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Really excited that the others got through, but dang no TSFP 100% the dream is dead.
I get why though, and we could probably make it a donation incentive for some challenges/arcades to be played if y'all ain't cutting any% easy too

As for the speedruns, did a tsfp easy run today for the first time in 4 months or so and I got a sub 1:25:00 so you can probably lower the estimate to 1:26:00 for that.
And as for TS(1), I also got new PB/WR of 12:23 that's without deaths or restarts

Keep up the good work speedfriends.

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Want to say, that BloodRayne estimate can be lowered by 15 minutes, since new skip was shown to me, also I'm getting fairly better. Still don't think it can be safely lowered to 1h, but 1h5min should be ok.


Can someone contact me on discord (I am in the discord group) to discuss the Magical Quest 3 run. Thanks.


@SevenS1ns Due to the long nature of RPGs we had to cut more than a few of those, it's probably the hardest genre to fit into a marathon while keeping everyone happy. I hope you understand.

@Alko DK94 is a gameboy puzzle/platformer, you're confusing it with DK99

@MizterConfusing if the other player hasn't submitted we feel that it is unfair to have them play a game, however we'll still note it down. If it's a valuable asset to the marathon we can still reconsider.

@MLSTRM considering you are last on the leaderboard we were unsure how much practice has gone towards this game. Please contact us personally if you feel like this is unfair or if you can prove otherwise.

Again for all games that have been cut: Every single one was a tough decision, you all deserve a spot. If only we could glitch time.


Did my first run of LEGO HP Year 1 in about a year today... Got a time of 51:4X. I still have the muscle memory in me. There's still some new skips I wanna implement into the run. We're gonna get the WR at ESA 100% guaranteed.


@Bang a four is totally a nine, right … no? Oops O:)

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I wasn't gonna bother asking for feedback on my submissions and figured I'd just wait, but there seems to be nothing added to the doc at all yet. So in light of that, I'd like to ask for the reason behind cutting Super Mario Sunshine.


Hi there! I was curious as to why "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" Any% was denied? 🙂 I just would love feedback on it!

Thanks in advance!


can I ask why mine was cut as it doesn't have a reason next to it yet? thanks


Okay. My consistency with Festival of Blood is on point. And here's my newest PB, got it like ~1h ago. This brings me back to 1st place, maybe not for long, but I'll keep doing runs next week.


I won't be able to come to ESA. You can cut my two games that are still in. 🙂


I'm not sure if ESA tech crew/ members have been following recently about my practice but I am now doing Shadow Complex Remastered on Steam, not Epic Launcher. This is great now as I no longer need to install an extra client and experiment on how to skip installation.

The video below shows that I have been trying out NG+ 100% Insane runs very recently (no practice in April due to waiting for Steam release) but even with 2 deaths I am under estimate. The Z-Slide Ground Pound to go out of bounds trick for Early Fusion Helmet is tad inconsistent which is sort of why the estimate is a bit high.
I am going to ask Brad who is Community Manager of ChAIR to see if he is still interested in attending ESA, he had a great time at AGDQ earlier this year and I'm sure he will enjoy this event as well.

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hi hi. i want to say I broke my pb/wr in the wonderful 101. from 4:53:29 to 4:51:52 🙂

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I see Braid was cut because "It's been done many times before". It was once before... But whatever...

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I'll just assume that given enough time reject reasons will start popping up everywhere, right? If not, I'm gonna specifically request those for my runs just because 😉



Its cool that Prince of Persia The Two Thrones has made the first 2 cuts and I hope that it will make the last one aswell 🙂 but since when I submited it some new strats has been found and my pb has become faster so my estamate could be lowered from the current 1:30 to 1:25

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It won't be for long I hope, but I got a new Festival of Blood PB. Sub 26 will happen soon, my ending was too bad, I didn't like the run overall xD


"Sub 26 will happen soon" - yeah, I actually didn't believe my words there, but here it is. Almost a flawless run, actually.


In order to be able to focus more on all my other games and Run Invalid, and in hope that it wont affect the chance of ActRaiser making final cuts, I'm withdrawing my ActRaiser 2 run. The free time that I have right now is dwindling, and AR2 will bide its time for future marathon showings.

On my other runs: New strats were found in Alice that replace annoying ice wall climbs wth more explosions(obviously) and make the run even better to watch. I should be able to PB in that soon, and also I will keep rotating Bastion, EG2, and Alice in practice until the month is over. I'm still pretty ok at video games and I'm not planning on doing any masochistic PB grinds so this is my only update before 3rd cuts.