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Game Name: Jet Force Gemini
System (Include both original system and system you plan to play on, if different): N64 - J
Category (Any%, 100%, Glitchless, etc): Any% or 100%
Gameplay Estimate (excluding ending and bonus content): 3:45:00 or 4:25:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate (ending + any glitches/other bonus content you'd like to show post-run): None
Possible Donation Incentives: Category change to 100%, toggle Rainbow Blood effect or Kid character model effect
Sample run video (strongly encouraged but not required): Any% - / 100% -
Description: JFG is a third person shooter developed by Rare for the N64. The run only has one significant sequence break, so a speedrun in any category is primarily playing the way its developers intended. With that said, the entire run is quite fast paced and consists mostly of clearing rooms of enemies as quickly as possible.
Availability: Weeknights after 7PM any time on weekends (US Central)

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ESA Pre-Marathon Cuts & More Info

Thanks to everyone that submitted games for the marathon. We've had a look at all the submissions that were put in before the deadline and are now ready to announce which games have made it.

There are three lists. Those in green are successful, and will be included in the schedule. Those in red have not been chosen, and those in the second sheet in orange are on the waitlist, and will be included if space opens up for them in case of dropouts, clashes in availability, etc.

We had over 160 hours of total submissions to fit into a 60 hour schedule, so please understand if your game is not one of those included.

If you feel your game isn't justified in not being included, feel free to contact myself or Riekelt and we will give you our reasoning for not doing so.

Speaking of availability, it is vital that everyone that has not done so makes us aware of their availability during the marathon. If you are on the waitlist or successful lists, please let us know your availability before the 16th. As before, if you do not, we will assume you are always available.

We'd also like to open up some runs to races. There are strictly limited places for this, and we are only opening this up to 2 player races. We will be choosing which games become races from anyone that does request this.

This will only be allowed when the original runner agrees, and they must be the one to contact either myself or Riekelt

Congratulations to everyone that has successfully made it in, commiserations to those that didn't. As a reminder, the first Schedule draft should be made available on the 16th January.

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I am in Eastern Standard Time and am most available early mornings in my time zone (4 to 8 AM EST). My work schedule varies quite a bit and this would ensure that my run would be before I head out for work. I would most likely be available any day 7-10 PM EST also.
I can also add a bid war for The Next Penelope, to play the game in either Italian, French or English.


Fuck yea, shower with your dad as a donation incentive. My body is so ready for this speedrun.


I am available to race Ryedawg on friday after 7pm gmt+1 or sunday after 10am gmt+1.
Ryley stated that he is available whenever.


I am in the UK on GMT. I can do Friday between 19:30 and 23:00, although if necessary I can take that day of work with little notice, in which case I can do between 06:00 and 23:00. Otherwise I am available on Saturday or Sunday at any time between 06:00 and 23:00. Looking forward to the race!! 🙂


I'm in Eastern Standard Time and I'll be available after 7PM EST until Midnight.


I'm in UTC+1, and can essentially do a run on any of the days, any time between 12:00 and 02:00 (24 hour clock!), but preferably not starting any later than 23:00.


Available at all times besides Saturday until somewhere around 7pm GMT+1, and also unavailable between midnight and 5am on every day GMT+1


Me and Fatzke available 2PM-7PM CET on 30th and around 9AM-11AM CET and 3PM-5PM CET on 31st.


Already put my availabilities in my submission post but I guess it doesn't hurt to write them again :
I'm available on the 30th and 31st, from 9AM to 9PM CET


I'm available in the day hours (CET) on both days. Shame Sly 1 didnt get in tho, but good to see HP2 make it, at least 😛


Well Sly 1 might not be on the green confirmed list but its not on the red list so it could get in, I really hope it does, I want to see it! I also hope Heinki's Deux Ex: HR gets a slot too. 🙂

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Damn, I got accepted? Kinda surprising!

Anyway, my availability is pretty much all day, usually between the times 10 AM and 2 AM GMT+2, since the marathon is in my winter break.


On the 29th I'm available from 3PM to ~11PM and on the 30th/31st from 2PM to ~11PM CET.


All 3 days available from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm (german time, idk what timezone i am in lol)


I'm available anytime except Friday morning (taking kids to school 8:30) or when picking them up 13:30. Swedish time. What is it. GMT?


@EndySWE: You already gave us your availability info with "Evenings CET (your time) preferred, may adjust if needed".
Does this mean you're more flexible in the weekend?
Your time is CET or GMT+1


I forgot to add that that I'm unavalible Friday before 2pm CET


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