself is colorful and has nice music, and is alot of fun in general. 0 (Winning/)Loosing to Globox on the snowboard level (+3minutes)
QlexQlex Tetris: The Grandmaster series Exhibition block (Exhibition) 0:50:00 Link This Tetris run has been well received last year, so let's try that again! This time around, no more slow TGM1 game, this run will focus on more in-depth mechanics with Sakura and potentially, item mode as a donation incentive! I will be using a supergun and a Taito Type-X much like ESA 16. I will be in need of a low table so that I don't suffer from wrist twisting. 10
bangerrabangerra Alien 3 (GB) Any% 0:25:00 SGB2 USA Link Interesting top-down adventure game by LJN that doesn't actually suck. 0
UrinsteinUrinstein Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Any% 0:35:00 PC Link - Insane difficulty - possibility for a race with Vajijy Momodora RutM is an Indie platformer from 2016. Insane difficulty demands very precise platforming as mistakes are swiftly punished by one hit deaths. The frequent boss fights are dealt with by using items gathered along the way and some other exploits. The game has a community of formidable size and has proven to be a popular "first speedgame". 0
jafemjafem Unreal Any% Easy 0:45:00 PC Link this is a pretty well known FPS game in the 90s. and i am second on the leaderboards with only 40 seconds from WR 45 The Players name
bertinbertin Tales of berseria New Game 6:45:00 PS4 JPN Link Newly released Tales of title, not many Tales of games get marathon chances. 0 Swimsuit DLC costumes
bertinbertin Beyond Oasis Any% 0:55:00 WiiVC USA Link It was in last year but couldn't make it for IRL reasons, new route and findings since last year. 0
EtemEtem Fable Anniversary Any% 1:30:00 PC Link A HD remake of the original Fable, this run is even more impressively broken than the original. The new UI allows us to do an item duplication glitch, allowing us to get hundreds of thousands of gold in mere seconds and obtain endgame weapons almost immediately. Those who enjoyed the original game as a speedrun or casually will definitely not want to miss this. 3 Bidwar for different languages (French, German, English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian) Kill/Spare Whisper
EtemEtem Fable Anniversary Heroic Any% 1:45:00 PC Link The HD remake of the original Fable brought a new addition to the table, a much more difficult challenge mode that changes the dynamic of the run. This mode prevents us from doing most standard strats, but that's no problem for us! The item duping glitch mentioned in Anniversary Any% is taken to full effect, but that doesn't stop this category from being a fun, challenging speedrun with many clutch moments. 4 Bidwar for different languages (French, German, English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian) Kill/Spare Whisper
SpiriaxSpiriax Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time Any% 1P1C 0:25:00 SNES USA Link It's a fast-paced action run with lots of enemy spawning manipulation, screen scrolling exploits and a really cool wrong warp in the middle of it, by using 1p2c at that moment! 2
SpiriaxSpiriax Alundra Any% 4:45:00 PS2 JPN Link Alundra is an awesome LTTP-like game with lots of pixel perfect jumps, clutch moments, lots of quick-turn sprinting and just level design skips and exploits pretty much everywhere. Saving the game is too time consuming, but because of grabbing lots of extra healing items and long i-frames when taking damage, the odds of dying are extremely low. Lots of dialogue in the game will allow for much donation reading. Also, in the middle of the run there will be a sequence of dying 20 times in a row which takes ~6 minutes to unlock the best weapon in the game. 10 Incentive to show some cool NPC duplication done because of sequence breaks that we can't do in the normal run because we would eventually soft-lock ourselves.
SpiriaxSpiriax Gunner's Heaven/Rapid Reload Any% 0:35:00 PS JPN Link It's a cool run-n-gun game, like Contra except on steroids. It has a slide and also a grappling hook, making for a flashy speedgame. The submission video contains a death on the final boss, as I'm very new with the game. I can guarantee that by the time of ESA I will not be dying much anymore. 2
BurbBurb Castlevania II: Simon's Quest NES 0:45:00 NES USA Link Classic Castlevania has rarely, if ever been shown at any main ESA event and the second game, Simon's quest is a great deal of fun to both watch and run and it's a pretty well optimized speedrun. We will see some interesting speed techniques known as floor drops which will allow Simon to clip through the floor saving a bunch of walking distance over the full run, in many cases used to avoid walking on staircases which is slow. Holy water is also a little overpowered and glitched and Death and even Dracula himself can be killed almost instantly by it. The big risk of running this game is of course the infamous blob boost trick which is purely random. If the blob isn't helpful and refuse to give a correct height jump before a game over happens it will add about 4 minutes to the run which is the reason for the generous estimate. After the run I hope to show off just how broken the game is with the donation incentive to visit a very very glitched part of the game where everything is completely messed up. I'll just tease it with a screenshot: 5 "Simon's Glitch" (~5 minutes)
JanmumrikJanmumrik Necrovision Any% 1:00:00 PC Link This run is currently being routed in the routing competition Run Invalid. This is the first game in the series and Necrovision: Lost Company, submitted by Havrd. Since these runs are secret as of now due to the competition not being done you'll get to enjoy some Tony Blair and we'll return with a real video of he run before cuts. 0
JanmumrikJanmumrik Aragami NG+ Any% 0:18:00 PC Link The run is short, intense and includes various tricks and skips making all of the 13 levels much shorter than they should be. The game revolves around stealth with enemies one-shotting you if you get spotted or aren't fast enough. Currently I sit with only my mobile surf so I cannot upload any of the videos I've made for the submissions so for now I just link the current runs I have on the leaderboards. 0
RoboSparkleRoboSparkle Danan: The Jungle Fighter any% 0:17:00 SMS EUR Link After the success of X-Men and Flash last year, I would like to bring you another product of the Master Mondays blind races. Danan is, arguably, an Action RPG in that you get exp, gain levels and stab things. Danan never loses sight of his Jungle roots as he deals with wizards, demons, lava and winged skeletons in order to save "Linda" (the quote marks come from the game, not me). Very good race game if some of the other SMS-ers are up for it. 3 Voice Acting the skippable dialog, to truly appreciate the incredible writing of the game (3 minutes)
bertinbertin Sonic CD Beat The Game 0:30:00 SegaCD USA Link Sonic CD 2011 always was chosen before the original version that is ran differently because of glitches that weren't patches out in the 2011 version. 5
bertinbertin Shadow the Hedgehog 1:08:00 GCN USA Link Neutral is the only category that was shown at a marathon while it only shows a few of the stages, expert mode has them all with a nice mix of glitches and exploits to show for it 5
JanmumrikJanmumrik Archangel Any% 0:40:00 PC Link Old unknown game with silly story and voice acting. Skips massive parts of the game through infinite qs/ql jumping and clipping. This run is a result of the first run invalid routing competition. Will upload an updated run when possibility is given. This will most likely result in the lowering of the estimate. 0
btrimbtrim Streets of Rage 2 Game Gear Co-op 0:30:00 GameGear USA Link Excellent 8-bit co-op game. We've played co-op before but haven't recorded it. Video is a 1p blaze run Greenalink 2
SavusukkaSavusukka Halo: Combat Evolved Easy 1:25:00 PC Link Halo 1 has a bunch of cool skips including multiple OOBs and huge grenade launches. The fighting is very optimized while including enough randomness to make encounters unpredictable. Death is still a very real threat in multiple spots. Easy is the most popular difficulty among runners, and the most optimized. 0 Legendary difficulty (+20 minutes), either as a bid war with Easy, or as a donation incentive.
SavusukkaSavusukka Halo: Combat Evolved Legendary 1:45:00 PC Link Same as for easy, except every part is a struggle to survive. Probably a more interesting watch for the casual viewer. 0
DaggyboiDaggyboi SSX 3 Single Events All Platinum Medals 0:55:00 PS2 EUR Link This is a run which shows off every track in SSX 3 in a stunning manner, combining high speed with amazing tricks and style. The run objective is to get above a certain score/below a certain time for each track, and you will see the game from its best side. The game is very nostalgic and has a great soundtrack as well! 5 As with my All Peak Race run, there can be a bidwar over which character to play. They are all equally able and fully competitive at the top level. Characters to choose from would be: Zoe, Moby, Psymon, Griff, Viggo, Elise, Nate, Mac, Allegra, Kaori.
TaggoTaggo Super Mario 64 120 Star 1:55:00 N64 JPN Link Super Mario 64 is the well-known 3D platformer that introduced a generation to the next dimension in gaming. Beyond that aspect, however, it's become one of the most heavily grinded speedruns with an immense depth, and impressive visuals that stun the audience alongside the skills of the runner. We (cheese05, dwhatever, flippy_o, taggo3435) are submitting this game with the intention of doing a race of the 120 star category, which collects all the stars in the game. If the committee prefers a single run by the best attending runner, then we're also up for that idea. cheese05, Flippy_o, Dwhatever 10 Donation incentive for 2p1c run of 16 star with two of the runners. Would likely add about 20 minutes extra time.
SlaskPraskSlaskPrask The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Any% 2:00:00 WiiU EUR Link New game, open world, race against baffan & matse007, also switch version. Baffan, Matse007 0 Filename?
mrtiger92mrtiger92 Venetica Any% 2:15:00 PC EUR Link Venetica is an action RPG developed and released by a german studio. Since it was their first action RPG it has a ton of glitches like teleporting with quicksaving/-loading or walking in the air. Venetica is quite unknown because alot glitches can make this game quite unplayable. Even the installer is glitched and can mess up files during installation so that you are never able to beat the game. For ESA, i would bring my own notebook to make sure that i can show this run. I'd really like to show a run of Venetica because despite its glitches it is still a quite good game with a very nice story and a nice-to-watch speedrun. Since it's a german game and i'm normally streaming and running with german commentary, i've never made an english commentated run for this game. The video shows an older run with game footage only. 5 Glitch Showcase (can be 15-30min, NOT in EST)
KaWaiNLKaWaiNL World of Final Fantasy Any% (Console) 4:15:00 PS4 EUR Link World of Final Fantasy is one of the newer games in the succesful Final Fantasy series. It distincts itself from the original series by allowing you to catch wild monsters (called Mirages) and to use them to fight alongside you. Most of these are familiar faces you have seen in previous games. Since it was only released at the end of last year, this game has not seen any play yet in any major speedrun marathons. 15 Naming of mirages that are being caught/used.
COOLKIDCOOLKID Kyatto Ninden Teyandee Beat the game 0:16:00 NES JPN Link Fun fast-paced game with 1 frame instant quick kills and auto punching. Was only released in Japan. Pizza and cats!! 0
COOLKIDCOOLKID Mega Man Zipless 0:28:00 NES JPN Link A fun category of the classic speedgame that has never been showcased on a live event before. I offer to run this solo or as a race vs. CartinaCow or anyone else CartinaCow 0
MageikkMageikk Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Any% PC Remaster 0:40:00 PC Link !!! Important note: I will only be available at the event from the 25. (Tuesday) !!! Fast paced and really punishing FPS. It is pretty optimized and offers a lot of possibilities to skip sections, without greater bug abuse. You basically skip a lot, but you still play the game as it was made, and thats what I love about it. 0 There is some addidtional content to show off: - NG+, which is not a real category but you confuse the game so it's funny to show. Would take ~2 min - Maybe custom Levels from the steam workshop, I ran 2 of those just for fun already. Could fill another ~3 min at this point, maybe more if more good levels are made
MageikkMageikk Caster Any% 0:20:00 PC Link !!! Important note: I will only be available at the event from the 25. (Tuesday) !!! Short run of a game that noone knows about. The game is unique and pretty much MADE for speedrunning. I like this run so much because it is so fast paced at all times without any downtime, easy run to pick up but incredibly hard to get perfect. 0 Bidwar to choose filename would be a thing. Othen than that, "upgrading" to a 100% run might be possible, but meh... I'd rather not do that.
MageikkMageikk Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remaster Any% NMG 1:20:00 PC Link !!! Important note: I will only be available at the event from the 25. (Tuesday) !!! ##Edited as of 19.03.## Game came out 3 days ago, strats are discovered rapidly though with a community of at least 6 active speedrunners. 2h Estimate is the absolute max, we actually hope to make this a nealy 1h run. ##Updated later on 19.03.## First runner did a complete run. Is already 1:25, estimate edited. No run to be shown yet, maybe I can get the first one in next weekend (please let me know if there is a deadline) ##Edited 20.03.## Currently learning the game. Added a video of the first level and explaination of the rest. ##Edited 04.04.## I totally forgat to add the complete run with explainations I did quite some days ago, but here it is now! Old video link: ##Edited 19.04.## Improved a bit recently. Lowered Estimate from 1:30 to 1:20. 0 No idea really
COOLKIDCOOLKID Gimmick! Best Ending 0:18:00 NES JPN Link One of the most entertaining and skillfun NES runs out there. Learning this category after the Big 20 #6 race. 0
COOLKIDCOOLKID Blaster Master any% (PAL) 0:12:00 NES EUR Link A very short and glitched run of this NES classic. Fun for all! Most of these glitches are only available on the PAL version. 0
EndySWEEndySWE Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos Any% 0:12:00 NES USA Link Arguably the best game in the Ninja Gaiden series. Virtually no RNG makes for consistency and a good racegame. The game has neat speedtech, awesome music and impressive gameplay overall. Submitting as a race against CartinaCow CartinaCow 1
CartinaCowCartinaCow Mega Man Zipless 0:28:00 NES JPN Link Zipless is the newest addition to categories in Mega Man 1. Never shown at a live event Offers a much closer race as you are not dependent on crazy zips. Submitting as race with Coolkid and/or anyone else. If past first cuts I will grind my time much closer to CKs for an exciting race. COOLKID 0
GreenalinkGreenalink Fantasy Zone System 16 Opa-Opa 0:12:00 3DS EUR Link One of the few Sega mascots before Sonic. The goal is to destroy 10 bases to get loads of gold, use that money to purchase temporary weapon power-ups which allow me to complete the game faster. A unique element is price inflation meaning the same weapon will get more expensive after each purchase. With the correct weapons, bosses can be defeated super fast. 0
EdenalEdenal Power Hour Exhibitiion Power Hour (Exhibition) 0:30:00 Link The concept is to beat 10 games legit within 30 minutes. Got a games list, and it can be done safely. It's new, interesting and can keep viewers with the attention span of a 5 year old around for the full duration. There's no video and runners have not all been decided. I'd like to keep most of this submission a secret. Need to use multiple capture setups. So one game can be setup while the other is running in order to beat 30 minites 30
KennyMan666KennyMan666 Ninja Smasher! Any% No KG 0:25:00 PC Link The category should actually be Chain Sickle Any% Glitchless, to reflect the proper character as well. Glitchless is more accurately called No key glitch in my opinion, a glitch that consists of that collected keys don't get properly cleared when a savegame is deleted, so starting a new game in the same slot will have the same amount of keys. I don't like it since it involves bringing things in from a "different" game file, and it makes for a much more boring run as well. Thus, I run without it. A minor glitch, vertical displacement, is however used, so "Glitchless" isn't entirely accurate. Ninja Smasher! is a fun little Metroidvania with very fluid movement mechanics released last year. Originally a smartphone game, was eventually ported to 3DS and later PC. When the game is beaten it unlocks more characters, all better than the original character, opening up some secquence breaking. The character I will be playing, Chain Sickle, has a grappling hook-like weapon and now skips a lot of things. 3 Now that any% has gotten so many silly skips that it's not that much fun anymore, I'll throw in a $100 incentive to do a much more exciting All Items run instead. Would add 10 minutes to the estimate.
KennyMan666KennyMan666 Mighty Gunvolt Ekoro 0:12:00 3DS Link A little game that was a bonus for Azure Striker Gunvolt, featuring Gunvolt from Gunvolt, Beck from Mighty No. 9 and Ekoro from Gal*Gun. Retro-style Mega Man-esque game, short and sweet, and very speedrunnable. Played with Ekoro, in my opinion the most fun character to run with, even if Gunvolt is technically a better character. Please note that the gameplay in the video may be a bit sloppy (and I have no idea where that audio desync came from, and didn't manage to fix it), entirely due to that it's been recorded on the PC version whereas I normally play on 3DS - PC version has longer loading times and, more notably, some slight input lag that negatively affects my quality of playing, especially where precise jumping is concerned. PC version is garbage and all my practice will be on 3DS and I only acquired the PC version to be able to record a video. 3 Donation incentive to play the four DLC stages. Could make that $400, a hundred per stage because they are horrible. Would add about 10 minutes.
MageikkMageikk Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Any% 0:55:00 PC Link !!! Important note: I will only be available at the event from the 25. (Tuesday) !!! A lot of RNG-manipulation and skipping triggers makes this one fast. But also knowing how to kill all enemies the fastest is important, as well as a decent aim. I think this one is entertaining to watch because of all the action going on as well as the humor the game offers. Estimate can propably be lowered to 50 after I do some more runs 0 no idea, sorry
xRikux89xRikux89 Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Any% 0:45:00 PC EUR Link Reasons to run Meme Raider: The Angel of Dankness: Universally hated AAA title released in beta state. Hot grill main. Controls like Beethoven's 2nd. Any% route recently went from 2h to just 25min due to some total meme glitches. Fresh run of a game everyone just wants to forget. Soundtrack performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. 20 years of Tomb Raider. 10 years of Tomb Runner. Note: My run is so much slower than the WR run due to playing on an ancient craptop. I'm actually alright at this game. 0 Character model swaps for maximum meme efficiency are a possibility, but it involves a mod that has seemingly vanished from the internets. (Without the mod, you can still replace most characters but not Lara herself.) I'll have to ask around, look into how manageable it would be...
KalarMarKalarMar Paper Mario Any% 1:54:00 WiiUVC JPN Link Because it's an amazing game. The original Paper Mario on n64 has been brought up in numerus discussions as a part of the golden age of RPG gaming - we love our RPGs. And thats exactly why we love Paper Mario! The B-button text scroll makes text mashing as simple as holding a button and the spin tech shows frame savers around every corner. As a runner I have expertise on the game and many years in my backpack. I'll be able to preform skillful gameplay while talking about the game and it's history. And my love for it sincerely! I've always liked to do commentary with my friends IRL, so I'm sure I'll enjoy playing it with you speedfans. Luckly Paper Mario has many fans, but hasn't been into a GDQ in a while and especially Any%! The new route no longer gets killed by RNG due to my safe strats - and if that isn't fast enough then we got savestate options to consider since I play on the Wii U. ( speedrun with commentary & safe strats: ) 6 - Dare the runner to do LZS jumps. There're 3 LZS that Mario stores throughout the game (2 required) and LZS jumps are harder then the normal re-spawn LZS method. Donate enough money in order to dare the runner to do LZS jumps. - Hit the whacka creature or not on Mt Rugged bidwar (kill vs no kill animals). This bidwar must end around the 30min mark. - Let Luigi come to the party or not - in the endgame bidwar. - Glitch showcase (10min) Sushie on land in chapter 7 Baby Partners Easy BHS method - that every newbie can try at home. Mirror clip in chapter 7
Danieru29Danieru29 Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1:22:00 Wii EUR Link Super Mario Sunshine is one of the most popular games to speedrun having almost 700 submitted speedruns for Any%. This category has been optimized a lot in the last few years including new skips and strats that were thought to be TAS only. This could potentially be a race making it a lot more exciting to show at this event. Dutchj,Wilko,Rimato,Bloodwhale 1
Rimato13Rimato13 Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1:22:00 GCN EUR Link SMS is one of the most popular speedruns, with a large international community and a ton of active players. The any% run showcases impressive movement and difficult glitches and skips. The past years have seen a lot of optimization troughout the entire run. This can potentially be a race. Dutchj, Wilko, Danieru_itachi 0
henyheny Doom Any% 0:55:00 PC Link What usually leads to a 3D game being broken? Mostly it's either a method for getting out of bounds or a way of reaching giddy heights that contributes to cutting down the final time of a speedrun. DOOM has it both and even more. What once was a fast playthrough of a formidable arena shooter is now an even more spectacular glitchfest. Glory kill animations are abused to clip through walls while physically bugged rails propel Doomguy around Mars' orbit. Gauss canon boosts provide some precise movement tech and bosses stand no chance against a BFG glitch very akin to the infamous pause trick from Mega Man. All that and gracious developers being stingy with invisible walls make the newest installment of the DOOM series a really fast-paced and simply fun to watch run. 3
Matse007Matse007 Poi Any% 1:20:00 PC Link Poi is a great speedrun with a good mixture of movement and glitches in the run. It has some sequence breaks in it, a lot of cool movement, and interesting glitches. The game is relatively new and was never shown at a marathon. It would be great to show off the speedrun at ESA17. 3
JoshimuzJoshimuz Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any% (No AJS) 4:45:00 PC Link GTA:SA Any% was first done by me at ESA 2013 and it remains one of ESA's most popular runs (currently the 4 most viewed videos on the official ESA Youtube, the least viewed part has double the views of the next most viewed video, and 2nd most viewed highlight on the Ludendi Twitch page). Since then (and it's repeat showing in 2014) the game has moved on a lot tech wise, and we're now into the "manipulating game code directly" stage of optimisation. Using it we can skip a lot of the longest (and most boring) parts of the run (such as flying in a straight line for 5 minutes, and shooting gang members for 15 minutes). This makes the current Any% route highly entertaining, with both very risky glitches (but marathon backup save file friendly!) and flashy ones. Update 19/03/17: Reduced my estimate to 4:45 as I believe I can realistically achieve that in a marathon by the time of the event. 0 Bidwar for Radio station
BaffanBaffan The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Any% 1:10:00 Switch EUR Link You asked for it. Slask,Matse007 10 Play on Handheld Mode with a camera (Go Pro for example) filming the screen, and walk around the venue and doing some memes.
henyheny Dishonored 2 Any% Corvo/Emily 0:37:00 PC Link With Dishonored being everyone's favorite stealth game whose speedrun actually isn't exactly stealthy its successor was highly anticipated by the community. By now Dishonored 2 definitely became an interesting speedgame that takes aspects from the first installment and throws them together with a variety of new speedtech. Thanks to the two fundamentally different protagonists there are also two seperate Any% runs that both have their unique characteristics and would make for an interesting bid war. When choosing Corvo you get a fast-paced, classically movement based run where accuracy with the infamous blink ability is key and teleport jump cancelling necessary to maintain a short mana cooldown. Emily on the other side is the leap queen whose run is a lot more glitchy. She clips through walls and ground, goes out of bounds and uses bunny hops to gain a lot of speed. Besides that the leaping ability is the backbone of the run as it allows her to climb walls to pass levels in a breeze. Additionally both categories feature a bunch of different gimmicks plus environments so in combination with the mentioned tricks and almost no downtime Dishonored 2 should be very appealing to viewers. I am proposing this as a race with Scopii. Scopii 5 Bid war between Any% Corvo & Any% Emily
Matse007Matse007 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Any% 2:00:00 WiiU EUR Link Run that totally got destroyed by sethbling pre-release already. New Zelda, Good Game, Going fast. Greetings from Germany Racing with SlaskPrask and Baffan on Switch. SlaskPrask, Baffan 0 Filename maybe?
LeemyyLeemyy Ballance All Levels 0:45:00 PC EUR Link If you like to skip parts of a game by rocketing across to the next checkpoint, then this run is for you. What is intended to be a puzzle game with some light platforming gets turned into a mix of shortcutting, cutting corners, and platforming across decorative collision. Combined with inceasingly precise platforming and a complete lack of randomness, this makes for a very rewarding speedrun. 4
bloodwhalebloodwhale Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1:25:00 Wii EUR Link I'm a pretty good runner and sunshine has really cool movement! Dutchj, Wilkosc2, Rimato13, Danierultachi 0
5mon5mon Yooka-Laylee Any% 6:00:00 PS4 EUR Link With a release date of April 11 2017 that gives over 3 months for people to establish a solid route of the game and for plenty of runs to be completed and submitted to the leader boards (Estimate would need to be adjusted at this point) and I would like to be the one to show it off at a marathon as people would be anticipating whether the game can be broken. Would be open to races if other people attending the event have been speedrunning it. 10
ElajjazElajjaz NieR: Automata Any% 3:00:00 PS4 EUR Link The game isn't out yet, but I played the demo and it's fast paced combat with lots of potential for strats for bossfights etc. I definitely believe it could be a good speedrun. 0 I hear that there is 3 different endings (or more) so that could be an incentive!
FirepawFirepaw Undertale Genocide 1:15:00 PC EUR Link Undertale was a resounding success at AGDQ2017, but many still have not seen the Genocide route of the game. True Pacifist did little to showcase the game's combat, which Genocide has a very heavy emphasis on. It also features the two most well-known fights in the game, and is a constant RNG-fest the whole way through, though this is not enough to derail a run by a solid runner. Various factors are taken into account to mitigate timeloss due to RNG, and the nature of strats constantly changing to accommodate this makes for a very interesting race. Race with Drakodan 0 Character filename: 6-character limit
TohmaneTohmane Rockin' Kats Any% 0:30:00 NES JPN Link Short and sweet platformer with some nifty tricks and fast-paced action. The Extra channel if met brings the platforming difficulty up a few notches and highlights the movement factor. 0 Extra Channel playthrough after credits. Honestly no clue about donation goal, staff are probably better suited to set a proper one.
ChrisoofyChrisoofy Wii Sports Resort All Sports 0:25:00 Wii EUR Link Like for every Videogame, a speedrun can change an existing casual game to something unique, interessting and even funnier. That is also the case for the speedrun of Wii Sports Resort. The submitted category of All sports shows of all the different optimal strats on how to beat each sport the fastest way. And each sport has different entertaining strats that look either really skillfull and impressive or look super funny and crazy in terms of the motion controls movement i have to perform. With an estimate of around 25 minutes, this speedrun offers not only some interessting speedrun strats like in every other game but also entertaining and funny live footage of me moving my hands wildly around infront of the TV to execute my speedstrats. After all, even tho there are some easy parts in this speedrun that are usefull for a breathing break, the value of this speedrun is especially the live camera footage on how the game is played with the wii remotes. I have currently still the WR for this game but i am starting to work more on it to offer a better impression of my commentary in the next weeks. 1
[Deleted user] Cave Story Best Ending 1:05:00 PC JPN Link It's one of the most popular indie game of all time and i think people will love seeing this shown at a live event. 0 Get Curly's panties and Chaco's lipstick ($100 - $250)
puppetmasterpuppetmaster Wario Land 4 Any% 1:00:00 GBA EUR Link This video game has it all, super fast paced, cool movement tech, game-breaking glitches, minimal RNG and non-stop action. Great fun for the whole family. 0 I would run any% with zips, but an incentive would be to run zipless by default (est. 1:05:00) with a donation goal for zips.
FatzkeFatzke Magicka Any% 0:40:00 PC EUR Link This is really stupid run I'm super excited to learn within the next couple of weeks. Flinging yourself through levels with various different combinations of spells is TREMENDOUS FUN, believe me. I've seen a lot of funs so far in my life, but this is one of the best, believe me. As a plus this will be the only game I'll be focussing on really hard this year. 0
FatzkeFatzke Roundabout esports speedrun mode 0:15:00 PC EUR Link In this game you drive a rotating limousine. You can't stop the rotation. It's pretty stupid. The speedrun mode chains all the missions together without any pause or cutscenes. This is a maybe so far. I hope I'll get to learning this as well but if not I'm not sad to see it get cut. 0

Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Date  
Mhmd_FVCMhmd_FVC Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 35/36 Unique Stunts 0:30:00 PC USA Link Very cool run. First of all, one Unique Stunt is not done as it requires many missions to be completed (or alternatively, a very inconsistent and precise glitch) to get to. This run shows off the cool strategies that can be done to get to the other otherwise locked stunts at the start, as well as just some fun stunting action. 1
JangBangJangBang TimeSplitters: Future Perfect 100% 5:30:00 GCN EUR Link The newcomer, and I'm also better at this than ever before. Involves beating the story on hard, and getting gold medals on all leagues and challenges. Estimate is a bit high cause you depend on luck for one of the leagues, but everything else is super consistent. Could demonstrate a selection of challenges/leagues as a donation incentive or after the run if any% gets in 5
JangBangJangBang EggoMania Bomb mode 0:15:00 GCN EUR Link Essentially the opposite of the main game mode, you throw bombs at the other guys tower until it's leveled. Whoever can throw bombs and discard ones that are about to explode wins! 5
JangBangJangBang EggoMania All character unlocks 1:30:00 GCN EUR Link Basically 100%, unlocking all eggs involves beating the main game mode on normal and hard, beating the bomb mode on normal and hard, and getting 1,000,000 points on the solo mode. Extra game modes equals extra fun, high-energy speedrunning content. Hell yeah 5
JangBangJangBang Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers Any% [PS2/GC] 0:50:00 GCN EUR Link I've gotten better at this game since Dreamhack winter 2016, and I found some new things that I'll attempt to make it a little bit faster. Love Donald Duck 5 Could run through the bonus stages you get after beating all the time trials in a world
JangBangJangBang Mega Man Network Transmission Any% 1:10:00 GCN EUR Link Classic Megaman and the Battle Network series combined. You run through a bunch of different levels with varying environments, enemies, and bosses, and you use different weapons that you pick up along the way. The combat system is based off of a buster that is initially complete crap, and so you rely on battle chips that cost energy and that you can pick up from enemies. Battle chips are used all throughout the game, and some of them let you skip large portions of certain stages. New strats were found a while ago that makes each stage super fast, and it's a terrific run. 5
JangBangJangBang Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Challenge Carol 3:30:00 PS2 EUR Link The infamous Carol Vorderman and sudoku, but mostly sudoku. Shorter but harder than the Career. Perfect for the second stream or graveyard shifts. Anyone who wants to help out 5 Watch a video of Carol explaining the origins of sudoku
JangBangJangBang Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Career 4:00:00 PS2 EUR Link Longer but easier than Challenge Carol. Perfect for the second stream or graveyard shifts. Anyone who wants to help out 5 Watch a video of Carol explaining the origins of sudoku
BaunsgaardBaunsgaard The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Any% 0:22:00 PC Link I attended ESA last year with some great friends, and I were also in the couch when Wario Land 3 were played. It really made me want to submit a game for next year to show a different game. The Vanish of Ethan Carter has some incredibly unique gameplay cause of the beautiful graphics, voice acting and the story. You're walking a lot in the game, while listening to Paul Prospero (main character) talking. While not just walking, you're solving puzzles. This does also mean that there will be time for a lot of donations when we're just walking until a new puzze. The game has a lot of RNG in it and that makes it hard to PB to my currently time that is 20 minutes and 52 seconds. With me, I'm having two friends with me. pr0te who also runs Wario Land 3 will be there and do some commentary with me. I'll do my best to provide a great run. 5
BBFBBF I Wanna Be The Boshy any% (Dark Boshy, No Wrong Warp) - Average-Mode 0:40:00 PC Link Boshy is still the same popular and difficult 2D platformer everyone loves to hate. it has a lot of references to retro games, so almost everyone recognizes parts of the game from their childhood. Instead of getting stuck everywhere and dying thousands of times, good runs easily beat the game in less than 50 deaths. The run hasn't changed pretty much at all since I showed it off last year, but I feel like people always enjoy watching it. 5 Beat the optional Kappa boss (~5 minutes) Beat the optional Cheetahmen boss (~5 minutes) Do an any% run (~5 minutes)
AnalpikachuAnalpikachu Pokémon Yellow: Especial Pikachu Edition Any% Glitchless 2:30:00 GBC USA Link Pokémon Yellow is one of the most popular games ever, so speedrunning it using sophisticated strategies, memorization and execution; will give all who have played it a completely new and fascinating insight of the game, as it will be an honor to be the first Ecuadorean ever to speed run this game at ESA. 5 -Bidwar to name the flying pokemon -Bidwar to name Charmander -Bidwar to name Lapras
NaegleriaNaegleria Mario Golf GBC Story Mode - All Clubs (Marion, Palm, Dune, Links, Peach's) 1:00:00 GBC USA Link it hella fun, and I've discovered that the wind is semi-predictable on the last 4 clubs, letting guaranteed hole in ones/albatrosses be a thing 2
geurgegeurge Space Farmers Any% 0:10:00 PC USA Link The best game based on farming in space. Henneko 5 We will do as many 360's as possible in game for the amount of money donated during the run
geurgegeurge Space Farmers All levels (Except that one) 1:00:00 PC USA Link The best game based on farming in space. Henneko 5 We will do as many 360's in game for the amount of money donated during the run.
NaegleriaNaegleria Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Hard Mode 2:20:00 Wii USA Link game is realllllly hard, could also do score attack which would involve killing/destroying as much as possible in addition to going fast. Score attack would only add like 5 minutes tops. 2
BensagramBensagram Crash Bash 1 Player Any% - Memory Manipulation 1:10:00 PS2 USA Link Crash Bash is a widely popular game which I'll beat and display in ways that makes it more interesting to watch and play! There was a new glitch found recently that makes the game more interesting and funnier to watch than normal 1 Player Any% due to the game breaking glitch. 3
BBFBBF I Wanna Be The Boshy any% (Dark Boshy, No Wrong Warp) - Rage-Mode 1:30:00 PC Link Looks very similar to most Boshy runs you might have seen by now - with a very interesting twist. Savepoints only exist at the start and the end of a World (with some exceptions) and Bosses have twice as much Health (once again with some exceptions). This category requires a huge amount of consistency in the platforming, as some deaths can cost upwards of 2 minutes. Some benefits of this category: -World 4 is not skipped -Bosses don't die super quickly -It's a ridiculous display of skill -One of the most ridiculous runs to be shown at a marathon in my opinion Rage-Mode has not been shown off at a marathon yet, for a very good reason. It just isn't marathon-safe, as it's very easy to get stuck in some worlds. As a counter-measure for this I would suggest a "safety net", that allows me to skip a World if I can't do it in a certain time (10 minutes would work I think, open for discussion). Getting stuck for that long should not happen more than twice (World 8 is by far the most likely) I know this is a very risky run to include in any marathon, but I am very confident in my ability to clear most of the worlds relatively quickly. 5 Kill the optional Kappa boss (~5 minutes) Kill the optional Cheetahmen boss (~5 minutes) Do an any% run (~ 5 minutes)
AmateseruAmateseru The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Defeat Ganon 0:22:00 WiiVC JPN Link OoT Any% c: 3
AmateseruAmateseru Super Mario 64 16 Star 0:28:00 WiiVC JPN Link Featuring Ocarina of Time Any% !!! I'm just gonna try to finish both games as fast as possible ! (I usually play SM64 on emu but it's not a big deal if I don't hvae a computer, I can play on another Wii, or N64 I guess. However I need to play OoT on VC, but I have my own one so that should be fine) my feet 1 It could actually be an incentive.
AmateseruAmateseru Ocarina of Time Category Extensions 37 Water Temple Keys 0:48:00 WiiVC JPN Link This category uses a very obscure glitch to get a looot of small keys in the water temple (37 is of course the max you can get). I currently hold the world record for this and honestly it's much more fun than half of real categories. I think it could be really cool to show it on the 2nd stream ! 2 This could be an incentive aswell.
ellaapiieellaapiie Warioware: Smooth Moves Any% 0:55:00 Wii EUR Link I think this game would be fun to show because this game has never been shown before at ESA and I have the potential to get the WR for this game. I used to have WR for a long time, unfortunately not anymore. Warioware: Smooth moves is a very funny game and it also does not take too long to complete. 5 File name
RhyderrrRhyderrr Final Fantasy III PSP Any% 7:15:00 PSP EUR Link The PSP Speedrun is a fresh and different take on FF3 Speedruns. The game is fun and has cute little characters who's outfits change depending on which class(Job) they are set to. The run is overall very stable and is continuing to grow and attract more runners. 10 Incentives include naming the four Heroes Of Light near the beginning of the game There are two different routes the game can take for the boss "Garuda" . an incentive would be for the donating person/chat to chose Which route is taken from Garuda forward.
Linkus7Linkus7 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD 1:45:00 WiiU EUR Link Last time this game was shown at an ESA event was ESA15. That was on the original version on the Gamecube, which is a very different speed run from the HD version. Since then, a huge glitch was found, Item Sliding. This has allowed us to push the time down to a sub 4. Wind Waker HD is a great speed run, showing off both a lot of glitches, cool movement and speedrun tech that isn't often seen inother games. The Master Sword category could be a great marathon run if the full Any% run is too long, but i think Any% is the most entertaining run. 5 Filename Bidwar
HarpaHarpa Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Any% (US) 2:30:00 SNES USA Link I believe this run hasn't been at an ESA yet )or even a GDQ), but it's pretty damn fun and it's a game that many people know. Of course my time isn't all that good yet, but I can definitely get it down to a good level with some practice. 5 Name for the main character
Yzanas Ratchet & Clank 10cars% 0:03:00 PS3 EUR Link This run is a great example of categories of speedgames that were made just to be a fun category, outside of the usual Any% or 100% etc format. The run is short, though it shows a lot of movement tech the any% categories are based on. 5 A bid wars between the Standard version of the category and the NG+ version of it is a great possibility and would surely get some bids out of the playstation community
HarpaHarpa LISA: The Joyful YADO Epilogue 1:00:00 PC Link Even though it's the sequel to The Painful, it's actually quite different as a game and as a run, most importantly it's much more fast-paced. You don't choose your party and damage items are less relevant, but the combat has quick-time events which are very hard to hit consistently and are the most important factor in how well the run goes. In short, it's less planning-based and more execution-based than The Painful. It also has amazing music. 5 Take the vaccine vs. join your friends: Cure your addiction but stay alone or give in? (final decision, virtually no time loss)
miklmikl Fallout 3 Any% 0:20:00 PC EUR Link Fallout 3 is a cult classic and the speedrun is an experience in and itself. Using quicksaving and quickloading, we gain the ability to walk through walls and achieve completion if this massive game in just 15 minutes. The run is short, fast paced and filled with cool tech. 5
raggenraggen The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ganonless 0:38:00 N64 JPN Link Ganonless is a unique category that simply doesnt beat ganon. Whats interesting about this run is that its completely different from other categories because you dont route your way to ganon and it has some pretty interesting tricks such as early eyeball frog and the credits warp. 5
CapitaineToinonCapitaineToinon Dark Souls Any% Force Quit 0:35:00 X360 Link Dark Souls always has been quite enjoyed by viewers but this game is mostly known for its all bosses category. While it's true that Any% Kiln Skip from a runner point of view can be demanding, it's a very intresting glitchy run to showcase to viewers that aren't familiar with it, especially since it features a game changing glitch banned in other categories. I've been running Dark Souls for now over 2 years and Kiln Skip was the category I started with. I've seen it change over the months and know every details about it. I'd love to share my intrest in the category with others. --------------- I've submitted with Xbox 360 as a plateform but I'd prefer running on Xbox One using backward compatibity for the controller. I also need the console to be connected to internet and an Xbox Live Gold account (I can just use mine though). Dark Souls leaderboards : 5
ThexteraThextera Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Any% 1:00:00 PS2 USA Link Fun and colorful platformer for the PS1. Not the hardest speedrun out there and most of your timelosses will come from Boss RNG. There is 2 big skips in the game that are unintended. 1 an 8 character filename that is only shown off at the start
AkistoAkisto Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% 0:12:00 NES USA Link Creditswarp of this game hasn't been shown on ESA before to my knowledge. There is a pretty safe route for it as well however despite that there is a roughly 20% chance of the game crashing even if you do it properply. Thats why the 12 min estimate so we could give it 2 attempts! I would improve this time for sure if it gets accepted! this is 1-2 year old PB that was just done for fun. 3
PunchyPunchy Revelations 2012 Any% Solo 1:25:00 PC Link Because this game is an unbelievable disaster. A strange, slightly out of touch Left 4 Dead rip-off about killing mesoamericans and their gods while you dance your way through a variety of lazily made and hilariously shoddy traps and watch in awe as your AI companions fling themselves off high objects to kill themselves repeatedly. 0
S.S. SWAT4 All Missions (Easy) 1:07:00 PC Link Previously featured on ESA with coop runs on 75+, single player any score runs are vastly different. You see, shooting stuff is faster than arresting stuff. Even if you're not allowed to shoot that stuff, but we do it anyway. Yay for speedtech. What makes it hilarious is the remarks and comments made by NPCs. A well received run when I stream it, amusing many a viewer. Note: Some maps are extremely brutal. I am confident in my ability to finish a run, but I've had days where Children of Taronne has been, mildly put, extremely unforgiving, This caused the estimate given to go up by a lot compared to my PB. However, if needed, the estimate can be brought down by ~10-15 minutes by just skipping a level if for example I die in the very last room and redoing the entire level would be entertaining to nobody, or when my team kills an innocent through no fault of my own. (similar to how in hitman blood money marathon runs the runner would continue even though they didn't get silent assassin) 5 Officer name. 16 characters length. ASCII printable characters + extended ASCII characters except for function sign, block drawing characters, graphic symbols, half blocks & square. Similar to filename in other games etc. No estimated extra time, unless the name is complicated. Then I'd need a couple extra seconds to ensure correct spelling.
MentlegenOhMentlegenOh Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc All Class Trials (NG+) 1:25:00 PC EUR Link VNs don't get enough love as speed-games, and Danganronpa is arguably one of the more popular ones to make the leap across from Japan, with a full localisation being completed by a fan-team just before the game was officially ported to the West. As a speedrun, the game is surprisingly technical but almost impossible to outright "lose" on, making it very marathon-safe: the linked video is an old WR where several things went wrong and the run was able to continue - current WR is 1:17 so coming under estimate will be relatively easy. N/A 5 Bad vs. Good Ending - Viewers to pick whether we play along with Kyoko or end up living in Hope's Peak forever. (-15 to 20 mins from estimate if Bad Ending wins as it cuts out a whole chapter)
miklmikl Sly 2: Band of Thieves Any% 6:00:00 PS3 EUR Link A long run, but its the favorite game of many and is an iconic game on the 6th generation. The run features glitched movement, precise tricks and action packed platforming and roaming, as we try to prevent the return of Sly Cooper's arch nemesis Clock-La. Originally a PS2 game, however the fastest version is the PSN Download version. 5
KanriKanri Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga Any% 6:30:00 PS3 EUR Link Shin Megami Tensei speedruns are a rarity in general and especially in marathons they've had no presence at all until this year. The Digital Devil Saga games are a spin-off from the main franchise with an interesting story and a unique ability learning system. The run itself utilizes the mechanics to the optimum to defeat the game with very little grinding, allowing for good commentary as well as a lot of time to get donation readings in. 5 While I can think of some incentives like optional boss fights to be routed in, I do not have a concrete route for those yet and would seek out schedule organizers of my own accord to supplement needed info if the game passes the first round of cuts.
KanriKanri Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 Normal Mode 6:30:00 PS3 EUR Link Similar to my submission for Digital Devil Saga with the exception that compared to the first title in the series, this run is a lot more action packed as it's about fighting every enemy you encounter efficiently instead of trying to avoid them all together. The excess of story and interesting tidbits about enemies and the advanced skill learning system and it's cooperation into the run makes for interesting commentary while still offering plenty of space for donation readings. 5 Once again, I have a few ideas in mind but haven't had the opportunity to prepare a route for them. Should this game pass the first round of cuts I would seek out schedule organizers of my own accord to present viable options.
TheMexicanRunnerTheMexicanRunner Darkwing Duck Any% 0:15:00 NES USA Link This game could fit well for a Disney Block, newer strategies and routes has been improved in the last year. The game has highly entertaiment value. 2 I highly suggest the any% run over low% but there could be a donation bidwar between them.
360Chrism360Chrism Pikmin 3 All Fruits 2:00:00 WiiU EUR Link All Fruits shows a whole new level of multi-tasking and micro-management. In All Fruits you make use of the "Go Here" function which allows you to send a captain to a certain location on the map while you can keep working on other things with the other captains. This run is by far more enjoyable to watch than Any% in my opinion and I would love to try my best and present it to the world. 5
360Chrism360Chrism Super Mario 64 Any% 0:12:00 WiiVC USA Link 0/1 Star shows how broken Super Mario 64 can be with skipping every Star Door. Very difficult BLJs that will blow minds! 3 This run could be an incentive for a longer Mario run or part of some kind of multi-game relay
ZodaNORZodaNOR Mega Man Ultra Any% (Expert) 0:45:00 NES USA Link This is a Mega man 2 hack. The items works the same way in this, so there are tons of zips and bosses are somewhat similar. So if you know the original you can easily follow along. It also takes inspiration from other NES classics with full stages dedicated to super mario, zelda 2 and metroid (wood + wily stages). Big estimate because this is one really hard unforgiving speedrun 5
iiSaladiiSalad Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage Any% 0:26:00 PS4 EUR Link It's a 25 minute long kingdom hearts game. The series is super popular and has done well in previous ESAs/GDQs. It's quick and easy to slot in, and it shows off some cool platforming and boss strats. 5 Lv99 Boss Rush RTA of the secret bosses unlocked after finishing the game.
GnistGnist Sly 2: Band of Thieves Any% 5:40:00 PS3 EUR Link Submitting as a race between me (Gnist) and Alekhine; 1st and 2nd place respectively as of this submission. We're also open for a 3-way-race with mikl/tHmCS if that is preferred. Sly 2 is part of a loved franchise and is an amazing casual experience that has yet to be ran at any ESA to date. The speedrun is long, but has been optimized and shortened substantially over the past two years. I am the current WR holder and have been for well over a year now. I've been actively (semi actively at times) running the game and assisting new/other runners over the past 2 years. Alekhine 5 Possibly a bidwar for language dub
TheMotherBrain86TheMotherBrain86 The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy any% 0:10:00 NES JPN Link It's robots in the sky ! Turn in to a truck ! And get some obscure mazes that nobody gets ! That is all. 5
CrroolCrrool Evoland 100% 2:05:00 PC EUR Link Evoland is a game where instead of upgrading equipment with picking up chests, you unlock bits of the game around you, evolving the game as you go. During 100% we visit every area and get every single goal (both regular and hidden) while still using most of the glitches we do in Any. 5 See any% submission
KrazyRasmusKrazyRasmus My Hero 1 Loop 0:10:00 SMS USA Link Short 'n sweet, but also stupid difficult, should be a fun race between me and pinggas_ pinggas_ 5
CrroolCrrool Lufia & The Fortress of Doom any% Retry Mode(US) 4:15:00 SNES USA Link Lufia & The Fortress of Doom is the first game in the Lufia series and the 3rd in the timeline of the RPG series. The US version is a nearly glitchless speedrun using bits of RNG manipulation to manip the encounters required for grinding. Retry mode grants us 4x as much exp and gold to keep the amount of grinding to a minimum. Despite the heavy RNG on several of the bosses we use several interesting bits of strategy to play around the the RNG making it a very marathon-safe run. 5 Character name (5 characters max)
NimputsNimputs Star Wars Episode I: Racer Any% 0:50:00 Dreamcast EUR Link Popular Star Wars podracing game, infamous for it's long and difficult tracks, beaten with minimal upgrades on your racer. Shown the game before at an online marathon and would be happy to show it again. Currently I am the only active runner who plays the Dreamcast version 2
CrroolCrrool Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Original Cases (NG+) 2:25:00 Wii EUR Link Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is basically a puzzle game/ visual novel where you play Phoenix Wright, a rookie attorney who needs to solve several murder cases. The game involves no RNG whatsoever which basically means the run is a little under 2 1/2 hour of perfect menu'ing. The NG+ alowes us to get through the text instantly making the story go by really fast. 5
RebelDragon95RebelDragon95 Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD 2:18:00 PS4 EUR Link Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance NG+ Any% is one of the fastest Any% in the whole series just after most BBS categories. We use NG+ to gain access to very useful dream eaters right at the start to use the most powerful command in the game. Then through optimal movement and fast fights due to the powerful commands we use we finish this game extremely fast. There is also a chance to save major time with in-game mechanics that provide damage boosts throughout, which is actually quite exciting. The PS4 version saves over 40 minutes compared to the 3DS version due to loading times and some very interesting differences. Race: Goldphnx 5 Level 1 Julius (Riku)
jokajoka Mega Man 2.5D Any% 0:40:00 PC Link Fun, new, really flashy looking fan-game. It's sort of like a "best of.." Mega Man game featuring robot masters and music from MM2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and Powered Up as well as music from MM6, 10 and 3 (GB). 5 Could have a running incentive to switch between Proto Man and Mega Man between each stage. They are the same, gameplay -wise.
Mr_BroodMr_Brood Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventure Story Mode 0:13:00 GBA Link This is speedrunning in it's purest form. it shows cultural diversity and learns kids how to speak spanish. The vladimir one cycle is a neat trick in which you one cycle vladimir. other then that the safari segment is really enjoyable and a relaxing experience overall. This is a great game to relieve tension you have at other games. 2
PullPull N++ CO-OP INTRO 0:11:00 PC Link N++ provides a co-operative run with fun level design shenanigans that either require the two players to be in sync with one another or leave room for strategic routing to beat the levels faster. The game itself is based around high movement optimization ranging from abusing the terrain to working with jump nuances. Brormanis 0 Donation incentive: Color cycling The game allows you to switch the game's theme and make it look different on command. (You can see an example of them by comparing runs on the leaderboards.) Color cycling means we'll quickly change game color at the start of every new level. A specific color could make for a bidwar, however, there are like 20+ of 'em so this is better on top of being more fun.
pinggas_pinggas_ My Hero 1 Loop 0:10:00 SMS USA Link An obscure arcade port from the mid 80s for the Master System. The first 3 levels repeat so we just play to the end of the 3rd boss. One hit kills, questionable hit boxes and infinitely spawning enemies make for a tense race... (Apologies for the olde time black & white capture.) KrazyRasmus 5
Bamz0rsBamz0rs Dragon Age: Origins Any% 0:54:00 PC EUR Link it has new skips and a semi new route It does require a CD version of the game or a crack at a very early patch. maybe Fatzke? 1 Who will break you out of jail? Daveth, the thief from Denerim or Jory, the knight from Redcliffe
Bamz0rsBamz0rs Dragon Age: Origins Romance% 0:30:00 PC EUR Link It's something different, and depending on the PG rating the run will end with an interesting cutscene. It has to be run on a CD version or an illegal version with a very early patch of the game 0 Trade glitch route or boring new route ?
dxtrdxtr Batman: The Video Game (NES) Any% 0:12:00 NES USA Link Submitting a race vs Endy. And as a bonusincentive: Blindfolded Stage 1. 5 Doing 1st stage blindfolded 3 attempts. 5000$/10min
Megami_infiniMegami_infini Virtual Hydlide All Dungeons 1:30:00 Saturn JPN Link Game widely considered as bad, but it's actually pretty fun game. This would be random seed run, with world being randomly generated, requiring me to figure out some stuff. Features digitized graphics, FMV cutscenes and "top-quality" voice acting 5
Megami_infiniMegami_infini Dragon Slayer Gaiden: Nemuri no Oukan Knight any% 1:00:00 GBP JPN Link Japan only action-RPG for GameBoy, quite a hidden gem. We must defeat 4 giant dragons and giant demon and restore peace to land. Knight starts pretty weak(sword has short range, dodging is impossible), but soon gets sword firing homing fireballs and then sword obliterating everything on screen on use, making him pretty overpowered 5 Bidwar between Knight and Ranger
Megami_infiniMegami_infini Bomberman Tournament Any% 1:50:00 GBA JPN Link Open world Bomberman game with Zelda-esque dungeons and bosses. Also featuring Pokemon-like creatures called Karabons, which grant us special skills and can be used for battling other Karabons 5
Megami_infiniMegami_infini Dragon Quest any% 2:00:00 SNES JPN Link 16bit remake of NES classic - Dragon Warrior and one of most popular speedgames in Japan. Evil Dragonlord kidnaped princess and stole magical artifact and it's up to us, descendant of legendary hero Roto, to save the day. Run focuses of gaining experience as efficient as possible, mostly by abusing Dragon Loop glitch, allowing to respawn Dragon miniboss for quick experience. 5 Bid war - save princess or kill princess
zfreshzfresh Megadimension Neptunia Victory II NG 2:35:00 PS4 USA Link To show that different JRPG Games can be speedrun and expand different variety choices. Also make it a first appearance. Race will be optional but im putting it down cause it makes it interesting. dabomstew (race) 5 If another runner submits there can be a bidwar of Kill or Save (Bad or True End) in other words (This incentive end before beginning the game because of different route/strats. If True End is met. There is 3 naming of discs. (Doing naming probably take 20-30 seconds depending on how long)
Tezur0Tezur0 Grand Theft Auto 2 Any% 0:40:00 PC Link GTA 2 speedrun changed dramatically in last year, though showing current route in its true form is boring, that's why the marathon route is a mash-up of most exciting IL-strats for each district. A lot of skill involeved in a run of this game since it is pretty unforgiving, yet the marathon route is mostly safe nowadays (was done on last shots fired and preNASA). Almost no glitches, some extra fun for marathon. Run I'm including is from Shots Fired marathon where it did go pretty well, also includes nice commentary and some marathon detours. I'm most active runner of this game and when aiming for my everyday progress don't judge it by any% run cause on marathon it will be completely different thing, just check pbs in various ILs. 0
Tezur0Tezur0 Grand Theft Auto 2 All Missions Downtown 1:05:00 PC Link This run was done on ESA ~3 years ago by Lighnat0r and it didn't go all too well. Quite interesting run, a lot of routing involved. Also it is very difficult, many things can go wrong, but high skill makes it fairly entertaining and not boring to watch (if we are not talking about everyday grinding-reset routine ofcourse :D) Even though I submit 2 categories for a game I'd love to see any% get in and this to get in only as a second thing (if you be so kind to include both, which I doubt haha). to be short - why this run? Its is very nice and entertaining. Including my PB as a vod. 0
MrzwanzigMrzwanzig Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD Any% 3:05:00 PS3 EUR Link KH1.5 Any% Beginner is the most popular KH category, with close to 200 runners, making the run quite optimized. Fights mostly rely on well-timed air combos (i.e. hitting your enemies in the face with a giant key), with magic/summons sprinkled in when appropriate. Includes lots of small movement-based sequence breaks, and one pretty major one courtesy of a clip. 2 Naming the Gummi Ship (10 character limit)
CartinaCowCartinaCow Castle of Illusion HD Any% 0:40:00 PC Link Because it's mickey, it is also a great remake. A pretty safe speedrun that should comfortably show off the game and it's route pretty well. Could fit well in a Mickey block with other illusion games and similar. 3
ShirdelShirdel Tekken 3 Tekken Ball Tournament (Exhibition) 1:15:00 Link Last year, Tekken Ball was extremely popular amongst the runners as a way of killing time, and there was a lot of support for making a Tekken Ball tournament! To summarise, Tekken Ball is a beach volleyball mini-game where every time you attack the ball with a fierce hit, that hit is transferred to the ball and if it hits your opponent or falls behind them, they take the damage. This can cause unpredictable scenarios and some crazy tech has been invented! I'm predicting around 32 entriants, and I'd recommend a Round Robin format streamed on either my own channel or a bonus ESA channel for the preliminaries, and then either the top 16 (single elim) or top 8 (double elim) would be on-stream, but I'm open to suggestions! Other rules are best 2/3 games on-stream with 2/3 in-game rounds, with best 3/5 for the Finals (And winner's/loser's finals if double elim). True Ogre would be banned. I would be on commentary rather than competing. If you like the idea, we can sort out the details in PMs! 5
ShirdelShirdel Tekken 3 Tekken Force Mode 0:10:00 PS2 USA Link While last year's Tekken 3 run showed off Arcade Mode (and to a small extent Tekken Ball Mode), Tekken Force was the other main mode that wasn't shown. This mode allows you to storm through four short, minute-long beat-em-'up stages in quick succession, fighting waves of Tekken Force soldiers and collecting CHICKEN with the character of your choice. The game retains the same Tekken fighting moves and engine while feeling like a beat-em-'up. However if you die in any of the four stages, it's a complete reset which is why the estimate is a little large (allowing for a maximum of two restarts in a worst-case scenario). This would be a great run to slot in-between two longer ones, or while setting something else up, etc. 2 This run could itself be a donation incentive bonus run, or we could have a bid war to select the character used for the run. Note that some characters (e.g. Dr. B) will take longer to complete than others.
ShirdelShirdel Tekken 2 Unlock All Endings (No Game Over Abuse, 1 Round) 1:15:00 PS2 USA Link The first two Tekken games have totally different gameplay compared to the later releases; Tekken 2's engine isn't as polished as future games', but this means it's that much more exploitable and leads to even more unconventional strats, combos and techniques! Tekken 2 is also beloved by many fans due to its amazing soundtrack, dark undertones and the introduction of several fan-favourite characters such as Jun and Devil. The run feels different compared to runs of future Tekken games, which would make Tekken 2 a great way of showcasing another classic without it feeling too familiar to last year's Tekken 3 run. The purpose of the run is to unlock every character's ending, like with Tekken 3. It has little repetitivity; there are only two repeated characters, Roger/Alex and Devil/Angel. The AI is also far more punishing in this game, but deaths cost little and action is non-stop making the run a highly entertaining watch. Submitting as a race with Hoody, who is another great speedrunner who I share strong chemistry with. Expect lots of back-and-forth banter between us! (Note that Hoody's PB is better than it is on, he just doesn't like submitting PBs that aren't then-WRs) (This run will be on Easy difficulty) Hoody 2 Shirdel vs. Hoody: A battle between runners to see who is the better man! The battle would take place as an 8v8 team battle. Would add approx. 5 minutes.
ShirdelShirdel Tekken Unlock All Characters (1 Round, Easy) 0:33:00 PS2 USA Link The original Tekken is an extremely interesting game to speedrun. It's one of the first 3D fighting games ever and as such its gameplay isn't as refined as future games, but this means it has even more exploits and even a few glitches! The run requires you to beat the game with all eight default characters to unlock their sub-bosses, and to unlock Heihachi you must beat one character without losing a round and getting at least one Perfect. The AI is even tougher and the lifebars are smaller, leaving less room for error. Submitting as a race with Hoody, who is another great speedrunner who I share a strong chemistry with. Expect lots of back-and-forth banter between us! (Note the current WR is on Emulator, if this run were to be accepted we'd buy the game for NTSC PS2 which would cut down the WR by 2+ minutes) Hoody 2 An extra character playthrough as Heihachi, an extremely powerful character in Tekken 1. This would take two minutes.
DrastDrast Paper Mario 3D Land Any% 0:30:00 PC CHN Link This is a fanmade mario 3d platformer, that is probably one of the best fanmade mario games there is. The game has nice skips and cutscene skips mixed with tight platforming movement. 5
ShiekrunnerShiekrunner Donkey Kong '94 1:15:00 SGB EUR Link I ran this game last year at ESA 2016 and after the event i managed to improve my record by a whole minute due to new implemented and new found strats. The run as a whole is still for the most part the same just that there are a bunch of new strats in the late game and that i have gotten significantly better at the game in general. I'd like to think of this game as a Hidden Gem not alot of people know about it and some people have just forgotten about it I would like to run this game this year again for me to have another opportunity to make more people interested for the game and manage to grow this speedgame as a whole because it's a very overlooked Mario/Donkey Kong game which has alot to offer 5 Glitch Exhibition. estimated time 10-15minutes.
FroobFroob Grief Syndrome All Characters% 0:30:00 PC Link Grief Syndrome is a 2d side scrolling beat em up based on the Madoka Magica series. It involves 6 different characters, over 5 to 6 stages, all of whom have their own movesets and methods of movement tech and traversal. All Characters% is a mode created recently by members of the community who wanted to improve characters that they don't usually use, whilst also being more of a showcase of the game and its mechanics. Whilst the character order used is down to each runner's discretion, the run utilises each character's unique movement techniques to go fast, as well as knowledge of enemy spawns, boss patterns and level layouts to best make use of each characters strengths and weaknesses. 1
FroobFroob Grief Syndrome Canon% 0:40:00 PC Link Canon% utilises 5 of the 6 available characters in a route that follows the plot of the anime as closely as possible including who kills what boss, character deaths etc. To that end, the route makes use of the only useful out of bounds trick, which offers the fastest way to kill off certain characters whose death is not bound to other factors. Since this category makes use of most characters, knowledge of the various movement techniques, enemy spawns and behaviour, and boss mechanics is especially important to perform optimally. 1
jokajoka Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition Any% 0:15:00 PC EUR Link Any% is basically a credits warp at this point. Although you still have to play for about 10 minutes first :) Crazy little category that combines a couple of separately discovered glitches in order to teleport-fling into the final cutscene. 5
FrozerFrozer Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Shanoa Any% 1:10:00 DS Link One of the least represented DSvanias in the speedrunning community. It has the classic shield-dashing, different movement options and really quick boss killing strats. I submitted it for ESA16, which I couldn't attend last year due to personal reasons. Now I will give it a try again! 5 I could do the Large Cavern on a seperate file, it should take around 5 minutes. I think a decent donation goal would be around 100 Euros (or Dollars)?
berlindude1berlindude1 Mega Man X1-X3 Trifecta 100% 2:30:00 SNES JPN Link It would be nice to watch a Trifecta run of the first 3 Mega Man X games released on the SNES - finishing all in the 100% category to show the viewers the complete games and all their secrets. 5 Most marathons showed the X Games only separate. It would be fun to show them all 3 in a row without stopping.
mrtiger92mrtiger92 Grim Dawn Normal 1:25:00 PC Link Grim Dawn is a Hack and Slay RPG which many people refer to as "Diablo Clone". Yes, it is the same genre as the Diablo Series, and it might have a similar dark setting, but it's definitely not a Clone. Being created by many developers that worked on the game "Titan Quest" before, Grim Dawn is more Similar to this game. The ability to choose 2 out of 6 different skill trees create a total of 15 different character classes. This run will be done with the Trickster-Class, which currently is the fastest of all classes. For a HnS it's quite fast since you have alot options to boost your movement and get the levelups in a very quick way. Since the community for this game is not that big currently, i'd like to show it to a bigger audience. 5 Character name bid war
mrtiger92mrtiger92 Titan Quest Any% 1:35:00 PC Link Alot People might know this game, since it was one of the most popular Hack and Slay RPGs besides Diablo 2. Released in 2006, it had a very big community of players. In 2016, the developers released the Anniversary Edition on Steam. Besides huge balancing updates this version also has some features which greatly increase the speedrunning-times, like the option to choose 3 options for ingame speed. This game has never been shown as a single player speedrun on a marathon (there was a coop run at ESA2014), so i'd like to show it off. 2 1.Character name Bidwar 2. Showcase of the "Secret passage", an easter egg level with good music and some developers as monsters. (+7min estimate which is not included above)
mrtiger92mrtiger92 Titan Quest 4:45:00 PC Link Alternative submission for Titan Quest. Most of the Any%(AE) Submission also applies here. The Any% Legendary category features all 3 difficulty Levels of the game (similar to Any% Hell in Diablo 2). This means, you have to play through the game 3 times, which results in the estimate being much longer then the Any%(AE) estimate. This run may be something for the 2nd stream, so i submitted it. I don't have an english commentated video for it, so i'll just link my PB with german commentary. 5 Character Name bid war
SlaskPraskSlaskPrask The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D All Masks 3:00:00 3DS EUR Link This game is a nice remake of the classic n64 title and hasn't really been properly showed of yet. I have good understanding of the mechanics and can explain tricks in depth. 5 Filename bidwar
SlaskPraskSlaskPrask The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 100% 5:00:00 N64 JPN Link 100% hasn't been shown of as esa yet. It's a completely new route that hasn't been shown at any event, and I also can explain stuff in depth. 5 Filename, Extra heartpiece (5 minutes)
SlaskPraskSlaskPrask No Time To Explain Remastered Any% 0:40:00 PC USA Link Fun and pretty fastpaced game, mostly based on execution. 5 All Hats (+15 min)
RoboSparkleRoboSparkle James Pond 2: Robocod any% 0:30:00 Genesis EUR Link The SMS version was shown briefly last year as part of the highly entertaining X-Men race. Appropriately for a Summer Marathon, it's a tale of how a secret agent from F.I.5.H. enhanced his body with a Robo-extendo suit (a completely unique game mechanic that occurs for about 2 seconds in the current route) and saved Christmas by defusing a number of bombs cunningly disguised as McVities' Penguins (TM). It's also the heartwarming story of one young professional marine spy getting his Christmas wish answered to get his very own Magical Flying Bathtub. It's around 30 minutes of tight platforming with no major glitches but a lot of fun and efficient gaming and solid commentary. I've not been streaming for a while but I'm confident in the game and going to add a few flourishes seen in the 2015 TAS run. Video is old, part of a triolgy run I did, but if it makes the first cut I will attempt to put a newer one up. 2 The ever-popular 1-minute speedrun by skipping to the final boss. Alternatively could do a bidding war between Mega Drive, SMS or Amiga versions.
JoelnirJoelnir Chicken Run Any% 0:50:00 PS2 EUR Link Chicken run is a stealth adventure game based on the movie with the same name. The game is about solving puzzles and platforming to collect items. The speedrun features a number of funny skips and strats. Throughout the game there are a number of small minigames that you have to complete. Some of these feature some really intense button mashing, making it a fun run to show at a live event. 2
RiekeltRiekelt Ape Escape: Sarusaru Big Mission Any% 1:00:00 PSN JPN Link Same as Ape Escape 2, only this is a whole different game. Instead of catching the monkeys, it's all about mind-controlling them. The run itself consists of optimalizations, boss movement and small skips, having saved 10 minutes since the start of it's life. The specific platform will be a PSTV, and I can bring my own HDCP strippers for capture. Original platform is PSP 5
RiekeltRiekelt Goat Simulator Trophies 0:50:00 PC Link Everyone knows this game and what it stands for, but a speedrun? Same as last ESA, clever movement, a few bugs which are totally intended, whacky goats. Did I say there are goats? In addition to last time, there's another map added that's all space themed, and pretty interesting with the routing and Portal like test-chambers at the end which can make a chuckle. The trophy that I had no setup for during my initial run, well, there is a setup for it now which makes it 95% consistent. 5 Getting Catified in PAYDAY - Adds 2 minutes Save or Kill the humans in Waste of Space Bid War. This won't add much time (20 seconds or so), and basically is a nice addition for the Super Metroid thing. If we decide to not save the humans, we'll laugh at them instead.
EnsgMasterEnsgMaster Dark Souls 3 All Bosses 1:45:00 PC USA Link Dark Souls 3 was shown last year but without its 2 DLC (second is still to be released), the game will then have new harder bosses and an almost complete re-routing with new weapon/cool glitches. Many Souls game runners will be here (Elajjaz, CaptainToinon, Kahmul...) and will also be able to provide good comments. 5 Bid for the ending (3 different possible endings), the game has also some neat glitches that can be shown.
EllieceraptorEllieceraptor SUPERHOT NG+ 0:20:00 PC EUR Link SUPERHOT is an exciting, fast paced and subversive game for speedrunning with a lot of tight execution and demand for improvisation on the runner's end. NG+ is similar to Any% but abuses level select to skip the majority of the story as well as the largest downtime in the run, but still includes all of the levels. 5 Denial Mode Ending, adds no extra time to the run.
EllieceraptorEllieceraptor SUPERHOT All Secrets 0:35:00 PC EUR Link SUPERHOT is an exciting, fast paced and subversive game for speedrunning with a lot of tight execution and demand for improvisation on the runner's end. All Secrets is like Any% in that all levels are played, but also adds platforming and shows off weird and often creepy things hidden outside of the maps. 5 Denial Mode Ending, which adds no extra time to the run.
EllieceraptorEllieceraptor Sound Shapes All Non-DLC Albums 1:00:00 PS4 EUR Link Sound Shapes is a gorgeous music platformer with a fantastic soundtrack that evolves as you play the levels. It features great variety in both visual, music and gameplay over the course of the run. 5
EllieceraptorEllieceraptor Dishonored Brigmore Witches DLC 0:08:00 PC EUR Link Dishonored is a mainstay for speedrunning marathons, for good reason. The DLC don't get nearly enough attention, especially not the third one. It features the best parts of the main game condensed into an action packed 8 minutes. 5
SuperSqankSuperSqank Tak: The Great Juju Challenge 100% Single Player 1:40:00 Xbox EUR Link 100% has similarities to any% but the main difference is that you have to collect and buy all of the recipe cards. 100% involves entering all of the side quests and exploring the levels furthur to collect everything. The most interesting category in the game and the most diverse category and it's a lot of fun. The run for this submission is super unoptimised but the run will be a lot more optimised hopefully in the near future and especially by the time ESA rolls around. 5 Same incentive as my any% submission. To watch the cutscene in the game where Tak & Lok rap with burp and fart sounds in the background.
roryextraliferoryextralife Final Fantasy II Any% PS 4:45:00 PS USA Link Final Fantasy II is a staple in the FF series that rarely gets the recognition it truly deserves. Going against the grain with a truly unique stats system, and with some fantastic storytelling to boot, it is one of the most underrated games in the series. The PS run of the game is far from perfect, and has only been run in an RTA setting by a small handful of people (myself, and 2 or 3 JP only runners) and the game itself has yet to make an appearance at a marathon. While the run is relatively straightforward, it uses (and abuses) a simple glitch to help make the game a bit more bearable by abusing the stats system. 5 4x nameable characters
KanriKanri Final Fantasy XIII-2 Any% 3:05:00 PC EUR Link It's been 5 years since FF13-2's last appearance at ESA and a lot of things changed in the speedrun. From better routing to better execution in general which is evident by the WR time on console improving by over 20 minutes while the PC release of the game has managed to scrape another 10 minutes off the time. With all the new strats and new runners of this game I am confident this game offers a lot to warrant a re-appearance. zer0skar_i, ricy0sma, xJakeDreamer 5 Outfits for characters: Serah: Default, Summoner's Garb, Beachwear, White Mage Noel: Default, Battle Attire, Spacetime Guardian, Black Mage Any additional incentives such as blindfolded bossfights would need to be discussed with all the participants of the race and could be established with the schedule organizers if the race passes the first round of cuts.
roryextraliferoryextralife QuackShot Starring Donald Duck Any% 0:40:00 Genesis USA Link QuackShot is an amazing action adventure tale that follows the journey of Donald Duck in his quest for treasure. Follow Donald and his nephews on a journey that will explore an amazing variety of places such as the lands of Egypt, Duckberg, Mexico, and the South Pole. The speedrun of this game uses a very small handful of glitches, however it is still a very fun game overall as a viewer and a player. (Estimate is going to improve) 5
ZooKetraZooKetra Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge Segmented (Live Commentary) (Exhibition) 0:30:00 Link Mirror's Edge is a fast paced first person parkour game, one of the leading speedruns on PC with a large community. Since October 2015, a number of members from said community including myself have been working on the third segmented Any% run, the run is currently in its final stages and will be released before ESA, this would simply be a live commentated version from a number of the runners featured in the run. The run features countless new strats and routes, taking hundreds of hours to achieve. Video linked is the previous segmented run by Requiem720, the new run beats this by over 3 minutes. 5
ricyosmaricyosma Final Fantasy XIII-2 Any% 3:05:00 PC EUR Link this is the second installment of the FF:XIII trilogy. This game works for the most part different then the first installment and is a interesting run to see, with it's little optimizations and tricks. Also this game was a great success last year on the Pre-ESA16 stream. This submissions is also a part of a race. xJakeDreamer, jayfermont, zer0skar_i 5
praskOopraskOo Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Any% no Stablaunch 0:36:00 PC Link Submitting as a possible race with sajiki sajiki 5
SajikiSajiki Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Any% no Stablaunch 0:35:00 PC Link Jedi Academy is a heavily movement-based speedgame with a very high skill ceiling and a huge variety of displayed tricks and utilized speed tech. The community is quite active and since its last display 2016, several levels have been considerably changed due to newly discovered glitches. It is fast-paced, technical, and a very entertaining run in general. As a newly found highlight, we can know entirely skip entering the sandcrawler in t1_surprise and instead do everything from the outside by throwing a bunch of grenades through the walls. Sadly, due to the technical issues last year, the exposure was kind of low (severe audio issues, no screens at the venue, no donation incentives ready) but that didnt prevent the community from working hard on the game and pushing the time down by two additional minutes. I really hope this game gets another chance at an offline marathon, as the experience last year was unfortunate. We offer the option to showcase this run as a race with prasko, another top-tier runner, or as another category (all secrets). praskoo_ 5 Bid war: Save/Kill the rosh. Could be done in analogy to the super metroid bidwar from the gdqs about whether we have to go dark side or light side. Both ways have safe and fast strats so the estimate will not be an issue. Could also do an incentive to bid for which saber color to run with (blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, red) or which race to play as (human male, human female, zabrak, rodian, kel'dor, twi'lek).
SajikiSajiki Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy All Secrets 0:53:00 PC Link In general, what I wrote for the any% submission applies here too, so I'm just going to add a few things about the category. All Secrets is a category where you collect every single secret area in the game. That leads to drastic route changes in the most part of the levels. All Secrets showcases completely different tricks and also the three levels which we skip in any%. And who doesnt like activating buttons through a wall? Overall its a very underrated category and a refreshing alternative to standard any%. 5 Same as for any%.
ratchetjaksorafan666ratchetjaksorafan666 Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Any% 1:15:00 PS2 USA Link Like in new game plus you need to finish the game as fast as possible, the new game run is much longer because you need to get all the gadgets and weapons from the begnning of the game, you get the chargeboots later on so that makes the first couple of minutes a less fast paced. This category, even though it may be slower at the begginning ,features some interesting things that aren't shown in the new game plus run such as weapon and bolt management, alternate routes and bonus game breaking tech. 5 route variation bidwar, glitch exhibitions
uhTranceuhTrance Resident Evil 5 Solo SS 1:45:00 PC Link Resident Evil 5 is a fast paced game with lots to talk about throughout the run. One of the most popular resident evil speedruns. 2 Costume of characters
NepumukNepumuk Cally's Caves 3 Any+Saves 0:33:00 PC Link CC3 is a fast paced 2D action platformer. The most important glitch used is the extended roll which allows the runner to move very fast while being able to pass through enemies without taking damage. Also the spike gun is used often to pretty much fly around on spikes and that way take shortcuts and skip parts of levels. The game has several active runners that have optimized the game a lot in the past months. 5 Bonus Level: Bera's Zone, about 6 minutes
ricyosmaricyosma Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Any% Normal 2:30:00 PC EUR Link This is the Third installment of the FF:XIII trilogy and by that the last game. In this installment you play only as Lightning to save souls before the world ends in 13 days. The main part of this speedrun is completing the main quest. Because of the time system in this game that counts down to the last day, we do various things in different orders. Like beginning with 1 quest, but come back later and start with a new one because time differences. That's also why this speedrun is interesting to watch. Also this run is part of a race with 3 other people. 2 people in this race using a different route then me and that's interesting to see what certain people do differently in this game but all having the same result in the end. zer0skar_i, xJakeDreamer, MLSTRM 5
LuchoDreamerLuchoDreamer Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Any% Normal 2:30:00 PC EUR Link It's a fast paced run highly reliable on movement and fast inputs in battles. Action packed. Also, this would be great on a race since currently there are two different routes with very similar times. Two of the runners run one route, the other two runners run the other. So it's great to showcase the differences in both of them. ricy0sma, zer0skar_i, mlstrm 5
epicdudeguyepicdudeguy Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Any% NMG 1:40:00 PC EUR Link This run shows off how fast you can go, without using any major glitches. It relies heavily on movement, but there are still a lot of tricks and skips you can do. 2 Bidwar: Game Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
LuchoDreamerLuchoDreamer Final Fantasy XIII-2 Any% 3:05:00 PC EUR Link Really fast paced run, not only in the map but also in battles, which are really interesting and fun to watch. ricy0sma, zer0skar_i, jayfermont 5
roryextraliferoryextralife World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Mickey 0:20:00 Genesis USA Link World of Illusion is a fun, short, and enjoyable speedrun with a small handful of tricks that make the game just that little bit easier. With a few familiar faces and a lot of fantastic music and visuals, it's a run that'll be great for anyone, from those who've never heard of the game before to those who cherish it like a memory of yesteryear. It's also accompanied by a neat bidwar. 5 Possibly a bidwar between this run and the Donald Duck run, which is similar but has a different selection of levels.
roryextraliferoryextralife World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Donald 0:20:00 Genesis USA Link World of Illusion is a fun, short, and enjoyable speedrun with a small handful of tricks that make the game just that little bit easier. With a few familiar faces and a lot of fantastic music and visuals, it's a run that'll be great for anyone, from those who've never heard of the game before to those who cherish it like a memory of yesteryear. It's also accompanied by a neat bidwar. (NOTE: Video submitted is WR run by Tenebrae, not myself as I failed to save a video of my run) 5 Possibly a bidwar between this run and the Mickey Mouse run, which is similar but has a different selection of levels.
RebelDragon95RebelDragon95 Ratchet & Clank (PS4) NG+ 0:42:00 PS4 EUR Link This remake of Ratchet and Clank is probably one of the best re-imaginings of an older game ever made. This game is extremely different from the original game on the PS2 in a speedrun. The worlds you visit are widely different in content, although they are named the same, making the tricks we use a really great watch. This game finishes extremely fast with some interesting movement making this an amazing game to view in a marathon such as this. official_mkblast 5
MKBlastMKBlast Ratchet & Clank (PS4) NG+ 0:40:00 PS4 EUR Link It is a short and entertaining run, that has a lot of hard and cool tricks. The game is also beautiful and very very broken. It is also a child friendly game so it is for all ages to watch. RebelDragon95 10
CimpCimp Dark Souls III 1:40:00 PC EUR Link Dark Souls 3 should be shown at ESA 2017 because by the time the event takes place, the final DLC (end of March) will be out. It will add additional bosses that haven't been seen at ESA2016 and a completely different route with new tech. Having been speedrunning Souls-Games since 2014, I will work very hard to represent it accordingly. An accurate video-link is therefore not possible since the route after the second DLC is yet unknown. 5 - character name - firekeeper ending
ZetZet Inside All Orbs (Normal Ending) 1:30:00 PC Link This category shows off how to collect all of the hidden orbs during the game while still going for the regular ending. Interesting additional optimizations for orbs are added into the run. (See any% submission for more.) (Again, not my run, I'm about to learn it soon!) 5 Incentive to go for the Normal or the Secret ending is possible.
ZetZet Inside All Orbs (Secret Ending) 1:21:00 PC Link This category include getting all of the cleverly hidden orbs while ending the game with the secret ending. The run is a bit shorter than Normal Ending since the full last part is cut off but lots of optimizations and skips still can be showed off. (Same here, not my run.) 5 Incentive whether All Orbs Normal Ending or All Orbs Secret Ending will be shown can happen before/during the run.
ZetZet Inside My Radio Any% 0:44:00 PC Link I'm glad to hear, the second stream with more focus on music games is coming back! Inside My Radio is all about dance music in different decades and rhythmical execution, while it remains a very technical speedrun. Even if skips and tricks are not recognized, the music has a vibe to make viewers - on stage and on stream - go dance and feel good! Also it's a bit like 140. 3
ZetZet THOTH Standard 0:13:00 PC Link It's a very unknown game but in its simplistic nature, you don't need to know much to understand whats going on. Evil shapes try to kill your shape and you need to shoot them to survive - but look out, they become zombies when they're dead! A fast paced Twin Stick shooter with a new mechanic every four levels requires non stop focus for the entire - albeit quite short - run that is nothing short of amazing to watch. 6 Incentive to run any% solo coop instead of any%. A longer run but way, way harder and requiring a lot more skill.
ZetZet THOTH 0:33:00 PC Link Very similar to any% but a solo coop run brings a non moving partner into the game, which means that your own player character is now weaker and when the partner dies it becomes the most dangerous obstacle in the game. Supreme dodging skills are guaranteed! I haven't mastered this category yet, so my estimate is below my PB as for now, yet with enough practice, all no reset runs should have a similar (lower) outcome. 7 This mode can be an incentive against any%, which is significantly easier but less impressive to show.
ChfouChfou Herc's Adventures Any% Atlanta 1:20:00 PS EUR Link An underrated PS1 adventure game. I've ran this game last year and I'm proposing it again for its 20th anniversary (well close enough cause this game came out on 31st July 1997) 5
ChfouChfou Chroma Squad Any% (Original/Legacy) 1:50:00 PC EUR Link Chroma Squad is a tactical-RPG telling the story of 5 actors who decide to make their own Sentai series. The run focuses on defeating all those baddies as fast as possible. This is possible by exploiting everything the game gives to us. Oh, and this game has mecha fights, because sentai. The run is quite polished but extra time is required in case of the enemies want to not die when asked for. 5 Possible incenive is a Bid war for the names of the actors to rename them. It'd be a choice between the ESA staff and the names of the France Five rangers. (roughly one or two minutes) Another incentive would be to rename the "Chromatize" button to any word. (This button will be located on the bottom on the screen most of the time).
ChfouChfou Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 New Game 2:15:00 PC EUR Link To get more diversity in the JRPG category and for the 1st appearance of a Neptunia game in a marathon. The run is the No DLC category so we don't have access to the broken dlc characters. It requires to grind levels and money a bit more but most of the randomness is controlled. Possible race with Dabomstew. NB : My time on the game will most likely improve and the estimate could be lowered accordingly. Dabomstew 5
ChfouChfou Megadimension Neptunia Victory II NG 2:00:00 PS4 EUR Link To get more diversity in the JRPG category and for the 1st appearance of a Neptunia game in a marathon. This submission is for the Bad End route (zfresh has submitted the True End Route). NB : Like Rebirth 1, I picked up this game recently and my time will most likely imrove before the marathon. So the estimate will most likely be lowered in the next months. Dabomstew 5 As zfresh said it in his submission, there could be a bidwar between True End and Bad End. (bid war must end before the start of the game because of different strats and runners for each route) Also an incentive for the name of one media card for the Bad End (taking roughly 20 seconds)
DabomstewDabomstew Megadimension Neptunia Victory II NG 2:00:00 PS4 Link This game is the latest offering in a series of quirky (if perhaps a bit notorious) modern turn-based JRPGs that parody the video game industry into a world of its own. The speedrun itself is on the short side for a JRPG and shows off strategies that stomp through the game with minimal grinding. Bad End is the shortest fullgame category but still covers a significant portion of the story progression. Could be a race or solo run depending on runner availability/preference. Chfou 5 - Japanese vs English voices, for the purposes of the speedrun we don't miss out on anything picking either. - Name the Disc - the disc is a fairly crucial item used to give us certain stat buffs that make a certain "That One Boss" realistic to win without grinding. It can be given a custom name of up to 16 characters.
DabomstewDabomstew Megadimension Neptunia Victory II NG Any% True End 2:25:00 PS4 Link This game is the latest offering in a series of quirky (if perhaps a bit notorious) modern turn-based JRPGs that parody the video game industry into a world of its own. The speedrun itself is on the short side for a JRPG and shows off strategies that stomp through the game with minimal grinding. True End adds roughly half an hour to the run compared to the other category I'm offering but the added content is reasonably significant, including the main storyline's hardest and most notorious boss fight. Could be a race or solo run depending on runner availability/preference. zfresh 5 - Japanese vs English voices, for the purposes of the speedrun we don't miss out on anything picking either. - Name the Disc - the disc is a fairly crucial item used to give us certain stat buffs that make a certain "That One Boss" realistic to win without grinding. It can be given a custom name of up to 16 characters. True End technically creates 2 or 3 discs which could all be separately named but the one shared with the Bad End run is still the most important. - In theory True End vs Bad End could be an incentive/bidwar but as others have already mentioned this would need to be concluded before the run (for a race) or no more than 30 minutes into the run (for a solo run)
DabomstewDabomstew Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 New Game 2:15:00 PC Link While Megadimension might be the pinnacle of the Neptunia series so far, this game is the most recognizable to Western audiences due to it leading the series' charge onto Steam. It does a good job introducing the series and its quirks from the ground up and its speedrun is of similar length to that of the Megadimension runs. A fun little watch to show how we can breeze through a game which gives you strong incentives to grind without really doing so at all past the first 30 minutes. Could be a race or solo run depending on runner availability/preference. (this submission is for the No DLC variant of the run) Chfou 5 English vs Japanese voices.
TheGreatPumpkinTheGreatPumpkin Disney's Aladdin (Game Gear / Master System) 0:14:00 SMS USA Link The game is pretty short and a Disney title which are always popular. Music is pretty good as 8 bit renditions of Aladdin music. 0
JelJel Kingdom Hearts Re:coded NG+ 1:23:00 DS EUR Link This run is very fast paced and as of right now is quite well optimised. There is a decent amount of factors within the run which can be discussed in commentary. (Run will be done on a 3DS console rather than an emulator in my video provided) 6
FuzzynessFuzzyness SEGA Bass Fishing Arcade Mode (DC) Any% 0:10:00 Dreamcast USA Link Because memes and fishing rod controller This run is HUGE 3
YumeTsubasaCHYumeTsubasaCH Trackmania Nations Forever White & Green Flag races 0:22:00 PC EUR Link Have not seen much of TrackMania at bigger speedrunning events, even though it's a fairly popular game which is mostly skillbased and glitchless. 5 Blue Flag races can be added as incentive, I'm at it but not where I want to be at the moment, but should be no biggie. Would raise the total time to 40 minutes. And for all my Incentive suggestions, we can talk about the hight of these if the runs get chosen, no need to think too much into it for me without having a good sense of what would be the right amount for these atm.
YumeTsubasaCHYumeTsubasaCH N++ SOLO INTRO 0:20:00 PC EUR Link If I'm not entirely wrong this game series should now be like 10 years old and is a really hard platformer, which deserves to be shown at such an event. 5 Dunno, hard to say what you could do with that, as Co-Op is already submitted by another guy. Could grind out N++ Solo A-row for that matter, would take 30 minutes more I guess. So 50 minutes in total then. And for all my Incentive suggestions, we can talk about the hight of these if the runs get chosen, no need to think too much into it for me without having a good sense of what would be the right amount for these atm.
YumeTsubasaCHYumeTsubasaCH Wave Race 800cc National series 0:25:00 GB EUR Link Well, everybody should know Wave Race 64, so why not show the Gameboy ancestor for once ? 5 All National series (550cc, 650cc & 800cc). Would say around 1 hour total with all classes, but would have to time it to give you a real estimate. World Series 800cc is a possibility too, but would have to get a feel for the strats first, cannot guarantee anything yet. Time would be the same as substitute or double the stuff to show both 800cc races. Would need a Gameboy / Gameboy Color that has the equip to grab the stuff, as I don't own one anymore. I got the game for that matter, no need to look around for you in that regard. And for all my Incentive suggestions, we can talk about the hight of these if the runs get chosen, no need to think too much into it for me without having a good sense of what would be the right amount for these atm.
AjarmarAjarmar Bamse Any% 0:25:00 GB JPN Link Hot Swedish meme game, except I'm still the only one in on the meme. This game actually has some pretty cool tricks (including zips) and has yet to be shown off at a marathon so you can still claim the World First. It's sure to at least entertain the Scandinavian audience. Video is a run done on console (SGB2) with music on, which is more indicative of how a marathon run would look. My real PB is 18:10 (done on emulator without music). 1
SerSanjuSerSanju BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea (DLCs) Episode 1 Any% 0:24:00 PC Link Just as any other BioShock run, this run is a mix of fights / cutscenes / skips. Burial at Sea Episode 1 is a really nice run, short and full of interesting strats. 5
SerSanjuSerSanju BioShock 2: Minerva's Den (DLC) Any% 0:23:00 PC Link Minerva's Den has one of the best stories in the series, combined with the fast and cool gameplay of BioShock 2. Even though it doesn't have a lot of skips (some diary skips mostly), the run has really interesting fights and strats. 5
ParadoxKarlParadoxKarl Super Mario 64 DS 80 Star 1:25:00 WiiUVC EUR Link A fun alternative to the massively popular sm64 speedrun. This category is the equivalent of 70 star in that game, which is any% no major skips. A number of broken physics, variety of characters and additional stars and levels make this game an interesting watch whether you know a lot about the N64 version or not. Over 50 star (which I am also submitting), this category has more variety in characters and more content. 5
JukspaJukspa Half-Life Any% 0:45:00 PC Link This game is good and I'm a good video game player. 0
jokajoka Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% All-Stars 0:10:00 SNES JPN Link Fun little category that uses the S+Q in All-stars to go to world 3 and 5 instead of 4 and 6. Ladderjumps, weird clips and walking on top of the stage. Fun times. 1 Peach cameo?
NeviutzNeviutz Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story Any% 4:10:00 SNES JPN Link Everyone likes Sailor Moon, that's why it should be shown at ESA'17. Jokes aside, SM:AS is sadly not a very well known game due to not having a release outside of Japan. The speedrun involves some nice strategies, lots of sanic fast movement execution and more. Note: An english fan translation for this game could also be used during the marathon for the sake of the viewers being able to read what's going on. 0
SerSanjuSerSanju Monsters, Inc. Scream Team 1:20:00 PC EUR Link At ESA16, I ran Winx Club and people actually ended up enjoying it. I've been wanting to submit this for a while, and now I got motivation to run the game and try to beat my times. And well, Monsters, Inc. I used to think this game couldn't have many skips, and I was wrong. The run is really fun to watch, especially 100%. The jumps are broken in this game, which makes up for some interesting skips, also including an almost "infinite" jump, that allows us to cross big gaps and skip some stuff. My PB is really old, but I actually tried beating it not so long ago, and now I'll try to find more time so it can be a great run for ESA. 5
MLSTRMMLSTRM Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Any% Normal 2:30:00 PC EUR Link Lightning Returns is the final game in the FF13 trilogy. Compared to the previous 2, this game is much more of an action-RPG, with the battle system consisting of switching between different garbs to use different abilities. Combat is fast and flashy, with every enemy taken down very quickly. Outside of battle, the time and sprint mechanics make the overworld movement interesting to watch, and those who know the game can appreciate just how little needs to be done to finish it. Offering as a race. ricy0sma, xJakeDreamer, zer0skar_i 5 Colour of Lightnings Outfit Wear the Chocobo Hat/other accessories
MLSTRMMLSTRM Strider (2014) All Bosses 1:10:00 PC EUR Link Strider (2014) is a Metroidvania game with hack-n-slash combat elements. In contrast to the any% run, the All Bosses run shows much more of the world of the game, with every area being visited at least once to take down every boss (every fight with an on-screen health bar). The Boss Battles are all very fast and quite varied in strategy as we gain more upgrades along the route that allow us to deal even more damage. Although a lot more of the game is seen, there are still a substantial amount of tricks including several OoB skips to get to items or cross areas in a faster method than normal. 5 Hand/Controller cam - would add no time outside of setup, and since I play the game on fight stick + keyboard, there are some pretty neat things used that you don't see otherwise.
ZooKetraZooKetra LEGO™ Racers 2 Any% 1:25:00 PC Link Lego Racers 2 is a very goofy racing game from 2001, featuring 5 different racing worlds with a boss at the end of each you have to race, two of which don't even use cars but that's okay because it's lego. The best part about this run is you get to build your own sick lego car and your own character at the start, and if you get hit too much at any point you lose your car and have to run instead, what's not to like?! Semmlbroesel 5 Character name (x2)
MetakoMetako Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Alucard 0:45:00 X360 EUR Link (Category is Glitchless) SoTN is a much beloved game from the PS era. In Glitchless we forego all the shenanigans to go fast in favour of a more civilized approach. We still blitz through Dracula's castle with shield dashing and wing smashes, but the bosses prove more difficult and require finesse to knock out fast. Movement tech is very unique and makes a great compliment to glitched categories. Submitting as a race with MaxieTheHatter. MaxieTheHatter 5 File name bid war (8 character max)
MetakoMetako Final Fantasy VII PSX Disc 8:00:00 PS2 USA Link (Category is Any% No Slots) Final Fantasy VII is renowned across the Final Fantasy franchise. The No Slots route has recently been updated, with a new step count to manipulate encounters and some nifty time saves by collecting skills at different points and swapping characters. Movement tech is key and the battle mechanics make for an action packed run. 5 Character names (7 character max)
MetakoMetako Final Fantasy VIII PSX Disc 9:00:00 PS2 USA Link (Category is Any%) Final Fantasy VIII is a favourite among Final Fantasy speedrunning enthusiasts. It has an engaging story and many tricks. The route has had a complete overhaul recently, allowing for card manipulation to buff up our characters early on and to guarantee an ideal party for the final boss. The step route keeps enemy encounters in check and bosses are a breeze with the junction system. The run is fast paced and dynamic throughout. 5 Character names (7 characters max)
Ya-GGYa-GG Circa Infinity Beat the game 1:00:00 PC Link The game is a harsh puzzle platformer when we have to jump from circles to circles to reach the end. The full game has 50 levels and 5 bosses to beat. Every world has 10 levels and 1 boss to beat, and each world adds new mechanic, which means you have various ennemies and environments to deal with. IL runs are avaliable on if you wanna take a look. Although the game is free headache when we play it casually, it can become a smooth and enjoyable run to watch as speedrun. Sub 1h is possible, me and Hamb (current WR holder) are working on it to make the run the smoothest possible. 0
MetakoMetako Final Fantasy X PS2 11:00:00 PS2 USA Link (Category is Any%) Final Fantasy X was a breakthrough for the PS2 and JRPGs with the inclusion of voice acting and a completely different battle system from previous Final Fantasies. Keeping on your toes for encounters and managing AP are essential to bring this run together. A gripping story and a constantly dynamic series of events make this speedrun a cracking watch. 5 Character/Aeon names (8 character max)
SuperSqankSuperSqank Finding Nemo Any% 1:15:00 Xbox EUR Link Finding Nemo is a game with optimised movement to make the game as fast as possible. Some levels are a lot more optimised than others and optimisation comes from careful planning with movent and fast puzzle solving A neat speedgame even if the game itself isn't too good. This is the only game I'm not highly hoping to get in since it's just an extra submission that would be interesting to do as a meme. 5
CropaxCropax For Honor NG+ Any% 1:35:00 PC EUR Link This game is very new and very popular so that alone should provide a lot of interest for the run. The run itself requires a very good sense for the combat mechanics and predicting and manipulating the AI. 0
Mr_ShastaMr_Shasta Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land 100% 0:50:00 GBA USA Link Submitting this as a donation incentive for Any% if this does not get taken as a race. 100% gets all the switches in the game, which unlocks all of the overworld. What it unlocks does nothing for the speedrun though. Ignore the additional time in my Any% submission. This one is correct Famarok as a race 2 If Any% is not taken as a race, put 100% as a donation incentive for Any%. If it is a race, we can both do Boss Endurance (5 minute estimate) as a race after the run
MergyMergy Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Tag Force Evolution Any% 4:20:00 PS2 EUR Link When some people refer to RNG and Yu-Gi-Oh! Games usually Forbidden Memories gets mentioned, but is nothing compared to Tag Force Evolution. Even though RNG is a huge factor the run itself has a very straight forward route and consistent runs. 3
Mr_ShastaMr_Shasta Yoshi's Island DS Any% 2:20:00 DS USA Link This run is similar in execution to Yoshi's Island on SNES, aside from the 5 babies in this run. I use Baby Mario for most of the run whenever I can because he moves the fastest and he allows for a lot of skips due to how fast he moves. There's also a 2 frame window to jump on an egg after you throw it, which is used a lot throughout the run, including skipping all of 5-6 0
DrTChopsDrTChops Rot Gut Any% 0:05:00 PC Link comfy short run with great music you can add on before or after another run of mine :) 0
whit_sendwhit_send Croc 2 (GBC) 100% 1:26:00 GBP USA Link What is a charity marathon without money? This run features close attention to a money route in order to minimize grinding while collecting the Golden Gobbos to free Croc's parents from the clutches of evil. While this is high-risk, high-reward, there is a marathon-safe route that still features the thrills of half-frame jumps and game over abuse. 0
MartinForSlundMartinForSlund Rayman 2: Revolution Any% 0:18:00 PSN USA Link A pretty broken game that will entertain alot, with the exception for alot of cutscenes. But it compensates for the brokeness and shortage of the game. Currently I don't have any PB video uploaded, but I will use Frozen_Frogs video as a reference. Only difference is that I am going to play the PSN version of the game instead of the PS2. 0
MaxieTheHatterMaxieTheHatter Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Alucard 0:45:00 X360 EUR Link (Category is Glitchless) Don't be fooled by the category, it may be glitchless but we still utilize movement techs that makes you think twice, while sequence braking with what almost looks like glitches (they're not though, only unintended use of game mechanics). The boss fights become quite different as we have to rely on other means to attack, which is not to say that it's all that much slower. Should be good fun! Submitting this as a race against Metako Metako 0 File name bid war (8 character max)
S.S. Serious Sam 2 Any% 3:25:00 PC Link Seeing SS3 been submitted, I figured I might as well add another one to show off. This game is all-around action packed with a little bit of downtime towards the end to read donations. It features various cool tricks like using enemies to boost over walls, shooting boxes while standing on them to fly into the air, and lots of destruction and explosions. Its maps are fun and varied, not like the first SS where it was just egypt/desert and that's it. No, this game takes you from a pretty tropical planet, to a lava planet, to a planet inhabited by ancient chinese lookalikes, and many more! Even people who don't understand what's going on, they'll have pretty places to look at. But they will understand what's going on, because I will explain that during the run. 5 Attend the secret gay wedding This is just a fun little secret in the game (not an easter egg) that people seem to like. If a certain amount of $ are donated, I could take an extra minute and go and attend it.
Megami_infiniMegami_infini Dragon Slayer Gaiden: Nemuri no Oukan Ranger any% 1:00:00 GBP JPN Link Ranger unlike Knight has ranged attack from start, making early game easier, but his later weapons aren't overpowered, they are pretty balanced atually. Diffiulty remains about even throughout entire run 0 Bidwar between Knight and Ranger
BaffanBaffan Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean New Game 14:00:00 GCN USA Link Baten Kaitos is one of the most singular games of the Gamecube era, mostly known for its unique gameplay system: it’s a card-based J-RPG. That includes a large amount of RNG to deal with, because of the randomness of the fights themselves, and the loots at the end of them. Luckily, the route got constantly refined since 2013, allowing the run to be able to deal with the vast majority of those random elements of the game. The result is a run that currently stands 13 hours and 30 minutes, and that could reach the low 13, where it’s originally announced as a 60 hours long game. I think it’s worth to mention that the 2 runs I attempted since my last PB, despite ending in failing, had the potential to end up being 13 hours and 20 minutes, even though I had terrible luck in both of them. I’m already pretty confident that any run can be sub 14 hours, but with more practice until ESA, this goal will be secured. Note that it’s an improvement of 30 minutes in the estimate, the submission of last year having an estimate of 14 hours and 30 minutes. As usual, I also suggest to split the run in 2 parts, like it was done for Final Fantasy IX at AGDQ 2013. There could be the Disc 1 at the middle of the marathon, with a duration of 6 hours, and the Disc 2 at the end of the marathon, with a duration of 8 hours. This way, during the 2 parts, I can analyze the savefile further to see how to make the 2nd part easier, bringing even more safety to the estimate. Also, between the 2 Final Bosses, there are about 20 minutes of “waiting” which could be a good moment to make a speech or something. 15 Bidwar for the name and gender of the spirit. 8 characters max + Male or Female. VERY HIGH meme potential. I don’t know if they should be put together, or as 2 different incentives. We might need to talk about this.
BaffanBaffan Pokémon Red/Blue Any% Glitchless 2:10:00 GBP EUR Link The RNG Manipulation completely relaunched the Pokemon Red scene, because it allows to get a consistent almost-perfect Pokemon. That allowed the run to be rerouted so that we can focus more on the execution, since most of the RNG got eliminated. This makes it a very impressive run overall. I know I don’t have the fastest time, but I intend to grind for sub 1:55 if it gets past the 1st cut, and try to push under 1:53 - 1:52 if it gets in. 5 Trainer name, 7 characters max Rival name, 7 characters max Squirtle name, 10 characters max Nidoran name, 10 characters max
BaffanBaffan Animorphs Any% 0:45:00 GBP EUR Link Animorphs was the hottest meme of AGDQ 2016, but it was actually not completed. We should give it a chance for redemption at ESA, because people still don’t know the pleasure that the Mission 4 is. 5
BaffanBaffan Animorphs 125% 1:00:00 GBP EUR Link (Video is from World Record Holder Keizaron. I didn’t currently finish a single run.) Soon after the AGDQ 2016 run, we discovered a secret Mission 5 only accessible through a password. We comically decided to call the “All 5 Missions” category the “125%” category because of the joke value it has. 10
crystalmondcrystalmond Pokémon Red/Blue Any% No Save Corruption 0:30:00 GBP Link There is a new Route for Pokémon Blue No Save Corruption and it would be probably a good chance to show it on ESA 2017. It's a little bit risky with the new Strat, but i can assure this Route is amazing ho it is now. 5 No incentives
GyooGyoo Monument Valley Main Game 0:35:00 Android EUR Link Simple puzzle game on Android, with very cool graphics. You must guide Ida to the end of each level. Puzzles are based on Penrose and Escher impossible figures. It's very straightforward, sometimes there are still a few fast strats. Though the linked video was done on emulator I have now everything needed to play and capture my phone, using a Chromecast. This submission is obviously only for the sake of having a mobile game on the schedule. 2
legrandgrandlegrandgrand Xenoblade Chronicles X Any% 6:00:00 WiiU EUR Link Xenoblade X is the sequel (but not really) of Xenoblade. A huge overworld, open world, with an even more complex fighting system to tackle. So intense that it allows for the most broken techniques, giving you insane DPS if it doesn't just allow to Oneshot ennemies. However, to reach that DPS, we need to kill some ennemies casually for a good 30 minutes before being able to utterly destroy everything that gets in our way, because Servant Sacrifice (an art that can Oneshot ennemies) and Overdrive (a crazy stat buff) exists. Movement is way faster than in Xenoblade, fights are way more crazy, and the game is technically way faster than his predecessor, however I haven't done a run with the current route, very different from my PB, so I'm not really sure how much lower the estimate could go. Submitting Doc's PB because it's a better show of the strats used in the current route. 0 Choose the Character Voice Actor: Male (5 voices), Female (5 voices)
legrandgrandlegrandgrand The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap 100% 4:40:00 GBA JPN Link The Minish Cap is the 2D Zelda game released on the GBA. By far not one of the most broken Zelda game, but it still has a lot of very cool techniques and glitches. 100% requires all kinstones fusions, all hearts, all items, and basically allow to see everything in the game, while the Any% skips a lot of things. There is also one extra very cool and mindblowing glitch that allow to get pretty much as many kinstones as you could dream, making RNG in the run non-existant. The only problem to the run is the 40 minutes long figurines grind at the end of the run, which is however fully RNG manipulated and very consistent, but still very long. Everything else however is very cool and very fun, with very little downtime. If needed, for marathon sake, we could lower the estimate by 40 minutes to do a figurine-less 100% which skips a heartpiece. 0
legrandgrandlegrandgrand Tales of Symphonia New Game 7:50:00 GCN USA Link Tales of Symphonia is the very first 3D Tales of game, and introduced all the basis of the serie. With the release of a PC version last year, there is now 4 different versions of this game: GC, PS2, PS3 and PC. NG GC starts with no bonuses but abuses of most of the glitches in the game that makes the run bearable, very intense and challenging and also very fun. Though the game was also run 3 years ago by Baffan in NG+, NG is completly different, as we don't have all those insane bonuses and artes. Though there is no CS skips, it is an amazing game and an amazing run that is sure to make a lot people very interested. The estimate is set quite high but could go down as low as 7:40, since I'm already planning to comeback and improve my time in this game very soon. 5 Glitch Exhibtion (5-10 minutes)
FloubzFloubz Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Any% 1:10:00 PC Link People who don't know it call it a "meme game", people who play it call it the best movie game since Spiderman 2. It is Ice Age 3. Can a game have it all? No, but Ice Age comes close. It has quotes, triple jumping, OOB skips, movement, and plenty of soul. Coming this summer to ESA(hopefully)!!! It's the game that will keep you cool, but warm your heart. 1
PottowwPottoww Star Fox Command Pigma's Revenge (Any%) 0:25:00 WiiUVC EUR Link Stupidest Star Fox speed game out there. Tight controls and a huge understanding is required to run the game. The speedruns rely heavily on luck and routing. A good way to show the different kinds of speedruns. Could also work as an "extra" game for donations. The category is the fastest (as in the Any%) route of the game. 2
PottowwPottoww Looney Tunes: Taz Express Any% 0:38:00 N64 EUR Link This is a silly game that would work perfectly in an "awful games" block as on a GDQ. With awful controls and bad game design the game gets broken without even trying to break it. Skipable missions, shortcuts and constant acceleration is just a few of the issues the game has. With good commentary the game could be a really fun part of the marathon. New Game shows the most of the developers bad decisions. 5
PottowwPottoww Looney Tunes: Taz Express Any% NewGame+ 0:15:00 N64 EUR Link Read the description for New Game. This is a good way to include a hilariously bad game without it taking up too much time. It is also a bit of a safer marathon category due to the first trick in New Game being really stupid. 5
WilkoWilko Super Mario Sunshine 120 Shines 3:30:00 GCN JPN Link Super Mario Sunshine is the third most popular speedgame and has tons of very fast-paced movement, a good amount of interesting glitches and is easy to follow even for somebody who has never played the game. It didn't make it into last year's ESA and i would be happy if it would be shown in this year's marathon. I would be of course up to race the game with other Sunshine Speedrunners. Dutchj,Rimato,Danieru_Itachi,Bloodwhale 2 Glitch Exhibition
AlkoAlko Threads of Fate Any% Rue 3:20:00 PS2 USA Link It’s a nice little and rather short action-JRPG. JRPGs are always a good pick, as you know. Unfortunately, there are JRPGs out there with cuter characters but this one features relics, transformations (into cute monsters!), relics, side characters reaching for world domination, relics, a heart-warming story, relics, a Star Wars-type line, relics, ‘I haven’t even reached my final form yet’ and relics. Did I mention it’s a quest for a relic? Compared to last year’s submission this features an improved route, better and more diverse boss strategies, more use of transformations and other minor optimisations. The linked run is not yet the best I can do but I needed to get a run recorded this weekend so I only had two shots. Estimate should be over-ample and will likely get reduced. Additional time is for the credits and can be cut without replacement. 20 Choose what to do before going to the lakeside (fast route, world domination route or optional boss route). Should generously fit within the estimate. Fight the penultimate boss using a DDR dance mat. A minute or two. If somebody else submits Mint’s story, I’m open for a bid war of Rue versus Mint. Going to suggest another submitted game of mine (Duo Princess) as a bonus incentive game to be added after this.