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Hello, everybody, event is getting pretty close everybody is hyped! Everybody knows we have restreamers, but they surely don't know every game. I myself as part of russian restream won't be helping them, since I'm attending this year, but YOU can help every single restreamer team by posting some INFO about your run, to help restreamers provide quality commentary!

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And I will probably start that thing now.
You Are Empty any% with sprint: - fully explained run, which I did as a submission

Serious Sam HD: TFE - - wiki page from sda, should explain every known trick in a game
Explanation of every trick, done by Big Jim -

Threw something quickly for my Phantasy Star 2 run, probably will redo, to make them more clear

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Ooze. This game doesn’t need notes. You just need to experience it. I hope I’ll get a chance to show its true beauty.

FAST Racing NEO in English. Might do an German version, but only when it's really needed.

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French notes will be available soon. Otherwise you can check the DHS run of Herc's for some commentary. Feel free to pm me for more info.

Also the SDA page will give you some info about the tricks in this game :

EDIT : French notes are here :


Some Boshy notes I wrote down:

Will probably still add/change stuff, link should remain the same.

If you have any questions I'm available on the ESA Discord most of the time.


This Ultima Underworld 2 segmented run has any info you might need, I'm using slightly altered route, but glitches and bugs are still the same.

Short Driver commentary [partially based on zoton's commentary from GTAMarathon race ;)], this game is in most places self-explanatory

I'll update this post someday this week with notes for Thief run, if you REALLY need any info asap, I SHOULD be practicing commentary soon, so just look around my vods. Just keep in mind that even I am not sure how or why some of the tricks work. Their description is burried so deep in the forums that it's close to impossible to find them nowadays.
Oh yeah, for now I can leave you with this:
Keyholing is the reason why my run is first on the leaderboards even though it's horrible.

Edit: Thief notes targetted to potential onsite commentators, but can be used by restreamers too, I guess.


Dunno if any restreamer will read it but here you go, general notes about Super Mario Bros. 3 100%.

Don't hesitate to contact me (or other people in the community) if you have questions.


Kirua: I'm reading, I'm reading.
Also, thanks for the notes, everybody. This makes it all a lot easier.


Okay, sorry for being a bit late, but here you go: InFamous: Festival of Blood and Winx Club notes.

Anything you don't understand, you tell me.


I did a run of Echoes with some commentary, I hope it gives a good insight into the game:

About the donation incentive to kill Alpha Blogg with screw attack. I cancelled it, so noone has to watch me failing horizontal air underwater for 8 mins.

About F-zero GX, you can watch CGNs story mode run at AGDQ 2014:

The game/category hasn't really changed since then.