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The registration for ESA 2016 can be found in the sidebar to the left or by following link by visiting this link.

Important dates
Deadline for discounted attendance fee: 23rd of June
Deadline for discounted mass housing fee: 23rd of June

Discounted attendance fee: 500 SEK
Discounted mass housing fee: 400 SEK
Discounted mass housing fee (including air mattress): 550 SEK
Late / On-site event registration: 750 SEK
Late / On-site mass housing registration: 600 SEK

By completing your registration and payment before the discounted deadline you will receive an ESA T-shirt and a personalised lanyard. Once you've registered, you will receive a second email with a link to submit a picture - if you don't complete this step we can't make your lanyard!


Is my ticket refundable?
Tickets are fully refundable in cases of new medical conditions, illness in the family or under special circumstances like flights being canceled due to the airliner declaring bankruptcy. If you have such a problem, please contact us personally.
Otherwise, no.

Can I still get mass housing if I've already purchased a ticket?
Yes. But we'll need to make all of those arrangements outside of Biljettkiosken.
Transfer the payment to paypal AT europeanspeedsterassembly DOT com. Make sure to send the payment as gift, in SEK currency and include your nickname + booking ID you made the payment to Biljettkiosken.

To confirm that your payment has been received and processed you may view this spreadsheet:
Manually processed payments

Can I get still a T-shirt if I miss the deadline?
Unfortunately no. We are determining the amount of shirts to order based on the number of registrations.

How are the costs of the t-shirts factoring into our entry fee? Are we paying more because of them?
No, it doesn't impact the attendance fee. We set aside a certain amount of the overall budget which is meant to increase the attendee experience, and that's partially how we're spending that portion this year.

What's on a personalised lanyard?
The nickname you've submitted when purchasing the ticket and the photo you've submitted through the link in the confirmation email.

Photo requirements?
The photo must be of yourself. It does not have to be a passport photo, but it has to be you.
If you submit a photo of someone else, you will not receive the lanyard. If you submit a photo of something else, you will not receive the lanyard.

Any photo that's not "NSFW". Avatars are accepted. If you do not submit a photo, you will get a an ESA-cube instead. (Or a picture of cat... Who knows?)

Can I get still a personalised lanyard if I miss the deadline?
No. Our suppliers are unable to comply with the tight deadlines.

What is a personalised lanyard?
It’s a plastic A5 format sleeve with custom made identification tag, including: your nickname and uploaded profile picture. Check out this example!

Can I still get an air mattress for mass housing if I miss the deadline?
Unfortunately, no. We need at least one week to order all the air mattresses from our supplier. However, we can point you to a store within walking distance where you can purchase one if you miss the deadline.

Contact information:

If you have questions about the event, please contact any of us and make sure to follow ESA's twitter account!

Name: Edenal
Best contact option: ESA discord server / Twitter (@edenalsda) / Email:

2016-03-30: Personalised lanyards are no longer available after the deadline.
2016-05-17: Added a section about alternative payment for Mass Housing
2016-05-22: Added a section about refunds
2016-05-29: Added a document for manually processed payments
2016-06-08: Updated lanyard requirements
2016-07-01: Changed the deadline for discounted mass housing.

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It's done! Very neat system! ❤️


Not sure if I managed to sign up multiple times or not seeing as how Paypal wasn't working for me a couple of days ago and something similar to this has happened with my card before where it started a bunch of transactions but didn't finish them which put a portion of my money out of reach for me. I definitely signed up once though using another method, but if that could be checked out that'd be great.


I like it! Very easy to sign up and pay.


I want the lanyard, but i dont want a picture of my face on it. Is there any way to get my avatar on there instead of my face?


JangBang: We're looking into it. But you should PayPal / your card supplier as well!

Ghoty: Sorry, that's a restriction we're set on keeping. Allowing alternate pictures would defeat the purpose of the lanyard.


I got an email from one of the guys over at and it seems like while not everything is 100% in order, no extra money has been charged, so that's good. I doubt what's left will pose a problem since I only need the one order I paid for. Thanks for sorting this out, good hustle.


I disagree on the photo restriction on the lanyard. Having a photo of the person that's wearing it seems somewhat pointless considering you can already see their face. In some cases I think it will be much easier to identify people from seeing their forum/twitch avatar alone, without having to even read the name on the lanyard

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Yeah, but what if you lose it and the person who found it doesn't know you?
In that case I think the picture makes more sense.


Also, the avatar you use is to symbolize yourself in the internet.
In real life your symbolize yourself with your face rather than a picture of something.
At ESA, we as humans are trying to meet together, not just our Twitch channels or whatsoever, thus I would say it should stay at our faces as that is what ESA will be about.


It'd make the most sense for lost lanyards to be handed in to the tech crew or something. At least, that's where I would go if I lost mine, not just wait around hoping for someone to hand it to me directly.

Symbolizing yourself with your face makes sense when people already know your face. Having to ask who someone is when you already know them is silly, but necessary when you don't recognise their face.

It's the same as restricting usernames on the lanyard and only allowing real names.


so if you don't want head photo or real name and just nickname you can't have a lanyard?

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Wait, I can turn that around, can't I? I simply refuse to give a photo and don't have to take a lanyard? =D


theres a reason i don't have my real name anywhere in my info so if thats a requirement to get a lanyard you can keep it 😃

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I would like to explain the reasoning behind the requirements for the lanyard.

~~Reason for lanyard / badge:
It's been requested by a majority to bring them back. It's perhaps the one most important and lasting memorabilia an attendee have from the event.
We're using cloth wristbands like the previous year to allow attendees entry to the venue. A lanyard can be taken off or shared and is thus not secure enough to be the only item used for access.

We've heard horror stories from last GDQ where people got harassed by security. That would never happen with a cloth wristband as a proof that you're an attendee. But could with a lanyard / badge.

Using a real photo / name:
We expect the amount attendees coming to ESA2016 to exceed that of last year. It's impossible for the staff to be able to recognize every individual attendee. In the case we'd have to look for a missing runner and find someone in particular any additional means of identifying this person helps. Bottom line, the photo is not a requirement so that runners can identify each other, it's there to help the staff identify you!

Your real name and photo will not be shared with anyone outside of the staff.

We understand that some of you are not comfortable with uploading a photo. And that's why the lanyard / badge is optional. It's your reward for making our job easier.

If there turns out to be a lack of interest, we will reassess the personalised lanyard.

We'd be happy to answer further questions and discuss the lanyards further!

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Thanks for the explanation edenal.

tho i still don't understand why your full name is required if you have a foto to be identified with on the badge. "Confidentiality: Your real name and photo will not be shared with anyone outside of the staff."
how would that not be shared outside the staff when any attendee can see it or if you somehow loose it.
anyways not gonna question it more since its optional and you get wristbands (which i thought was being replaced with the lanyard) i´m clearly not gonna get one since i have my reasons not to share my name with 200 people.

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ALKO: since you are not able to answer a easy question without trying to make fun of it i don't see how your post is helping here. this is why i stay away from forums and will do so in he future also. next time if i wanna ask ESA anything i will contact someone in the staff to ignore people like you.

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Let me research how much additional effort it would take add the option to omit the name on the lanyard and use nickname only.

Photo requirement would still stand.


photo requirement make sense, its much easier to see if the right person wearing it or if anyone lost it.
also i´m not sure how serious of a photo it would be by looking at the example, not so much 😛

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Updated the main post with specifics on the lanyard. Please take your time to read it.