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Regarding the schedule:
If all 3 of my submissions are still in I would prefer to have some time between my runs, so I can do dedicated practice for each game, as it's too difficult for me to be on point for all 3 games at the same time.

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Here is my little update 🙂

I will be available from the beginning until the morning of the 29th.
Also i would like to lower my estimate for "The Addams Family SNES - Any%" from 15 to 10 minutes SoBayed

Looking forward to see you all in July SoBayed


if my run is still in. i can't run until 12PM on the 23rd when the marathon starts. gl with making the schedule

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I'll be staying in a hotel on Friday night at Denmark and then arrive to the event sometime after 12:30pm roughly on the 23rd of July. Then I'll have to leave at around 9am on Sunday 31st to catch a train.

Available: Saturday 23rd July after 4pm
Unavailable: Sunday 31st July after 00:00am (preparing to pack up, etc).

Speed run update:
New Super Mario Bros 2 Warpless run WR got smashed by 31 seconds but I can still improve it by ~12 seconds by not entering the red pipe by accident in W4-Castle.


About my availability - I'll be there entire event, but I'd rather not have a run on 1st day, most likely I'm gonna be very tired from travel.


I'll be there for whole stream, I'd love to not have runs after midnight and till ~6 am, cause it is pretty late for my usual time, though I guess I can handle one run of such kind.


Update on my Dark Witch 2 run.

I've updated the route once more. The new thing I do is to get my speed to max level, and previously I kept it at lvl 3 out of 4. Reason for this is because it's very hard to control your character since increasing speed also increases the already insane Dash in the game. So for safety reasons I kept it like that.

But now I max it and feel comfortable with it. I also made a page for the game. I have yet to update my PB on the page since I have misplaced my USB cable and I've been unable to record my attempts.

My unrecorded pb clocked in at 22:54 with 1 death (old pb is 23:20).


I'll be there the whole event, however if possible I'd prefer it if my runs wouldn't be on the first day, so that I can get some sleep after travels and such.


As previously mentioned, I'll be there before it opens on the 23rd and then I'll be leaving either in the evening on the 27th or in the morning on the 28th. So all two of my runs, if they make it to the final schedule, woul dhave to be before evening on the 27th.

I've been practicing but not streaming, and I'm confident in both runs, there's nothing that can go wrong that's too costly. Haven't gotten anything faster than my current top spots on the leaderboards here, though, so no PB updates since. And now that some personal stuff is almost completely out of the way, practice will be intensifying even more in the coming weeks.


As we all know, Forbidden Memories takes way too much skill and preperation to be ran on the first day... Kappa
The only thing i'd really like is to show off the Pocketstation Device, so a 10-15min extra would be nice, probably perfect doable with a donation incentive. 🙂

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Availability: All event long.

Game update:
Goat Simulator has been going strong. The leaderboards have to be purged for the new DLC that came out last thursday. So if the trophies - full game leaderboards look empty, it's because of that. I did had a minute-PB (26:38) earlier this month. And as far as I can tell, it didn't interfere with the route... this time.
Routing for that starts this week, but obviously won't be part of the ESA run.

As for Donkey Kong Country Returns: If this game gets picked, I'd rather have it go to MrTiger92. I don't feel like I can deliver a top-notch run as good as he can, and in a race-scenario it'd be obvious mid-game who is going to win. Maybe ESA 2018 :^).


Update on Chiki Chiki Boys:

Since getting a PB of 18:58 a couple of weeks ago I've been working on consistency. No-resets have been going extremely well, and I feel I'm at the point where I can reduce the estimate to 20:00.

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After talking to the other Limbo runners and after getting a second, rather casual, sub42 myself, we would like to decrease the estimate from 50 minutes to 45. Even at a sleepless marathon with plenty of mistakes for runners of our skill, this estimate should be realistic.

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Some updates on my games:

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - I've had some work commitments recently, so I've not practiced as much as I'd like to. My runs however have been becoming somewhat more consistent thanks to a couple of new strats I found out about, but my estimate shall stay the same. I should probably also mention I got a new WR of this game a couple weeks ago (52:45 RTA).
EDIT: Since making this above comment, I've smashed my PB twice. My 52:33 run should be in shortly since that has the faster IGT time, but my RTA PB is only faster by a single second. Here it is:

X-men: Mojo World - I just got a new WR of 5:08 after a small practice session. I don't know if it's possible/practical to reduce the estimate by mere seconds, but if it is, I'd like it reduced to 5 minutes 30 seconds.

Also, I'm available for the entire event. I'd like Metal Gear 2 to come straight after Pogington's run of Metal Gear if possible for commentary and set-up purposes (we're sharing the same console and game disc for both games).

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A few updates from my end -

Fable: The Lost Chapters any% - Very good progress made, I kept good on my promise and got a new PB yesterday, 1:26:24, saving 1 minute and 9 seconds over my old run, just narrowly missing 2nd Place by about 15 seconds.

Link -

I've been doing no-reset runs on stream, and have been doing fortnight races with other members of the Fable speedrunning community, with all of the races and no-reset runs being under estimate by a comfortable amount, and I'll have backup saves on hand for segments just in case.

I should be available to do my run on any day of the marathon, but if possible, I'd like to avoid doing it late night/very early morning 🙂


For Xenoblade, Me and Legrand both agree that our estimate can be dropped to 6:30. I've done several no-reset runs and they've been quite happily under that. Given there's still 2 months before the event, and we're making a lot of route improvements at the moment, we're confident that it will be safe.
The only thing would be that we would setup backup saves for after the only major RNG trick in the run, which is around 25 minutes into the run, and can wall you infinitely.
If you're concerned about the race aspect, we did a race recently (the 29th) and finished within 5 minutes of each other, with the lead going back and forwards throughout, even with a fairly large difference after the early game (Mostly due to the RNG trick mentioned).

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Game Update: Smashed the old WR for Jade Cocoon using new strats that are less RNG intensive and overall faster.

Also been working on new routing for Vagrant Story NG+ and am consistently getting under 1:25 even with bad RNG. With better luck and more practice I can probably beat RiskbreakerY's time for the NG+