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Game Name: Vagrant Story

System: PS1

Category: Any% NG+

Gameplay Estimate: 1hr 30 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5 minutes

Possible Donation Incentives: Defeating Asura (the games super boss with 999 on all stats)

Sample run

Description: Vagrant Story is a dungeon crawler RPG set in the same universe as Final Fantasy 12. Set many years after the events you play Ashley Riot, kind of a medieval James Bond, venturing into a town to stop a mysterious group in gaining control of ancient magicks.
NG+ is quite a fast paced run since it allows you to have a game with maxed out stats. You then just breeze through the game avoiding traps and getting hit by mooks as much as possible. Since recording the video above I have improved my equipment considerably and as such the sound and video quality will be much higher


Game Name: F-Zero GX
System: Game Cube, played on Wii
Category: All Tracks Time Attack
Gameplay Estimate: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5 minutes
Possible Donation Incentives: none
Sample run video (strongly encouraged but not required): check the ESA run
Description: its really good duuude
Availability: any day, after 11 pm GMT -7.

Game Name: F-Zero GX
System: Game Cube, played on Wii
Category: Story Mode
Gameplay Estimate: 30 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5 minutes, if cutscenes are watched
Possible Donation Incentives: Very Hard, all the cutscenes
Sample run video (strongly encouraged but not required):
Description: On the 25th day of July in the year of 2003, the world was changed forever. The people of Earth didn't see it coming, previously it was only in their wildest dreams that such things existed. Across the globe humans experienced True Speed™ in the most visceral form. F-Zero GX was released and the world would never be the same. The public outcry that it didn't win every single Academy Award that year is a testament to the quality of the game. But not only is the game the pinnacle of invention of mankind, it is also the pinnacle of speedgaming. F-Zero GX is the greatest speedgame of all time (past, present, and future). The amount of speedtech in this game was proven to be uncountable in 2007 by engineers from NASA. Many have tried to master all aspects of the game, but none have succeeded, nor ever will. There is a dangerous health risk since screenings of this game at Art Houses have been known to leave people in temporary comas as their mind's were not able to comprehend the Level of Awesomeness™. I will do my best to perform a run that is both safe and amazing.
Availability: any day, after 11 pm GMT -7.


Game Name: Shower With Your Dad Simulator
System: PC, Windows 7
Category: Inglorious Bathdads
Gameplay Estimate: 10 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 2 minutes for Soapico
Possible Donation Incentives: Soapico
Sample run video (strongly encouraged but not required): if you haven't decided already, a video with do nothing
Description: Prologue

It's Friday night, and once again, Boy was at home with nothing to do and nobody to see. Though he and his mother had moved to the area well over 2 years ago, Boy has yet to make any friends. Every time he'd try to start a conversation with his classmates, or join in on any of the games they played during recess, he'd get mocked. Nobody liked him, and nobody pretended to ... not even his parents. There is no better evidence of this than the fact that his parents never even bothered naming him, figuring he wasn't worth the effort. As you can see, Boy has had it rough since the day he was born. It doesn't help being a total spaz either.

Tired of spending the evening reading comics in his room, Boy figured he'd sit on the front porch with his notebook, the one in which he draws his friends, imaginary though they are. Grasping a pencil in his right hand, he began doodling when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shooting star.

"I wish I had a real friend," he whispered with tears welling in his eyes.

Just then, amazingly, a creature fell from the heavens and landed with a thud in front of Boy.

"What!? I don't believe it! It worked! It worked!!!" Boy screamed as he studied the blob-like creature before him.

Within moments, Boy recalled how he drew something like this just like this a few days ago. Rifling through his notebook, Boy soon came across a picture of an alien blob. Underneath he had written "Blobert."

"Um ... are you Blobert?" Boy shyly asked.

"Why yes I am," Blobert replied, "but please call me Blob. I've traveled many galaxies to find someone suitable to assist me in my mission."

"Your mission?"

"On the planet I'm from, Blobolonia™, an evil emperor has assumed power over my kind. He forces us to eat nothing but sweets and won't allow us to consume healthy things like vitamins."

"'Nothing but sweets' sounds great!" Boy said smiling.

"It's not a laughing matter. We're in dire straights. I need to get vitamins to my people soon or they will die."

"Even you?" Boy asked, regretting what he said earlier.

"Yes, even me," said Blob. "Will you help?"

After wiping his eyes, Boy puffed out his chest, looked proudly at Blob, and proclaimed, "You can count on me ... friend. But, why do you need someone like me? Why did you come to Earth?"

"Why not someone like you?" Blob sympathetically asked. "We have learned that your planet is the closest source of the vitamins we so desperately need. If only I knew where to find some."

"The health food store down the street sells lots of vitamins. Their prices are really, really high though. But it's now the only place on Earth to get them - "

"So they've decided to take advantage of you humans by inflating their prices to insane levels, knowing full well a person would pay anything if they're so desperate. Hmm, sounds similar to my planet's situation. Can we somehow break in?"

"Break in!" Boy gasped. "That's illegal! Besides, the owners - Dave and Rick - are crooks who wouldn't think twice about killing us both."

"Ok," Blob thought aloud, "we'll just need to acquire the proper funds. I don't suppose you know where we can get enough money. Maybe your family could help?"

"No, we're poor. That's why we had to buy this tiny house right next to the subway. And, I doubt my mom would help me anyway ... hey, I just remembered! I've heard that below the subway, there's a cave with lots of treasure. I tried finding it myself when I first moved here but ... I'm sorry Blob."

Blob then hopped over to Boy's feet, looked in his eyes, and said, "Ah, but that was before you met me. I'm going to tell you a secret."

"A s-s-secret?" Boy stammered.

"I'm a magic blob," Blob whispered, "but don't tell anybody. Do you have any jellybeans?"

"Jellybeans? Um, yeah, I just bought some after school. They're inside the house. Hold on," Boy said as he raced up to his room.

Boy found the jellybeans and before leaving told his mother he's going to spend the night at the subway with his friend Blob. She didn't bother responding. Boy then left.

"Blob, Blob, I found 'em! What do you want me to do?"

"Just hold on to them for now," said Blob, "I'll show you once we get to the subway. Would you please lead the way?"

Boy stuffed the jellybeans into his backpack and ran toward the subway, excited about the adventure he and his new friend were about to have.

Chapter 1

"Blob, where are you!" Boy yelled up the subway stairs.

"I'm sorry, I can't move that fast, on account of me being a blob and all," Blob huffed as he made his way down the stairs. "Quick, feed me a punch jellybean."

Boy reached into his backpack and tossed a jellybean towards the bottom of the stairs. With perfect timing, the jellybean landed in Blob's mouth as soon as he stopped. Boy watched as Blob proceeded to morph into a flat circle.

"Whoa!" Boy excitedly exclaimed, "Jellybeans make you change shape! Awesome!"

"Now you know why I'm a magic blob. In fact, each jellybean flavor turns me into something different. If you want to turn me back into a blob, just whistle," Blob explained. "Now fall through the hole I just created."

"I'm scared," Boy cried, wondering how Blob's new shape melted away the subway floor.

"Come on!" Blob snapped. "Oh, um, I mean, don't be scared; you can trust me."

Boy crossed his fingers and fell through the hole, whistling on the way down. He saw a blue bag full of blue coins on a ledge a few feet away.

"Blob, we did it! We found the treasure!" Boy gleefully exclaimed. But as he excitedly ran towards the ledge, he let slip a jellybean from his fingers. Miraculously, Blob appeared where the jellybean landed.

"How ... how did you do that?" Boy asked.

"Magic," Blob slyly replied. "You must have some Ketchup beans in your bag. That only happens with Ketchup beans."

"Why would there be Ketchup jellybeans? That's disgusting," said Boy with a sour face.

"Looks like someone played a joke on you kid," Blob said, trying not to laugh. "Enough chit-chat, feed me a licorice jellybean so we can get that bag of treasure!"

Soon, after climbing the ladder the licorice jellybean had caused Blob to morph into, Boy held the treasure in his hands, marveling at how the coins weren't the usual gold color he was used to seeing.

"This should be enough to buy those vitamins," Boy said. "How do we get back up?"

Blob stared at Boy incredulously. "One measly bag of coins isn't enough for my people. And you know what they say: 'Why take one bag of treasure when you can take them all?'"

Boy was confused. "Are you ok Blob?" he asked.

"Yeah ... um, yeah ... uh, we really should find more treasure if we want my mission to be a success."

With that, Boy and Blob were on their way. After clever utilization of another ketchup jellybean followed by a punch, Boy and Blob found a chest full of treasure guarded by a giant snake.

"Please do exactly as I tell you," Blob insisted. "First, feed me a vanilla bean; it'll save time later."

"An umbrella? How is that going to help us with this snake?" Boy asked.

"It's not; we'll need it for the jump we'll have to make."

"Wait. What jump? How do you know what's ahead."

"Um ... never mind that now," Blob said at a loss for words. "Now! Run!"

Within moments, they were past the snake and gently floating down through the air.

"Hey, look at that giant spider web," Boy directed.

"I see it," Blob replied. "We'll need to burn through it."

"Can't I just knock it aside with my hands?" Boy asked.

"No," said Blob. "Drop me, grab that treasure over there, and feed me a cinnamon jellybean."

Boy did just that and used the resulting blowtorch to scorch the web.

"That was good," Blob said, "but you shouldn't have drifted so close to the wall. We would've saved two seconds had you dropped me closer to the ledge we just jumped from."

Looking ahead, Boy and Blob saw boulders as big as Boy's head raining down. "This could be trouble," both thought simultaneously.

Chapter 2

At Blob's suggestion, Boy turned Blob into an umbrella again and used it to protect his head from the rocks. As Boy ran through the area, Blob watched as Boy's feet kicked out from under the protective field of the umbrella.

"Why are you kicking your feet so far out in front of you!?" Blob yelled. "If one of those rocks hits your leg, you'll be crippled!"

Seeing one about to do just that, Boy wasted a second doing a quick stutter-step to avoid it. Once they were past the rocks, Boy used a strawberry jellybean to turn Blob into a bridge, which he crossed to get to the next treasure chest while avoiding another snake. However, after whistling to change Blob back, Boy could've ran through the gap a bit earlier since only the snake's head can harm him, not the rest of its body.

Tired of waiting for Blob to catch up, Boy threw a ketchup jellybean to teleport Blob in front of him. Then, Boy tossed Blob a tangerine jellybean so he could grab the diamond floating above.

"How is that diamond just floating in the air like that?" Boy asked as he jumped on the trampoline.

"I don't know," said Blob, "but if you didn't walk so clumsily, you could've jumped on the trampoline a tad faster."

"Why are you being so mean Blob?" Boy quietly asked after falling down with the diamond.

"Oh, I'm sorry kid. I didn't mean to upset you. Forget I even mentioned it."

Within seconds, Boy found a room with more treasure and another snake. Even though Boy could've reached the treasure faster by sliding his feet, he figured he didn't want to risk the snake biting him so he just waited patiently for a clear path.

After grabbing the treasure and whistling for Blob, Boy fell through the nearby hole, threw a ketchup jellybean to make Blob catch up and then climbed him to get a treasure on a ledge high above. Once that was done, he fell through the ledges until coming to an open area.

"Where do we go now?" Boy asked.

"Up," Blob said. "Turn me into a trampoline again."

"You mean way up there," Boy said as he pointed. "That's way too high!"

"Don't worry. You'll be fine. Come on, let's go."

Boy feed Blob a tangerine jellybean and after a few jumps, was near the ceiling of the cavern.

"Jump toward the ledge and use ketchup to teleport me up there after you land!" Blob yelled.

"I'll never make it," Boy screamed.

"Yes you will!" Blob yelled with a slightly annoyed tone. "Jump! Now!"

With great apprehension, Boy jumped toward the edge, and wondered, as he fell through the air, if he had made a terrible mistake.

Chapter 3

Boy closed his eyes and held his breath as he made the jump. Before he knew it, he felt solid ground beneath his feet. He couldn't have been closer to the edge if he tried.

"Woohoo!!!" Boy shrieked.

He then followed the rest of Blob's order and used a ketchup jellybean. Then after grabbing another treasure, asked Blob where to go next.

"There should be a treasure directly below us," Blob mused. "Time for a punch."

"How do you know?"

"Like I said before, you don't need to worry about that."

The location where Blob morphed into a hole was so perfect, Boy was able to grab the next few treasures without moving his legs.

"Ch-ching!" Blob enthusiastically cried out.

A minute later, after grabbing a few more treasures and floating through the air with the umbrella, Boy and Blob came to an underwater area.

"Use a cola jellybean to turn me into a bubble," Blob explained, "then get inside the bubble and float down to the water."

"But how can I get inside the bubble without popping it?" Boy asked.

"Jeez," Blob muttered. "It's magic kid, it's always magic."

As they made their way through the caves beneath the water's surface, Boy began asking Blob about his home planet.

"Try not to talk much kid; you'll run out of oxygen," Blob lied.

After grabbing several more diamonds and another chest of treasure, which Boy could've snagged two seconds faster with better control of the bubble, they were ready to get back to dry land. Boy changed Blob into a bridge to cross the next gap while avoiding yet another snake. Then, after Blob morphed back into his normal form, demanded Boy feed him a cinnamon jellybean.

"I don't see anything nearby to burn," Boy said, confused.

"You won't be burning anything. You'll need to turn me into a trampoline just ahead to reach the area above us, but before doing so, you'll have to position me in the right spot. This will be a lot easier if you carry me as a blowtorch, then drop me where you want the trampoline to go."

"Why can't you just hop into position?"

"Because, sigh, I'm not too accurate with my jumps; I have trouble controlling them," Blob dejectedly admitted.

With that, Boy succeeded in changing Blob into a trampoline in the perfect spot; mere inches in either direction and Boy would've either hit his head on the ceiling above or fell to his death trying to reach the ledge. Boy used this cinnamon strategy once more after making his way up through the rest of the caves to end up at a manhole leading to the surface.

"Excellent, just excellent," Blob proudly stated. "We've found every treasure. Let me remove this manhole cover and let's get out of these stuffy caves."

Boy gave Blob an apple jellybean, which turned Blob into a jack. Blob then proceeded to lift the cover off, exposing them to the night sky. Boy whistled to change Blob back so he could feed him a licorice jellybean and get out. However, they were both in for a surprise.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Blob screamed in agony.

"What happened to you Blob?" Boy asked, frightened. "You look all glitched up."

"The pain is unbearable!!! Argh!! Hurry, whistle again. Hurry!!!"

Boy whistled and Blob was back to his usual self. Neither had any idea what just happened.

"Whew," Blob exhaled, "I'm ok now. Let's go up."

As soon as they reached the surface, Blob demanded that Boy feed him a root beer jellybean.

"Hop on kid. I can't get back to my planet without your help." Blob declared.

So, Boy sat on the rocket and held tight as it rose into the air and raced towards Blobolonia™.

"Oh man!" Boy cried as the rocket hit his house, "look at the damage!"

"It's barely a scratch," Blob reasoned, happy he successfully did what he came to Earth to do.

"Wait a minute!" Boy yelled as they traveled near the speed of light. "Weren't we supposed to buy vitamins?"

Chapter 4

"So this is Blobolonia? Looks like Earth," Boy reflected.

"That's Blobolonia™, with a TM. The creator of our world felt it necessary to trademark my planet's name," Blob explained. "I don't know why; I highly doubt anyone else wanted to use it."

As Blob was talking, Boy absentmindedly threw some jellybeans. After the fourth one he threw, Boy suddenly had a vision of the future.

"Whoa, that was weird," Boy said as he stared at Blob. "I just saw a room with a huge, evil-looking blob standing next to a cage."

"Weird indeed," Blob said as they made their way across the grasslands, "but not as weird as my whole planet being deserted. I wonder what happened. Perhaps the Emperor had something to do with it. Let's go find him."

Boy raced ahead of Blob, past the marshmallow factory, and into the chocolate caves. Boy then threw with pinpoint precision a ketchup jellybean at the edge of the pit.

"Couldn't you have teleported me any closer to the edge?" Blob sarcastically asked. "We're almost at the Emperor's chambers. Let's cross this gap and confront him."

Soon, they came to a locked door.

"We've made it kid. There's only one way to open this door. You'll need to feed me a lime jellybean to turn me into a key."

Boy did that and used the key to get into the next room, where he saw the Emperor had set a trap.

"I should've known you'd do something like this Emperor" Blob proclaimed, "but you'll never stop me as long as I have my friend over there!"

"So, you've made a friend, huh?" the Emperor bellowed. "I wonder what lies you told him to make that happen."

Boy was confused. "What does he mean Blob?"

"Don't listen to him. I have a plan. Feed me an apple jellybean."

Putting his trust in his new friend, Boy threw Blob the jellybean and watched as he turned into a jack. Then, Blob jacked himself up, knocking over a huge bottle of vitamins that sat on the shelf above the cage. Before the Emperor could get out of the way, he was engulfed with the vitamins.

"NOOOOO!!!!" the Emperor cried out. "I'm dying!"

"Blob," Boy asked, "what's going on? Why are the vitamins hurting him? I thought you needed them for your people."

Blob thought fast. "Well, you see - "

"Blobert lied to you son," the Emperor stated as he breathed his last breaths. "Vitamins are poisonous to all blobs on this planet. I had some to protect me in case someone ever broke in here and tried to take my life ... as I knew Blobert would try to do. But I would've given him just one, which would've knocked him out long enough to transfer him to prison. Any more and he would surely die, just as I am about to now."

"B-b-blob, is this true?" Boy stuttered.

"Man, you really are a moron, aren't you? You think I traveled to your planet because I needed your help 'saving my people?' I used you to steal your planet's treasure."

"Used me?" Boy asked, heartbroken.

"Hey, what can I say? That's what a pirate does. Sorry kid."

"But, you were never my friend?"

"Friends with you? Don't make me laugh. Perhaps if we spent more time together, and if weren't such a spaz, then maybe we could've developed a friendship. But for now, I'm glad our time together is over."

"Why Blob, why!?"


Nobody except Boy and the former emperor knew Blobert's true intentions, but the former emperor was now dead, which everybody figured was an accident, and Blobert threatened to do the same to Boy if he said one word to anyone. Blobert used his stolen riches to claim the emperorship for himself, hired an unwitting behemoth of a bodyguard to protect him, then sent Boy back to Earth with memories that will forever haunt his nightmares.

The End.
Availability: any day, after 11 pm GMT -7.


Game Name: The legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

System : Gameboy color (emulator (BGB))

Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 2:05.00

Ending/Bonus Estimate : Glitched Music ending about 3 minutes

Possible Donation Incentives: File Name ( 5 Letters), Choose animal companion (Ricky the Kangoroo, Dimitri the Dodongo or Moosh the flying bear)

Sample run video:

Description: Like every legend of zelda game link sets out to save the world. This run includes a huge amount of RNG manipulations, skips, glitches and warps. To be more specific, there is a double frame perfect bomb boost to skip dungeon 2 and a wrong warp, which lets me warp to the last boss of the game after dungeon 6. There is a lot to talk about in this game, so commentating over it will be quite easy. It is the most underrated the legend of zelda game to date.

Availability: Friday&Saturday 00 am - 04 am (UTC+1(german time zone))


Game Name: Resident Evil: Revelations
System PC
Category Any% New Game / Any% New Game+
Gameplay Estimate 2 hours 30 minutes.
Ending/Bonus Estimate 1 minute (to show in game time)
Possible Donation Incentives: Choose between New Game Casual or New Game+
Sample run video
Description: This game is one of many Resident Evil Titles. less action and more horror compared to other releases in recent years. This game has some OOB glitches (Out of bounds) that i personally found and utilize in speed runs. I am also the World Record holder for all categories in this game.
Availability: between 5PM- 4AM GMT Everyday.


I'm gonna submit just in case we could do that test stream to see if it works from here while the submission window is still open

Game Name: Timesplitters: Future Perfect
System: Nintendo Gamecube
Category: any% easy
Gameplay Estimate: 1:28:00
Possible Donation Incentives: Challenge/Arcade League IL showcase
Sample run video:
Description: You know this one already, except this time it's on easy which means it'll be a lot faster, a lot smoother, and GUARANTEED 0 deaths.

Game Name: Timesplitters
System: Playstation 2
Category: all levels easy
Gameplay Estimate: 18:00
Sample run video:
Description: This game is all about going from point A to point B and then back to A or from point A to point B and then to point C. This game has some crazy long loading times, but mine are shorter than most others!

Availability: From 14:00 CET and onwards


Game Name: Camera Obscura
System: PC
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 0:40:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 0:00
Possible Donation Incentives: none
Sample run video: (I should update this video, soon.)
Description: A photographer climbs up a tower for some mysterious reason. She has the snapshot ability which copies surrounding platforms that follow her until they freeze after a timer, becoming new temporary platforms. But one thing, these copies move x1.4 times slower than the player. Using the copy ability, and this slight delay, I traverse all 58 levels in more than half the time the devs intended.
Availability: all day every day


Game Name: Pandora's Tower
System: Wii (played on Wii U)
Category: C ending/D ending
Gameplay Estimate: 2:35 C ending, 2:00 D ending
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 7 minutes (2 to show intro and 5 for the ending)
Possible Donation Incentives: bid war for the ending, bid war for language (english, french, italian, german, spanish)
Sample run video:
Description: Pandora's Tower is part of the "Operation Rainfall" games, with Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. Yet being an amazing game with a powerful soundtrack, a gameplay with a lot of action and tension as well as a great background, it is the least known of those three games. I feel like it deserves to be more known and that's kinda why I'm submitting it. It's a really fast paced dungeon crawler which abuses motion control with as much boss fights as dungeoning (there aren't any overworld, just the 11 towers). No glitches besides on one boss which makes it faster but pretty hard to get.

C ending is what you would go for normally since it does all the dungeons and you actually fight the final boss yet in a weaker form than the other endings, while D ending ends at the 9th tower, after what we kill our beloved Elena which makes the game ~20 minutes faster. There is a possibility to continue afterward and get C ending so getting D ending and watching the CS could be an incentive if you don't feel like doing the bidwar for the endings.

Game Name: Fire Emblem 7
System: GBA played on GC GameboyPlayer
Category: Any% Lyn hard/Eliwood normal mode
Gameplay Estimate: 1:40
Ending/Bonus Estimate: nothing really
Possible Donation Incentives: Save/Kill Lucius
Sample run video:
Description: FE7 is the very first Fire Emblem to be released outside of Japan. It's a turn by turn strategy game which is known to rely heavily on RNG with all the level ups, hitrate and critrate, as well as being really punishing: if an unit dies, it dies for real, and the only way to get him back is to restart the whole chapter.
However we found out how to manipulate RNG in RTA so that we actually know everything that is going to happen and never rely on RNG: basically the run is just relying on how fast we can menu and do our movement as long as we don't screw up the route, in which case we reset the chapter, which could be a rare occurence. Manipulating RNG in a Fire Emblem game allow to do really crazy strat that we wouldn't even dare to try otherwise too.
There are also multiple occurences of glitches thanks to which we can control the enemy allowing for even cooler strats ad saving a bunch of time.

About the incentive on chapter 10 Lucius dies if we use our current strat; however there is a way to prevent it. Doesn't take too long to make it but it obviously loses time to save him over killing him.

Availability: I'm available from saturday at 2:00 GMT to the end of the marathon.


Looking forward to it 🙂

Game Name: Tomba!
System: Sony Playstation (Played on Playstation Portable)
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 0:50:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 0:15:00
Possible Donation Incentives: Showing Go Kart Section
Sample run video:
Description: Tomba! is a fast paced platformer/adventure game featuring a pink haired jungle boy saving the world from a band of magical evil pigs, lots of route optimizations have gone into this game to bring it down to sub 50 minutes and is a fantastic watch.
Availability: Anytime

Game Name: Digimon World
System: Sony Playstation(Played on PS2 with FDS)
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 1:30:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 0:05:00
Sample run video:
Description: Digimon World Any% is a RNG-heavy run that involves alot of manipulation strats, the game consists of recruiting Digimon from all over File Island to return to the main city known as File City, each digimon is worth points called Prosperity points based on their digivolved level (rookie is 1, champion is 2 and ultimate is 3), to complete the game you require 50 points, the route is highly optimized to get those 50 points as fast as possible and is a very entertaining watch to see just how wrong the game can go.
Availability: Anytime


Game Name: 007: Nightfire
System: GC (Played on Wii)
Category: Any% Operative
Gameplay Estimate: 0:50:00.
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 0:05:00 (For Drake%)
Possible Donation Incentives: Drake%, File Name, Pierce Brosnan Mask? (Webcam dependent)
Sample run video:

Description: Nightfire Any% is a fantastic run to watch, as a fan of the game, or a fan of glitches and speedruns in general. The run includes many floor clips and OoB sections which are all very consistent (or take literally seconds to retry) which are always hilarious and impressive to watch.

The run itself its relatively short (WR is 42:41 by Me) but in that time it features many fast paced missions and FPS action to keep people watching. I pride myself on my commentary during runs and have received lots of positive feedback on this run in particular, most recently during ShotsFiredMarathon, so I look forward to the chance to show off this awesome game during this marathon, and hopefully at ESA.

The Bonus Incentive for Drake% involves using a glitch to kill the main Bond Villain during the first level.

Availability: Anytime


Game Name: Where is my heart?
System: PC
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 20minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 0Minutes cause the credits are the last level.
Sample run video:

Description: Its a cute small puzzle platformer, not much to say about it.
Availability: Anytime

Edit: Bonus levels could technically be a donation incentive, that would be 3levels and a maximum of 5minutes though those are nothing really special.



I'm also happy to help out with hosting duties whether or not I get a game, but I'm only available Friday or early Saturday. Also, if you need help creating a highly professional overlay I'm happy to lend a hand.

Game Name: X-men: Mojo World
System: Sega Master System (emulated)
Category: any% Suicidal Mode
Gameplay Estimate: 6 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: none
Possible Donation Incentives: Possible incentive to play Maniac Mode instead. We could pretend there's a noticeable difference between the two 😉
Description: When's Mahvel? One of the highlights of the SMS Master Mondays series of blind races. The key turning point of this race was figuring out that, as long as you can deliver consistent frame-perfect inputs for 5 1/2 minutes (and also if you can't do that), Storm is automatic God Mode as she flies past everything and wrecks all bosses because Storm is the best X-(Wo)Man ever. I saw that John already offered it and willing to race him, or any of the other Master Racers. This race would require all of our skill and is ridiculously technical and not a joke game at all...
Sample run video:

Game Name: The Flash
System: Sega Master System (emulated)
Category: any%
Gameplay Estimate: 17 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 3 minutes
Possible Donation Incentives: Read out the mission briefings in the most comic book voice I can manage. I'm mostly offering this because the FlashFace is amazing and deserves to be seen!
Description: For those of you who can't get enough of Mark Hamill after the glory of Star Wars, the plot of this game is that the Trickster is on a crime spree and only Red Batman can stop him!
This is a very fast-paced game where I have to use a limited SuperSprint(TM) meter to dash through a number of levels as quickly as possible and then throw Flash-arangs at a series of nearly identical cars. There are no game-breaking glitches although the three trolliest levels in the game have shortcuts made possible through damage boosting and tight platforming.
Sample run video:

Game Name: The Great Giana Sisters
System: Amiga (emulated)
Category: any% with warps
Gameplay Estimate: 15 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 0
Possible Donation Incentives: Glitched ending is possible, takes about 10 seconds longer to do.
Description: Totally legitimate original non-derivative and highly creative un-clone released for the Amiga and C64 in the 80s featuring the world's most popular Italian platforming siblings. Features a fun and unique glitch called warp-deathing to skip bits of levels and a non-unique game mechanic called "hidden warp blocks" to skip most of the levels.
Sample run video:

Game Name: Plat-Man
System: Amiga (emulated)
Category: any%
Gameplay Estimate: 7 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: Nope
Possible Donation Incentives: None
Description: Plat-Man is obviously far more popular now that he has joined the roster on the latest Mash Brothers game, so it's good to see the game that made his platforming exploits famous. This only features the first level as all extant copies were unfortunately lost by the original developer so this is all we have left! Most of this run is tight platforming with a couple of deathwarps and jumping through things that look like walls and act like walls until you jump at them in a certain way. The soundtrack was ripped off of Captain Dynamo, as I'm sure you'll all realise, but other than that it's totally original.
Sample run video:

Game Name: Alien Breed
System: Amiga (emulated)
Category: any%
Gameplay Estimate: 17 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 1 minute to read out the ending text?
Possible Donation Incentives: Just the ending text.
Description: This non-licenced gem by Team 17 (yes, they did do games that don't feature worms!) is a fast-paced top-down shooter. It's not as good as Alien Isolation (although you are VERY isolated if you play in single player) but it's approx 6x10^23 times better than Colonial thingy, so that's worth remembering. I must use limited ammunition and a dwindling supply of keys (that sometimes glitch themselves out of existence) to descend into an underground base and destroy a swarm of Aliens(notTM). And by "swarm" I mean "only the bosses and any that happen to be in the way" Also features tight resource management to upgrade to the best weapon and a couple of skips available through tight routing. Plus my dude explodes when he dies and, as we know, sometimes you have to explode yourself to be free of the Aliens(notTM).
Sample run video:

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Game Name: Darksiders
System: PC
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 1:40:00 (even a meh run is sub 1:30:00 but if I get a lot of bad things, it could go overestimate. Tbh, I haven't done over 1h30 in a while, but I prefer to be safe. A good run could be sub 1h25)
Ending/Bonus Estimate: None (ending cutscene is not worth watching, and there's no good bonus content)
Possible Donation Incentives: None
Sample run video (strongly encouraged but not required):
This is a near glitchless game that every Zelda 3D totally copied. I'm pretty sure it happened like that.
It's quite funny to watch, but the sample video will explain why way better than this text.
Also, gonna totally submit that game to ESA2016 (wanted to do it for ESA15 but I had to cancel for money reasons)
Availability: From Friday 6PM (CET) to Sunday 11PM (CET)


Game Name: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
System: PSX Emu
Category: Alucard All Bosses
Gameplay Estimate: 45 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 1 minute
Possible Donation Incentives: Save Richter
Sample run video:
Description: Fun and very technical run that showcases all the interesting movement options Alucard can get. Lots of glitches and tricks to show off.
Availability: 29-31st, 9am-1am CET

Game Name: Legacy of Kain: Defiance
System: PC
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 28 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 1 minute
Sample run video:
Description: Character action/adventure game with a cool story and aesthetic. In this run we sequence break heavily and skip almost all of it.
Availability: 29-31st, 9am-1am CET


Game Name: Two Worlds
System: PC
Category: All Main Quests
Gameplay Estimate: 1:15:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5:00
Possible Donation Incentives: Speedrun of Any%
Sample run video:
Description: The Any% category of Two Worlds was run at this past ESA by Nikneim, instead of finishing the game in a few minutes AMQ plays through the main quest. There are multiple skips such as jumping over a gate, climbing up a mountain, killing an NPC after completing his quest to get double the reward, killing an NPC to skip his quest chain, and ultimately killing the final three enemies at level 9.
Availability: Should be available any day/time.

Game Name: Wrack
System: PC
Category: Any% (Casual)
Gameplay Estimate: 22:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate:
Possible Donation Incentives:
Sample run video:
Description: Heavily influenced by Doom, Wrack is a fast-paced shooter that adds arcade elements and an interesting aesthetic. Straferunning is used in combination with quickly killing enemies in order to build combos used to blast through enemies. Skips involve boosting on top of enemies to skip sections, rocket jumps, and clipping through walls. I just ran this at AGDQ.
Availability: Should be available any day/time.


Game Name: FEZ
System: PC
Category: any% (v1.12)
Gameplay Estimate: 30 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 6 minutes
Possible Donation Incentives: Bonus run : 0%
Sample run video:
Description: I've run this game at ESA 2014, but since then it has evolved a lot and we've able to cut the time far below 30 minutes, when the WR at this time was around 30:30.
I am willing to play on version 1.12, which is not out yet, but I have access to it as a member of the QA team. v1.12 removes a glitch that we were using, therefore the run will most likely be 1 minute slower than the sample run video. But as we plan to clean the leaderboards when this version is officially out, I don't think it's a big issue.
I can probably have Renaud Bédard (main dev) or another runner with me to commentate

Game Name: Phantasy Star Online
System: NGC, played on Wii
Category: Episode 1 any% glitched
Gameplay Estimate: 1h10
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5 minutes ending, if people really wanna see it. Song is cool.
Possible Donation Incentives: Character name bid war (I'd rather not, but if you want to go for it I'll do it)
Sample run video:
Description: Phantasy Star Online is an action RPG firstly released on Dreamcast then ported to NGC, Xbox and PC. Console versions have some heavy glitching that we use in this run to duplicate money and then buy and stack weapons to get approximately 30 times more damage at the beginning of the game. Once this is done, the goal is to run and gun through maps to beat the final boss, with optimizations on the way. You have to heavily pray for good RNG, because the different maps have several patterns, and some are obviously slower than the others. Also, you can drop a very efficient weapon in the last region (a Shot), but once again this is RNG.
All the runners agree to say that I have the worst luck on this game.

Availability: 30th and 31st between 9AM and 9PM CET


Game: Super Mario Bros. 2
System: NES
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:15:00
Video coming later. At AGDQ!
Donation incentive: Glitch showcase

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Game Name: Zapper: One Wicked Cricket!
System: Gamecube, GBA, PS2, X360, Xbox, PC (version i run)
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 25:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5:00 (just a quick hardlock)
Possible Donation Incentives: Filename? (it's only 3 letters)
Sample run video:
Zapper: One Wicked Cricket is a platform game for the Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance and PC. The game was developed by Blitz Games and published by Infogrames. Zapper was released in North America in November 2002.
In this game, the player's aim is to traverse over 20 levels as Zapper the cricket in an effort to save Zapper's brother from an evil foe. Along the way you must collect 6 eggs in each level. The concept behind Zapper's gameplay is similar to the classic game Frogger.
So far there are only 2 serious runners beating each other on a regular basis, Greendavideku and myself, both holding sub 20 minutes times.
I have also worked on an any% TAS with the help of Amateseru, which you can see at

I don't have that much stuff to add, david already pretty much summed it up 😛 We could set up for a race maybe, that would be interesting..


This is a submission to race fellow Boshy runner BBF, who has his post on page 1. Therefore I will not go into any details regarding the description or bonus content. See his post for reference.

Game Name: I wanna be the Boshy

System: PC

Category: any% (Dark Boshy, no Wrong Warp)

Gameplay Estimate (excluding ending and bonus content): 40min

Ending/Bonus Estimate: BBF posted some incentives and he's way more experienced with those than I am, so he would be the one doing them.

Possible Donation Incentives: Same as above.

Sample run video (strongly encouraged but not required):

Description: See BBF's post.

Availability: Same as BBF (from Friday evening (~8 pm CET) to Sunday evening (~10 pm CET), but I would prefer to not run in the middle of the night for the sake of my sleeping schedule.)


Game Name: Kirby: Squeak Squad

System: Nintendo DS

Category: 100%

Gameplay Estimate: 1:20:00

Bonus Estimate: Boss Endurance 7:00

Possible Donation Incentives: Possible Bid War for Kirby Colours (


Description: Kirby: Squeak Squad is (like in all other Kirbys) a Jump'n'Run where you can inhale enemies and copy their abilities to use it for yourself. In SQSQ you also have the possiblity to store abilities in your belly through ability bubbles you can collect throughout the run, it's also possible to mix them for a random ability which will be used a few times in a run. The main difference between any% and 100% are the many chests you have to collect (120 to be exact) and the bonus levels you unlock through some chests. Speedrunwise it's a very interesting run with optimized movement and some cool strats because of the use of many abilities (Wheel, Tornado, Cutter, Animal...) and tricks like the dash glitch.

Availability (GMT+1):

Friday: 5pm - 12am
Saturday/Sunday: 8am - 12am