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ESA 2016 will be open from Saturday the 23rd of July at 8am until Monday the 1st of August at noon. Click here to visit the master thread!

This post was written by flicky

The Game submission and scheduling team are flicky, bangerra, Fatzke (new!). We will also reach out to individuals and game communities regarding runs, rules and so on to help us make our decisions as we have done in previous years.

[Round 2 (aka the horrific slaughter) cuts are live!](

Second Round Cuts
So it turns out that it's brutally difficult to cut down our runs this year. Last year we cut down to 229 hours of runs for two streams after round two. This year we could only manage to cut to 297 hours with a single stream. We planned to cut down more substantially here, but it turns out the run quality was too high, so really it's your fault...

Final Cuts and Schedule
We will be cutting down to the final schedule on the 5th of June 2016. You may have noticed that we didn't write out complete reasons for each cut. It turns out that was a bit ambitious, but we will strive to add them over the next few days (so check back!). We thought it was more important that the cuts were published on time, than to delay for the reasoning to be added. If you would like reasoning sooner, just post here.

Now is the time to practice super hard as we will be really skimming the top for the best runners and runs. Please keep your leaderboards up to date!

Feel free to discuss any of the cuts here. If you'd like to contact any of us privately to talk about cuts, please check our contact info in the master thread linked at the post of this post!

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The google document hasn't been made public.


Permissions yo.

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I'm gonna practice my butt off whenever I have time!

Also as much as I absolutely adore the Small Soldiers speed run, if you're looking for games to cut from the accepts, I don't mind giving it up - I don't own the official hardware for it at the moment and whilst that's not a big deal and I could get the official hardware, if cutting that gives someone else the chance to get their run in or free up space then I won't mind one bit.

Conversely, if you think you'd rather Small Soldiers than Futurama then that's perfectly cool and I'll get everything hardware wise.

Basically, as cool as it is to have two runs and I'm very appreciative, I don't mind just focusing everything I have on to one specific game if that makes it easier for scheduling purposes!

Hope that's okay,

On that note, I think the EST for Small Soldiers can go down to 35:00 if it does go through

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@1ups They renamed during the Pre-ESA

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Just Cause and SOMA still in? Sweet! Happy with my last SOMA run but have been trying to improve my Just Cause run lately. Weird that RotTR did not make it as I practiced the new stuff but have yet to do a new run, it is a really cool run to watch so sad to see it gone. HotLead memerun rip.


You guys can cut Castle Of Illusion HD, I'd rather focus on the other games.


Yay! Super hyped Fable got in, gonna practise the hell out of it, maybe even get in a PB or two 🙂

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When i saw the post on Twitter my body started to trembling especially when i opened the Cutlist 😃 But you guys can bet, whenever i have time i practice hard 😃

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I'd be interested to know what the reason for Undead Nightmare being cut was o_0
I'm pretty consistently getting 1:10s yet alone 1:15s

My other stuff is expected, except for Hearthstone, the dream continues 😃

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Nice to see Metroid Fusion 100% is still in.

Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but feel free to cut 5 minutes from the estimate. Every bit helps with making the schedule work, right?


If you wanted to kill me, there are less elaborate ways of going about that

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is it still possible to change estimates btw? forgot to do that after first round ><


"We planned to cut down more substantially here, but it turns out the run quality was too high, so really it's your fault... "

Well... a ¤second¤ stream would have solved that issue 😛 Excited about the cuts nonetheless. The current selection is already awesome and it's definitely not easy to pretty much cut a third (?) of it off. Good luck to everyone that is still in 🙂

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@Arctice: There's always one person who we accidentally give loads of runs to. We were just trying to make sure it wasn't Robo again.

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I'd like to remove the game Heroes Reborn: Gemini that somehow got past 2nd cuts. I haven't played it for months and I honestly forgot it was even submitted.


Hey! The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (No Major Glitches) Race was not cut for Ajneb but cut for myself. I'm assuming it wasn't clear that it was submitted as a race, but we did mention something to the admins after we submitted it that our submission was vague. Can this be fixed, please? Thanks! =)


Pretty good list, sucks that Advance Wars got slaughtered, but I can understand it.

Well anyways, I'm going to practice super hard for finals now 🙂


I noticed that my SoTN Submission has successfully made it into both the Accepts and Cuts lists. Would it be possible to confirm which it is intended to be in, please?


@flicky how will donation incentives be handled for games that made it past the round 2 cut?
Can we make up incentives that are fitting for the game, or maybe submitting them to you guys?

oh, and for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories New Game+ race you can cut m13, since he won't be able to make it to ESA this year.