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experience was good, I won't blog about stuff that I don't care about or don't have an opinion worth listening to on.

venue was fine imo, unsure about whether the streaming setup should be moved around in relation to the main hall where most hung out, I think having a setup like this is good , the one thing I will say though is a few more PCs would be majorly appreciated, it felt like there were too few to do stuff with if not practicing a run. I guess realistically there's no expectation of the venue to provide consoles, so this isn't really much different, and it's up to people to bring laptops etc, it's just a little less feasible to bring a desktop that can run games compared to a console

idk anything about masshousing.

actually trying to watch the marathon while at the marathon was difficult, I know there were lots of issues with 'suppliers' at first and that's when I wanted to watch some runs so I won't talk about that.

I dunno if this improved too, but I REALLY didn't like the interview stuff. it seemed so pointless and the questions asked were so banal (not at the fault of the interviewers necessarily). If there's nothing incredible about the run/runner to ask, don't have an interview, and if you do have an interview, don't try fill the entire downtime (10+ minutes in some cases) with an interview if there's nothing particular to ask. If as a host you have to think 'man I need to come up with some questions', then you should cut the interview, because in my case at least, I'm more likely to turn off a cringey interview than a downtime where nothing is happening.

camera shots of runners should be worked out a little better, sometimes the venue looked empty because the camera would be only showing (in some cases, barely) the runner. In the downtime between runs there should be shots of everyone doing their thing in the background. It helps to catch the 'assembly' aspect of ESA

I'll probably update this post with stuff when I think of stuff

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Shoutouts to
-Coolkid for getting me candy from Granna.
-Maral for helping me get a proper Swedish meal for once.
-Blondie for getting me crisps from the republic.
-Bubblebobbler for getting me free tequila.
-MizterConfuzing for hosting a proper party in his room, better than any Swedish bar could do.
-Tezur0 for being the only person with an interesting run in the schedule.
-Other people for being present

Shit that was shit:
-Mass housing. Why exactly was the AC running? It overdid its job, it was way too noisy and way too cold. Combine the frostnights with stuffing a bunch of nerds in one building and of course I get myself and others sick. Also negative shoutouts to the dickheads who decide to put their bed in Track 5 instead of the sensible tracks 1 and 8 by the wall and out of the walkway.
-Vaxjo. Boring town.
-Alcohol. What the fuck are these prices.
-How about next time you decide to clean the venue, maybe save the one room that's designed to keep people from starving to be cleaned last? Your random decision to clean the fridge/microwave room cost me a shitload on food that spoiled before I needed it, not to mention I had to take my already sick self into the cold outdoors for twenty minutes to buy shitty max food instead of catching up on sleep I needed and eating a tastier and more nutritious microwave meal instead. (Although microwave meals aren't really good food either, they're still 3 times better than whatever max serves.)
-The stream I guess. I didn't really care for it this year but it was obvious that things didn't go well, as I'm sure you're aware. So I'm putting this here just for the sake of completeness.
-What's the point in getting everyone a lanyard if we have to wear demonspawn wristbands anyway? What a waste.

Good stuff:
-Most annoying people stayed at home. So that's good.
-A lot of cool people were there this time. More than last year.
-If there's anything I haven't mentioned, it means it wasn't bad so take that as positive feedback!

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This comment has been redacted by the moderator team because it contained offensive slurs.

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Experience as a runner

When my run was set up, there was a bit of confusion about the N64 console that would be used. I was told to bring my console, but then it turned out that the RGB N64 that Fuzzy had provided was already used by the last runner, so we went with that. Last year, the situation was basically the same. This shows that the best option for ESA would be to just get one optimally modded version of each console that can be used every time. That way, the setup for every console run would become much easier while also having top quality. To pay for this, ESA could use donations, maybe with a special online marathon.

I have no complaints about any other aspect of my run. The tech crew helped setting up the TV and the headset without any problem, they did a great job here.

Experience as an attendee

This was my second ESA, the first being in 2015. I liked most things more last year, which was largely due to the venue. I have nothing against the town of Växjö, but I didn't like the location of the venue. It was too far away from the actual town and the Arenastaden was not a very nice place to be, it felt more like an industrial area with some commercial places that are intended to be accessed by car. Last years venue was right at the center of Skövde, which allowed easy access to a lot of different food places and other activities. Around the Fortnox Arena, you only had a handful of fastfood places available, unless you were willing to go to the town, which was inconvenient due to the limited number of buses. On the positive side, there was a shopping mall right between the venue and the Scandic hotel.

The venue itself lacked the charm of the Kulturhus in Skövde. Due to the layout of the venue, the stream area felt disconnected from the rest of the event. Last year, I found myself taking a quick look at the streams from the practice area from time to time, so I could spontaneously decide to watch a run. This was not possible this time, you had to walk all the way to the stream area to check things out, which would often result in the chair being taken away that you just used to sit in front of your practice TV. And this leads to my main problem with this event...

The organization of the practice area! While last year, the practice area was the most chilled place to hang out, it felt like more of fight this time, a fight for TVs and chairs. It quickly became obvious that there weren't enough tables with TVs for all the people. When I really needed to practice my game, I often had no choice than to wait until a TV looked somewhat abandoned and I could just go unplug someones console. It was especially annoying in my case, since my game is too dark for a lot of the TVs and I can't change the brightness without a remote. I eventually found a somewhat decent corner to practice, but it was a very stressful experience. The other problem, as mentioned earlier, were the chairs. Just from guessing, I think there were enough of them for just people practicing. But if so many chairs end up being used to build an audience around someones TV or for activities like Smash, then it starts becoming tricky. The situation was really getting on my nerves and I started just grabbing what I call "audience chairs" somewhat aggressively, which pissed some people off. I tried to always get those chairs and not a single one in front of a TV. Practice has priority over Melee and fanboy-audiences, sorry guys! Many people weren't like this, they simply took your chair if you just left it in front of a running console setup for a few seconds. Really? For that reason, I actually started dragging around chairs if I only wanted to talk someone really quick. For next year, there needs to be a better way to organize the practice area, I don't want this anarchy again.

A problem that every event like this has to face, is the fact that so many people don't care about putting their waste in the trash. It wouldn't be much of an effort, only a few steps at best, but people are still too lazy. The worst were all the half-finished drinks in cans, those could so easily be pushed over and damage consoles. The cleaning team did their best, big thanks to them!

Overall, I had a good time. It wasn't as amazing as last year though, there were a bit too many suboptimal things for that, especially the stressful situation in the practice area. I really hope you consider using a different venue next year.

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As I didn't run at the event, I can't tell much about the tech stuff and everything.

1. Experience as an attendee (arriving, checking in, venue, cleanliness, etc)
Arriving in Växjö was difficult as expected, due to the fact that I live in bumfuck South Bavaria and had to get to get to Düsseldorf, then Düsseldorf Weeze in order to catch a flight to Växjö. The overall time I spent getting to Växjö was 28 hours, the same on my way home.

Spent one night at the Royal Corner before moving to mass housing because we arrived one day earlier. The hotel was nice, but nothing spectacular. On the next day, my companions and I arrived at the venue after another bus ride and a small walk. I don't care much about the bus schedule being so bad, especially after dark. I live in bumfuck South Bavaria, after all, and I always managed.

The check-in was over quickly, although we got our lanyards later during the middle of the event. After that, we explored the venue, which was way bigger than I expected, so it felt kinda impersonal to me, but I saw the plus side of having such a big arena for an event such as ours, so that was okay, too.

I only regret that the venue is so far away from everything. A supermarket is a ten minute walk away, so we could get everything we needed there. And with the fridges and the microwave we could even have real food, because the only near places with food were a MAXI burger place and a pizzeria down the street. The kiosk wasn't open the whole time, and during the night the hotdogs at the front reception were the only option. Still a BIG shoutout to Pizza Guy™ for having us bunch of nerd for the whole week!

Unfortunately, I need to critise all the nasty people who didn't clean up after themselves. It can't be that difficult throwing away your own stuff into the nearby trash bins, and cleaning the surfaces after you spilled something. That's so dirty and unhygenic I couldn't even. I cringed every time I came to the dining area to have a small meal (only after I cleaned most of the kitchen in order to use it!).
Also, a massive shoutout to Tompa who was a DARLING during the whole event, trying to keep the venure clean and everything.

2. Experience volunteering at tech or hosting
This year, I volunteered as a mod for the ESA chat. I totally missed the fact that CBenni, our head mod, decided that whoever was on site couldn't be mod at the same time, for reasons I don't understand completely. I kinda slipped this rule because I didn't know, so I was the only mod who was on site.

On the first evening of the event, when things didn't work as planned, I quickly became a liaison between tech crew, chat and the mod squad that was sitting at home, trying to subdue the chat when it was really bad. I could give updates on what the tech crew was doing, thus giving my fellow mods information in real time. This way they were able to manage the twitter account and give regualar updates in chat when the set up took forever. The other way round, my fellow mods would tell if the audio wasn't good, or if anything had to be adjusted by the tech crew. Especially during the first hours of the marathon, there would have been no way of sufficiently communicating with the tech crew as they were busy with their things. Thanks to CBenni for not removing me from the mod list! ❤️

3. Experience of accomodation (be it your hotel or mass housing).
The mass housing was okay, I managed to get enough sleep in order to work properly, although the AC was REALLY loud, and there was a lot of snoring. At least there were toilets, but the showers were all the way back at the venue. Planks and Edenal talked about how the original mass housing area, the Hall B in the Fortnox Arena, became to small to house everyone, but I talked to a few people and we agree that Hall B would have been sufficient in housing everyone! I'd like to see the hall being the mass housing area next year.

I want to thank all the great people I met at ESA, and the tech crew for doing such an amazing job although everything didn't go quite as planned in the beginning. See yall next year!

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"Oh and for all of you complaining about mass housing being far away, it was the next building, is it really that bothersome to walk around the corner?"

most complaints were about the temperature and considering you were staying at the hotel + it was initially advertised as being in the same building as the venue this just seems like a kinda dumb line to add to your post to me

actual feedback:

+ nobody cared what we did with the swamp so we turned it nice and comfy
+ snacks and drinks being sold at venue is how i survived nights
+ board/cardgame guys were the fucking best
- no projector so I literally did not watch a single run
- there were very few chairs and 95% of them were garbage for tall people. i came back home with some pretty bad back problems (this complaint will be repeated until end of time I swear to god).
- mass housing was so cold i moved my air mattress to a desolate location inside the venue on day 2 where i wasn't freezing
+- and nobody seemed to care that i slept at the venue for most of ESA at all
- ESAids struck damn hard this year partly because of the mass housing cold

pretty ok event i guess

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I liked the venue but not the venue location. Needs to be next to transport and the town. I didn't ever relax or leave because there was nothing to do away from the venue.

I'm barely able to function 5 days after the stream ended and that's not on.

+1 Not enough tables or chairs

Interviews put more strain on the production than they added. I'm inclined to go for a setup cam + music intermission screen next year. This way when you're at home you can still see stuff is happening - I got frustrated at watching small talk from the hotel.

(Edit: That's not to say they can't talk and entertain. We don't need constant babysitting of camera angles, mics and rushing runners off to interviews that took as long to set up as the next game)

Never ever use HDMI for anything if there is another option. Budget HDMI gear was the source of most of the fuckery.

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I disagree, Planks, interviews and hosts being on camera was a good aspect and if it's not gonna be too much of a issue, it should come back. However, interviews should not be forced and maybe hosts appearing on camera could be here and there with the experienced hosts, so not after every run. I'm pretty sure Maral's personality and hosting style entertained a LOT of people and she might even be the reason for the donations during that block and not necessarily the run she was hosting during.

I was a chat mod so I can't speak for the event itself, but I'm gonna ask for more communication for next year, such as keeping the Discord open and the host at the time actually checking it. There were many times there was a problem with the stream (obviously not the huge ones at the start) where we weren't sure if tech knew about it or not and we did not want to ask because it's a lot of effort to get one of you to check Discord on your own accounts. If a host had it open and was ready to answer, we could just ask them instead of potentially bothering the tech while they're fixing the issue. Or, a few times hosts had the wrong schedule, said the wrong thing constantly, where we could have easily corrected from Discord. Plus, viewers were geniunely confused about problems or delays or stuff and we had no answers to give them. In that topic, shoutouts to Fatzke for letting people know about every schedule change in Discord ahead of time.

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I am writing this from an first time attendee but long time watcher and speedrunning community viewer/member.
(sorry for some grammar and weird mistakes in advance btw)
Like always the positive things first.

Personally, ESA was a blast for me and way too short because i met soo many people and wanted to talk with soo many more people that i just know from watching ESA and beeing active in streams etc.
It was awesome seeing everyone beeing relaxed and nice to each other.
Keep it up guys and stay open to new people joinging the community.
I will definetly attend more events in EU and US after getting some motivation but whatever thats not why i am writing this.

So first i guess i'll give my perspective for the venue and the event itself:
The arena looked at first nice and is also a big change to the usual venues in the past for ESA from what i can tell.
The idea of having all the CRTs and all the casual playing and speedrunning right behind the stream setup and the couches is nice to give the viewers and the people more of that community feel but it could have been resolved a bit better because the rows after another feeled a bit too tight. But other then that it was alright. The other hall which was hosting all the other casual stuff and Mafia for the most part. The 2nd hall could have been used much better with additonal tables and stuff but that was not a big deal.

Special shoutouts to the whole Mafia crew playing and organizing mafia all the time everyday. Definetly was a huge and cool part of ESA for me because this way people had the chance to make better contact with people they didnt knew before because Mafia forces you to engange with people,^^

Next up the City in general Växjö:
Traveling to växjö was for me personally alright and not a huge problem. i just flew from berlin to copenhagen and then took the 2 hour train. Even tho the Train had both ways some problems and delays, the travel in general was alright.
Växjö is a really small city but it was still alright for the one week i was there. The Mall close to the scandic hotel was cool and the food places were alright. The lake and the stuff in the city were cool aswell.
But most of the time you either had to walk everywhere or you were relying on buses or people driving you everywhere.

But other then sweden being awesome and interesting for first time traveling tothere for me, the city was not that awesome after all. We were mostly hanging out in the venue or in hotel rooms either way and were only going 2 times to the lake and to the park thanks also to the motivation of Pokemon Go.

And at last the Hotel Scanic:
The breakfast was really good but you have to get up in time for that of course before 10:30.
The hotel rooms were at first alright for just staying there and when you were doing stuff else where in the city either way.
The room was decently comfortable for 2 people but i saw the 4 people rooms and it gets tight really fast.
And for hanging out somewhere other then the Venue for playing games or just having fun and parties, the hotel was horrible. The small rooms were not making it possible for me to party with others because the rooms are already filled with 10+ people and no sitting space. And famously we all got the warning for not doing parties anymore in the hotel because of noise complains or something.
It is understandable that people want their quiet sleep and because there were a lot of other tourists sleeping we were not filling out the entire hotel.

And that is the issue with having a different venue other then the Hotel directly because there wouldnt be these complains when the most people of ESA sleep in the hotel either way.
I guess everyone is trying out the best western the next time because it apparently was alright and there were no issues but we will see. And this depends if ESA stays in växjö but that is already set from what i heard that we will stay there which is a bit sad because a bigger city or different country would be personally interessting but it would be also a big undertaking for you guys to manage everything and find new partners.

But when ESA wants to grow more and get more people from EU and overseas to attend the event, some stuff has to change in terms of the venue or the city in my opinion. I still like the approach and community feeling of ESA and i will see how different it will be when i go to AGDQ next year.

Some final thoughts to the Stream itself.
Like most people that are attending ESA for the people they want to hang out with, i didnt watch the runs themselff at all.
But i still catched all the problems and things that were going on when i talked with people and watched the stream a bit in the hotel.
The schedule delays and problems that were going on are just crazy and are of course not something good and sadly left a bad taste for a lot of viewers it seemed like it. The really casual and sudden introduction to the beginning of ESA was not cool either and the actualy setup seems that it begun really late in the week, but i cant judge that properly so ignore that.

That's not to say that all the staff and tech crew members and hosts didnt do a great job. The opposite was the case mostly because i saw it from others friends i was hanging out with that were doing these things that they worked hard.
But the general planing seemed not so great on a lot of things. I use the word "seemed" a lot because i cant fully judge on anything because i was not a part of everything.

But all that stream organisation can be easily improved next time.
My personal whish and opinion is that we would move location again but that is not something that is possible from what i see because it is already set in stone.
Either way i will go to the next years event again and will continue to support ESA and will promote it at other events and AGDQ so more people come to Europe to have a great time with us.

Oh yea and the bad masshousing problems i have heard of are also there. I hope that people that dont want to spend much money have a better opportunity next time to sleep.

But thats it of rambling from me. I will definetly come again and will motivate others to go to ESA.
Even with all the problems, thanks Edenal, planks, flicky and everyone involved into the event and all the previous events.

You guys definetly build something great and brought a lot of people together.^^


Can't say much sadly as I didn't have that much time to watch mostly due to work.

At first, I was really surprised with the layout if you compare it to last year / DH Summer. I don't know why you changed it, but for me, it was a downstep as I really liked the previous ones (only exception is 4-player layout, that one looked pretty good).

Then, the issues at the beginning. It can happen, most people complained about it already. Nothing else too add here.

Interviews were kinda......meh. It can be dropped.

Intermission - Oh boy, That was probably the thing that annoyed me the most. It was just the text, sponsors, and... nothing. Having dead air is the worst thing you can do to maintain people. I really liked the way it was done at SGDQ this year.

Other than that, the runs were pretty entertaining.


I just feel like adding this since I read many people complaining about the mass housing having been too cold.

I cannot follow that complaint. I tried sleeping without a sleeping bag at first, for which it was indeed a tad too cold. But using the sleeping bag as a blanket and randomly sticking out arms, legs or half the body outside of that blanket was warm enough. (Hell I even felt rather sweaty on quite a few mornings which is a sign of a too hot place.) I contest the opinion that there was an air-conditioning in that building. There may have been ventilation, but certainly no active cooling.
Disclaimer: From pretty early onwards my sleep schedule was moved by ca. 12 hours.


I was Tech and Hosting, here goes;

As a member of the tech crew;

- Depending on how many set-ups you have to do, I think we could have done six hour shifts to be honest. I could have at least. That would eliminate the need for a 4am-8pm shift, with a 12-6am and a 6am-12noon, which in my opinion are much easier shifts to plan your sleep around. Speaking of tech schedules, you Senior tech need to get more poeple to be able to do so you don't burn yourselves out so quickly. Or get more people on the job, so the combined intelligence of the group = one senior tech.

- The youtube uploads being automated was a lovely touch that very much eased pressure on us. HUGE shoutouts to Oromit.

- I think it should be a rule with all runs of 1h or less that as soon as a run starts, the next runner should be getting set up straight away, and then doesn't disappear again until their run is over. Yes, that may mean that the runner then has to sit around for an hour if set-up is not a problem, but will certainly reduce stress if it takes a little longer, and won't affect the shedule if set-up takes half an hour. I'm aware that this is not always possible because you may disturb the current runner, but should be stuck to at all other times. Perhaps a slightly different floor plan for the PC's and console areas would make this possible in a larger number of cases. You may ask yourself, "Charlie, if you thought that was a good idea, why didn't you do it this year?" Well, I guess it's because I felt like I didn't have the authority. But, if I'm tech again next year, I'll try to make this happen in all cases where it's possible to do so. (Attempting to schedule PC/Console/PC/Console would also be good)

As a Host;

- With the interviews, it would be nice if we could ask the runners in advance if they would like an interview. And have some sort of system of showing the hosts on the laptop if they will/won't be. That would remind them to look up some "flavour facts" of the game beforehand. Maybe (even though it's cheating a little bit) ask the runners to give us some questions they would like to be asked? Not so they can shamelessy plug themselves, but more of a jumping off point to get a good conversation going.

- The meeting was a good idea, but the trouble with that for me is, i only saw that it happened a few of hours ago.

- I would like some sort of system that tells me when the camera is going to be back on me. A couple of times I was interrupted by twitch ads and embedded ads.

As a general attendee

- I can't compare to anything, as this is my first event.

- Showers being in a different building to the mass housing was a little frustrating. I heard from one person that because there were no "private" showers (cubicals or similar) that one or two people locked themselves in for privacy. You know what, I actually don't care about that, because we were told "We will likely be able provide at least 5 private showers and a number of communal showers." and not everyone is comfortable with communial showers. There is an arguement to be made that says if you care that much, get a hotel. Well, not everyone can afford that, and your attendance of a video game event shouldn't hinge upon if your accustomed to communial showers. I just showered in the middle of the night when everyone else was in bed, just for ease.

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Hey 🙂

As an attendee, I find this event amazing. So there is my recap :

11/10 :

- Runners and atmoshpere : Everyone in ESA was really cool and I really enjoyed talking to people and other runners. I've discovered many things and everyone was really happy to talk about speedruns with me.

- Shop inside ESA : Very cool people. Cheap prices. Don't change that (maybe more choice of meals but that's all)

- The arena itself : Very big place. We have place so that's cool.

- Staff Members : Always nice with us even in hard times. I really appreciate this

5/10 :

- Streaming inside ESA : I think that 2 TVs are not enough for us to watch cool runs. Better with a projector maybe ?

- Donation tracker : This is a good thing to see donations directly on streams, but there were several bugs with that unfortunately

0/10 :

- Not enough chairs : We always need to grab some chairs to watch someone playing, or even to play ourselves.

I don't really see what to say more. It was really a good event and my first time attending it. I will definitly come back, maybe with some friends 😉

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First of all, I just wanted to say that the ESA guys did a great job with the event, all things considered. You made everyone feel welcome, did a decent job at keeping everybody informed and everything organised, and did the best you could do with damage recovery from all the stream issues.

Going into detailed feedback:

As a runner:

+ The stream setup was fantastic, tech guys were really helpful and friendly.

+ Plenty of resources like TVs and cables.

+ I loved the size of the venue and the fact you could go to other places like the lounge area, the hall nearby or upstairs to chill if you wanted and the fact there were side-streams going on at times.

+/- I loved the idea of interviews in the downtime to keep things interesting while the next run's setting up, although specific questions relating to each run could have been prepared and perhaps gone over with the runner before-hand so that the interview wasn't awkward.

+/- Side events perhaps could have been advertised a bit more clearly, or perhaps the second hall could have been partially dedicated to hosting side events with an open schedule that users could then register their side-events on and have time to advertise. (Rather than just having random Guitar Hero/Rock Band in one corner and Mafia players in the other corner)

- Awkward schedule, some of the runs felt like they were in weird positions (e.g. Crash 1, R&C 1 and Tekken 3 being split from the Jak II/Spyro 2 Playstation Block).

- The multi-coloured donation light was a little obnoxious, at times it distracted me from my run.

- The headphones were WAY too small for my head, they were squeezing my head and didn't fit on my ears properly, which made them really uncomfortable.

- The PCs were seriously under-powered, and although you guys would know better, I'm sure it's at least part of the reason of some of the delays and issues. A GTX 260(?) isn't enough to run the latest games at a decent framerate.

- The bonus stream was FUCKING ATROCIOUS. I know you guys deserve a break and shouldn't be expected to run a bonus stream, but the one guy in charge of the bonus stream was an absolute memelord who took over peoples' runs, was constantly in the camera's face and advertised himself on-stream (at one point he ran a poll related to his friend's stream during my bonus run and constantly interrupted me while I was trying to explain the game). Next time, just please have one or two guys dedicated to keeping the bonus stream somewhat afloat, who can just sit behind the scenes and let the runners do their thing.

- There definitely weren't enough chairs to practice with, it was a total free-for-all for chairs during primetime hours.

As an attendee:

+ I LOVED hanging out with people at the event. This was easily the best part of the event by far, and is the reason I already know I'll be coming back next year.

+ The hotel was great, breakfast there was really nice, no complaints at all would hotel again. (Fair note that I only stayed in a two-person room and didn't really make any noise whatsoever so I never got a notice like some people did) I also like that Scandic was less than 1km away from the venue, which was a nice wake-up walking distance. Having the supermarket between the hotel and the venue was perfect, as well.

+/- The location wasn't bad, but not the best. As mentioned before, the proximity to the supermarket and hotel was great, but the 4-5km 25ish C° slog from the train station to the venue definitely wasn't. Being a two-hour train ride from the nearest international airport (Copenhagen) wasn't great either, but was good enough. Also while the venue was conveniently close to two pizza places, a McDonald's and a burger place, the nearest proper restaurant was a 20+ minute walk away in the city, meaning I didn't exactly eat healthily while I was there. Having a decent restaurant nearby would definitely be a big plus for me personally, or at least some decent 24/7 in-house catering (not just hot dogs and chocolate bars).

+/- It would be nice if we were given some free stickers to label our stuff with. I know you get one when you come in, but it would be nice if there was just a massive stack that people could take freely. It's a small thing, but I lost my DualShock 2 controller because I didn't think to label it (a mistake I won't make next time) and I only didn't lose anything else because I kept everything in my bag when I wasn't at the venue. Encouraging people to label their things would be a great way to stop equipment from becoming a free-for-all, or at least would make sure things end back up in the right hands after they've been tossed around from person to person.

- Having that massive TV above the stream area and having it be permanently turned off was just teasing. Regardless of the issues, low resolution, etc. either just take it down next year or replace/fix it so that anyone can see the stream at any place in the room.

In short, more communication (more staff maybe?), more and better equipment (not necessarily more expensive, just use common sense when buying stuff and you can easily get good deals on things like headsets and PC hardware), and a tighter schedule.

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Oh yeah, I didn't run anything but if I had the multicolored donation light would have had to go, it was obnoxious, I might be extra sensitive but could never have focused on a game with that in my peripheral vision.

  [user deleted]

- Venue was far away from the train stations, decent food places and bars.
- How did the practice PCs go from having GTX 670s and fresh Windows installations in 2015 to having 260s with up to 200+GB of Dreamhack related junk on them? I think someone even mentioned that the majority of submitted games were on PC, including the first few games, and the PCs weren't there on day 1. Overall there should've been more PCs.
- It was hard to see what was on stream from the practice area, the big screens in 2015 were great for that.
- From what I saw, stream layouts were pretty bad. Iirc someone said that it was intentional to have the camera take up a lot of space but that often looked like a wasted effort. The camera angles didn't show much and even left co-commentators completely off screen. Lots of wasted space too.

+ Mass housing was close to the venue
+ Couches near the stream area so I could nap before my 5am runs
+ Food allowed around the venue, and 24/7 supply of "food" at the venue
+ We got to do a damn segmented race on stream
+ I had fun

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So this was my 3rd ESA event in a row and I always look forward to this, as soon as I leave I want to go back and I just can't wait to go to the next one (ESA Winter here we come?!)

Experience as a runner (selection process and actual run time).
What I really like about the event is that you guys tend to pick games that you might not see at other marathons such as GDQ, removing the 2nd stream this year is really sad to see but completely understandable.

I've been fortunate enough to have 2 games at every event and I always enjoy showing my somewhat odd games off.

I want to give a huge shoutout to Adam_ak for joining in on my SOMA run with commentary just after he arrived to the event, it was not planned and made it so much more enjoyable!

Also thanks to cursedd0lls for her way to entertain chat during my Just Cause run which made it to /r/LiveStreamFail and is now immortalized as a new emote on my channel, JustSleep 😃

Just before my run we had The Lost and the Damned which took forever to get working because the PCs at the event were once again sub-par, after speaking to Edenal he said that they where supposed to get i7 desktop PCs but they were nowhere to be found, if we did not have that 1 MSI laptop (1 of which was lost because bad postal service) then I would have not been able to do SOMA well.
Tech (and especially Fatzke) called me 3 times to do my SOMA run earlier than intended because of the issues of getting TLatD to actually run, I didn't mind this to be honest but hopefully it will never happen again.
oasiz_ actually came up to me as we were setting up for SOMA and apologized, I really can't complain about the delays because the amount of work tech puts into the event is just mind-blowing and they deserve all the praise that they get, even though I agree that setup was a bit slow at times.

My major annoyance this year were the lack of practice PCs being set-up in time, about 4 hours before my SOMA run we had not a single PC up and running (one reason being monitors not showing up?) and I had to go ask if I could use the MSI laptop that had just been set-up at the front which we did get running eventually and I could finally practice, I believe the MSI laptop and afterwards one of the i5 desktop PCs on the right side were the only ones you could use to practice on for at least 10 or so hours into the event.

I am pretty sure I was not the only one to ask tech several times if they wanted help setting things up, like the practice PCs but always with the same reply of it not being needed.

Next event I will bring my own hardware, especially if games like Rise of the Tomb Raider makes it in, there is no way that would work properly on that type of hardware.

Experience as an attendee (arriving, checking in, venue, cleanliness, etc.).

As always the event is absolutely amazing and I love meeting old as well as new faces, even people from my stream!

I have to agree that the arena itself is more than enough in terms of size, granted the other hall did not get used properly but if it is in the same place next year I have ideas of what to use it for.

Now the actual location of the arena is dreadful, granted you don't really go from and back to the hotel that often but it really takes a long time but at least there are somewhat decent options for food and such nearby.

Speaking of food, is there any way to get some sort of kitchen going? I would totally take some type of moving kitchen unit outside of the venue or something just so we can cook our own food and share with others, like what we had back in 2014.

Just like in 2014 it was pretty damn hot, way too hot in fact and I guess there are at least 2 good reasons I can think of why the ventilation inside the arena was completely turned off, is something going to be done about this or do we hope for a more chill weather next year?

I think the lanyards are pretty neat but the t-shirts are the real deal, I like the ones this year better than last year for sure and can't wait to see what the next one looks like.

Plenty of space to sit and watch the stream, once we finally got some TVs up and going...

Loads of delays in terms of deliveries such as food (baguettes etc), TVs, monitors, PCs and whatnot, guess this really is nothing you guys can do anything about and I am sure you fix this way before the event but it still tends to happen every single time.

I probably have more stuff to add like the layout (which was worse this year) but I think this is enough for now and it's getting late.

Really love the event and will keep going for sure.

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I was told there was gonna be a stream for mafia, there wasn't. I'm mad.

I had to walk like, 8 minutes to buy chicken nuggets for the winners of the GX challenge. In flicky time thats over half an hour. I'm mad.

Last year the donation count was a side-show with everyone focusing on speedrunning, this year there seemed to be some staff bummed out that they weren't raising enough money. The goals seem to be shifting between staff members. Y'all need to talk about what your priorities are since I've heard different staff say they wanted different goals from the marathon. Oh, and even if you want your main goal to be for charity, having any of that money go through G2A is questionable, since they literally sell stolen goods. Not sure who thought that was a good idea, but whomever it was they figuratively have their head up their ass.

I'm not saying you should go full-NASA and completely remove donations, but from what I gathered conversing with ESA staff y'all should have a long talk about what your exact goals are for the marathon. If you want my advice as an event organizer then feel free to contact me on twitter @NASAMarathon

Lack of chairs, even before we took ~20 for mafia.

More PC setups, there were only ~5, and with plenty of people wanting to practice PC runs or do other PC shit, that really isn't enough.

Pre-game host BS. Not a lot of people can bull-shit for 15 minutes like myself. It's not a skill I can readily teach people either, y'all need to have some shit ready for times when a host is running out of things to say. My recommendation is to have a Clue donation war, and have a permanent setup of Clue on the SNES where you can accuse the donation leaders for each of the 3 options (person, place, weapon). If you actually won the chat would go ape shit, and probably spur some extra donations.

Having to go up a load of stairs to get to watermelon controller room is a bad idea, I think your marathon should accomadate Americans.

Next year I'd like to see a dedicated stream for Mafia and Chess 3.

Could this event be held in Gothenburg? Not sure if you could get the same deals venue-wise but there were waaaay more food options there.

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Oh yeah, I like how we were allowed to nap on the couches this year.

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Since I wasn't really /that/ much involved with core/organizing this year apart from some pre-event tech stuff and doing senior shifts I'll just leave feedback more from an attender's perspective.

> I never found the location of the venue to be a problem, it wasn't as close as HoC or Nyeport but the distance never seemed that bad. I guess I'm just used to walking 15-20min (+train trip) to work every morning 😛

> Infrastructure of the venue, I was happy to see proper electricity / ethernet, however I feel that the poor air conditioning hurt the atmosphere a bit in the same way it did with ESA14 where all the energy gets drained. I doubt I'm the only one who gets at least a bit grumpier due to just excess heat.

> Venue itself, I was afriad that a huge hall is not going to work, fortunately it actually did work pretty well. However I still believe that there needs to be more side-room activities and better use/dividing stuff. As much as the "mainstream" LAN-like area works conveniently, with a longer 10d period, creating more swamp-like mancaves where some groups can stick for the duration of the event is something I miss. HoC/NP embraced more variety in the layouts instead of looking just like a boring grid plotted city layout. Needs more visual blocks or just better use of side areas & planning.

> Tech was very taxing this year, I won't go in to details since I'm sure there will be a debrief on this with more details. Idea was right this time with the ease of use but it fell apart due to multiple reasons. A solid plan with testing more scenarios and way more setup time with this scale is needed and blablabla..
It might be hard to believe but I think that the recovery after the first day hiccups were handled about as well as they can be.
A lot of the setup was actively working against tech this year and I really thank for the patience of anyone who helped around.
Terribly sorry on my part for not having enough time or energy to teach the setup more when possible, especially sorry for the runners (esp. Bloodborne, looking at you!) for having to endure the hiccups during that time, thanks for the patience! Anyway.. enough of that 🙂

> PC / Monitor / etc.. arrived way too late, stuff like this might have been solved with more setup days and gettings things ordered earlier but this hurt the setup overall and due to this a lot of computers ended up not being used efficiently. I see this as one of the bigger reasons why there weren't enough practice PCs

> More PCs, while I can understand that not having LAN corners are done to encourage more practice, it's just that people will do it anyway.
As the event grows, I feel we need more and more PC spots for practice and whatnot.
Proper numbers on inventory and specs so that people will plan better in advance

> PCs need to be setup way before the stream kicks on, I can however understand why it didn't really happen this year due to busybusy.

> Lack of second stream was kind of a bummer, there are technical reasons for sure but I strongly believe that this idea should be revisited in some ways.
Ghetto setup and whatnot, would at least make a nice comfy side-stream if nothing more.

> Next year there should always be a guy on the venue who is able to call shots. It never became a real issue but say something stupid happens like something valuable gets broken/stolen/etc.. Just stuff that needs quick reaction from ESA's side.

> More setup time, let's be fair, stream quality could have been improved quite a bit with an additional setup day or two.

> Last days & Bonus, I'd really want these to come back in full force. Needs way better planning in advance and communication.

Other than those, as an attendee I didn't have any huge issues. Any bigger points that appeared can be fixed with more attention and care & planning.
I still hope that more of the comfy "magic" from past ESAs can be brought back with better venue organization and getting setup done. I'll blame growing pains.

I think this ESA introcuced a lot of cool aspects but took a step backwards in some.
If ESA17 can stop for a moment and improve on this, the direction should be good.
Thanks to everyone involved !

@Nord & etc... DH PCs either had a lower end (nehalem tier) i5 or a 3770K(?) i7, i5 had a GTX260 and i7 had a powerful AMD card. Unfortunately during TLaD it was discovered that this card had a broken fan so I swapped in a GTX260 in place due to it being more CPU bound. i7 was actually pretty powerful enough to handle games and stuff but in the end we only had one of them (PC3?, 2nd from left). In other words, two i7 systems, but one had a slower gtx260 swapped in to run TLaD at all as a last measure (Plan H at that point? Maybe Noz kept count)
MSI laptops both had a skylake & powerful GTX9xx series from what I remember. Anyway, this is a serious point that I already brought up as an issue for tech to consider next year so We're on the same page there 🙂

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