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I am in the UK on GMT. I can do Friday between 19:30 and 23:00, although if necessary I can take that day of work with little notice, in which case I can do between 06:00 and 23:00. Otherwise I am available on Saturday or Sunday at any time between 06:00 and 23:00. Looking forward to the race!! 🙂


I'm in Eastern Standard Time and I'll be available after 7PM EST until Midnight.


I'm in UTC+1, and can essentially do a run on any of the days, any time between 12:00 and 02:00 (24 hour clock!), but preferably not starting any later than 23:00.


Available at all times besides Saturday until somewhere around 7pm GMT+1, and also unavailable between midnight and 5am on every day GMT+1


Me and Fatzke available 2PM-7PM CET on 30th and around 9AM-11AM CET and 3PM-5PM CET on 31st.


Already put my availabilities in my submission post but I guess it doesn't hurt to write them again :
I'm available on the 30th and 31st, from 9AM to 9PM CET


I'm available in the day hours (CET) on both days. Shame Sly 1 didnt get in tho, but good to see HP2 make it, at least 😛


Well Sly 1 might not be on the green confirmed list but its not on the red list so it could get in, I really hope it does, I want to see it! I also hope Heinki's Deux Ex: HR gets a slot too. 🙂

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Damn, I got accepted? Kinda surprising!

Anyway, my availability is pretty much all day, usually between the times 10 AM and 2 AM GMT+2, since the marathon is in my winter break.


On the 29th I'm available from 3PM to ~11PM and on the 30th/31st from 2PM to ~11PM CET.


I'm available anytime except Friday morning (taking kids to school 8:30) or when picking them up 13:30. Swedish time. What is it. GMT?


@EndySWE: You already gave us your availability info with "Evenings CET (your time) preferred, may adjust if needed".
Does this mean you're more flexible in the weekend?
Your time is CET or GMT+1


I forgot to add that that I'm unavalible Friday before 2pm CET


Writing my times here again because i freed up some time: available from 29th-31th, 11pm - 4am CET. (again in german time 23:00 - 04:00, Friday-Sunday)


I'm down with what lordalu posted above, except I can't take friday off, so I won't be available before 7pm UK time that day.


availability has somewhat changed, i shouldn't be busy @ all that weekend so i can do 8pm-4am pacific standard time ha-ha!!!


@Riekelt yeah I know I already stated availability. I just remembered that I maybe have to drive the kids to/from school and wanted to clarify so I don't get have maximum bad luck and get scheduled right rhen. I should be pretty flexible any time during whole weekend except for those times stated above. Though evenings still preferred 🙂


@tHmCs Does that include Friday as well, or just Saturday and Sunday?


Submitted 5 games but only 3 listed?

Anyway, I have no life so can pretty much do anything between 10:00 to 23:00 CET.


@Nord If you edited your post after your initial submission chances are we missed them. There'd likely not have been time for Bully, and there were quite a lot of FPS submitted so Postal 2 probably wouldn't have made it either. Apologies for not seeing them earlier, but they would have been cut.

Thanks for letting us know your availability though. 🙂