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Alrighty then! Time to push Xenoblade to sub 6 ad Pandora's Tower to sub 2:20 😛

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Yes! Abe's Oddysee has made it. Now time to practise. I got a lot of Uni work to finish first though.


I'm grateful that zero mission wasn't cut, despite me being too busy to demonstrate any real progress over the past few weeks. I'm not going to promise to stream regularly between now and ESA, but I do promise I will be practicing and making sure the run is as consistent as possible. I think the current estimate should be left as-is.


So I'm a little surprised Mighty Gunvolt any% was cut in favour of making it All Levels from the start, I had otherwise figured doing All Levels could be a donation incentive. Also didn't actually count on Mega Pony making it through second round cuts, but I'm certainly not complaining! (also idk if you've bothered updating any estimates on that spreadsheet but as I said in the other topic the estimate for that can be cut to 32 minutes)


My goal of sub-22 in Tarzan seems relatively far away, a run with optimal luck and execution is probably cutting it very close. In other words, I won't be disappointed if I don't get it prior to ESA. Getting through cuts is only giving me more motivation to practice, and I think it might happen!


Let the Sly and Crash practice commence 🙂


O R I !

.. and some other games too, yay : )


Glad Outlast made it through to the 2nd round, it is a great watch, so thank you for that.

Little disappointed that GTA:SA was cut though, especially for GTA 3 and Lost and the damned, LCS is a nice run but the other 2 picks aren't that fun to watch, especially GTA 3 that was shown in AGDQ 6 months ago.


@KRob16 - we cut your one as the disparity in your times was pretty big for a race. We've seen how long it can take to improve ALTTP times. However, if you do improve in time for the marathon, I see no reason why we can't make it a race later (let us know how you're doing!). However, right now it's a solo run.

@Frozer - partly my fault for wanting Disgaea so much.

@Metako - Unless someone else already changed it, SotN isn't in the cuts list. It was accepted right now.

@Mergy - Donation incentives we need to figure out. Will chat with the other staff and get to work on that.

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@flicky A completely reasonable deal; thanks for the prompt response. I've been practicing (and improving) quite a lot in the last few months and will continue to grind to improve before the marathon keep you updated if anything changes.

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@flicky, why was gta 2 cut? was practicing it so much, a bit upset on that one, rest is fine and understandable 🙂


The decision to give me a 3 hour Far Cry 2 run instead of the way more popular SWAT run that's three times as short is... unexpected.

I'll gladly do Far Cry 2, but I would like an official statement as to why SWAT 4 was cut.


@s. I'm quite sure the official statement is that we've had enough SWAT 4 by now...


I'd quite like to know the reason why Strider (2014) was cut if possible.


No one loves Star Wars Racer 🙁

I'm actually surprised that my Mario Kart submission is still in, as I haven't gotten a PB in that category in a while. The reason for this is that my time is quite optimized for my skill level and I gave the points-category in Beetle Adventure Racing more priority (which makes sense, since I need the extra practice much more in the Beetle run). For Mario Kart, I was mostly practicing offline without streaming runs.

If anyone wonders why I don't stream much lately, that's due to all the school stuff that will keep me busy until July.


@bangerra: Fair enough. I just thought the switch from coop to SP was going to be enough of a difference to make it fresh (seeing as how the two runs are barely alike)


I see Donkey Kong 94 and Ooze in the Accepts list. Am I sensing a Sega gems block? =D


I was suprised only InFamous 1 was cut, and I get it, it was shown last year. I'm not sad about that, though.

I guess it's time to practice my other games. You can expect me to do runs ¤soon¤. I have a lot of college work, but I'll try my best.


Might I inquire as to why Alundra was cut?

Too long? Too awesome?

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So happy to see that my game made it past the second cuts!
What are the possibilities for turning my game into a race? Cause the runner who has second place in the game is also attending.