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Some of you Europeans may know that the UK recently voted to escape the European Union. As such I think it would be in the best interests of ESA to adapt quickly and change their name to reflect this, since a large number of the attendees are UK residents, and therefore not Europeans.

My suggestion for the new name would be European Speedrunners Alongside Some United Kingdom Speedrunners.

Thoughts and other suggestions welcome. (But only from other UK residents, Europeans make your own fucking thread.)

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We're still Europeans for at least 2 years minimum, so there's no real rush to change the name.

Besides, not all European countries are part of the European Union (I'm looking at you, Norway).


We clearly don't need the EU, so let's make our own marathon: UKSA

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Uh, excuse me, there are some of us here who do not belong to UK or Europe. Can I request that we change the "European" to Eurasian?

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While we're at it, we should include the non-Eurasians (Americans, Brazilians, Australians etc.) who regularly attend and I propose the PERFECT name for ESA:



Switzerland isn't part of the EU, even though it's right in the middle of it. But hey, we're neutral 😃

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I always thought ESA has his name based on the continent, and not the European Union... But well, my words don't matter, I'm not UK, so I should do my own fucking thread about it 😃


European doesn't mean "part of the European Union".

P.S. Shoutouts to Switzerland, Norway, and the UK maybe.

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The thread is entirely sarcastic (I hope, anyway)


The Assembly In Which Speedrunners Of All Origins May Contribute And / Or Attend That Is Held On European Soil Held In The Year Two Thousand Sixteen of the Common Era


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World Speedrunners Assembly ? Should be enough, but WSA is less sexy than ESA to pronounce 🙁


Maybe it's time to stop focusing on nationalities and more on the games.

Call it Cool Games Done Fast or something.

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-There used to be text here-

EDIT: Just read the full first post instead of just quickly scanning through it, ignore my post, I was epic trolled yo.

EDIT 2: Whatever I will just delete my post so people can not laugh at me.

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I guess (and hope) this is a troll but I'm still going to "cry" here. Eventhough UK did vote against EU, it is not automatic that UK will leave the Union. The politics have the last decision after all. Also, there have been words about "New Voting" since residences of the UK were false-informated about the "facts" of what happens if they leave the European Union.

Pardon my russian, I'm a stupid Finn.


It's saddening that everyone thinks Shrimp is trolling, I think he makes a good point.

I'm fully in support of the ESA SUKS movement

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It's kind of pointless to change our name just cause England left.
Just look back at ESA and look how many times we have had people actually playing with us on our schedule that's not even in the eu. Have had people from Australia and even USA on our event.

So if it's not a troll then I honestly don't see a reason cause of this fact I just mentioned.
Our name is european speedster assembly, so?
Have never hindered us before from having people outside europe to participate.