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i'd be available (GMT+1) friday from 9 pm until sunday 6 PM, though i prefer not any time between 2 am and 6 AM


I am +1 and I'd be available from 15 PM to 2 AM (preferibly before midnight). Any day of the week works but preferibly not on friday.


I'm available all of the time. Except for nights (Swedish time). 1-7 am are bad times if you wanted specific times.


Updating availability: I'm around from Noon - 3am UTC on the 29th and 30th.

(My actual timezone is UTC+11 in case you want that)


Small change in my availabilities :
I have an interview on Sat. morning so for the 30th I'll be available from 3PM to 9PM CET (instead of all day long)
Availabilities for Sunday 31st are still 9AM to 9PM CET


Just not at mornings, otherwise I should be pretty much always available.


Pre-ESA Online Marathon Schedule

The first draft schedule was up for a couple of days, and we only needed to make a minor change to fit people in. As such, we are willing to call the schedule official at this point.

The incentives listed are not final, and we do not yet have monetary amounts attached to them. This will be done closer to the marathon.

We all look forward to seeing your runs, and hope you are practising for the marathon. As a reminder, you are welcome to bring any co-commentators along, so long as they know how to use Discord and are available set up at the time of your run.