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Game: Glover
System: Nintendo 64
Category: All Main Levels
Estimate: 40:00

Possible Donation Incentives: Filename? (Only 3 letters so...)

gameplay speaks for itself

availability - 9pm-2am pacific standard time


Game Name: Sonic Heroes
System: Gamecube, XBOX, PS2, PC is the version I'll run
Category: Team Rose
Gameplay Estimate: 50:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: Just a showcase of some glitches, it'll take 5 minutes
Possible Donation Incentives: Nothing really
Sample run video:
Description: Sonic Heroes is a fast-paced platformer, it's got quite a few glitches, especially in the PC version, and the reason why team rose is the team I'll run is beacause it's the shortest run and I really like the way it flows compared to the other teams. The gamecube version has been showcased at the previous ESA by CriticalCyd and it got received pretty nicely I feel, so I feel like this will be a good showcase ('w')

2nd Game:
Game Name: Zapper: One Wicked Cricket!
System: Gamecube, GBA, PS2, X360, Xbox, PC (the version I'll run)
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 25:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: I have nothing to show
Possible Donation Incentives: Nothing
Sample run video:
Description: Zapper is a tile-based game, kinda like pokemon. Its run is pretty short and sweet, the main tech used in the run are the "fast jump" (the name is silly but that's the best way to describe the trick), and the diagonal jumps, which make you go very fast and just makes the run flow very nicely. There aren't really any glitches to speed up the run by a lot, which makes the game very much based on movement. Also since this is a tile based game the routing is pretty cool, you have to route around cycles, see which ones you can skip, which ones you have to wait for, etc. The game isn't very known but I feel it can be a good showcase and can make some people feel nostalgic ('w')


Game Name: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Wii)

System: Was released on Wii U and 3DS with the Wii version a pack-in with Wii U, but I'll be playing Wii

Category: Any%

Gameplay Estimate: 1:20 estimate for safety, really should be below 1:15

Ending/Bonus Estimate: Could show off a 1p2c multiplayer level or a few silly OoB segments if it was wanted, would add about 5-7minutes if I did

Possible Donation Incentives: I guess you could do one for the bonuses I mentioned but otherwise not really... maybe a one for a controller cam since it's a motion controlled game

Sample run video: PB/WR, actually from a marathon (Scrubathon), 1:11:50

Description: This is such a unique run with very little downtime aside from a small autoscrolling section near the end, yet it is very easy to pick up and know what's going on even if you had little knowledge of the run prior to watching it. It's very fast paced with multiple skips and sequence breaks that save large chunks of time, as well as exploits of the games power ups and mechanics. The game has been run at a few marathons in the past, one being the Hayai Kawaii Marathon and another being Scrubathon which is where I recently PBed in this game. Despite being an unknown for most of the people viewing the run it was very well received as a game that defied expectations and was enjoyable viewing.

EDIT: Since you want availability as well now, should probably specify my availability, on the 29th I am available 4pm-1am, the 30th I should be available all day from 10am-1am, 31st 10am-10:30pm. All those time GMT 🙂


Submission Deadline Information

We have had a lot of submissions in the short time that we have had this thread up, so thank you to everyone that has submitted a game. In the interest of not leaving people hanging with regards to whether their runs are in or not, we have some information regarding the submission deadline and when cuts will be announced.

Submissions will be closing on Jan 9th at 23:59 CET

Note that having submitted is no guarantee that you will get a run, we have limited time in the marathon and a lot of submissions.

Cuts will be announced on Jan 13th

The first Schedule Draft should be published on 16th Jan

It is really important that we know when people will be available for their runs. If you do not tell us, we will assume you are always available. This was an oversight in the original submission form. Blame Edenal!

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Game Name: Rayman 1 (PS1)
System: PS1 played on a PS2.
Category: Beat the Game
Gameplay Estimate: 1:30:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: maybe want to do a race of this with martinforslund or another rayman runner.
Possible Donation Incentives: None
Sample run video:
Description: Rayman is an old and difficult platformer. It's hard to get into because you need to collect all the cages in order beat the game and they have illogical locations. Getting all of them unlocks the final level. Speedrunwise it's very optimized and has quite some cool looking tricks (Bongo hills zip (@17:05) and unintended speed boosts (@1:06:00).
Also have tricks to get to places you're not supposed to(@41:52).


Game Name : Herc's Adventures (PS1)
System : PS1 played on PS2 (PAL version)
Category : any%
Gameplay Estimate : 1:20:00
Ending Estimate : Nothing to show
Possible Donation Incentive : None
Sample run video :
- WR :
- Most recent run : during scrubathon IV after many months of break :

Description : This is what happens when LucasArts make an adventure game about ancient Greece. Journey through Greece, fighting against mythological creatures with silly weapons. No major skip or glitches but an optimized route and resources management. The game was nicely recieved during Scrubathon despite my ok commentary.
Do you even lift bro?
Availability : from 29th 5pm to 31st 8pm. All times are GMT +1


Game Name: Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction
System: PC
Category: Any% (Easy)
Gameplay Estimate: 20:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 2 minute to show off the ending cutscene and the death/game over screen.
Possible Donation Incentives: None
Sample run video:
Description: A bad first person shooter from 2005 in which you play as 51 year old secret agent "Cole Justice". Imagine Goldeneye but with a smaller budget. Most of the run is optimal routing and movement. The game has no actual cutscenes (besides the final FMV after the run is done) so there's hardly any downtime.
Availability: Whenever; would prefer between 9am-9pm UTC but if you want to put this on at another time I can probably do it then too.

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Game Name: Okami HD
System: PS3
Category: NG+ All Brushes
Gameplay Estimate: 2:45:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: Glitched Shishu Field (15:00)
Possible Donation Incentives:
Sample run video:
i realize it's not commentated, but i'll do my best to do so
Description: As some people would describe it, Twilight Princess without Zelda and God powers. The game looks like a Japanese painting come to life and is full of cultural references. In the NG+ All Brushes category we need to collect all the Brush Powers including upgrades. Because of an infinite jump glitch we basically do everything out of order. I like this category more for marathons than the NG+ any% category since this shows off more of the game, more tricks and has even more sequence breaks.
Availability: All 3 days from 12:00 to 3:00 CET


Game Name: Hotline Miami
System: PC
Category: NG+ All Levels
Gameplay Estimate (excluding ending and bonus content): 50:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate (ending + any glitches/other bonus content you'd like to show post-run): Probably the bonus levels included in the game. Should be about an extra five minutes.
Possible Donation Incentives: Not really.
Sample run video: Video reference
Description: Hotline Miami is a top down pixel art game where you kill everyone you meet. The game is good enough and when played with specific masks, you can go really fast.
Availability: Probably any time of the day, preferably between 7 AM - 1 AM UTC.


Game Name: Doom
System: PC
Category: UV-Speed ep1-2-3 (up for race)
Gameplay Estimate: 25 minutes
Sample run video:
Description: fun doom run, actually I just want it to be race, so be glad to reject if none else submittes

Game Name: Unreal
System: PC
Category: Easy any% (Race with Fatzke, he's UP for it -
Gameplay Estimate: 1 hour
Sample run video:
Description: unreal was shown by Fatzke at ESA last year, I'll try to make it a bit faster. Good strats, jumps and saveloadings.


Game Name: Jet Set Radio Future

System: Original Xbox

Category: Any%

Gameplay Estimate (excluding ending and bonus content): 2:08

Ending/Bonus Estimate: 6 minutes. I want to swap the character you start as with a Dog called Pots and play through the tutorial for the fun of it.

Possible Donation Incentives: I could do any% but with the Dog.

Sample run video:

Description: Jet Set Radio Future is a really fun game about a gang of teens in Japan trying to save the streets from an unknown threat. Over time, the game has become much more optimized with many tricks and skips that make the game a fun, fast paced speedrun.

Availability: Any time.


Lazy, so will copy Ryedawg. We could possibly race since we both play this game, with me being the current wr holder.
Game Name: Pewdiepie legend of the brofist
System: PC
Category: Any%
Gameplay 50 min
Ending/Bonus Estimate: nothing to show
Possible Donation Incentives: Could play as different characters ( pewdiepie, marzia, markiplier, cinnamontoastken, jacksepticeye, cryaotic)

I am available on friday after 7pm GMT+1 and possibly on sunday after 10am gmt+1

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Game Name: Pac-Man World Rally

System: PC

Category: All Cups (toc-man)

Gameplay 50 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: none

Possible Donation Incentives: None

I am available on friday after 7pm GMT+1 and possibly on sunday after 10am gmt+1

Kart racer set in the pacman universe. Basically a Mario Kart clone, but with some original mechanics. Has a pretty nice skip in one of the later levels that let you skip the last two laps of that level.


Game Name: Metroid Prime

System: GameCube

Category: Any%

Gameplay Estimate: 1:35:00

Ending Estimate: 5 min (credits for ingame time)

Possible Donation Incentives: Normal Suit vs Fusion Suit bid war (doesnt affect anything except visuals, also Fuison suit looks gross)

Sample run video:

It's Metroid Prime. It's just awesome.
It's a really fast paced game with really cool movment and lots of sequence breaks, it has almost no cutscenes and pretty much everything just looks cool and fast, even if you dont know anything about the game. (Sorry im bad at writing things like this)

Availability: Any time


Game Name: TimeSplitters 2

System: Gamecube (played on Wii)

Category: Story Easy

Gameplay Estimate: 40 min
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5 min

Possible Donation Incentives: Filename (will edit for number of character)

Sample run video:

Description: FPS about time travel which is cool whithout any doubt. Player travels through different centuries like Western, 30's Chicago, Aztecs, Robot Factory and so on. There's no glitch, only skill and some luck.

Availability: 4pm (GMT+1) the 29th to 5pm (GMT+1) the 31th


Game Name: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
System: Gamecube (Playing on a wii)
Category: 100%
Estimate: 2:30
Incentives: None

Description: While not the most fast paced of platformers, Ty 100% is a very carefully routed category that obtains around 2000 items throughout the course of the run. There are many small tricks and shortcuts used, and is very interesting to watch, especially if you played the game casually.
Availability: Any time


Game Name: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
System: Wii U
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 1:40
Sample run video:
Description: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the second game in the modern DKC series. Unlike Returns, Tropical Freeze offers more movement options, and has overall better/more interesting level design. The ways you utilize each Kong buddy to go as fast as possible gets really technical at certain points, and you often switch between the three to get the most optimal combination in each level.
Availability: From 5PM CET on the 29th. Free all day on the 30th and the 31st.


Game Name: Crash of the Titans
System: PS2
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 1h 40m
Ending/Bonus Estimate: ending's like 3 or 4 minutes
Possible Donation Incentives: file name (5 characters)
Sample run video:
Description: amazing platformer that everyone should play
Availability: Friday 3:30pm until like 5pm latest and Sunday from 6:30pm onwards or something

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Game Name: Fable: The Lost Chapters

System: PC

Category: Any%

Gameplay Estimate: 1h 35m
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5 minutes

Possible Donation Incentives: Changing Character's In Game Name from "Chicken Chaser" to "Arseface", Filename (10 char), English (better dialogue and voices) vs French (40s faster)

Sample Run Video (old PB video, no commentary):

Description: A classic RPG that's turned into a technical and interesting high skill, low RNG run that has been my main speedgame for over 2 years.
This run contains very interesting movement mechanics, becoming more and more varied as the run progresses.
We also abuse the in game economy, combo meter, exp, then later the combat, as well as perfom clips that allow us to skip the majority of 2 quests, and exploit basically every other mechanic in the game for the sake of speed.

Availability: Saturday the 30th from 9AM - 8PM GMT, maybe Sunday 31st 9AM - 8PM GMT

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Game Name: Rick & Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure Game
System: PC (Flash Game)
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 12 Minutes
Sample run video

Description: It's a short and fun flash based point and click adventure game based on the world of Rick & Morty. Some nice animations and witty dialogue as you'd expect from R&M. OK it's a meme game. What else is there to say
Availability: Probably friday definitely saturday/sunday